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Esteban's Memorial at Breckenridge Park-City of Richardson, TX. donated by members of the Canyon Creek Country Club Women's Tennis League.

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Daily Update

The Garland police investigators overlooked investigating the obvious in this well organized and planned kidnapping and assassination.  Circumstantial and physical evidence discovered later by the family identifies this crime to be one involving organized crime.  Connecting these individuals/associates and families to each other and organized crime activities would show the most reasonable and certain motives for the murder of Esteban.  All these named police investigators chose to do was ignore and calculatedly direct their investigation in another direction and not investigate any/all of the reported suspicious and illegal activities which would lead them to the truth.

Any comments or statements about the Garland police criminal cover-up are intended specially to the attention of City of Garland leadership and Garland Police Chief Larry Wilson - retired on 6/20/03; and all collaborating law enforcement agencies who conspired or were mislead into it by the principal Investigators: Captain Jody Lynn Lay (#1708) retired from GPD on May 2009, Lt. Stephen K. "Keith" Thompson (#1586) and Lead Detective Matt John Myers (#1582-retired September 2005) all who were specially selected and involved on Esteban's search/abduction and homicide investigation case.  Criminal and civil complaints against these city employees were timely filed and ignored by their supervisors and City of Garland officials.  This failure to uphold the law and blatant non-response to documented wrongful investigative actions of a citizen's criminal complaints are in violation of state and federal laws; and the constitution of the United States.

Somewhat unusual, other law enforcement individuals & agencies contacted had prematurely stated having investigated this Garland Police investigation at their own request.  The information which they followed to investigate them was limited to only what the Garland police provided them, but they never investigated the criminal evidence the Salazar family offered to provide and refused to meet with them.  They included- Special agent in charged FBI/Dallas Guadalupe Gonzalez (retired in 2006) and Assistant Dallas County District Attorney Pat Batchelor (terminated in 2006 by new elected DA Craig Watkins).  All these obvious reported factual criminal wrongdoings including the documented calculated fabrications of evidence became a matter of knowledge and ignored.  It raises serious questions about political favoritism and their respective agencies' integrity and competency to uphold the law. We have and will continue to respect and fully support all the honorable men and women in law enforcement whose efforts and sacrifices serve for the indiscriminate welfare, protection and safety of others. 

Esteban's grandparents served in law enforcement during most of their professional careers.  Colonel Guillermo Salazar, was Director of Judicial Investigations/National Security Force (affiliated with the InternationalPolice aka Interpol) and later served as Ambassador (photo-Havana, Cuba in 1959 w/Prime Minister Fidel Castro) for the Republic of Costa Rica. (photo-meeting with a young United States Senator Ted Kennedy the summer prior to President Kennedy's assassination- that summer Col. Salazar had an appointment to meet with President Kennedy to advise on solving some of  the problems in Latin America .  His maternal grandparents, Harold & Terry Arter, served with the state of Florida law enforcement in Fort Lauderdale as Homicide and Fingerprinting experts.  A few months after the discovery Esteban's remains in 2003, grandfather Harold suddenly became seriously ill and passed away.


Time Line:

1.  Prior to Disappearance.

2.  Disappearance

3.  Reported Discovery of Remains.



August 22, 2011: A letter is sent to Mr. & Mrs. McCarty in Coppell, TX requesting that they divulge the name of their "secret" employer who used their home and phone line to set-up clandestine data gathering operations through sophisticated computer software.  The Coppell Police was also copied.

January 12, 2011: A letter is sent to the FBI-Dallas and Special Agent in Charge Robert Casey Jr. requesting any and all information/records regarding any type of investigation connected with his Garland police case# 2003R00499-  A response letter dated 2/2/11 from the US Department of Justice/ David M. Hardy Section Chief Records was received regarding our records request.  The response stated that there were no records in their system of any records relating to investigations relating to this case.  This response conflicts with the former Dallas-FBI Agent in Charged Gonzales that stated in his letter to Congressman Sam Johnson that a thorough investigation was performed by the FBI of the Garland police's investigation in this case and found no wrong doings.  If an investigation was performed records should be present?

January,4,2011:  On the eight anniversary of Esteban's disappearance, a letter is sent to Garland Police Chief Bates requesting again for all the police records on the case and all physical evidence that was collected.  It is also a reminder for them not to lose or destroy any of the requested items.  We also encourage him to re-open the investigation and follow-up on the new evidence we have provided since they closed the case in 2004.

