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1. Wrongful Decisions.

2. A Tale of Two Cities.

3. Reported Missing and the Police Response.

4. Brief of the Events that Followed.

5. The ignored Blocked Phone Call.

6. Conspiracy to Cover-up a murder.


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An abduction and murder followed by a police cover-up-

Brief- Chinese Tongs are present today as an institution in every large Chinese Anglo community as a part of their upper leadership infrastructure.  They came to exist in America the 1800's when the Chinese migrants became victims of the yellow fear syndrome in the USA.  Since then they have sustained by providing guidance and services to members of their community and at the same time embarking in their prime objective of  illegal organize criminal activities.  Tongs play an integral part of keeping and maintaining order in their communities; and local government and law enforcement have welcomed it and has allowed them to exist.  The large migrations of Chinese and Southeast Asians into the Dallas area during these past decades has increased their functions and presence here.

These criminals who lured and trapped Esteban into their "family style" lifestyle have enjoyed the protection of their community and have continue with their prosperous illegal businesses as usual.  Passage of time may create a "colder case" for "dead beat" police investigators with the important loss of witnesses, evidentiary information and physical evidence but on the other hand, it helps uncover some other facts from these not so humble but greedy people as they become lax in their discipline and leave money trails, more criminal activity history and their personal/business associations unravel further.  Money and other physical assets leaves a very obvious and distinct trail of evidence which any reasonably person can follow and can make informed determinations of its origins.  These were people who portrayed and viewed wealth as being immoral and preyed on all those who had it; now they are enjoying its fruits and power.  

People had once asked the Salazar family if this unsolved crime was simply a miscarriage of justice by an inept police department who chose to protect their reputation or a carefully orchestrated conspiracy of a larger criminal enterprise cover-up gone bad ? 

From observing and recalling the Salazar's family first encountered contact with the Garland police, it was suspected by their trivial and unusual disinterested behavior that something definitely was wrong.  There was absolutely no responsive urgency from them to the parent's pleas to rescue their endangered missing son.  Many leads were coming in indicating foul play and the police had no interest of investigate them -  the ones that came into the family's personal phones the police directed and told them to investigate them themselves.  Some were from Vietnamese speaking people who had read about the tragic incident in the local Vietnamese News and the family was told by the police that they did not have any translators in the city to assist.  They were advised to follow-up and investigate all these calls and therefore forced to visit unfamiliar Vietnamese businesses and requesting from them language translator assistance.  All this occurred while they reportedly had Vietnamese employees in their Department.  In addition, the family was encouraged to go out and investigate the leads but were instructed not to go out to search on foot searches with volunteers in the nearby area for Esteban. 

The amount of leads that went ignored and without being investigated became troublesome; and then was followed by the many their deliberate rumors from fabrications and calculated manipulation of information aimed to destroy their family and credibility which can directly point to a conspiracy to cover-up the abduction and murder of Esteban. 

Following their initial steps, the police was more interested in finding only evidence that would link Esteban's father with the Mexican Mafia and illegal activities than locating Esteban.  Their early part of their investigation was headed in that direction.  Once these official wrongdoings were obviously discovered and became documented they became part of the records (sealed) of this case.  No sooner than when these records are requested and  challenged they immediately are sealed and the police investigation stops.  Why?  For certain, it presents a serious conflict of interest by the city of Garland not to continue the investigation and uncover the truth surrounding their criminal investigation and its calculated cover-up.  Possible exposure to official criminal and civil liability for wrongful behavior and death among many of their police officers and violations of federal and state law and their connection with organized crime.

Note: Years later we discovered that before Esteban's disappearance civil rights/discrimination/racial profiling complaints had been filed against the Garland police and a few weeks later the US Department of Justice and FBI began investigating them.  This confirmation gave reason to believe that these police officers were still engaged on this same behavior.  Other complaints and charges among officers that police investigators were creating evidence to close criminal cases were being motivated by their superiors.

In this case, the Garland police investigators had infinite  resources at their disposal to solve this heinous crime but instead of using them appropriately they deliberately misused and wasted them as is shown by their own actions.  Police search teams were calculatedly directed away from were all the reported sightings area and all volunteers (Texas EquuaSearch) were denied to assist in the early search.  When Captain Jody Lay was asked by the Salazar family to look into using special Federal statues that empower the police to investigate organize crime and gangs to solve this abduction and murder he became infuriated.  An Email response that he sent on this matter to the Salazar family displayed his displeasure. 

Whatever Garland police investigation that had begun was carefully and deliberately orchestrated to only investigate and collect information which lead to supporting their predetermined "suicide" determination and away from links to  organized crime and their motives to have Esteban assassinated.  Were they protecting the criminals or their own?  Since there were no motives, evidence or information to support their suicide determination they needed to fabricate their own evidence, and they did plenty of that.  Unsupported motives for the suicide were created by the police investigators until after they were publicly revealed and challenged.  Then, each of these calculated lies were replaced with new motives and so on.  Following below is a collection of some evidence indicating their part in a conspiracy.

What else besides an abduction and murder where these investigators covering up?  Many, including but not limited to the media, have opined their motive to be that leadership in this department/city officials were involved and benefiting from Chinese organize crime and were protecting their interests.  A great number of motives including evidence linking Esteban's disappearance to a wicked criminal enterprise and crime where presented to the police and ignored.  Following the facts that Esteban's murder was made to look like a suicide is easy to follow by the non-supported evidence that was presented and also from all that obvious expected evidence which was missing including but not limited to any trace of blood at the "crime scene" or recovered weapon.


A collection of audio recorded statements from police officers outlining their deception and lies to the victim's family, public and media will continue to be posted-press the following links to listen (.wav files).

You will be listening to series of misleading and false statements used as fabricated circumstantial evidence, from Captain Bob Barber-who was the head of Crimes Against Persons "CAPS" division - Garland Police Department and officially was in charged of this investigative department "CAPs"- crime against persons.  Captain Jody Lay- head of the intelligence division actually took charge of this case and Lt. "Keith" Thompson  followed and acted on his commands.  A copy was sent to the City Council via Representative Randall Dunning, and City Manager Dollar.  Dunning failed to copy all members and Dollar never replied. 

The following is a preliminary audio recording interview by writers Lynne Hobby, PhD and Pam Gardner, RN with Barber- it outlines the Garland police initiative to calculatedly undermine the abduction/murder and determine it to be a "suicide' and close the case.  When this outrageous fabricated motive for a suicide cited by Barber was proved to be unreliable with documented lies; the police changed the motive in 2006 to be "girlfriend problems"; and this old evidence of abuse previously cited now is said to have never existed.  In this recording, Barber  (.wav files) falsely cites the motive for Esteban's death to be child abuse by his "controlling father"-  Enclosed are statements of: 1. the alleged fabricated fight which is mentioned herein by Barber which never occurred and was deliberately fabricated by the police investigators from a manipulated honest statement made by Esteban's father hearing a profanity from Esteban.  Esteban's father has requested and was denied a copy of this interview video which clearly illustrates this- 2. Garland police disrespect and abuse Esteban's sister, Nina who was diagnosed suffering from post traumatic serious mental disorders and attempt to steer a false confession about abuse from her that is later wrongfully reported as preliminary circumstantial evidence in this case- in 2004 Dallas Morning News reporter Marina Trahan Martinez met with Esteban's father and aunt @ the Dallas Morning News-Garland office and related to them that the Garland police had accused him of physically abusing Esteban and his sister - and had stated they would not make this a public statement since they did not want to bring any embarrassment to the Salazar family.  Nina very angry of this account later wrote an affidavit of fact stating exactly what occurred when the police interrogate her.  The police then changed the motive for suicide from child abuse to girlfriend problems.

(.wav files) Capt. Barber stated that the police did not take Esteban's report seriously because: 1. the father reported Esteban as a "runaway"  2.  the case seemed like another "runaway" case to them, and the police get a lots of them.  But it was Esteban's mother who reported him missing endangered; his father was out looking for him.  But how many leave their homes without any of their personal belongings and under these reported unusual circumstances?  As Barber continues to read the report from his computer files he realizes his subordinates have committed a serious error which he can not explain to these interviewers.  Furthermore, there is no record that Esteban's father or family ever reported Esteban as a "runaway".  Police records further show that Esteban's personal items were left behind and the police do not act for three days-.  (.wav files) At the end on the second audio Barber mumbles and acknowledges this huge mistake.  Upset, he suggests to the interviewers that they should not be investigating the Garland police but the Salazar family finances to find where they get their money to live such a rich lifestyle.

Barber continues on and states that as soon as they learned (1/6/03) that a gun was involved "we stepped up our efforts"; this statement is unequivocally false since this "stepped up" action never occurred and their own police case records support this.  Garland police did not begin to work this case until the day after (1/7/03) and only after and when Detective Matt Myers returned from his off day.  Without a BOLO. no one in the Garland police was aware of this precarious situation and took interest that a young man's life was in serious danger and was being held somewhere against his will.

Even though the Salazar family or friends who never suspected and reported the possibility of a suicide the Garland police already had and ignored all the other reported suspicions and motives that Esteban was a possible crime victim.  Barber clearly indicates this fact here in this audio.

Captain Bob Barber (.wav files) misguides and manipulates the interviewers to believe that Esteban's death and the girlfriend's statement of the "unforgivable sin",  was connected to his parents - these non-merited outrageous allegations and the additional fact of Barber's relentless attempts to continue to destroy Esteban's father's character associating him to a criminal enterprise is consistent with that of this investigation.  Through the manipulation of evidence was exactly how the Garland police closed this case.  All these additional allegations from Barber are now reported no to be in the Esteban's case police records according to Officer Joe Harn (2006) -spokesperson for the Garland Police on the Dmagazine interview that follows below.  The only fact to close the case, that the investigators presented to Esteban's parents, was a small box of bones that pertained to a young man's lumbering 6'3 frame.  Even though it was repeatedly requested, the investigators never met with Esteban's parents following the final recovery to report and explain the facts which lead them to their conclusions and close the case.

The reality that a police cover-up occurred is obvious and is now a matter of record but their actual motives are yet to be explained.  The media had been asking if it could possibly involve criminal organization affiliation within the Garland police department leadership? One thing is for sure, obvious reported local Asian organized crime activities such as gambling and extortion are being ignored by the police.  These areas are out of limits for the police and the local media only report that which the police releases to them.

Following the D magazine (press to link) "Man Undone " article in 2006, Officer Joe Harn-spokesperson for the Garland police reported that there is no record of these false "child abuse" allegations as noted in this recording - more audio recording proof of the conspiracy and lies will continue to be published.  The new amended motive and facts cited by the Garland police later became 'Girlfriend problems" in 2006.  Oddly, this "new" motive was never mentioned in this interview recording in late 2005.  Complete unedited recordings were provided to the city of Garland leadership.  Other lies used as circumstantial evidence in this case will also be published-


Initial wrongful decision made by certain leading members of the Garland Police to deprive life/equal protection, as provided under Texas law and constitution of the United States of America, to a Hispanic-American youth in distress resulting in his untimely and premature death following his kidnapping.  

More wrongful decisions: fabrication, manipulation and planting of evidence to close a criminal case follows:  This ignominy, is later followed by a conspiracy of official unrecoverable decisions to participate in the cover-up of an abduction and homicide investigation with the addition and undivided support of the City of Garland leadership in Garland, Texas.  What first appeared to have been a case of discrimination and immense incompetence became one to cover-up, obstruct and close an investigation of an abduction and murder.  Primary evidence in a case is one that is collaborated to be factual, reliable and true; and not one that is a calculated and deliberately fabricated as it was obviously done here.  Furthermore, the police had immediately strictly banned and discouraged any volunteers (Texas Equusearch) to assist in the search for Esteban and later refused to sponsor the Salazar family to expose the abduction of Esteban in national TV show programs such as America's Most Wanted.

The police Investigators acted very quickly and calculatedly attempting to cover-up an abduction and murder, their own official and criminal wrongdoings, civil rights violations, official misconduct through their abuse of police/official powers at the expense of inflicting more deliberate pain and duress on the Salazar family.  Their nefarious criminal and immoral actions have compromised their fellow police officers' public trust and integrity and jeopardize any future opportunity for a successful prosecution in this case.  They have allowed criminals to walk free and organized crime to strengthen their local foothold and continue to flourish in and around our city, neighborhoods and households. 

These most wrongful police actions were first rumored and considered to be a matter of sloppy police work, gross incompetence and negligence by all these investigating officers and their supervisors involved in this case.   But the recorded large mounting number of these repeated consistent wrongdoings including but not limited to: the specific, restricted and selected search and collection of evidence, withholding information/evidence, fabricated evidence hidden in the sealed case records and specially the recorded calculated fabrications of circumstantial evidence and the tampering with physical evidence that followed are consistent and reasonably point that they were deliberate actions of a conspiracy to obstruct justice and cover-up an abduction and murder; and violations of civil rights. 

During the first months of the police investigation the Salazar family was instructed by the Garland police to limit and not to mention certain facts about the case to the media or public.  Meanwhile, these same Garland police investigators were secretly managing the final determination by calculatedly leaking specific misleading and appalling information about the Salazar family and carefully selected and limited evidence of this case.  First, information stereotyping the Salazar family as being troubled and with "hidden skeletons in the closet" was released including that: that Esteban's father had ties with the Mexican Mafia, they had unaccounted wealth and their businesses were fronts.  Then later, false rumors about an alleged missing weapon that was property of the Salazar family was circulated to have been in Esteban's possession on the day he disappeared.  The parental child abuse allegations followed.  But nothing about the discovered and reported evidence pointing to the abduction was ever reported and made public or about discovering Esteban's links to Asian families and other contacts involved in organized crime.  It was a very definite ploy to steer the media and the public in one pre-determined direction; to distract their attention and away from the truth. 

