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This posting page will contain some of the information which the Salazar family received regarding Esteban's disappearance and death.   We encourage anyone to contact us who has any knowledge of the murder or that could help us link further criminal activities of people who surrounded Esteban before his death.  Please contact and share the information with us. 

Your information will be kept confidential if so requested.  All leads and sightings have been documented and are shared with law enforcement as they become available.



The number of leads and sightings in this case were very few.  It became paramount to fully follow-up on each one of them.  The following are some that were critical in this search and investigation.  Most went ignored by the Garland police.

I.  Esteban leaves behind several leads:

1.  On 1/4/03 he received a phone call from girlfriend's father cell phone instructing him to go and meet at local drug store parking lot.  Esteban parks in area designated for compact cars only.  This parking area is directly under the view of the store's security camera.  On his return home he hands his father a note indicating he had parked in this designated area.  One of his murderers is captured in this security video?  

2.  Other leads on his cell phone / personal items are later found which implicate these associates in criminal activities.  All were Paul Le's friends who he contacted while with Esteban using his cell phone.    

3.  Week before his disappearance he asks his father for whereabouts of license plates of cars purchased to re-sell.  Later we discover his associates using plates from  vehicles other than their own.                                             

II.  Neighbors begin (1/7/03) to report sightings of Esteban traveling on foot from his home in a South Westerly direction. 

III.  Day after (1/7/03) Esteban did not appear at his high school many of his classmates, whom the family never met*, began to appear at his home.  All where concerned that Esteban disappearance was linked to reported criminal activity.  The following is a list of some of these individuals (* some Esteban had talked about / described to his father regarding problems which they themselves were facing):

1.  Jack Timbrell (class of 2004)- Jack was the first person to appear looking for information and showed a very  concerned interest for Esteban's welfare.  He initially volunteered to do whatever needed in efforts to help locate Esteban.  He reported that a girl, (Alice) that he knew mentioned that Esteban had been seen frequently visiting her older brother in Sachse (a known drug dealer).  This information was passed on immediately to the Garland police.  What this generated was the last contact the Salazar family had with Jack Timbrell.  Jack did not attend the candlelight vigil or memorial service.  It was learned later, that Jack's mother (Cynthia) was an employee of the Garland Police / Supervisor Records Department and Jack was hired by the Garland police and was working in the communications division and was chosen dispatcher of the year in 2007.

2. Matt Bray (class of 2004).  Matt was a member of the Naaman Forest Lumberjacks  as was Frankie P. Dumbrongsri whose family has been drug trafficking.  Matt resided at UT Austin with James Do.  He was in contact with the Salazar family via Email.

3.  Raymond Do best friends with Frankie P. Dumbrongsri -shared a residence in California and Frisco, TX.  He  contacted the Salazar family via Email - and incriminated other people (friends of his and Nguyen family) in Esteban's disappearance.  Reported that Esteban was at Tai Nguyen's home the first night of his disappearance and gave other important information.  He separated himself from these people by accusing them of criminal wrongdoings which he would never do.  But he is still seen with them.

IV.  Phone leads begin to come in after news are aired and published by the media.   Police assigned investigation to Esteban's family.

V.  Salazar family investigation brings new leads linking suspects to organized criminal activities.

VI.  With few reported leads, on late 2005 the Salazar family met with a world known psychic detective, Carol Pate, with many recorded years of cooperating/assisting law enforcement in solving crimes.  Featured in Court TV for many years this individual was contacted to assist in developing new leads in Esteban's case.  This individual's strong background with many years of assisting law enforcement was a definite reason for the selection.  Some of the images/leads which were provided to the Salazar family included but not limited to:

1.  Identifying and naming Esteban's hired killer.

a.  Killer was identified as a Hispanic looking individual.

b. Name to be published later.

2. Identifying location were Esteban was murdered.

a. To be published later.

3.  Events surrounding Esteban's captivity and murder.

a.  Esteban being held captive / bound for days before his murder at a residential location.

b.  Esteban being subjected to torture before his death.

c.  Esteban death/murder attributed to asphyxia and not from the reported gunshot wound.  The gunshot wound was inflicted to Esteban later while deceased and away from the residential location.

4. Identifying individuals associated with his abduction and murder.


VII- Comments were being sent to our web site which were not published because of their explicit nature or possibility it may hamper the investigation- Many were from students.

a.  Large portion of comments were directed at the girlfriend, Huong, that many described as being psychotic and obsessed of having a romantic relationship with Esteban but failed since she was not attractive and he was overly handsome-

b.  Other large group was related to being a drug dealer although all was hearsay and it did not name themselves as being directly involved.-


Other Leads/Sightings and reports:

(called in or investigated by the Salazar family; some of the reported sightings are not confirmed)

Most important lead?-

Search One- their bloodhound search followed Esteban's scent into the entrance/parking lot of a nearby apartment complex.  The scent trail of Esteban ended there-  the perimeter of this complex was combed thoroughly for the scent without any success.  Given this information, most probable Esteban was taken into a motor vehicle at this location where his kidnapping took place- and was transferred to a residential location where he was held captive-