July, 2010: The premises at 1302 Apollo Rd., Garland, TX is vacated by the Creek family and relocate to Rowlett- This is were Esteban's skull and pistol were reportedly recovered.  Mr. Creek reported hearing a gunshot on his premises the day after Esteban disappeared.

Saturday, October 5, 2009: Letters are sent to principal officers of Israeli corporations who were linked to the Israeli spy network that reportedly had infiltrated US drug enforcement data bases and who are suspected of being involved with those who generated the "blocked phone call" Esteban received that sparked his departure form home.

Thursday, August 27, 2009: Letters are sent to Mr. J. Capra - DEA and Mr. R. Casey - FBI regarding new information linking the "Blocked" caller of 1/4/03 to Drug Traffickers - Terrorist groups in North Texas.

Monday, August 3, 2009: Letter is sent to new appointed US Attorney General-Eric Holder regarding our new information and the continued cover-up of Esteban's abduction and murder.  Some of the new information links people who contacted Esteban to members of Mossad - Israel's secret police operating in the USA.

Friday, July 10, 2009: Updated information on this case was sent to the FBI - Dallas and DEA - North Texas offices.  Real Estate transactions showing unusual cash manipulation used in laundering money have been compiled and sent.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009: We confirmed today that two of the unidentified phone calls Esteban received on 1/4/03 where from the same group of associates.  The Garland police deliberately misreported the calls not to be associated and directed to Esteban but being random.  They misrepresented the identities and purpose of these callers.  Esteban was contacted and meeting with them on the day he disappeared; at a postal location in Irving, TX near little Saigon shopping mall?

Friday, May 8, 2009:  Captain Jody Lynn Lay who was the principal investigator on Esteban's case leaves the Garland police to a new position in Terrell, TX to manage the police and animal control departments.

Monday, March 15, 2009:  A report is sent to Mr. James Capra - Special Agent in Charge of the Drug Enforcement Agency "DEA" listing some of the Asian families whom we have investigated and suspect to be involved in drug trafficking operations "DTO" locally and interstate.  Supporting evidence and other affiliates collected in the past six years was made available.

Wednesday, January 04, 2009:  Because of the continued discriminate actions and violation of our constitutional rights by the city of Garland  we contacted the League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) to report and help fight discrimination.  Reported to the national president were the recent complaints against the investigators for fabricating evidence to close the case were sent to the city and have been ignored.  It was discovered that the local chapter representative was a Garland ISD employee and member of local Asian community groups.  After witnessing the grand discord inside this group we later ask that they do not get involved or use Esteban's name to promote themselves.

Monday, December 29, 2008:  After learning that the site @ 1401 Apollo Rd., where some of Esteban's remains were recovered and was going to be developed we contacted the owner, Mr. Jerry Stewart.  We  requested that he alert his excavation contractors for possible finds of more human remains and physical evidence not previously recovered.  Mr. Stewart very cordially responded and has agreed to notify all involved.

Monday, November 03, 2008:  We receive notice from Mr. Mark Safarik/FBI retired that the Vidocq Society case manager received response from the Garland police stating that they will not allow for their participation into the investigation of Esteban's case.

Thursday, October 16, 2008:  A letter is sent to Garland police Chief Bates requesting that they cooperate with the Vidocq Society and allow them to review Esteban's case which they closed and sealed the records in 2004.  The Vidocq Society is a well known group of forensic professionals who donate their deductive and scientific talents to solve crime- specially unsolved murders. 

Friday, July 17, 2008:  Congressman Sam Johnson remitted to the Salazar family a copy of a letter sent to his office by Acting Assistant US Attorney General Grace Chung Baker regarding their criminal complaint.  In this letter she omits all the facts that composed these complaints that were of a criminal nature and also fail to include any mention of the Dallas County Medical Examiner (DCME).  Her interpretation of this last complaint is limited to "that of a police department failing to adequately investigate the death of Esteban"; and there is absolutely no mention about the documented deliberate fabrications and tampering of evidence-obstruction of justice - etc. and of the alleged complicity of the DCME in the cover-up.

Thursday, July 10, 2008:  The Innocence Project of Texas is contacted in behalf of Esteban to clear his name as being his own "killer".  WE were informed that their extreme backlog will delay their review of this case.