All the facts about the abduction evidence and conclusions were kept from the media and other law enforcement agencies.  The belated hound dog search to track Esteban's scent and located him was purposely and deliberately delayed weeks by Captain Jody Lay/Garland police intelligence and therefore the FBI was kept out from investigating this case.  This hound search occurred only because of the persistence of the Salazar family who had initially requested it on the first day.  Captain Lay falsely reported then that there no search dogs available.  Nevertheless, the hound dog found were Esteban's scent stopped and it was not where his remains were later found.  Captain Lay was surprised that the Salazar family had kept Esteban's soiled clothing from being washed which provided the search hound with the base scent needed.

Had this abduction information been made public at the start of this investigation Esteban may have been rescued and be alive today.  Its suspected his "brothers" held and tortured him before they killed him.  This case could have been quickly solved to most people's satisfaction and criminals arrested.

This conspiracy escalated as the investigation became limited and selective; and more false and misleading statements regarding information and records of the investigation were being amended and deliberately provided to manipulate and steer all cooperating agencies such as: the Dallas County Medical Examiner, county, state and federal law enforcement agencies, the public and the news media by the Garland Police spokespersons and its Investigators.  This conspiracy influenced and limited the participation by other law enforcement agencies.  It severely influenced public opinion and was detrimental to the final manner of death determination and expeditiously closed a homicide case (April 2004) as a "suicide".  Records indicate that no police investigative work took place for the duration of one year before this case was officially closed. 

Beginning on 2003 official complaints were filed with the City of Garland and Police leadership regarding the misconduct by individuals in the Garland Police Department involved in case/report# 2003R00499.  Criminal and civil complaints filed, old and new, have been completely ignored to date and no reported formal internal investigation was ever conducted as is required following a official complaint.  Receipt and processing of these certified mail complaints were never acknowledged by Garland officials.  City officials Mayor Bob Day and City Manager Bill Dollar who were initially copied and had full knowledge of the aforementioned complaints ignored them, violating Texas and Federal Laws.  They continued to tolerate this reported criminal misconduct of individual police officers and our civil rights violations through their wrongful acts and omissions since 2003.  This embarrassment generated more false information releases to the public from the City of Garland in 2006 as an "information release"(2006-42). 

The Salazar family's District#8 Council Representative-Randall Dunning was provided with copies of the police and official complaints and factual evidence of wrongdoings, including the misuse of public city resources, to present in their behalf to the City Manager who was previously copied and also ignored all the Salazar family's official complaints.  By his own personal decision, Mr. Dunning has avoided, ignored and failed to represent the Salazar family and uphold Texas government statues 614.022 and the constitution of the United States of America.  Mr. Dunning political driven silence of these criminal actions was later to be rewarded by some members of his Republican political party, he was a candidate in 2008 for the Texas District 112 State Representative seat later to be defeated by Angie Chen Button-

Upon first contacts with the Garland police the fear that Esteban was a victim of organized crime/gang was immediately reported.  Suspicions came from scant information Esteban had shared during his last living days and reports being received from his classmates and associates.  It was reasonably suspected that he was simultaneously severing this criminal and romantic relationship and in doing so was endangering his life and that of his family.  His older sister who lived alone in Dallas during this period changed jobs and relocated on the same day Esteban was abducted.  She along with some of her friends have reported knowing what happened and is suspected Nina was informed of the immediate danger and acted accordingly to avoid harm.  Her health has been a serious issue since this tragedy.

Local area and California gang unit officers were contacted and interviewed including but not limited to: local police officers - (Garland PD) Wickersham and Hatfield / (Richardson PD) Baxter.  These officers experienced in local Asian gang activity reported that from all the reported evidence to date this pointed to a possible Asian gang initiation/separation - specially those statements made by the girlfriend on the reported: unforgivable sin - be gone for 30 days - Esteban leaving with no notice and without any of his personal belongings.  Full gang membership starts at age 17.  They and their families are threatened with physical harm if they fail to follow through and stay.  The purpose is to implicate them in criminal activities so to make going to law enforcement for help not an option anymore.  In this case, if Esteban already knew the police was supporting the Asian mafia he had no where to run to.  It was mentioned that the reported missing (months prior) pistol could have been a requested offering to the crime family for him to leave.  Or it was just one more of the many listed material things which he was made to offered them.

The Blocked phone call and other calls that followed - One of many leads ignored that were not timely and fully investigated by the police -On that evening of 1/4/03 Esteban was reportedly scheduled to participate in a social activity with the ex-girlfriend, Huong Q. Nguyen, which he refused to go.  The ex-girlfriend reported that she asked him to go with her family to a Vietnamese concert to listen to an Asian singer at about 7:30PM?  But from her statements, Esteban purposely miss-informed her that he did not have a car at his disposal so he could not attend. 

At a period in time when the Nguyen family was allegedly together at the concert - Huong repeatedly called her older sister Thu who never answered.  Where was she?  Huong, her family and Paul Le were the only people known to have knowledge that Esteban was once again using his cell phone and they had his cell phone number information.  No calls had been received or originated on this phone while not in use for about 8 previous months and including from his girlfirend/her family.  Strangely, on the day Esteban disappeared he received calls; one in the AM from the Nguyen's family (Dad's) cell phone and the other call came at about the time (7;45PM) he was to be at this supposed scheduled social event which he reportedly did not attend.  The subscriber and reported caller on this late call was a Grand Prairie woman, Linda Patterson who police had mis-reported that was employed by the Postal Service-  The blocked call Esteban received before he departed from his home @ 1:58 PM was from an individual who had owned a postal mail service in Irving next to the  "Little Saigon" mall.  Less than half mile away is the real state office, United HomeLand, of Mr. Tam DO whose son Raymond, Esteban was to meet on that weekend.  We reasonably suspected all this was somehow connected and Esteban was initially scheduled to meet with them or an associate that night.  After we confirmed that a Linda Patterson was the manager at the mail service store our early suspicion grew with confirmations.  Reason for this last call?, when Esteban did not show the last caller, Patterson, attempted contacting him on his cell phone.  This ex-girlfriend called the Salazar home ten minutes before that last caller on that night.  More on her many calls that evening is detailed in the facts page.

She then called daily for information on the case; days after the disappearance she adamantly wanted to know if Esteban had access to a car that night - She was told that He did.

In 2004, in his last personal contact with the Garland Police, Esteban's father, Bill Salazar was asked to come to the Police headquarters and meet with Lead Detective Matt Myers to donate a sample of his DNA.  At the end of the meeting Detective Myers offered a very sincere apology to Bill Salazar "  I am sorry about the way this investigation was handled; I only followed orders and was told by my superiors what and how to investigate.  If this had been my investigation I would have conducted it in a completely different manner."    He then advised Mr. Salazar where he thought he should begin to investigate.  Link to criminal elements surrounding these individuals of interest were immediately found.  Detective Myers retired the following year.

New information in the case linking more criminals and organized crime activities have been sent to the Garland police but records obtained in 2007 indicate that none of it was included in Esteban's case file.  In 2008 additional new evidence from the Medical Examiner 's records found more false information and was discovered to collaborate with this conspiracy.


Clues - Why and what leads to a suspicion of a cover-up?  Just follow  the evidence:

I.  The police investigators attempted all possible to delay and not to follow leads; including circumstantial and physical evidence which would lead them to the truth.  This is outlined by their documented outrageous actions and behavior during and after the investigation.

In a missing persons case which they advertised as a "suicide" the investigators and leadership:

1.  Delayed the search to locate Esteban.  Before and after the search Lt. Thompson was asking different family members which was Esteban's dominant hand to find a motive to direct the search away from the sightings and most reasonably to tamper with his physical evidence.

2.  Refused any assistance in the search from volunteers - professional search groups - other law enforcement to expedite locating Esteban.

3.  Did not follow the evidence and location of the reported sightings to focus on the search; instead they concocted this search theory "dominant hand" to misuse many resources and search on the complete opposite direction and away from where the leads where the bones later were recovered.

4.  Weeks later when a dog hound search again provided new leads and led them in this reported sighting direction - they once again failed to follow-up on the evidence.

5.  Not until most of all the physical evidence was consumed by wild animals did an investigator go with Lt. Thompson in this direction.  The bones where reportedly found by chance by Lt. Thompson and while he was leisurely walking and also only about a mile from his own home.

6.  Esteban's remains are placed in an area, near a creek, known to be frequented by coyotes and other large wild animals.  Additionally, the owner of the property- Mr. Creek, an avid hunter, has a history of hanging butchered animal remnants on trees to shoot prey.  This location was ideal to dispose of Esteban's corpse and any of its physical evidence- many animal bones that were cut with a saw where found and recovered here.  Creek purchased a home and relocated to nearby city of Rowlett in 2010 while his old home remained vacant (in late 2011) with a very small for sale sign which was later taken down-.

7.  Excluded the Dallas County Medical Examiner from the death scene and collecting evidence.   Instead they dispatched a young girl in their forensic unit, with very little experience, to collect and document evidence.  Important evidence was completely ignored; such as insects that were never collected.  It is obvious she was directed to limit her work by the investigators.

8.  A .357 pistol and .38 ammo are reported recovered.  The ammo is different of that purchased and used by the Salazar family.  This was the first hand gun owned by the family and purchased for protection.  Used only twice at the shooting range.  The investigator failed to disclose to the family this huge discrepancy on the ammo and investigate where the ammo originated from.  Instead they mislead them and told them they found special bullets.  To date there is no report of any investigative attempt to locate the origin of the .38 ammo. which Esteban as a minor could not purchase.

9.  Immediately, Lt. Thompson misleads the Dallas County Medical Examiner and reports to them that Esteban was reportedly seen leaving his home with a pistol.  No one ever witnessed and reported this event, since his parents were the only witnesses.  This had a reasonably huge impact as how this false circumstantial evidence is interpreted by the Medical Examiner to make her final conclusion.

10.  Esteban's girlfriend, Huong Nguyen, in different occasions mislead the Salazar family and Garland police with false statements.  Reports that she spoke with Esteban on the phone for 20-30 minutes before he departed his home and he appeared to be sad.  This same story was repeated to interviewers later.  Phone records indicate her call lasted only 2 seconds.  Undoubtedly, she was caught in a big lie which the police did not follow-up on specially since it plays into their "suicide" determination.  In addition, Huong's older sister's car, that was registered and insured, was documented being operated with license plates from a dismantled vehicle similar to hers following Esteban's abduction.  This suspicious illegal activity was also reported to Lt. Thompson who blatantly ignored it.  It was months before they replaced the original assigned plates.

11.  The Garland police seal the records of their investigation to all and close the case- a case which they determined to be unequivocally a "suicide".

12.  Lt. Thompson on many different occasions has mislead the media by reporting false information on the case.  In 2003 he fabricated a motive for a "suicide" to be parental abuse- rumors that Esteban's father was involved in the Mexican Mafia were being leaked out by the police.

13.  The Salazar family discovers, written by a third party, in Esteban's US History book- front page contact information, including beeper and phone numbers, of a Mexican family with a long criminal history of drug trafficking-  the police ignore this evidence.  Further investigation by the Salazar family reveals that the oldest son who resided nearby in Mesquite, TX relocated to Oklahoma after Esteban's murder and returned in about 2006. Was this the alleged drug dealer Esteban was rumored to have been meeting that weekend or a hired assassin??

From only these few recorded facts any reasonable person can conclude that:

Its suspected from the aforementioned evidence that the recovery of Esteban's remains was staged by the Garland police investigators.  Lt. Thompson was a key player in this cover-up and there is a great possibility that he is responsible for planting the .38 ammo on the recovered pistol.  The .38 detective special is used by many investigators as primary and back-up weapon. 

Furthermore, all those inquiries by Lt. Thompson about Esteban's dominant hand at this early stage of the investigation were suspicious and may lead to support that the "suicide' was carefully staged by someone including  these investigators after Esteban's remains were initially discovered - no blood trace was found near or next to the skull from the head gunshot wound behind the temple area.



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A tale of Police Departments responding to a similar family's cry for help in two very similar cities in the United States of America but resulting in two very different police actions: (Modesto, CA is about the same size as Garland, TX with a very similar social/economic make-up)

12/24/02 Modesto, California, USA.  Laci Peterson a 27 Year Old Anglo-American female is missing!! Modesto Police response to her reported disappearance.  Response Time: in minutes

01/04/03 Garland, Texas, USA.  Esteban Salazar a17 Year Old Hispanic-American male is missing !! Garland Police response to his reported disappearance.  Response Time: in days and only after repeated calls/visits from the family.


The following is a letter sent to the Salazar family from Sharon Rocha, Laci Peterson's mother.  It illustrates the deep concern and urgent response the Modesto Police Department gave to rescuing and searching for Laci.  Some advise also follows.  Esteban's mother and grandmother met with the Rochas in Modesto on 2004 during a vigil for crime victims.