A "blocked call" answered by Esteban before he departed from his home.  Following Esteban's disappearance the Salazar family began to look in to any/all trail evidence left by Esteban.  This unidentified phone call appeared in one of the home's land line caller ID.  Phone records provide by the Garland police following a mandate by the Texas Attorney General indicated that the police did not begin look into this most important lead until four months later.  The block call phone was identified as (972) 745-0662, the line was disconnected shortly after by the subscriber.  During this interim period the police deceived the family by repeatedly informing them that this information was not available.  Later records obtained indicated the police waited four months to order this information.  Only through the persistence of the Salazar family contacting Verizon's corporate officials the Garland police finally ordered this information four months later.  In 2007 through an anonymous caller the subscriber of this land line was identified.  The subscribers immediately contacted the police for protection.  Records indicate they owned a mail service in Irving, TX-

A) (Sighting#1) Esteban walked from his home; trail ended at the entrance/parking lot of Brandon Trail Apartments.   Search dog Handler reported that Esteban was picked up and transported or entered one of the nearby residential units.  This trail lead has been confirmed 99.9% by the search team.  Police did not follow-up.

B) (Sights#2,#3 and #4) Esteban followed the path from #4 to #3 in the company of other youths.   From this report, it appears that they met a larger group of youths at Webb Middle School.  (#5) Occurred a few days following Esteban's disappearance and was discounted by the Police.  Esteban's remains were found about 75 yards NE of the Buddhist Temple (T). In order for this to fit the puzzle Esteban would had to been transported out of the Apartment complex.  There is no confirmation to date.


C) "My wife and I observed a group of (4) four young men walking (N) on Century Park Dr. headed toward Apollo Rd.  Among the group was a very tall white young man fitting Esteban's description.  The young man made eye contact with us."   Sighting #4 - Resident of Century Park Drive. (2004) No Police investigation

D) On the afternoon of 1/4/03 between 14:15 and 14:30 I saw a large group of Asian looking youths, of about (15) fifteen, were gathered in the area of Apollo and North Garland Rd traveling South on foot .  They had crossed the street at the traffic light toward the empty field across the street from Webb Middle School and proceeded walking on the sidewalk.  The traffic was backed up as the last of them crossed while the traffic light was green.   In the middle front of the group was a very tall slim teen with dark hair that resembled Esteban.  He was surrounded by (6) six Asian youths while the rest of them followed.  Sighting #3 - Resident works in the area and travels this road. (2004) No Police Investigation

E) Observed a young man  resembling  Esteban walking South on Brand before the Brandon Walk Apts. on 1/4/03 at around 14:00 from the direction of his home.  Sighting #1 - Resident Queenswood Place (2003) Police Investigated

F) Saw a girl in a car-older model alone-thought it was odd-walking around car-cream color-young person-she was not fishing.   Did not hear any gunshot.  Resident Woodland Park (2003) No Police Investigation

G) Woods known for drug deals.  Did not hear any gunshot. Resident Brandon Walk Apartment (2003) No Police Investigation

H) Observes a lot of people out there in the woods.  They take off when he drives up.  Seen bobcats, coyotes and maybe wolf.  Did not hear any gunshot.  Resident Woodland Park (2003) No Police Investigation

I) Two weeks prior the discovery of Esteban's remains; a white color car with two young men stopped in the alley behind the house.  The driver of the car was fat and dark hair.  He stayed in the car.  A white younger boy about 18 years old got out of the car and onto a motorcycle (ATV) and took off into the field/woods.   Returned to the car, was in there for a while and then took off again into the field/woods.  This activity continued for a while.  When he finally returned they both left.  Did not hear gunshot.  Resident of Woodland Park (2003) No Police Investigation

J) Cults in the wood; police told her this four years ago.  Sacrificing chickens.  Sees kids walking through there at night.  Did not hear gunshot.  Resident Woodland Park. (2003)No Police Investigation

K) Three days following Esteban's disappearance.  Saw two young men coming out from the creek area headed South on Brand.  One of them was leading the other by the arm.  The one that looked like Esteban kept a forward sight and was quiet while the other, blonde with a round face, spoke to her. Reported it to Lt. Martin Garland Police Department.   The week prior to Esteban's remains discovery same person arrives to the Salazar residence with the same story.  Did not hear gunshot.  Sighting #5 - Resident Brand Road (2003)Police ignored this lead and later claimed to have investigated?

L) A young man looking like Esteban came in for a haircut.  Signed in as Cris.  Said he was from Houston.  Did not have anything smaller than a $100 bill.  Said he was going to get change at the Minyards market store.  He never came back.  Saw him leaving in a car with other people.  Hair salon at Arapaho/Jupiter Rd. (2003) No Police Investigation.