Saturday, May 17, 2008: An unsolicited Vietnamese individual posing as a real state agent comes to the Salazar home offering to purchase it in behalf of silent investors.  Through his very poor spoken English and as he pounds his chest, he says he represents investors who wish to buy it.  This unusual business call is investigated.  Futile attempts to reach him at his listed contacts later motivate a TREC report obtained on a Joseph Hoang that indicates this person was never registered as an agent for the firm he indicated to represent in his business card.  Also found were a great number of registered real estate brokers with bogus addresses sponsoring many agents.

Thursday, May 13, 2008: Criminal complaint is filed with the FBI against the Dallas County Medical Examiners Office for their discriminate criminal behavior in this case.  They failed to respond to a reported death scene.  All collection and transportation of physical evidence was performed by the Garland police.  The "DCME"  have preserved and protected the autopsy records which they know to be inaccurate and contain false information used to close this case.

Thursday, May 1, 2008:  Letters are sent to our Congress representatives - Mr. Sam Johnson and Kay Bailey Hutchison regarding this outrageous impropriety by this administration's Department Of Justice-Civil Rights Division to ignore a criminal complaint.  We expect that they will follow-up and rectify this serious matter in our behalf and uphold the constitution.  Previous request to assist sent to Ms. Hutchison in 2003 were ignored as was this most recent one.

Thursday, April 24, 2008:  A response letter postmarked 4/22/08 is received from the Department of Justice (DOJ)-Civil Rights Division.  The letter received is dated August 3, 2006 and is directed to another individual (a Doctor) other than us.  Obviously this complaint was not taken seriously and handled properly.  Negligence or Malice?

Thursday, April 10, 2008:  Following the latest non-response to criminal and civil complaints from the City of Garland and their decision to continue discriminating against us by denying our rights to petition - procedural due process thus violating our civil rights afforded to all citizens.   At the advise from the Texas Attorney General and the Dallas County District Attorney a complaint is sent to the US Department of Justice and the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008:  A complaint letter is sent to our new District#8 Council Representative - Darren Lathen and to Garland City attorney Brad Neighbors informed them that the city of Garland has denied us our civil rights and the right of due complaint process as outlined by Texas law and the United States Constitution.

Saturday, March 23, 2008:  Received from the Dallas County DA's Office copy of Open Records request made to the DCME.  It was learned from these reports that prior information which the Garland police related to the Salazar was false and inaccurate.  Included but not limited to the caliber of the ammo and number of bullets in the alleged recovered weapon.  Also Lt. Keith Thompson provided false and inaccurate information to the DCME Field Agent George regarding Esteban "leaving his home with a weapon".

Thursday, January 31, 2008:  A complaint letter is sent to Garland City manager Bill Dollar to inform him that our civil rights and right to complain is being denied by Garland Police Chief Mitchell Bates and his Internal Affairs department.  No response.

Thursday, January 31, 2008:  A complaint letter is sent to the Greg Abbott-  Texas Attorney General against city of Garland officials who have willfully ignored Texas law and conspired to cover-up an abduction and homicide investigation.  They have failed to uphold Texas law and advised to direct the complaint to US Department of Justice and the FBI.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008:  A personal items recovered list became available to the Salazar family in late November 2007.  This inadvertent report is the first time they have had knowledge of all items recovered in this case.  But they to date they have not been allowed to identify any of them.  Of personal interest is that the alleged missing pistol is not included here and reported shoes recovered do not match Esteban's.  Also listed were additional clothing and a backpack.  Esteban's parents notice to authorities to correct these errors were sent to: the Garland police - Dallas County Medical Examiner. No acknowledgement regarding these reported errors in their property inventory report on this case was received. 

Saturday, January 26, 2008:  A complaint letter is sent to Texas Governor Rick Perry.  It outlines the manipulation of Texas law and law enforcement agencies by the city of Garland.  No response.

Thursday, January 24, 2008:  A complaint letter is sent to Dallas County District Attorney Craig Watkins against City of Garland officials for willfully violating the law in ignoring and discriminating in the complaint process-a Texas statue 614.022.  They advised to contact the FBI and US Department of Justice.

Sunday, January 20, 2008:  A letter is sent to the Dallas County Medical Examiner with a copy of: 1-police report of inventory of Esteban's personal items recovered at the alleged crime scene-included were a backpack with extra clothing- this was new information to the family since they were never permitted to identify any of these items.  2- an eight (8) page analysis supporting the non-suicide death of Esteban.

Sunday, January 13, 2008:  Complaint letter is sent to Garland police Internal Affairs regarding the earlier complaint sent to Chief Mitchell Bates on 9/5/07 which was non-responsive. No Response.