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Salazar,
I am so, so, so sorry to hear about your son, Esteban.  He sounds like an absolutely beautiful person.  I visited his web site.  I know how your heart is breaking and nothing is ever going to make it stop hurting.  You deserve to have answers!
I am saddened to read that it took the PD 9 days to list Esteban as missing and in danger.
You asked if I could share with you what I think caused Laci's case to get such attention from law enforcement.  First I would like to say that we have a wonderful, hardworking and dedicated Chief of Police and police department.  I don't know the size of your city, but Modesto has a population of about 270,000.  So in some respects it is still a relatively small city. 
Because of the size of the city word was out, all over Modesto, by Christmas morning that Laci was missing.  Her friends spent most of the night of Christmas Eve at a local print shop making flyers.  These flyers started going up, literally, all over town at sun up.  Laci was a substitute teacher and she worked at many of the cities schools.  She was recognized immediately which attracted a lot of attention around Modesto.
  We were never told to wait 24 or 48 hours before the police would take action.  They responded to our report within minutes.  They had a helicopter looking for her within a couple hours and then brought in their dogs.  They searched all night and were back at sun up.
There were about 100 friends and family there at sun up walking shoulder to shoulder with the PD searching for Laci.  Volunteers continued to show up throughout the day.
Some of Laci's friends contacted the media.  They arrived sometime Christmas Day.  After the first new cast the media started showing up in droves.  And it took off from there.  We don't know why this happened, it just did. 
My first interview, and first real contact, with the detectives took place 12/29, 5 days after Laci disappeared.  I know now that they had been interviewing people since Christmas Eve.  My contact was actually the lead detective in the case.  He, and all the main detectives involved and the Chief of Police, made it clear to all of Laci's immediate family that they were available to us 24/7.  And they meant what they said.  There were many times I called them or they called us at night, on a weekend or whenever it was necessary.  We had an open line of communication with the police department and with the detectives.  They were always so kind to us and listened to what we had to say.  Of course, there were many, many times they couldn't or wouldn't answer our questions but they never cut us off from communicating with them.  We were never impatient with them or got out of line.  We knew they were doing everything they possibly could to find Laci and bring her home.  We offered our help and assistance to them, and told them to use us any way they can, to help find Laci.
If there were any magic words to say to you to point you in the right direction for help it would be this:  Call Kim Petersen with The Carole/Sund Carrington Memorial Reward Foundation at (209) 567-1059.  She has been a God-send for us.  If she can't help you she may be able to tell you where to get the help you need.  Call her immediately.  Don't waste another day.  Tell her I told you to call.  She also works with local law enforcement.
Keep Esteban's name and face in the public eye.  Keep the pressure on the person or persons who did this to your son.  One thing we were told was "if there is more than one person involved someone will eventually start talking".  Try to develop a rapport with one of the reporters at your local newspaper so that they will run stories about Esteban continually.  Try the same with the local news channels.  Kim may be able to help you with this.  Keep Esteban's flyers posted all over town and on automobiles.
If I can be of any further assistance to you please e-mail me at this address.  I will help you any way I can.  You deserve to know what happened to your child.
My heart goes out to you and your family.  God bless all of you.
Sharon Rocha


Other police departments who respond immediately to help save human life-

WE came into first contact with this police department and their caring personnel while following up on a lead.  Their response was immediate - they arranged flyers to be dispersed thorough their city and arranged for the local TV media to air our live report.

Dear Mr. & Mrs. Salazar,
 On behalf of myself, Capt. Fournet and the entire New Iberia Police Department we regretfully express our heartfelt condolences. We had hoped and prayed that this would not be the outcome and always wished for Esteban's safe return. When the cell number was traced back to a Shreveport number and that information was forwarded to Det. Myers we waited to hear some good news. I know that nothing that I can express in this letter could ever relieve any of your sorrow. Just remember that Esteban is in a much better place now and you will meet again in Heaven. If there is anything that anyone at the New Iberia Police can do for you please do not hesitate to call.
You will be in our prayers,
Lt. Keith H. Koen #304
New Iberia Police Department
457 East Main #104
New Iberia, LA





"Not all is like it looks or as advertised" - about the Garland Police Department leadership and its role in this community.

The Garland police web page once read:  "The mission of the Garland Police department is to protect life and property, and to provide a feeling of safety and security in the community through fair and impartial enforcement of the law, community partnerships, and creative problem solving. " Chief Mitch Bates-Garland Police Department (2003-present)

Chief Bates has ignored all complaints sent to him by the Salazar family and never notified complainants of having received their complaints or investigating them.  This official criminal neglect to uphold the law and abuse of police powers violates Texas law.  The discriminate behavior as to who is allowed to participate in the complaint reporting process is illegal.  A complaint copy regarding this reported behavior was sent to his supervisor, Garland City Manager - Bill Dollar.  This letter was also ignored.

 At the time of Esteban's disappearance, Chief Larry Wilson presided over the Garland Police Department until late 2003.  He retired shortly after.  The Garland City Manager, Mr. Jeff Muzzy (2004) and Garland City Attorney, Mr. Charlie Hinton (2005) have since resigned their posts and moved on.  A Dallas Morning News article stated that Mr. Hinton had been fired.  The Lead Detective in Esteban's case, Detective Matt Myers retired on September 2005.  Captain Jody Lay  remained in the Department as the head of the "Intelligence Unit".  Captain Lay personally directed the search and investigation of this case which he prematurely labeled it to be a runaway and later a "suicide" case.  Records show that he supervised all the searches for Esteban, selected the personnel and is responsible for the failed rescue and the unsuccessful recovery.  He influenced and gave specific instructions to his investigators as to whom to investigate and which evidence to collect.  He refused/discouraged volunteers and search professionals from assisting in the rescue and recovery.  Lay began to spread negative rumors about the Salazar family.  Sealed the records of this case.  Wrongfully influenced the final determination of this case.  Question- Is it possible for a leading police veteran with this reported extensive training and experience to have been so grossly negligent and sloppy, as the facts indicate?  Or did he conspire to cover-up an abduction/murder investigation and other reported organized crime activities?  Was he acting on his behalf for his own interests or for those of his former boss Police Chief Larry Wilson and/or other influential city of Garland leaders/businessmen??


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Garland, Texas - January 4, 2003 - Esteban D. Salazar mysteriously disappeared and is "missing under very unusual circumstances" and following a "blocked phone call" he answered.  His mother and uncle reported him accordingly and pleaded with the Garland police for their urgent and immediate help to assist in locating him.

Conflicting stories by the Garland police: The Family's statements and the Police Reports to the Media about their police response-

On 7/24/04 The Garland Police stated to the news media and reporter Trahan/Martinez of the Dallas Morning News who wrote " the police say the family reported Esteban missing in Jan. 5, the same day he was entered into a national "missing-persons" data base, and two days later a detective was assigned."  This statement given by the Garland Police to the media is absolutely false, incorrect and misleading. 

This one of many misleading statements is documented and confirmed in their own police intake reports.  The Garland Police own internal report indicates that Esteban was not entered into the missing-persons data base until Jan 13, 2003.  Nine days later!!  Instead he was knowingly wrongfully entered and viewed as a "runaway" in National Crime Information Center data base on Jan 5, 2003. 

Esteban was treated as a "runaway", therefore no appropiate immediate timely action to locate and rescue Esteban ever took place by local law enforcement.  Later on, a Captain Bob Barber from the Garland police released false and misleading information to the public in a recorded audio stating that Esteban's mother listed him as a "runaway" which added to their reason to treat it as such (to be posted audio.wav).  After reading the report he later recanted the story.

Anyone familiar with a missing persons case knows how important it is to properly identify this type of disappearance in order to act accordingly and save a life.  The first 48 hours of the search and rescue of a missing child/adult are very critical.  Runways are some many in numbers that no urgency is given to find them.  At the persistence and following numerous pleas by the Salazar family, Esteban's status was finally corrected and changed to "missing-endangered".

Only after precious time was wasted, more urgency and seriousness to locate Esteban was beginning to be given in this case.  About the time after we sent a complaint to Garland Police Chief Wilson the search and investigation is joined personally by a Captain Jody Lay-head of the intelligence division.  Captain Lay's appearance begins with misinforming the Salazar family that Esteban's status wrongfully entered as a "runaway" can not be changed because the Garland police reporting system does not allow for it.   He added that any person 17 years old and older can not be reported as missing-endangered but only as a "runaway".  This statement proved later to be completely incorrect and an outright falsehood/lie.  Captain Lay has been characterized as the Garland Police Department's "henchman" by previous Court records obtained.  He rose to stardom within the Department following the "secret" investigation of corruption by Garland City Council members.

These many early motivational demands to the Garland police by the Salazar family unfortunately brought great resentment, retaliation and vindictiveness by some Garland Police and City officials.  Meanwhile, precious time and a young human life with a very promising future was being terminated and wasted.

The Dallas Morning News-(7/24/04) by Marina Trahan Martinez-  During this report the Garland police spokesperson stated to the reporter/Ms. Martinez that the police did not and will not disclose any of their final findings of their investigation to the media or the public because it would embarrass the Salazar family.  The subject of child abuse was mentioned.  In a press release to the D magazine in 2006 the Garland police stated that there was no evidence in their case files of any child abuse and only that of girlfriend problems.  This was the first time this "girlfriend problems" cause was mentioned by the police.


Garland's Police failure to follow the Texas Law - Code of Criminal Procedure- Handling a reported missing child.

These following series of letters received in 2005 from the Garland Police leadership clearly indicates that Esteban's missing-endangered report should have been handled completely differently by the Garland Police on January 5, 2003 with a need for immediate urgent action.  The following is a letter from Esteban's father to Garland City officials indicating the police failure to urgently act on January 5th and 6th, 2003.  The other following letters explain how Texas Criminal Code addresses this serious and desperate situation.  Captain Lay violated this law and mislead the Salazar family- he stated that no immediate action could take place because of Esteban's age (17) since in Texas he was considered an adult.  This as we now observe below was another one of his many lies.


Letter to: the Garland Police - FYI:

>  This is the Texas Code regarding handling a missing children report.  As
> you see, Esteban's report fell within Texas Code Art. 63.009 A.1.  We reported
> Esteban
> missing endanger to the Garland Police not once but twice.  An
> investigation to locate Esteban should have begun immediately on the first time reported!!  To ignore it twice was just pure malice!

> This most appropriate timely action to locate him may have saved Esteban's life.

Thank you for confirming this information.
> Bill Salazar


The following are the responses to Esteban's father letter-

> ----- Original Message -----
> From: "Dunn, Councilwoman Terri" <TDunn@ci.garland.tx.us>
> To: "Conley, Greg" <Conley@CI.GARLAND.TX.US>; "Bill Salazar"
> <traderwds@comcast.net>
> Cc: "Dunning, Councilman Randall" <RDunning@ci.garland.tx.us>; "Dollar,
> Bill" <BDollar@ci.garland.tx.us>; "Bates, Mitch"
> <BatesM@CI.GARLAND.TX.US>; "Day, Mayor Bob" <BoDay@ci.garland.tx.us>
> Sent: Wednesday, December 14, 2005 4:10 PM
> Subject: RE: procedure when handling a report of 'missing-endangered'
> involving a youth
> Chief Conley,
> Thank you for the information.
> Terri Dunn
> ________________________________
> From: Conley, Greg
> Sent: Wed 12/14/2005 3:54 PM
> To: Bill Salazar
> Cc: Dunning, Councilman Randall; Dunn, Councilwoman Terri; Dollar, Bill;
> Bates, Mitch; Day, Mayor Bob
> Subject: RE: procedure when handling a report of 'missing-endangered'
> involving a youth
> We follow Texas Law.  To my knowledge the Texas Code of Criminal Procedure
> is not in conflict with any Federal Laws.  Chapter 63.009 Texas Code of
> Criminal Procedure, given below, makes reference to reporting missing
> children in the National Crime Information Center (NCIC) database.  For
> purposes of the Code in question dealing with Missing Children,
> means a person under 18 years of age.

> ________________________________

From: Bill Salazar [mailto:traderwds@comcast.net]
> Sent: Wednesday, December 14, 2005 11:35 AM
> To: Conley, Greg
> Cc: Dunning, Councilman Randall
> Subject: Re: procedure when handling a report of 'missing-endangered'
> involving a youth
> Dear Mr. Conley,
>  Thank you for remitting the enclosed information-regarding Texas Code.  I
> was aware of this code but...  Does the Garland Police Department follow
> this State Code or do they follow Federal Code specially since they are
> aligned to the use of the NCIC on missing children?  What is the
> definition of a child as interpreted by the Garland Police ?   Texas Code and
> Federal Code?
> Sincerely yours,
> WD Salazar
> (www.4esteban.com)
> ----- Original Message -----
> From: Conley, Greg <mailto:Conley@CI.GARLAND.TX.US>
> To: traderwds@comcast.net
> Cc: Dunning, Councilman Randall <mailto:RDunning@CI.GARLAND.TX.US>  ;
> Dollar, Bill <mailto:BDollar@CI.GARLAND.TX.US>
> Sent: Tuesday, December 13, 2005 1:42 PM
> Subject: procedure when handling a report of 'missing-endangered'
> involving a youth
> Mr. Salazar,
> In response to your request to Councilpersons Dunning and Dunn and Mayor
> Day concerning the Garland Police Department's "procedure when handling a
> report of 'missing-endangered' involving a youth"  the following governing
> statute from the Texas Code of Criminal Procedure Article 63.009 is
> provided:
> Art. 63.009. Law Enforcement Requirements
> (a) Local law enforcement agencies, on receiving a report of a
> missing child or a missing person, shall:
(1) if the subject of the report is a child and the well-being of the
> child is in danger or if the subject of the report is a person who is
> known by the agency to have or is reported to have chronic dementia,
> including Alzheimer's dementia, whether caused by illness, brain
> defect, or brain injury,
immediately start an investigation in
> order to determine the present location of the child or person;


> (2) if the subject of the report is a child or person other than a
> child or person described by Subdivision (1), start an
> investigation with due diligence in order to determine the present
> location of the child or person;
> (3) immediately enter the name of the child or person into the
> clearinghouse, the national crime information center missing
> person file if the child or person meets the center's criteria, and
> the Alzheimer's Association Safe Return crisis number, if
> applicable, with all available identifying features such as dental
> records, fingerprints, other physical characteristics, and a
> description of the clothing worn when last seen, and all available
> information describing any person reasonably believed to have taken
> or retained the missing child or missing person;  and
> (4) inform the person who filed the report of the missing child or
> missing person that the information will be entered into the
> clearinghouse, the national crime information center missing
> person file, and the Alzheimer's Association Safe Return crisis
> number, if applicable.
> (b) Information not immediately available shall be obtained by the
> agency and entered into the clearinghouse and the national crime
> information center file as a supplement to the original entry as
> soon as possible.
> (c) All Texas law enforcement agencies are required to enter
> information about all unidentified bodies into the clearinghouse
> and the national crime information center unidentified person file.
> A law enforcement agency shall, not later than the 10th working day
> after the date the death is reported to the agency, enter all
> available identifying features of the unidentified body
> (fingerprints, dental records, any unusual physical
> characteristics, and a description of the clothing found on the
> body) into the clearinghouse and the national crime information
> center file.  If an information entry into the national crime
> information center file results in an automatic entry of the
> information into the clearinghouse, the law enforcement agency is
> not required to make a direct entry of that information into the
> clearinghouse.
> (d) If a local law enforcement agency investigating a report of a
> missing child or missing person obtains a warrant for the arrest of
> a person for taking or retaining the missing child or missing
> person, the local law enforcement agency shall immediately enter
> the name and other descriptive information of the person into the
> national crime information center wanted person file if the person
> meets the center's criteria.  The local law enforcement agency
> shall also enter all available identifying features, including
> dental records, fingerprints, and other physical characteristics
> of the missing child or missing person.  The information shall be
> cross-referenced with the information in the national crime
> information center missing person file.
> (e) A local law enforcement agency that has access to the national
> crime information center database shall cooperate with other law
> enforcement agencies in entering or retrieving information from the
> national crime information center database.
> (f) Immediately after the return of a missing child or missing
> person or the identification of an unidentified body, the local law
> enforcement agency having jurisdiction of the investigation shall
> cancel the entry in the national crime information center database.
> (g) On determining the location of a child under Subsection (a)(1)
> or (2), other than a child who is subject to the continuing
> jurisdiction of a district court, an officer shall take possession
> of the child and shall deliver or arrange for the delivery of the
> child to a person entitled to possession of the child.  If the
> person entitled to possession of the child is not immediately
> available, the law enforcement officer shall deliver the child to
> the Department of Protective and Regulatory Services.


