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To Our Old and New Friends:

(press on title bar for music-"Friends")

We are very thankful to all of you who have provided your time, services and moral and spiritual support to us.  It is enlightening to see that the "human spirit" still lives-on in these most troubled times.  To our family, friends, neighbors and volunteers our most special "thank you".  You are the greatest.

Below is a list of of some of the organizations and businesses who provided us with donations of goods and/or services.   We encourage all to patronize and support these wonderful people.

Ace Hardware in Midlothian  - Applebee's in Richardson - Arapaho Baptist Church in Garland - Canyon Creek Country Club in Richardson - Del Tex Rental in Rowlett - Green Sheet- Home Depot @ GB Freeway Garland - Kinko's @ Collin Creek Plano - Kroger's @ GB Freeway Garland - Macdonald's Garland - MJ Designs in Garland - Black Eyed Pea in Garland - Pancho's Garland - Hamburger House in Garland/Beltline Rd. - PIP Printing @ Glenville in Richardson - Police Department City of Richardson-Police Department  City of New Iberia, in Louisiana - Quizno's Garland - RaquetWorks at Canyon Creek - Sam Johnson/US Congressman - Sali's Restaurant in Garland - Search One Rescue Team - Spring Creek Barbecue in Garland - Swift T in Garland - Target @ GB Freeway Garland - Texas EquuSearch - Tom Thumb Garland @ Arapaho & Shiloh -Tractor supply Company in Wylie - Vietnam Weekly

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