Sunday, January 6, 2008: A letter is sent to the Dallas County Judge-Jim Foster and Dallas County Commissioners requesting information as to why the Dallas County Medical Examiner reportedly failed to answer the Garland police call to Esteban's homicide investigation and recovery.  A police report recently received indicated this reported failure.  Requests for information to the Medical Examiners office for records of that request - their activity on that day - reasons why the ignored to respond have been not been received.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007:  Since no response to the complaint filed on 9/6/07 was received from the City of Garland, a letter is sent to newly elected Mayor Ronald Jones requesting that he looked into this blatant action by the Garland police Chief Bates and City Manager Dollar to ignore our complaint thus violating Texas and Federal laws.  We also recently discovered from redacted records sent by the Garland City attorney that none of the new information on the case which has been discovered by the Salazar family's investigation has been included in the case records.  The number of pages included in this file were the same or less than what they were previously in 2004.  Copies of the letter sent to Mayor Jones were also sent to the City Council members. No response.

Monday, September 10, 2007:  A letter is sent to the Texas Attorney General regarding the wrongful withholding of records (interview of Esteban's father by Garland police) by the City of Garland under the Texas Open records act.

Thursday, September 6, 2007:  Complaint is sent to the Mitch Bates-Garland Police Chief following the receipt of material evidence, from a witness, indicating that the Garland police investigators had manufactured events and false statements from interviews with William Salazar.  Another witness testimony was enclosed.  These were outrageous misrepresentations used as circumstantial evidence in the case; a formal complaint is filed against the investigators-Lay-Thompson and Myers for manufacturing false evidence, tampering with material evidence and obstruction of justice.  Included but not limited evidence was that Esteban's father had stated "that he thought his son had gone into the woods and shot himself."  No Response.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007: Letter is sent by the Garland City Attorney, Mark Mann, informing the requestor that they the City will withhold copies of all interview recordings of William Salazar.   Mr. Salazar is the requestor under the Texas Open Records Act.

Wednesday, August 8, 2007: Letter is sent to Craig Watkins-Dallas County District Attorney and to the FBI special Agent in Charge-Robert E. Casey Jr.  The letter is a follow-up of an earlier complaint letter dated 1/19/07 and received that has gone unanswered.  Additional information relating to the new evidence and organized criminal activities is sent.  No response.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007: A letter is sent to newly elected Mayor Ronald Jones and all elected Council Representative members including our new District#8 representative Mr. Darren Lathen.  This letter is to make all these new elected officials aware of past City of Garland business which included but not limited to: conspiracy to cover-up a murder and civil rights violations, city officials violating Federal and Texas law by ignoring formal complaints and our determination to find justice.  Mayor Jones acknowledged receiving the letter.

Saturday, March 31, 2007: An anonymous phone call was received detailing information on the identity of the subscriber of telephone line (972) 745-0662 during 1/4/03.  This line was traced to be the one who sent the "block call" into Esteban's home and precipitated his quick departure.  The identity of the subscriber will be kept confidential until we confirm who employed them.  They resided in Coppell, 1.5 miles from a restaurant owned by a Garland family who were "persons of interest" in the case.

Friday, January 19, 2007:  A letter is sent to the newly elected Dallas County District Attorney, Craig Watkins, informing them of the Garland police cover-up and former DA Bill Hill administration's past collaboration in it.  New discoveries of fabrications were sent along with a long list of procedural investigation wrongdoings, criminal behavior and not following formal complaints procedures.

Saturday, December 16, 2006:  We learn that an audio CD including an interview of Captain Bob Barber and depicting wrongful behavior by Garland police sent to Mr. Randall Dunning/City Council Representative of our District #8 on 6/14/05 was never shared with fellow Council members.  Mr. Dunning was contacted numerous times and was requested to bring this wrong doing issues to the Council and City Manager.  Mr. Dunning has been non-responsive to this issue.