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Outrageous events that followed-

The reporting of a missing teenager, Esteban D. Salazar, under very unusual circumstances- :

Esteban David Salazar-a 17 year old Hispanic male departed from his home on the afternoon of 1/4/03 following a "blocked phone call" he answered.  At about 3:00 PM Esteban's parents leave to go to the movies and later dine out.  Upon their return, his parents, Beth and Bill Salazar, discovered Esteban not returning and missing from his home on that evening @ about 7:30 PM .  Five minutes later, they received a phone call from the girlfriend's cell phone.  She was asking for Esteban's whereabouts.   

Esteban's parents stayed up and waited for Esteban to return home that night.  The next morning his father went out to look for him.  His mother and uncle later followed.  There was no success in finding him or any of his known acquaintances.  Anxiously, they had waited less than the required 24 hrs. to file a missing person report with the Garland Police.  Action to locate Esteban by family members and friends began immediately on that morning and continued non-stop all day.  On this day, after calling the Garland police @ about 3:50 PM and placed on-hold by telephone for over 45 minutes Esteban's mother, Beth, goes to the Garland Police Station with her brother-in law where she waits another 30 minutes before her incident report is taken.  During this long wait, Esteban's Uncle inquires about information on local Asian/Oriental gangs-they report their suspicion Esteban may be a victim.  He is told that there are no gang problems in Garland.

Meanwhile, Esteban's father and Aunt Ginny continue searching to locate Esteban.

A missing person under unusual circumstances (suspected possible gang related or possible hate crime) report was filed by his mother on 1/5/03 with Officer D.C Kazmierski #5614 and Supervisor G. J. Gregory #2547.  This report was later also found to be incomplete.  Esteban's unusual behavior the previous week, personal possessions left behind and the unidentified phone call are very significant facts to suspect something unusual occurred.  Nevertheless, she was then advised to return home and informed that someone from the Garland Police would be in contact with her soon.  Time passes, and no one contacts her or any member of the Salazar family. 

Police incident reports received later indicated that no action by the Garland Police to locate Esteban ever took place other than the in-taking of the limited report information.

Police records indicate that on 1/5/03 following the missing report filed; Police Officer R.K. Buckholt #2830 enters Esteban as a "Runaway" on the internal law enforcement data base (NCIC).  Meanwhile, the family with the assistance of the Richardson Police Department continue to desperately search for Esteban at night.

On 1/6/03,  after still not hearing from the Garland Police and unable to get through to Lt. Thompson by phone, the Salazar family (Mother, Aunt and Father) go to the Garland Police Station to inquire about the status of the search and rescue for Esteban.  They are informed at the front desk that no BOLO order was out and that no one is searching for Esteban.  The case was assigned to a Detective Matt Myers who reportedly will not return to work until 1/7/03.  Outraged after hearing this, they demand to speak to whomever is in charged.  The attending Supervisor Lt. Thompson is called and the Salazar family begin to voice their displeasure about this police's failure to respond in this case and again request their urgent assistance.  This is what the Garland police has labeled in their reports as the "Garland Police's initial interview."

Herein, the Salazar family urge Lt. Keith Thompson to assist them immediately in searching for Esteban and again reiterate to him about the very unusual circumstances involving Esteban's disappearance following the "blocked call" he answered and the number of calls from the girlfriend's family he received on that morning.  Some which he screened and did not answer.  In addition we related that we have discovered some more new alarming clues and leads.  We suspect that there is foul play and criminal activity involved in Esteban's disappearance and an unloaded-pistol from Esteban's home is then reported to be missing.  There is absolutely no knowledge as to who and when the pistol was taken from the Salazar home, but it is now another new and very major concern.  WE are worried for Esteban's and other persons' welfare since gang involvement is suspected. 

Lt. Thompson advises the Salazar family not to be too gravely concerned and worried, he instructs them to return home and look for Esteban at his High School on the following day. 

After the Salazar family presented all this circumstantial evidence of gang involvement to Lt. Thompson, with absolutely no known supporting information of his own, Thompson  believes and considers Esteban to be a runaway.  Hence, no action to start a rescue/search for Esteban is taken by the Garland Police.  We are very apprehensive and suspect our complaints are beginning to outrage the Garland Police leadership to the point that they will be vindictive and retaliatory against us and compromise our search and Esteban's welfare. 

The Salazar family was quickly made aware by neighbors and recognize that the Garland Police has a recorded history of discrimination and use of excessive force against minorities; this is now becoming a very serious concern for them.   In lieu of all these concerns, other law enforcement agencies such as the FBI and Texas Rangers are later contacted by the Salazar family to assist.  The Garland police refuse any assistance from them even though the case may involve the abduction of a child.

The next day, 1/7/03, the Salazar family continues their frantic search for Esteban, the Garland Police has not contacted them and Esteban is still nowhere to be found.   Meanwhile, as instructed Esteban's parents have gone to Naaman Forest High School, spoken to the Principal- Mr. Steve Baker and the School Resource Officer Wickersham.  Rumors that Esteban was murdered by a major drug supplier and lying under a bridge are prevalent at the high school.  As expected by the Salazar family, there is no sight of Esteban at his school.  In the late afternoon the Garland Police finally contact the Salazar family and begin the search. 

During the late afternoon, a Department of Public Safety helicopter is heard hovering above Esteban's home.  The police soon arrive at their home.  They announce to the Salazar family that their search/rescue for Esteban is now underway.  The Salazar family make themselves and their home fully accessible to the police.  The Salazar's inquire about any information on the subscriber of the "blocked call" received.  None is known but we are told by police that an information search will be ordered immediately.  Garland Police records that were sealed and received later (2005) following open records requests and a mandate by the Texas Attorney General indicate that this phone records were not ordered by Garland police until (4) four months later.

At the start of the police search, the Garland Police / Lt. Thompson asked Esteban's parents numerous questions; but one of the first was which is Esteban's dominant hand.  They are told this will give them direction on their foot search from the home.  This same information had been previously obtained earlier from Esteban's aunt.

The Salazar family reported to the Garland police all the areas that they have already thoroughly searched and about a reported lead/sighting of Esteban from a next door neighbor having seen Esteban walking southwesterly on Brand Rd. on the day he disappeared.  Also another nearby neighbor reported seeing two young men walking in that same direction, one of them was identified as Esteban.  All of this information is immediately shared with the Garland Police.  Strangely, the police ignore it all; they begin and continue their foot search away from the only reported sightings and in the complete opposite Northerly direction toward George Busch Freeway, in the areas already searched.  Limited and precious time and resources are wasted and they do not locate him.

Days later, the police report of another lead from a female fellow student of Esteban's that reported him walking on Apollo Rd. near where his remains are later recovered.  This reported lead by the police has never been confirmed to ever had occurred.   They repeatedly failed to disclose the identity of this individual.  Nevertheless, the Garland police still continues their search away from the direction of all these reported sightings area for another two months.

The delayed start of the search/rescue operation by the Garland Police, the police search team not following the only sightings and other new numerous and mounting negligent actions began to raise serious red flags.   Following the early failures by the Garland police, the Salazar family immediately and reasonably requests to them  the use of a bloodhound and again to utilize their many available volunteers (100+) for the search   They are denied both requests. A well known professional search group (Eqquasearch) offering to help contacted Captain Jody Lay and was also denied any participation in the search at this early stage. 

The Salazar family first meeting with Captain Jody Lay was quite bizarre.  In an unprecedented visit he arrived at the Salazar home.  Wearing  his cowboy boots and this big yellowish/brown grin (from obvious long time tobacco chewing) Captain Lay makes an impressive appearance.  His first order was to gather all and to embrace every family member and to later conduct a group prayer.

  The initial Garland Police search consists of: the limited use of a Department Public Safety helicopter, cadaver dogs and a few local police officers.  We are very dumfounded at this early stage that the police is looking for a dead body and not for a living person.  They are also searching in the opposite directions; North of his home and away from where all of the reported and listed sightings of Esteban (South and West from his home). 

Precious time and resources continue to be wasted! As they look for Esteban and talk to people, the Salazar family begins to hear from a great number of Garland citizens not too expect too much success from the Garland Police detectives.  They are discouraged.  But they still hope and pray that these statements and the other many stories told are only about their past bad history (of the Garland police department's record) and it will not reflect its present performance.  For added assurance, other law enforcement agencies (FBI) are contacted to assist by the Salazar family since they suspect Esteban was kidnapped.  But they are told that the FBI will only participate if asked by the Garland police.  The police refuses to request their assistance.

The Garland police searches continued to be conducted in areas that already were previously reported searched  by the Salazar family. These futile Police foot and air searches bring no results.  Soon after, we learned  more that that the volunteer search group Texas Equusearch had contacted the Garland Police to also assist in the rescue for Esteban and they were denied participation.  Additionally, for unknown reasons at the time, the Salazar family is told many very negative things about this search group and its Director Mr. Miller by the Garland Police's Captain Lay.  Contemporaneously, its leader/Director, Mr. Tim Miller, is being told negative things about the Salazar family by the Garland Police such as "the Salazar family have secrets/skeletons hidden in their closest." and that Esteban had committed suicide*.  Suicide was reported by Captain Lay before Esteban's remains were discovered 

Nevertheless, Mr. Miller and TexasEquusearch were not intimidated and always kept in touch with the Salazar family; and later assisted.  They participated in the search/recovery for other of Esteban's remains and personal items two months later.

During the start of the public announcements to alert the public that Esteban is missing, the Garland Police advises the Salazar family to limit the money amount of the reward to $1,000.  The family wanted to initially post $25,000 reward to generate numerous and immediate leads.  The Garland Police objects and advises them that they do not have the manpower to handle too many phone calls and leads.

Following many pleas and at the insistence of the Salazar family, on 1/13/03 the Garland Police amend Esteban's listing from juvenile-runaway to "missing endangered" by Officer J. M. Conner #2460.  Captain Lay was very upset about this change.  Now, a late BOLO- be on the lookout- is posted by the Garland police.

Records indicate that not until 1/16/03 Captain Jody Lay #1708 makes a request for the bloodhound from Search One Rescue .  Lay again misleads the Salazar family by informing them that no hound dog were available.

On 1/18/03 their bloodhound "Bojangles" picked up a very strong and sure scent, the handler said he was 99.9% sure, which vigorously lead to them to entrance of the Brandon Place Apartments (now Brandon Walk).  This positive scent stopped here .  The strong scent was not present anywhere else in the outskirt perimeter boundaries of the apartment complex.  It was reported then that most probable Esteban entered into a motor vehicle here and was transported out.  This is where and when his kidnapping and captivity started.

 It was reported by area residents that the Garland Police Investigators did not comb through any of the residential units or interviewed residents to look or inquire about any sightings of Esteban or his whereabouts on these premises. 

There is suspicion from supportive evidence and reports that Esteban did not die as had been reported by the Garland Police and that he was held captive, tortured and murdered several days later following his disappearance.  His body was relocated and once the physical evidence was destroyed the skeletal remains were later scattered at the recovery area to facilitate its official discovery by members of the Garland Police.

The use of the bloodhound by the Garland Police at this late time of the search for a living person was as a "show of resources" used.  As can be expected it, the bloodhound picked up a trail and brought the police Investigators to where Esteban was most probable taken into captivity.  Nevertheless, the Garland Police failed to properly act and follow up on its most important lead to that date.  They fail and do not investigate the premises and its occupants.  Their reported limited investigation here consisted of speaking to the Assistant Manager of the complex.  The Salazar family and volunteers later interviewed, door to door, most residents at the apartment complex months later and learned/documented that the Garland Police did not interviewed any of the residents.  Even though the bloodhound trail and the other reported sightings directed the police search in this direction the Garland police did not officially search into this area until a month later.

Records indicate that a lot of manpower and resources were grossly  misdirected, mismanaged and misused in Esteban's case by the Garland Police Department.  This search demonstrates the reported wrongdoings and later the informed Garland city officials ignored it.