M) I heard a gunshot on the morning of 1/5/03 in the woods behind my home about 8:30AM.  I looked over and saw where it came from because the birds were flying off the trees.  I looked over in that area afterwards and did not see or find anything.  I often hang meat from the trees to attract wild life to this area so if you find butchered bones they are from me.  I have a son who graduated from Naaman Forerst HS and another son presently attending.  I remember the date because I purchased hunting equipment that weekend and still have the receipt with the date.  Mentioned, the Asian people from the Buddhist temple next-door have been trying to buy my property but I will not sell.  Response form resident at Apollo Rd. when visited and questioned by the Salazar Family, on 3/8/03, after Esteban's remains were found inside his property line. Did not report incident.  Has two teenage sons.  (2003) Other residents and individuals working nearby (40) were interviewed by the Salazar family and no one heard a gunshot.  Police Investigated.  Mr. Creek only reported gunshot when interviewed by police.

N) Rumors  at Naaman Forest High School,  a week after his disappearance, that Esteban was murdered; his throat slashed and body was placed under a bridge. High school student reported. (2003) No report that Police Investigated

O) I saw Esteban walking East on Apollo.  I made eye contact with him.  Reported by the Garland Police.  Sighting #2.  Student at NFHS (2003).Police took call and Investigated? There is no police report of this early event.

Esteban was at the home of a friend, Tai Nguyen, on the night he disappeared-  The home is located about 1 mile from the recovery area.  Former schoolmate. Reported to the Police (2004) No Police Investigation.

P) Reported that Esteban committed an "unforgivable sin" on Christmas Day 2002.  Added that she was told they would be together in 30 days and that he was nor returning to school.  Report from Esteban's girlfriend, Huong.  Was questioned but the Police did not give her a lie detection Exam.

Q) Report that Paul, Esteban's associate, had stated on Instant Messenger that "Esteban was a "Drug Lord" and he was forced to disappear because he owed his supplier money."  Added, that when it was stated to Paul that there were no bullets in the pistol he indicated his anger and went offline. This was reported by Esteban's girlfriend, Huong-  Neither Paul or Huong were given lie detection exams to confirm this very important report.

R) On 3/13/03 at about 3:00AM received a phone call from New Mexico (505-715-3777) from Justin R Walters/5005 Bellerive Ct., Garland, TX, a former Naaman Forest student, regarding having knowledge of criminal activity by Paul Le and his associates.  He immensely suspected that Esteban's death was linked to Paul Le and his associates.  Had also information on a local Asian gang called the North Gate Boys and some of its members.  "Justin attended Naaman Forest HS and was in Esteban's computer class.  After Esteban's disappearance Justin was relocated to New Mexico with his grandparents where he attended school.  Justin called the Salazar family 3xs. and was scared for his own family.  He reported that Paul's associates did not like him because he was white and felt threatened by them.  Paul had taken him to the North Gate Apartments @ Plano/Walnut Rds. This property is owned by friends of Esteban's Kung Fu Sifu.  Police did not investigate.

S) In 2003 on a Xanga blog identified to be from a Chinese youth who attended Berkner HS and suspected of gang affiliation appeared with a comment about Esteban-  Included RIP "loser".- Police did not investigate.

T) Numerous (12+) phone numbers of adult subscribers suspected to be involved in criminal activities/criminal records were discovered and information shared with the police.  No reported investigation.

U)  School text issued @ Naaman Forest High School to Esteban during the 2002-2003 school year titled "History of the United States" illustrates more recorded criminal activities at this public school.  While sifting through more trail evidence in late 2006 this contact information was found written in the front page of a Garland Independent School District  book issued to Esteban.  This contact information written by an unknown third party belongs to adult individuals with criminal felony records for assault with dangerous weapon, carrying unlawful weapons, transporting and dealing in drugs.  Some reside in Dallas, Mesquite and Rowlett- Texas.  Some included are: Mark Anthony Espinoza (dob: 11/19/80) w/5felonies,  Fernando Espinoza (dob:7/10/47) served time at a Federal facility in Nevada for transporting/distributing heroin and  Anita Espinoza (dob: 12/13/72).   They purchased a commercial site on June 2006 which we suspect is being used for criminal activities.  Phone is not answered and site is gated/locked with large guard dogs. during the day.  This family has profited well financially owning numerous properties in Dallas county.  Was this party someone known to Esteban or did someone with access to Esteban's book plant this information to misguide the criminal investigation?

The writing on this book is definitely identified not to belong to Esteban.  This information was shared with Mr. Steve Baker/Principal-NFHS, City Officials and the Garland police.  Apparently this contact information was written just prior or during school winter break.  No reported police investigation.

V) A large series of unconfirmed leads/rumors from students at local high schools were received on the first day of Esteban's disappearance indicated: 1.  Esteban had been killed under a bridge- his throat had been slashed.  2.  Esteban's girlfriend had stated that two  young males known to Esteban had been previously killed.  3. One of Esteban's childhood friends, Ryan Mitchell, girlfriend stated that Esteban was involved with selling drugs.  Police reported investigating and finding no truth to any of these leads.  The rumors of Esteban having been involved with drugs surfaced only when the girlfriend, Huong, began relating hearing this from Paul Le, who she supposedly did not have a good relationship with her.  Paul would repeatedly belittle and comment with insults about her "ugly" appearance-






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