Monday, November 27, 2006:  In 2005 a letter was sent to Verizon's CEO requesting the company's cooperation in listing and identifying phone records.  A representative called providing assistance.  Recently requests for identifying the subscriber of the phone who generated the "blocked call"  were sent to Mr. Seidenberg/CEO Verizon.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006: Following the D magazine article (NOV-2006 "Man Undone") and statement from the Garland police regarding the primary circumstantial evidence used to close the investigation not being in their case files (2003R00499) a letter is sent to the Salazar family by Mr. Bob Schell, Assistant. Dallas County District Attorney-Chief Civil Division requesting that all future correspondence on the case be sent to his office.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006: Following the report from District#8 Representative Randall Dunning and non-response by Officer Harn or police leadership to the 11/03/06 letter, a complaint is sent to Mr. Bill Dollar-City Manager regarding to the old and the new fabrications by the Garland police contained in Esteban's case file (2003R00499) that were used to close his homicide investigation. No response from the City Manager or Police Department.

Friday, November 03, 2006: Following statements made and published in D Magazine - November 2006 issue - "Man Undone" a letter is sent to spokesperson Officer Joe Harn regarding inaccurate and misleading information reportedly made by him regarding Esteban's case.  No response was received from Officer Harn, instead a swift and unexpected response was made by Council Representative Dunning stating that there is no record of Officer Harn making those false statements.  A copy of a information release (2006-42) was sent to us by Mr. Dunning.  This release contains additional new fabrications made by the Garland police.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006: A complaint letter is sent to Mr. Bill Dollar-City Manager of Garland regarding specific recent officials complaints which the Chief of Police and the Manager of the City of Garland have ignored.  This is a violation of Texas Law. No response

Thursday, April 20, 2006: Following the report received from the Dallas Co. Medical Examiner a letter is sent to Chief Bates/Garland Police by Esteban's mother demanding an investigation of the allegations of child abuse which the Garland Police attribute to being the primary circumstantial reason for the death of Esteban Salazar.   This primary circumstantial evidence closed the homicide investigation.  No investigation or charges have been reported filed to date.  The letter sent has not been acknowledged.  No response.

Thursday, April 13, 2006: As a matter of record, a complaint is filed with the State of Texas Bar against Assistant District Attorney-Christine O'Neil for making false statements intended to mislead the Texas Attorney General regarding our Open Records requests of the Dallas County District Attorney review of the investigation.

Friday, April 7, 2006: Responding to the mandate by the Texas Attorney General a letter from Assistant District Attorney-Christine O'Neil is received in which includes sending only the two pages of the Garland Police report filed by Esteban's mother.  None of their records of the "so called investigation" of the Garland Police are produced.  We reasonably suspect there was never an investigation by the DA's office as announced and only a political Republican Party favor by DA Bill Hill was rendered to the City of Garland and its republican party officials.

Thursday, March 30, 2006: A letter is sent to the Dallas County District Attorney's Office by the Texas Attorney General-Michael A. Lehmann mandating that they release types of information.  A request under the Texas Open records Act was made by the Salazar family for the specific records of the "so called investigation/review"  mis-conduct of the Garland Police by the DA's office.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006: A complaint letter including evidence is sent to the United States Department of Justice- Mark Kappelhoff / Chief Criminal Section-Civil Rights Division against the City of Garland.  Included in the complaint are the Dallas County  District Attorney and the Dallas County Medical Examiners Offices as conspirators in the cover-up.

Thursday, February 23, 2006: A letter is sent to Mr. Bill Dollar-Garland City Manager and Dr. Bob Day-City of Garland Mayor informing them once again that the Garland Police have not notified us regarding our criminal complaints against the investigators and our request for the limited and specific information which was used to determine Esteban's case to be a "suicide". No response.

Thursday, January 26, 2006: A letter is sent to the Texas Attorney General citing violation of the Texas Open records Act by the Dallas County District Attorney.  In addition the Dallas County District Attorney has misreported on a letter dated 1/24/06 to the Texas Attorney General that they never received a request for the "review".  US Postal Service records indicate otherwise; they first received the request for records of the "review" on 7/27/05. 

Tuesday, January 24, 2006: The Dallas County District Attorney sent a letter to the Texas Attorney General and to the Salazar family citing that they will not release their reported "review" records of the Garland Police handling of Esteban's case citing the law enforcement exception.

Thursday, January 19, 2006: A complaint and request for information  letter is sent to Mr. Gregg Abbott-Attorney General of Texas regarding the non-response from the Dallas County District Attorney to produce requested records of the "review" of the Garland Police investigation under the Texas Open Records Act.  Our first request was on 7/26/05.  This was a violation of the Texas Open Records Act.

Wednesday, January 9, 2006: A letter is sent to Dr. Jeffrey Barnard-Chief Medical Examiner Dallas County requesting that his office perform a new manner of death determination on Esteban's death.  New factual evidence was sent to their office on 9/27/05 which disproved the primary fabricated false evidence used to determine the case. No response.