The Cover-up; sealing the investigative records from the family and public; and the closing of the HOMICIDE investigation. (next)

"We work for God,"  the investigation of homicide is a "profound duty" that demands that anyone who undertakes it to "develop an understanding of the dynamics and principles" of proceeding in a professional manner. In the pursuit of justice and truth, they should gain both knowledge and experience, along with flexibility and common sense.  Investigator/writer Vernon J. Geberth/ MS - MPA

At the beginning of the homicide investigation we are very discouraged with the hostile environment created by the Garland Police and by the abusive remarks from Captain Jody Lay and Lt. Thompson.  They are constantly informing and reminding us that this case is costing the police department and the city lots of money and resources to investigate.  They are also very critical about the amount of media attention Esteban's case is getting.  We were hearing their numerous unnecessary remarks such like "we don't even get this type of coverage when a police officer dies".   These unwelcome remarks are heard frequently and repeatedly.  We asked again the Federal Bureau of Investigation to assist us in the search and rescue.  They responded that they can only help at the request of the Garland Police.  They are never requested to participate by the Garland police.


A Limited and Closed Police Investigation - "The Inquisition/Prosecution".

  The Garland Police investigation initially appeared to be focused on Esteban's father being the suspect/murderer but they waited until four weeks later to request and administer a polygraph exam.   Was it a ploy to intimidate as retribution, derail the investigation or delay?  Suddenly rumors were surfacing at the high schools and community that Esteban's father was a member of the Mexican mafia and was a criminal and very violent person.  Reports from all of Esteban's friends who were interviewed by the Garland police have stated being asked solely about Esteban's relationship with his father and not about Esteban's associates, girlfriend or activities.  All of  these same individuals were interviewed later by the Salazar family and reported that Esteban had expressed to all of them having an excellent relationship with his father but strangely, none reportedly were asked by the police about any of the criminal elements or associates surrounding Esteban or Esteban's girlfriend and her family.

During the first week of the investigation, the Garland Police investigators went to search for Esteban at his sister's apartment in Dallas.  Upon arrival the investigators stated to the sister that they had reports that Esteban was being abused and that he had a fight with his father.  His sister, already suffering from a mental illness, became more confused, anxious, depressed and was completely clueless as to what this conversation was leading to.  They asked why she did not live at home and if she got along with her parents.  She responded that she did not know Esteban's whereabouts.  That she departed from home because she had in the past some disagreements with her parents including electing to pass-up a scholarship @ SMU-college and living with a fellow student and working.  This was the complete extent of her statement to the Garland Police.  The police misreported information that Esteban's sister had stated to them being subjected along with Esteban to child  abuse at home.  This false information along with Esteban "being seen leaving his home carrying a pistol" was reported by the Medical Examiner to be the primary circumstantial evidence used to make a manner of death determination.  In 2006 the Garland police reported to D magazine-November 2006 "Man Undone" that no such records were in their case file.  Instead they issued a new information release (2006-42). In 2008, this false information continues to be part of the autopsy reports.

Four weeks into the investigation Esteban's father and mother were asked to take a polygraph examination.  He was subjected to three (3) examinations.  No one else underwent any polygraph examinations including the girlfriend-Huong.  This person had earlier provided false information to the police regarding her communications with Esteban on the day he disappeared.  She had stated that she spoke on the phone with Esteban that afternoon and he appeared to be "sad".  Phone records indicated she never spoke with Esteban that afternoon and most probable all day.  This was part of her many recorded deceptions.

During the first two months, the Garland Police were constantly bringing up their many different theories and that they believed Esteban changed identities, ran away, and later that he committed suicide. 

Afterwards, the police continued to offer the family many outrageous explanations as to why Esteban killed himself.  Some included that he: was undergoing some hormonal changes - was not happy with his appearance - was receiving poor grades in school  - was not sure of his sexuality - suffering of some mental illness - was undergoing a drug induced psychosis- etc..  When Esteban's father told them that all this talk was very ridiculous the police investigators asked him to write an explanation as to why Esteban was murdered.   A six page explanation was presented to the Garland Police indicating why he did not commit suicide.  Facts and records later disproved all these aforementioned police theories including his latest and last grading report card which included all A's.

Although both of Esteban's parents were hoping to get the polygraph examinations/investigation completed early in order that the Garland Police could focus on other suspects, it lingered.  Esteban's father was summoned on three different occasions to take the polygraph exam.  The first two times the examiners (Detectives Bobby Rachel (2/20/03) and Michael Parker (2/5/03)-Mesquite Police) declined to administer the exam because of his severe chronic pain history and prescription pain medication, resulting from his multiple surgeries, claiming it would not give accurate reading.  The major surgeries included: four spinal - two open heart and three abdominal in the last ten years, accompanied with very serious life threatening complications of post surgical infections.

The Garland Police contacted Esteban's father and asked him to take the polygraph a third time, on 2/27/03, stating he needed to clear his name as a suspect.  Detective Michael Parker, who previously disqualified Esteban's father from an earlier exam, administers this polygraph. 

The results of the polygraph showed no deception to the questions-Did you physically cause the disappearance of your son?  Did you physically cause the disappearance of your son on January 2003?  Both questions were answered NO and showed no deception on three different occasions. 

This part of the polygraph examination report was never shared with the medical examiners or other law enforcement and became part of the sealed records

The FBI report dated 2/22/06 to Congressman Johnson indicates that the only part of the polygraph that was used as evidence was the selected part in which Esteban's father failed.  This part was a question related if knew of Esteban's whereabouts.  The answer given was NO and it reportedly showed deception.  For this he was wrongfully labeled "dishonest" and the Garland police took full advantage of it.

After the polygraph examination Esteban's father was further questioned and was repeatedly accused of lying to the Police.  They insisted that he knew about  Esteban's whereabouts.  The Police repeatedly accused Esteban's father of physically abusing Esteban and that on the day of Esteban's disappearance there must had been a fight between them.  None ever occurred and was ever stated!!  Esteban's father reiterated, over and over, that both of those allegations were inaccurate and untrue.  He added that Esteban is a wonderful son and gave no reason at anytime for any discipline.  He reported to the Garland police that on this day of his disappearance Esteban was laying by the pool sunbathing when he shouted, from about 60 feet distant on the other side of the eight foot fence, at Esteban about the nice day they were both enjoying.  Esteban appeared to have been startled and got up from the lounger uttering quietly under his breath an unexpected profanity and went directly inside the home.  There was never an argument or fight as the police have misconstrued in their reports.  Esteban later had lunch and remained in his bedroom until he departed from his house at about 2:00 PM following answering the "block phone call".  From the events before leaving it appeared as if he was waiting, for this phone call or for two o'clock to arrive, in his bedroom.  When he departed, his parents thought he was going outside for his usual run and/or to meet someone in the neighborhood.  This was nothing out of the ordinary for Esteban. 

The police Investigators were outraged to hear this story and continued to badger and to accuse Esteban's father of lying.  Detective Myers followed by provoking Esteban's father into a physical confrontation by telling him that he did not like the way he had talked about him to his superiors.  Infuriated, he also told Esteban's father that there was no record of him being in Louisiana searching for Esteban.  This was very outrageous and very strange since the local TV station interviewed and aired him while at the New Iberia Police Department.  An official complaint on the incident was sent to Captain Lay by Esteban's father.  No action/investigation was taken by the "GPD".

Esteban's mother was given a polygraph exam on 2/20/03 and was never questioned about the child abuse allegations in the household which to that moment had played such a big significant part in the circumstantial evidence and final determination of the manner of death by the Garland Police. 

Through the course of the Garland Police Investigation we have discovered that only Esteban's parents were given polygraph examinations.  Even though there is ample recorded proof of numerous inconsistencies and criminal activities by some suspicious individuals close to Esteban (girlfriend family members) and that some had associations with known criminal.   All were exempt from further questioning and from any polygraph examinations.  One of the prime murder suspect/person of interest was reportedly not interviewed by the Garland police.

Following the discovery of Esteban's skeletal remains the Salazar family is contacted and informed (below-Email) by Captain Jody Lay (who led the Investigation) the following:

Mr. Salazar:
 When we are finished with our investigation, we will meet with you and your wife to inform you of our findings. 
 As far as getting access to our files, records, etc., my recommendation would be an open records request.
 Capt. Lay- 6/23/03

Neither Captain Lay or any other representative of the Garland Police met with the Salazar family at the end of the investigation to explain their findings and how they came to reach their final conclusions.  The Salazar family learned that Esteban's case was closed from the news media on July 2004.  Furthermore, the case files on Esteban's investigation were immediately sealed after the first request for case records were made in a homicide case that the police determined to be unequivocally a "suicide".


The Garland police controlled and manipulate the recovery of physical evidence at the alleged crime scene - Dallas County Medical Examiner was not included.

The Dallas County Medical Examiner field team was kept out of the recovery area by the Garland police- all physical evidence that was collected and transported was done by the Garland police.  No forensic anthropologist was requested to examine the few bones and evidence collected.

Inadvertently and after a lot of investigating by the Salazar family it was later discovered that the Garland Police Investigators calculatedly fabricated and planted false evidence in the case files which greatly influenced the handling of the: collection and recovery of physical evidence, the autopsy examination, final determination of the manner of death to be a "suicide" and closed the homicide investigation.  From the reports received in 2008 by the Medical Examiner-Dr. Jill E. Urban/Southwest Institute of Forensic Science in Dallas , the primary circumstantial evidence which the Medical Examiner received from the GPD was conflicting and un-collaborated.  It documented to be false, unverifiable, not credible and misleading.  This same misleading limited information was passed on to the second medical examiner/Forensic Anthropologist, Dr. Anthony Falsetti at the University of Florida/.C. A. Pound Human Identification Laboratory and other law enforcement agencies. 

General information as to the different locations were the bones were recovered were not even provided to the Medical Examiner.  Neither were the recovered clothing.  Some of this documented "false" primary information which was provided and used as evidence included but not limited to: 1.  That Esteban was being abused at his home  2.  That Esteban had a fight with his father on the day he disappeared.  3.  That Esteban was seen leaving his home with a pistol.  4.  That Esteban's father was a dishonest person.  5.  That Esteban's father found his pistol missing immediately after Esteban departed his home.  6.  That Esteban's sister collaborated that there was abuse at the Salazar household.  7.  That Esteban was an adult - 18 years old-  He was 17 and a minor.   8.  That Esteban father told an investigator he thought Esteban committed suicide.

All this false information has been proved and documented to be false with collaborating sworn affidavits provided by family and neighbors to the Garland Police, Medical Examiner and other law enforcement agencies-  They were ignored.  Instead new fabrications were presented.

It was reasonably suspected that more similar false and misleading information lied within these closed investigative records that the Garland Police had sealed from the public.  This case file without a doubt outlines their conspiracy to cover-up this abduction/murder and civil rights violations.  In 2008, after receiving information from an open records request it was learned that there are no records indicating that the Garland police requested the Dallas County Medical Examiner to respond the alleged crime scene.  In a Garland police report  which inadvertently was un-redacted it stated that the Dallas County Medical Examiner "was notified and did not respond".  These same open records information indicated that the Dallas County Medical Examiner had no (0) homicide calls to respond on that day.  It is evident from these reports that Garland police wanted to be selective and limited as to what was recovered and noted.  They assigned and directed a "rookie" police forensic investigator to collect evidence.

The physical evidence reported to be presented to the Medical Examiner by the Garland Police was very  limited and selected.  Bags with remains were unlabeled.  Location of were all the remains were found was not provided. The Medical Examiner only received Esteban's bones, all the other physical evidence (personal effects, clothing, firearm, etc....) was sent to other labs throughout Texas.  All laboratories reports were not shared.  The same limited false/misleading information was passed to the second Medical Examiner/Forensic Anthropologist-Dr. Anthony Falsetti by Dr. Urban.  The results of any examination and final conclusion is only as good as the input data provided.

A police property report received in late November 2007 was the first incident that the Salazar family became aware of all that was allegedly recovered during this case-they were never allowed to identify the property recovered, including the alleged registered pistol.  Surprisingly this pistol is not listed in the property inventory report .

The pistol is only reported to have been recovered in the missing pistol report filed by Esteban's father on the day (1/6/03) he returned to the police station to ask the Garland police again to assist him locate his missing son.  A police search for Esteban did not start until three days after he was reported missing.

To withstand opposition, Esteban and his family were scrutinized and criminalized by the Garland Police.  Who are Esteban's parents?  Sharing their life together since 1978.  A life time of love, devotion and caring.  Living productive and exemplary lives in their community.  Devoting themselves in their community to volunteer in helping develop all youths through sport and academics programs.  Raising two responsible and respectful children.  It took no time for the Garland Police to expeditiously destroy their good name and wrongfully brand the Salazar family as dishonest and criminal.

By following the evidence in Esteban's case, it is observed that the gathering of forensic evidence at the recovery site and the the amount of work performed was very limited or none at all.  It is outrageous of the type and quality of work presented in a homicide investigation.  Not even insects were collected for an entomology analysis.  There was no initial forensic anthropology analysis of the skeletal remains.  No soft tissue remained.  

Blood was reported not to be present in the recovery area and on the alleged recovered pistol.  It is evident by the procedure mode of the Medical Examiner, that this homicide case was already solved and was determined by the Garland Police before this point of their investigation and the manner of death was already determined by the Medical Examiner.

Furthermore, the use of cadaver dogs at the beginning of the search, over a bloodhound-when one was available, and the type of foot search performed demonstrates that the Garland Police had already calculatedly determined the outcome of the investigation with absolutely no physical evidence that Esteban was dead and that he had killed himself.  Maybe the Garland Police intelligence unit already knew that Esteban was deceased and a murder victim?

The overwhelming initial influence that the Garland Police had on Esteban's search and investigation set its course of misguided direction.  It followed with the independent medical examination which found partial and limited skeletal remains and physical evidence.  The results are exemplified by of a most incomplete preliminary examination which excluded a very important (Forensic Examination "FE") forensic anthropology examination on this type of a case (bones).  A general autopsy was conducted first by Dr. Jill Urban which significantly altered the remains for this (FE) examination.  A forensic anthropology examination was eventually conducted but only after the remains were released on 3/5/03 to the Salazar family and the Salazar family had already contacted the funeral home for their transport and  Dr. Gill-King, a foremost Forensic Anthropologist to examine them.  Against the Salazar family's wishes, the Dallas County Medical Examiner took back the remains and sent them to Florida on 4/7/03 for an examination by Dr. Falsetti.  None of the personal items (ie clothing) were shared by the police with the Medical Examiners. 

It was later reported/confirmed by Dr. Gill-King that the police field agent did not collect any insects along with Esteban's remains.  Evidence shows that the manner of death of Esteban was prematurely determined by the Garland Police before the skeletal remains were received by the Medical Examiner.  The use of Dr. Urban/ Medical Examiner in this case was only to sign off on the Garland Police determination and close the case.  This is an example of  how not an independent medical examination is supposed to take place.

Below is an expert comment from Dr. Gill-King - a renown Forensic Anthropologist - on the medical examination by Dr. Jill Urban of Esteban's remains:

Mr./ Mrs. Salazar:
   Because of the questionable initial handling and uncertain circumstances of curation of Esteban's remains by the Dallas County Medical Examiner, and because the anthropologist now examining the remains will undoubtedly have altered them, there is little value in a third examination.
   Because of the nature of the remains as discovered, the medical examiner should have remanded these without delay to a competent forensic anthropologist.
   Thank you for the update, and best wishes to you both.
H. Gill-King

Esteban's investigation by the Garland Police began with the police Investigators deliberating beforehand the manner of death and began to only look for evidence which would support their "suicide" theory.  When there was no evidence to collaborate their "suicide", they fabricated their own.  All of their primary evidence  discovered has been documented to be false, misleading  and un-collaborated.

Esteban's sister became a victim for their plan to create an abusive home life at the Salazar residence to support their "suicide" theory.  His sister has provided the Garland Police an affidavit disproving such falsehood.  The fact that Garland Police betrayed her honesty and closed Esteban's homicide case has caused her great pain and suffering.  She is presently struggling with more severe mental illness.

Following the November 2006-Dmagazine article titled "Man Undone" the Garland police released the following new "Information Release# 2006-42".  Most of this new fabricated information was never released before and it clearly shows the deceitful intent to again mislead the reader as pointed out below.  This is very consistent with their mode of dishonest operation throughout this case.  Audio tapes and documentation in our files support the comments below-some had previously been provided to city officials.

 *All of this information reported here by the Garland police came mostly from voluntary statements made by Esteban's father during his interviews.  This information (primary evidence) has been calculatedly misconstrued and changed by the police.  Records and affidavits from witnesses assert this.  These wrongful actions constitute tampering with evidence.  

Garland Police - Information Release(2006-42).

 On January 5, 2003, at 5:18 pm, Esteban Salazar was reported missing by his mother (Beth Ann Salazar) more than 28 hours after he was last seen in his room at their home on January 4 @ 1:00 pm.  An extensive investigation was conducted by the Garland Police Department involving hundreds of man-hours by numerous police personnel.  Numerous searches were conducted by police personnel on foot in addition to search canines and air support units. 

 This information release provided is erroneous and incomplete for the purpose of misleading the reader to believe that no urgency was given by Esteban's parents.  Phone records indicate that Esteban mother called the Garland Police to report Esteban missing @ about 3:50 PM and placed on hold for 45 minutes (not listed).  She went to the Police headquarters where she waited another 30 minutes before her report was taken.  Esteban did not depart from his home until after 2:00 PM (not 1:00PM) and was not considered missing by his family until after 7:30 PM when he did not return home.  He was reported  missing less than the 24 hours when he became considered missing.  Of NOTE: The police searches were conducted away from where all the leads and sightings were reported to the police.

On February 28, 2003, members of the Garland Police Department located the remains of Esteban Salazar along with his father’s handgun in a wooded area not far from his home during another specific search for his whereabouts.  Evidence at the scene indicated that the gun had been fired. 

This specific search mentioned was reported to be from a lead that came on the second day of the police investigation.  It took the police two months or waited until after the physical evidence/soft tissue was consumed/destroyed to inadvertently search in this area.

 Garland Police investigators were also assisted during the investigation by the Texas Rangers and a Forensic Anthropologist.  The investigation revealed that Esteban Salazar was the victim of a self inflected gunshot wound to the head.  The Dallas County Medical Examiner’s Office ruled the manner of death to be a suicide.  Although the Salazar family continues to supply the department with information regarding this matter, no credible evidence has been revealed to date which would cause the department to doubt this determination.

 The limited and untimely participation of these mentioned; Texas Rangers-Sgt. Shing and Forensic Anthropologist- Dr. Falsetti occurred only after they were contacted/involved in the case by the Salazar family. The Dallas Co. Medical Examiner ruled and determined by using the limited physical evidence collected (bones) and the fabricated circumstantial evidence provided by the Garland Police.  This information and ruling also influenced other law enforcement agencies.  Circumstantial and physical evidence which would conflict with the "suicide" was never shared with the Medical Examiner.  A great amount of documentation linking Esteban to Asian organized crime was provided to the Garland police but no where in the information releases is there any mention of them.

As parents ourselves, the members of the Garland Police Department empathize with the Salazar family in the loss of their child.  No loss is more difficult.

More difficult is when police fabrications and lies replace the facts the Salazar family reported and you become victimized along side your beloved deceased child and officials conspire to cover-up.

 This investigation has also been reviewed by both the Dallas County District Attorney’s Office and the FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) after concerns regarding the investigation were made known to those respective agencies by the Salazar family.  No further action was taken by either agency.

 The information which was provided to these law enforcement agencies included the same fabricated circumstantial evidence which the Medical Examiner received.  None of the actual facts reported by the Salazar family were included.  

The following is a short list of some significant facts discovered during this investigation.

·         Esteban was having “girlfriend problems” and was upset shortly before his disappearance.

 The new "girlfriend problems" evidence was never mentioned and considered before until now (2006).  An audio interview (2005) of Captain Bob Barber makes absolutely no mention of this "girlfriend problems" and only indicates abuse and Esteban having an overbearing father as reasons for his death.  Since previous submitted documentation/affidavits has proved their previous (abuse) primary evidence to be false this new one replaces it.  The girlfriend's obsession for Esteban is well documented by all her letters to him.  The relationship was very one-sided  and to her dislike Esteban terminated it.  Would Esteban kill himself over this or would someone kill for his severing his association?

·         On the day he was last seen by his family (January 4), Esteban left in anger after cursing his father, Bill Salazar.

It was never reported that Esteban had a fight and cursed at his father but that his father reported hearing what he thought was an uttered curse from 60 feet away, when Esteban was suddenly awakened while he sunbathed.  No angry  fight was ever reported or exchange of words only that he was startled and went into the house @ 12:30PM. While there he ate lunch, showered & shaved, stayed in his bedroom.  His mother arrived at 1:00PM.  He walked towards the pool area after he answered the "block call" @ 1:58PM, without saying one word.  Both his mother and father watched. This is a very important reported and recorded fact and it has been manipulated/changed and excluded.  This fact is also recorded in one of the interviews which the police continues to withhold.

·         During the initial interview with Esteban’s father on January 6, 2003, Mr. Salazar told Garland Police investigators that his handgun was missing from his home and he believed that his son had gone into the woods and killed himself.

Not mentioned here is that this so called initial interview with Lt. Steve ("Keith") Thompson occurred only after the police failed to show up or contact the Salazar family on the following day from when the missing report was filed.  The Salazar family (mother, father and aunt) went to the police headquarters since they could not get the police to respond.  Esteban's father and aunt met with Lt. Thompson.  His mother was ill and returned to the car and waited.  They expressed their dissatisfaction with the police non-response and pleaded for their immediate assistance.  The statements and reports to the police included were limited to: Esteban's unusual events the week before with Asian youths thought to be gang associates, the blocked call he answered before leaving, the girlfriend's photo turned down, Esteban's very good character and not being able to locate an unloaded pistol which was kept hidden in the attic.  The missing pistol brought the great concern that it may have been used or was going to be used in the commission of a crime by Esteban's associates.  This was omitted.  At no time was a statement/report made by anyone in the Salazar family that they believed Esteban had killed himself.  The overwhelming circumstantial evidence that Esteban was involved with criminal individuals gave only concern that he was the victim of a murder and there was no consideration of a suicide.  This is report is an added fabrication of information by Lt. Thompson.  In addition Esteban's aunt was present during this interview and heard nothing as such being expressed.  Affidavits to the effect have been presented and a open records request of the interview audio/visual recording was requested.  This recording will provide additional proof of these fabrication of evidence.  On 8/28/07 the police and city attorney refused to provide a copy of the interview. 

·         A resident, who lives near where the remains were found, reported hearing a single gunshot sometime around January 5, 2003.

 This report was later found to be unreliable and un-collaborated.  It was the only report of such and the police immediately jumped on it to close the case.

It is unreliable because:1)  The Creek family (resident/Apollo Rd) was aware of Esteban's missing case and only reported this gunshot after Esteban's remains were recovered and they were questioned by the Garland police.  2)  They reported they heard the gunshot the day after Esteban  disappeared.  Suicidal individuals do not ponder around for this long period of time before committing suicide.  3)  Kenneth Creek gave a very detailed story of what he observed when he heard the gunshot as if he was waiting for it to happen and identified exactly the location to match with the police report of where the shot came form.  a)  Reported searching around the location of where the shot came from and found nothing.  Esteban's body would have been noticed if it had been there.  The area was open.  Visual and the odor of decomposition would have brought attention.  b) He has later changed the time of when he heard the gunshot.

Un-collaborated because: 1)  Police records have no gunshot reports in that area during the time Esteban was missing.  2)  All local residents abutting the area were interviewed and no one heard a gunshot on 1/5/03.  It consisted of more than 30 people.  Police did not interview any of the other many residents about the gunshot. only Mr. Creek.  3)  Local construction workers at the building sites across the street (Apollo) reported no gunshot sound on 1/5/03.  Included about 15 people.  Police did not interview them either.


Through the course of this case numerous leads and tips regarding more sightings, suspicious criminal activities by our suspects and relating to Esteban's murder and documented phone#s subscribed to criminals link to Esteban have been forwarded to the Garland Police Investigators which they have continued failing to act on.  Not surprising if there is a conspiracy for a cover-up by them.

By following the evidence trail on how the Garland Police handled this case it is only reasonable to make some of these following determinations :

1.  After the case was closed, the Garland Police failed to meet with Esteban's parents because they did not want them to know about the fabrications and misleading information which were used to make their "suicide" determination and close the homicide investigation.  They could not explain to them their determination of suicide.

2.  The records of the homicide investigation that was ruled a "suicide" were immediately sealed by the Garland Police to keep the Salazar family and the public from ever finding the truth about the initial handling of the case and Esteban's murder and the fabricated information.  This is part of the conspiracy.

3.  The most important phone records of the "blocked call" the police stated ordering them immediately.  The phone records that the Texas Attorney General mandated the Garland police to provide for the Salazar family indicate that they were ordered by the police on May 9, 2003. They waited over four (4) months and only after the remains were discovered and the final determination on the case was made.  This information should have been ordered immediately if a life was to be saved.  Captain Barber misstated on a recorded audio that these records were ordered immediately.  The subscriber information on that "block call" that the Garland police shared with the Salazar family has proved to have been false.  They reported it to be a fax blast.  That was confirmed to have been false information in 2007.  The subscriber - Sarah McCarty - claimed to been hired to collect personal information from residences/businesses in the Dallas area.  At the time this family had owned a private  mail service in Little Saigon-Irving, Texas and was undergoing financial problems/bankruptcy. 

4.  The Garland Police will never re-open this case, as they have misleadingly stated to the Texas Attorney General to except themselves from the Texas open records act and being forced of opening the records to the public.  These case records will further support their conspiracy to cover-up.  Finding the truth is not an option and would mean great criminal and civil liabilities against the Police Department and the City of Garland.



The Garland Police went as far to lie to the News Media reporting that Esteban's mother filed a "runaway" report which was their cause not to treat this case with urgency.  The published police records clearly indicate otherwise.

The quest for service and justice for Esteban and into finding his murderers were sacrificed in order to cover-up numerous initial wrongdoings by the Garland Police Department in their search. 

One can speculate that maybe the Garland Police knew too well and before they found  Esteban's remains of his prior resting location.  This can maybe be supported by a bizarre Garland police search on 1/29/03 near were the remains were later reported found.  This police activity was initially reported to the Salazar family by neighbors who happened to drive by on that afternoon.  Upon hearing about this activity Esteban's father rushed to the scene.  Meanwhile Esteban's mother called Captain Lay to find out if this search involved Esteban.  Captain Lay informed that this police search, which had closed a portion of Apollo Rd., was to capture a prisoner who had escaped from one of their patrol cars.  When Esteban's father got to the scene the Garland police dispatched group was gone.  The local residents described that there were numerous patrol cars and a canine unit.  This  police incident from Capt. Lay initially was regarded as being true, by the Salazar family, as it was then reported by the Garland police until when a request for records of this incident was filed under the Texas Open Records Act.  There was no record.   The fact that it is almost impossible to open a rear door from inside of a patrol car also gives more question.   A very suspicious and unexplained response was received from the Garland Police that such incident did not occur since it was not recorded.  A audio taped phone conversation from Captain Lay on 1/29/03 makes definite reference to this incident.   On 2/24/05, Captain Lay was contacted on the matter and he found only excuses for the Garland police not to produce/find this incident report (to be posted).  He claimed he does not have date of the incident when one was clearly provided to him by the Salazar family.   A request to investigate this odd undocumented occurrence of unexplained missuse of public resources was sent to City of Garland leadership on 4/7/06.  The usual and consistent no response from the City of Garland was received.

Looking back, it is very strange that all the Garland police searches were away and in the opposite direction from where Esteban's remains were found.  There were no leads or sightings to place them there.

Garland police reported that a lead received from one of Esteban's schoolmate's during the first days of Esteban's disappearance had placed them in the immediate area of the recovery site.  That was two months later and it was far and opposite where they had searched earlier.  Most of the physical evidence was gone.  This lead was reported by Captain Lay to have been overlooked earlier in the police search and it was now the reason the Garland police looked in this area two months later?  Two other sightings placed Esteban towards that location.  In early 2006 we learned that the true reason the Garland Police searched that field was because it was motivated by a call from a local resident who came across what appeared to be a human bone.  The initial find was not as reported earlier by Captain Lay.  By the time the Garland Police Forensic Unit arrived to the scene most of the physical evidence was consumed.  There was no soft tissue.  Initially Esteban's hip/leg bone were identified as animal remains by the Garland forensic team.  Later as they gathered the few skeletal remains   the Dallas County Medical Examiner reclassified them as human. 

This ignorant and irresponsible position taken by the Garland Police leadership and City of Garland officials to conspire in the cover-up and condone this aforementioned criminal behavior of their police investigators and leadership creates serious issues of honesty and integrity for the Garland police department on their credibility and evidence that will be gathered for future criminal cases and appeals; and will jeopardize the ability of any trial  prosecutor to be successful for reaching a conviction on criminals.  It also raises the important question of how much evidence they may have fabricated in the past to influence a determination.  Are there innocent people in jail and more murderers and criminals walking the streets due to this dishonest, vindictive and malicious type of behavior and police procedure?  In 2007, many such determined criminal cases in Dallas County are being overturned with the use of science.

The Garland Police leadership and Garland City officials have extremely gone out of their way to interfere with the Salazar family's investigation into finding the truth surrounding the death of their beloved son and to inflict great physical and mental pain; and economic damages upon them to discourage them into their quest for finding closure.

Intelligence and reason would ask why?; if Esteban was a victim of reported child abuse resulting in his death, a very heinous crime, as alleged by the Garland Police (2003) and supported by the Dallas County District Attorney, why were there no arrests and charges filed.  This strong false unsupported fabrication of circumstantial evidence by the police closed a homicide investigation and influenced a final manner of death determination.  In 2006 the Garland police reported that they have no records of such reported abuse.

Feel safe?  More murderers walk among us!! and  corrupt/dishonest police officers serve with unlimited police powers !!


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The conspiracy to cover-up the murder of Esteban D. Salazar and civil rights violations by Garland Police and the City of Garland, Texas.


  In view of the aforementioned facts and that the Garland Police Department failed and refuses to disclose to the Salazar family what were their findings that brought closure to Esteban’s case, the Salazar family launched an independent investigation.  This investigation’s mentioned findings describe what happened in the handling of Esteban’s disappearance case forcing the Salazar family to then ask if this is the standard procedure of what a citizen should expect from a large modern and well-trained police department?  Some of the wrongful actions are mentioned here.


When isolated human errors and mistakes occur they may be attributed to incompetence and negligence. Yet, when repetitive errors occur during an investigation, patterns of these mentioned wrongful actions are formed and then establishes an outline of a suspected conspiracy. 

 A glimpse at the trail of evidence of repeated mishandlings and negligence by this investigators in this case could only be construed that these wrongful actions are not out of incompetence but are deliberate, calculated, planned and set forth by the guidance from the leadership, Captain Jody Lay, in this investigation.  Furthermore, when great efforts are continually made to mislead, fabricate damaging evidence and influence opinions for the purpose of steering the determination of the manner of death on a homicide investigation and to close the case, an obvious crime has been committed. 

 All the above mentioned happened in the investigation of Esteban’s case. We contend that other law enforcement principals and agencies were politically asked to support these wrongful and illegal actions while they refused to disclose the content of their own independent findings.  And as such it shows a failure to uphold the constitution of the United States as well as that of local and state laws.

 Despite of there being no previous history as a troubled teenager, Esteban was immediately profiled as a troubled Hispanic “runaway” teenager.  His good character and reported exemplary conduct was never considered.  As such; the Garland Police Department waited three days after the missing and endangered report was filled before actively becoming involved in the case.  Texas law requires immediate action.

By following the discovery and confirmation of the fabrications of primary circumstantial evidence by the Garland Police; we can also be suspicious that the Garland Police planted physical evidence to further secure and influence the determination of the manner of death of Esteban.

 Following some of the trail of evidence from this Garland Police search and investigative action that followed it can reasonably be concluded that great efforts were made to:


ü      Not locate Esteban’s body until most of the physical evidence-soft tissue was lost/consumed which could have undisputedly determined: the manner of death - other injuries sustained - time of death – place of death – etc.  This physical evidence would have completely and absolutely have discredited their fabricated circumstantial “suicide” determination.  Given the circumstances and people involved, its suspected Esteban was tortured repeatedly before his death.

ü      Not search/collect/investigate for all physical and circumstantial evidence that could resolve Esteban’s murder.

ü      Limit the collection of all physical evidence by their forensic team.

ü      Alienate the Salazar family from the media and public by the use of slandering rumors.  Wrongfully influenced official and public opinion.

ü      To systematic investigate only selective and limited information that would cooperate with their “suicide” determination.

ü      Not to investigate reported criminal activities with individuals and families linked to Esteban which would have directed them away from their "suicide" theory.

ü      Not interested on any additional leads following the reported discovery of Esteban’s remains.

ü      Not to inform the Salazar family of its final findings in their determination.  These findings contained the fabricated primary evidence, which were sealed in the records.

ü      Keep the public from having access to the records of the investigation.  The records would show that physical evidence consistent with a “suicide” resulting from a gunshot wound to the head were not present.  Also it would reveal a number of falsehoods that were reported as facts to the Salazar family by the police.

ü       Take away all opportunities for the Salazar family to uncover Esteban’s murder and bring no public’s interest into Esteban’s case.  Protect Asian organized crime interests in the City.

ü       Protect the Garland police and principals, and the City of Garland from criminal and civil prosecution.  Ignore all official complaints.


The Trail of Evidence and the actions:

 Despite the Salazar family’s immediate reported suspicions to the Garland police of gang/organized crime involvement, unusual activities on the previous week and their requests to fully look into these events occurring the week prior to Esteban’s disappearance they were never fully investigated:

  • Esteban’s cell phone records. This unusual not use of his (teenager's) cell phone that for seven+ months prior and later having contacted subscribers with criminal records days prior to his disappearance Unidentified older phone subscribers who were called with Esteban's cell phone were not identified by the police.
  • Salazar family’s land Line phone records.  The reported records acquired by the police were limited to one of the two phones and only to a period of days before Esteban’s disappearance.  An unidentified incoming call (Verizon) minutes prior to Esteban’s departure from his home was deemed as being untraceable by the Garland police/Captain Lay but through the family’s perseverance it suddenly became available by a police/court order four months later.  This call was reported to the Salazar family by the police to have been a fax blast from Efax.com.  Following the phone records being unsealed by the Texas Attorney General, the Salazar family was able to trace the phone number and it was confirmed by efax.com- legal corporate staff not to have been one of theirs.
  • Confirm reported places he visited with associates during the prior days and on the day of his disappearance. - 

1) Surveillance videos of the Galleria-Shopping Mall in Dallas, TX where Paul Le- stated being at with Esteban on the night of12/27/02

2) Nor fully investigate these following events occurring the day Esteban disappeared:

  • To view surveillance videotape of Eckerd’s drug store @ Beltline Rd. and N. Garland Rd- sales receipt placed him there on the morning he disappeared- It is suspected he met someone there following a call from his girlfriend’s father cell phone on that morning.
  • Why did the girlfriend not call Esteban on his cell phone again that day following the 9:37 AM call?
  • Phone call from a Grand Prairie resident’s cell phone with two male adult sons who lived at home.
  • Contact phone information found of adult individuals with extensive criminal records.

 3) No police surveillance was reported at Esteban's service-  Salazar family employed a Private Investigator to monitor guests and their activities.

 The following are some of the Garland Police actions in which they showed blatant failures in performance:

 Failure to report Esteban as missing endangered in the NCIC database and issue immediate BOLOs (be on the lookout).  Instead he was reported as a “runaway” and received no immediate police service.


Failure to offer to assist in printing and distributing “missing” flyers in the Garland community.  In comparison, this was done immediately without need of requesting by the New Iberia Police Department in Louisiana.


Failure to call for a press conference to announce the reward from the Carol Sund Foundation as it was previously agreed by them.


Lack of professionalism and their repeated complaints to the Salazar family as to the amount of media attention Esteban’s case was gathering.


Directed the Salazar family to limit the amount of the reward money so their number of incoming calls be limited.  They reported a lack of personnel to handle the calls.  This limited the number of timely and  serious leads.


Failure to immediately do a search of Esteban’s bedroom and personal belongings for clues into his disappearance. Esteban’s computer was removed from his bedroom on 1/8/03 at the family’s insistence but a failure to search Esteban’s bedroom and personal items for clues did not occur.   The bedroom was never searched.  One computer was returned inoperable.  More criminal contact information was found written by an unknown third party in an GISD issued history book.


Failure to follow sighting and possible leads –

  • Use reasonable logic on the direction of the foot search.  The “dominant hand theory” for the direction of directing the police foot search-prevailed over the eye witness sightings.  No search professional including the FBI uses this technique.
  • Follow-up on all incoming phone call leads
  • Follow-up on all incoming phone call sightings.  The majority of these leads and sightings were passed on to the Salazar family to investigate since the police claimed to be limited in staffing.
  • Follow-up on discovered contact information including adult criminals found with Esteban's personal items.
  • Follow-up on sighting by using outrageous excuses/fabrications. example below described in these Emails from Capt. Jody Lay-:

    I am having Lt. Thompson call her.  The credibility on this one is way low you realize.  At the time she reported it, even you did not give too much credence to the story.  Now, after she has in all likelihood seen countless fliers and news reports "she is adament" it is his him.  Well, in a courtroom that is problematic.  But, it certainly could be so we will get with her and attempt to see how and if it fits the puzzle.

    We will let you know in time, of course.


    -----Original Message-----
    From: mail.grlnd1.tx.attbi [mailto:traderwds@attbi.com]
    Sent: Tuesday, March 04, 2003 2:29 PM
    To: Detective Matt Myers
    Cc: Captain J. L. Lay
    Subject: Re: Esteban/sighting

    ----- Original Message -----
    Sent: Tuesday, March 04, 2003 1:40 PM
    Subject: RE: Esteban/sighting

    Good afternoon Matt,
      We had a visit this morning from Kim Vaden.    229 East Brand Road    972-414-****
      She was the person who called in a tip on 20JAN.  She was certain that she had seen Esteban the evening before the helicopter search, which would make the sighting on 06JAN.  (I think when I originally reported this I was off by one day.)  She had seen two teenage boys coming from the direction of the creek, which is behind her house.  The two boys walked right in front of her door, and she did get a very clear look at the faces.  They both had mud spattered up to the knees.  One boy was tall, thin, brown hair, Caucasian.  This was the one who she said looked like Esteban.  She said he looked angry or upset and was staring straight ahead.  The other teen was holding him by his arm and pushing him along.  The other teen was shorter, round face, blond hair, Caucasian.  This boy looked at her and said hi, laughed nervously and kept walking. 
      While she was here today, I showed her the large poster of Esteban ( the one from the vigil.)  She was adamant that was him, and she said she did get a good look at his face. 
    She said she would be more than willing to talk to you, and she would be able to provide a complete description of the other teen. 
      The  reason she came by today was that her son had recently found a fanny pack in the creek with a license and credit cards.  She had called the lady who they belonged to and the lady said her fanny pack had been stolen at Tom thumb.  She thought there might be connection.  I  don't know about that. 
      She seems very stable and reliable.  I know it seems to be just one more different story, but if true, it would put him somewhere other than Woodland Park on that day. 
    Bill and Beth


Failure to utilize and request VOLUNTEERS services available to aid in the search for Esteban; including the ALERT program of the NCMEC. 

    1. Volunteer groups were available on the first days of the disappearance but were refused by the Garland police.
    2. FBI and Texas Rangers were contacted by the family to assist but their assistance was refused by the Garland Police.  False information was provided to them by the Garland police.


Failure to request the appropriate search resources available in order to adequately conduct the foot search. Cadaver dogs were used ineffectively rather than the use of a hound dog while Esteban’s scent was still fresh and there was hope of finding him alive.


Failure to follow up lead on a 99% positive hit of the Esteban’s scent trail that ended at Brandon Rd Apartments parking lot entrance.  This hound dog search was conducted several weeks later, at the family’s continued insistence - Records indicate Capt. Lay ordered the hound dog at this time.  The residents at the complex reported not to have been interviewed by the police.  Captain Lay mislead the family by reporting that no hound dogs were available early in the search to use.  Search One, the search group used reported one was available at their request. 

Divert manpower and attention from the search for Esteban by creating personal conflicts with individuals of the Salazar family.

  • Esteban’s father was interviewed and summoned for a polygraph examination three different times at the Mesquite Police headquarters.  Physical / verbal confrontations were provoked.
  • Detective Myers accused Esteban’s father of deception by stating that he had not traveled to New Iberia, Louisiana and was never interviewed by the local TV news station.  Physical and verbal confrontations were provoked.  This trip conflicted with their version of the suicide. 
  • Esteban’s father testimony on the accounts on the day of Esteban’s disappearance continued to be challenged.  He was asked to provide irrefutable evidence that Esteban was murdered.  A six-page report was provided why Esteban did not commit suicide.  Another meeting with an investigator Brown took place on 3/18/03.
  • Creating conflicts and attempting to divide Esteban's father and mother-by accusing him of having an affair.
  • Creating conflict and attempting to divide Esteban's father and sister-by accusing him of abusing Esteban.
  • Stating slanderous falsehoods (“skeletons in the closet” and child abuse) about the Salazar family to the media and volunteer groups so they would seize and desist their involvement in the case.
  • In 2006 the Garland police released an information release (2006-42)stating that they were told Esteban had committed suicide.  This falsehood conflicts with all the existing police reports / media interviews that no one in the Salazar family was in that mind frame.  They reported from the first day Esteban was in trouble related to suspected gang involvement and the rumors circulating at all the area schools.


 Providing false reporting and limiting and selecting the investigative information they shared with other law enforcement agencies (FBI-DCDA-Texas Rangers) and the Medical Examiner.  The Dallas County District Attorney went as far as to ignore open records requests regarding their own investigation of the Garland Police and refused to provide these records.


Failed to have any surveillance personnel at Esteban’s memorial service (2003) to look for suspicious individuals and activities.  This is standard procedure in any homicide investigation.  The case was not closed until July 2004.


Fabricating false information/primary circumstantial evidence about child abuse in the family to support the “suicide” theory and close the case.


Fabricating false information/primary circumstantial evidence of a fight between Esteban and his father on the day of Esteban’s disappearance.


Fabricating false information/primary circumstantial evidence that Esteban was seen leaving his home with a pistol on the day he disappeared. 

Fabricating false information/primary circumstantial evidence that in the initial meeting Esteban's father stated that "he believed that his son went into the woods and shot himself".

Fabricating information that Esteban’s father was a dishonest individual.


Failure to act and ignore on reported illegal activities by individuals suspected to be persons of interest in Esteban’s case. Including the girlfriend’s family and other associates. Federal Law provides local law enforcement with tools to combat organized crime/gangs.  A request and response from Capt. Lay follows (to date there is no report that this investigation ever took place):


Mr. Salazar:
I do not need you to email me on a regular basis quoting the Penal Code, the Code of Criminal Procedure, Federal Laws, Guidelines for Law Enforcement nor anything else you find on the internet, your P.I. tells you or you read in somebody's brochure.  I am aware of and experienced with the law, criminal procedures and legal police practice.  I know what constitutes probable cause, reasonable suspicion and pure conjecture.
We are still investigating the death of your son.  We are following the facts and evidence and will do so reasonably to a logical conclusion.  When we finish our investigation we will brief you.  As you know, we still have lots of evidence to come in from forensics investigations still on-going and the forensics anthropologist in Florida.
As I have said many, many times during your ordeal, trust us to do our jobs.
Capt. Lay 
-----Original Message-----
From: Bill Salazar [mailto:traderwds@attbi.com]
Sent: Sunday, April 13, 2003 10:43 PM
To: Detective Matt Myers; Captain J. L. Lay
Cc: brownwh@ci.garland.tx.us; Lt. Thompson; Chief Larry Wilson
Subject: Esteban Salazar

Capt. Lay,
  We have not been updated in awhile as to the progress on Esteban's case.  Can you please tell us something? 
We suspect that the Garland Police Department have been conducting a full investigation into the "gang" association.  Any information on this?  
Enclosed is our request for an investigation on the "gang" subject.
Thanking you,
Beth and Bill Salazar


Failure to provide language interpreters to interview leads by Vietnamese callers.  Family was forced to go to and ask for interpreter assistance in Asian restaurants and businesses.


Failure to keep confidential information provided by the Salazar family- confidential; this information was released to Esteban’s girlfriend.  This was calculated negative and damaging action to close the relationship and any future chances of obtaining more information from this family.


Misleading and failure to keep the Salazar family timely informed of the investigation and the final findings that determined the manner of death.


Denied the Salazar family all requests to identify the personal items recovered at the reported crime scene, @ Woodland Park Dr., Garland, TX, which was the property of Esteban and his family. The reported items included: clothing – personal items and the alleged recovered registered pistol.


Failure to inform the Salazar family when Esteban’s homicide investigation was officially closed.


Failure to request and limit forensics to retrieve entomological samples from the site where Esteban's remains were found which would have greatly aide the medical examiners final determination.


Failure to have the Salazar family identify the personal items found along side Esteban’s remains.


Failure to investigate origin of the reported bullets recovered, thought to have inflicted the gunshot wound, came from along with others found in the gun since they were of a different type from those previously used.  No bullets for this pistol were available at Esteban's home.


Failure to attempt finding whose unidentified DNA sample was found on the pistol.  Did not ask for DNA samples of any of Esteban’s “friends” / girlfriend in order to rule out or match the DNA found on the gun that did not match Esteban’s nor his dad’s.


Failure to administer polygraph examinations to people of interest suspected to know what mortal trouble Esteban got himself into.  Only Esteban's parents were reported to have undergone these exams.


Failure to interview residents of Woodland Park Dr., Garland, TX- This Street is the access way to the field where Esteban’s remains were discovered.  Some of the residents reported to the Salazar family unusual events occurring prior to the remains been found and all reported not being interviewed by the Garland Police. 


Failed to confirm and verify that the primary circumstantial evidence used to close Esteban’s case was true and factual.


Wrongfully influencing the outcome of the Medical Examiners determination by not collecting available physical evidence and only providing limited physical evidence to the Medical Examiner found at the crime scene.  There was no reported: insects – presence of blood - The Medical Examiner reportedly used the primary circumstantial evidence provided by the Garland Police since there was not enough physical evidence for her to make a scientific determination on Esteban’s manner of death.  The primary evidence that was provided by the police was fabricated and false.  That has been confirmed. Copies of this evidence was sent to the police, the US Department of Justice and the Dallas County District Attorney.  It is also posted in this web site.


Delayed forensic examinations results on the pistol – clothing – DNA -.  Medical Examiners manner of death determination was made before this information became available to them.  Forensic report on the pistol was reported on about March of 2004.  One year later.  The final determination on the case was already made.

Tried to influence Esteban’s sister to state that there was child abuse at home.  Investigators told her there was evidence Esteban was being molested.  She was interviewed only once and when they knew she was alone in her apartment on 1/13/03.  The police investigators used the pretext they were searching for Esteban hiding in her apartment. 


Provide false factual information to the Salazar family regarding the following on the investigation. Included but not limited to:

a)     The unidentified call received on 1/4/03

b)     having provided all physical evidence and information to the Medical Examiner

c)     Having checked Thu Q. Nguyen’s-(Huong's sister) motor vehicle for illegal license plates- the automobile continued to operate with illegal plates for seven more months and was seen parked daily at 4002 Burning Tree, Garland, TX -Lt. Thompson reported investigating and never seen it.  Many other motor vehicles visiting this home followed this same MO.  WE suspect they traffic drugs out of Garland into different parts of the USA.

d)     Captain Lay reported investigating into all Esteban’s associates and finding no criminal elements.

e)     Captain Lay initially reporting to the Salazar family that their system could only enter Esteban as a “runaway” because of his age (17YO) and they could not make a change.

f)        Lt. Thompson stated to the Salazar family that the city of Garland did not have gang problems- and none of the persons of interest in the case were associated in it.

g)     Capt. Lay reported to the Salazar family that they found Esteban’s remains based on a sighting that was provided during the first days of Esteban’s disappearance, which placed him nearby.  This lead was reported to have been neglected by the police.  A resident reported that a neighbor discovered a bone thought to be human and called the Garland Police.

h)  Investigators stated to the Salazar family that the Garland Police gang unit never reported any gang complaints or investigated any of them at a suspect's home on Emerson-Garland, TX.

i)  Capt. Lay reporting to the Salazar family that no bloodhound was available on the first week of the search.

J)  Capt. Lay reporting that the Garland police or himself have no records of the closing of Apollo Rd., Garland, TX on 1/29/03.  At least four patrol cars and a canine unit were reported to be there.  Capt Lay reported that a prisoner had escaped.  Police records have no history of this incident.  Below are some Emails in another cover-up attempt by Capt. Jody Lay- misuse of public property was reported to the city officials and ignored.:


Sent: Friday, April 14, 2006 4:35 PM
Subject: Fw: Esteban Salazar (2003-R000499) - GPD Search on 1/29/03-Apollo Rd. Incident Report??

Mr. Dunning,
  Where you able to find out about any information on the records/incident report on the Garland Police search I requested?  If there are no records, is this another case of misuse of public resources by certain individuals in the Garland Police?  Captain Lay may have another "good old boy" story for all of us like the one enclosed he sent to me.  Do I buy it?  NO 
Thanking you,
WD Salazar
Sent: Friday, April 07, 2006 9:53 AM
Subject: Fw: Esteban Salazar (2003-R000499) - GPD Search on 1/29/03-Apollo Rd. Incident Report??

WE previously requested for this information;  but there is no record!!  Given that at least four patrol cars were involved in this police incident and a major roadway was blocked, a police report of some type should have been generated/filed to account for man hours and resources used on that day?  In a taped recorded phone call Captain Jody Lay reported to Beth Salazar-Esteban's mother, that a fugitive was in the loose in this area-had escaped from a Garland Police patrol car??   Captain Jody Lay comes up with this unexplained letter which context makes absolutely no sense-  In it he says that he needs an exact date for the Garland police incident - This "exact date" was clearly posted along with the location included with our requests to the Garland police.
Can someone follow-up on our request for information-  This Garland police incident is in the immediate area where Esteban's remains were recovered four weeks later.  It is the road between the apartment where the trail scent ended and where Esteban remains were found.  If this Garland police incident is not related to Esteban's case, these police records should be available to anyone who makes that request.  That includes me.
Respectfully yours,
Beth A. & W.D. Salazar
----- Original Message -----
From: Lay, Jody
Sent: Friday, February 25, 2005 6:37 AM
Subject: RE: Esteban Salazar (2003-R000499) - Search on 1/29/03-Apollo Rd.

Mr. Salazar:
The Records Division inquired of me regarding this incident.  I remembered a couple of different times when I called you to let you know of police activity in the area of your home, timely to Esteban's disappearance.  I remembered that on both incidents I knew ya'll would become aware of the police activity and become concerned that it might involve Esteban.  Since the calls did not involve Esteban, the purpose of my calls at the time was so your family would not get alarmed.
The problem is that since they did not involve our investigation, we have no records of them in our investigative reports, nor my phone calls to your.  The department gets well over 200,000 calls for service in a year's time.  Since neither you nor I can remember an exact date, it is difficult for them search the records with sparse information.  I spoke with them and gave them as much information as I could recall to attempt to locate the record of this particular incident, but at last report I heard they were having trouble locating the records.  Without a name, a date, an exact location, it is almost like looking for a needle in a hay stack at this point in time.
I did all I could do to help out and am willing to try again.
Unless they actually captured who they were chasing, they would not have necessarily completed a report.  Without more information on that particular incident, I can't say for sure that a report was completed.
I hope this helps you understand the situation a little better regarding this particular call.
Captain Jody L. Lay 
-----Original Message-----
From: Bill Salazar [mailto:traderwds@comcast.net]
Sent: Thursday, February 24, 2005 2:34 PM
To: Lay, Jody
Cc: Captain Barber; Myers, Matt
Subject: Esteban Salazar (2003-R000499) - Search on 1/29/03-(900-1300) Apollo Rd.

Capt. Lay,
  We requested an incident report on the fugitive search (enclosed) from Records Division-Garland Police and they have reported no incident record of the search you reported to us on the PM of 1/29/03.  With the amount of resources used, would not there be an incident report for this search by the Garland police?
Please advise.
Beth and Bill Salazar


Provided false factual information to the media and public on Esteban’s case.  Basic recorded facts such as the initial report filed by Esteban’s mother were misreported by the police to have been filed as a “runaway”. 



Attempts to contact officials of the city of Garland to report a complaint.


There are no reported ongoing investigations on the Garland Police Department. No criminal or civil suits been filed against the City of Garland regarding Esteban’s case. What does the City need to protect themselves from?  This leaves no reasonable reasons as to why the City of Garland’s Manager-Mayor and Attorney have elected to ignore all the Salazar family’s many requests for information and formal complaints unless there is knowledge and feelings of serious wrongdoings:


Garland Police leadership failed to respond and acknowledge complaint letters since 2003.  So has the City Manager and Mayor.


Garland police and Garland City officials have ignored requests for information on a reported police action on 1/29/03 at the 900 block of Apollo Rd, about one hundred yards from where Esteban’s remains were later found.  The Garland police reported having no records.  A request was made to the city officials to investigate misuse of city resources.  This complaint was ignored.


City of Garland officials failed to acknowledge letters requesting information and follow-up of the complaints sent and not responded to by the Garland Police.


City of Garland officials failed to respond to complaints regarding civil rights violations by the Garland Police and the City of Garland.


City of Garland has fought very vigorously to keep the investigative records in Esteban's (suicide) case sealed from the public. Contained inside are falsehoods which they are keeping buried from all to view.



An undisputed “suicide” determination?

 Garland police and city officials sealing the investigative records on an alleged “suicide” case misusing the Texas law enforcement exception clause.  They have cited to the Texas Attorney General “ the status on this case is currently closed, however the murder investigation could resume in the future if additional evidence were to come to light.  The withheld information deals with the detection and investigation of an alleged offense, the possible murder of Esteban Salazar.”


Garland police has calculatedly continued remarking on Esteban’s case being an undisputed “suicide”; this action has continued to create a very thick and tall wall to overcome for gathering additional evidence and leads about Esteban’s murder by means of public information and the media.  This is their intention.




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