Sunday, January 8, 2006: A letter is sent to Mr. Pat Batchelor-Dallas County Distinct Attorneys Office requesting a copy of the "review" performed by their office, at the request of the Garland Police, of Esteban's case investigation.  An earlier request under the Texas Open Records Act was made on 7/26/05 and never acknowledged.  No response

Tuesday, January 3, 2006:  A request is made to Mr. Gregg Abbott-Attorney General of Texas to look into the reasons behind why the Dallas County District Attorney is refusing to prosecute our reported criminal complaints against the Garland Police Department.  We ask that he take the appropriate action.  We receive a response that Texas law allows the DA discretion to select the cases which they wish to prosecute.

Thursday, November 3, 2005: The Assistant Dallas County District Attorney-Pat Batchelor responds to the criminal complaint- and opines that it is not a prosecutable complaint under State jurisdiction.  He states that he reviewed the evidence sent; and advises that we contact the U.S. Department of Justice and request an investigation under federal law and seek civil remedy against the City of Garland. 

Sunday, October 30, 2005 : A follow-up letter is sent to the Dallas County District Attorney/Mr. Pat Batchelor.  Additional documented evidence, affidavits and reports are included indicating a cover-up by the Garland police.

Friday, October 7, 2005: A letter is sent to the Garland Police requesting that they share the complete physical evidence and reports of Esteban's case with the Dallas County Medical Examiner-Jill Urban, MD. and Dr. Anthony Falsetti so they may be able to make a more intelligent determination on Esteban's case. The reported evidence received by the ME was reported to be limited to the recovered bones and the circumstantial primary evidence which were verified to be outright lies.  No cooperation by the Garland police was reported by the Medical Examiner.

Friday, September 16, 2005: A criminal complaint is sent to the Dallas County District Attorney for the reported fabrications and planting of false evidence in Esteban's case which influenced the final determination and the closure of the homicide investigation. Included is initial evidence, information, reports and affidavits.  The DA refuses to investigate and prosecute the criminal complaint.

Tuesday, July 26, 2005: A request is made to the Dallas County District Attorney requesting a copy of their reported investigation "review" of the Garland Police's handling of case 2003R00499-Esteban David Salazar.  The GPD spokesman told they News media that the Garland Police requested to be investigated by the Dallas County District Attorney.  There was no response to our request by the DA's office.

Wednesday, July 6, 2005:  A follow-up letter is sent to Mr. Randall Dunning-our Council District #8 Representative and all Council Members addressing a number of improprieties including but not limited to law enforcement misconduct and abuse of authority: misuse of public resources, dishonesty, prejudice, false statements, fabrication of evidence, ignored evidence and leads as documented from an earlier recorded audio-tape interview of Captain Bob Barber which was provided to the Council Members on 6/14/05.  The Salazar family again requests that the City Council take the proper actions against culpable individuals and direct the Garland Police to request assistance from the United States Department of Justice for the investigation of Esteban David Salazar's abduction and murder.  Non responsive.

Tuesday, June 14, 2005: A Complaint Letter is sent to Mr. Randall Dunning, our District #8 Representative and all City of Garland Council Members. Included is an audio CD with false and slanderous statements made by a Captain Bob Barber alleging but no limited to child abuse and criminal activities by Esteban's father.  No Response.

Sunday, May 1, 2005:  Esteban's father car is rear-ended in Grand Prairie, TX @ the intersection of I30/Beltline Rd. by a young unlicensed driver who is reportedly a gang member-  This motorist accident which suspended and delayed the father's investigation may prove to be after all a sign form Esteban because it occurred at remote location nearby were the addresses of two suspects who called him on 1/4/03.  The site is far from the Salazar's home in an area which they had seldom traveled on.  This information was discovered in 2007.

Tuesday, January 04, 2005:  Two years since Esteban was last seen alive by his family.

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Sunday, December 19, 2004: A complaint is sent to the Federal Bureau of Investigation-Dallas Office - Dallas County District Attorney and Texas Attorney General in regards to the Garland Police Department fabricating and planting false information in the records of their homicide investigation to influence the outcome of an investigation.  Information at this time is based on hearsay and rumors.  This unlawful and deliberate action was to steer and make final the outcome of a criminal investigation.  The City of Garland attorneys and Police Department continue their efforts of sealing the investigative records from the public for their self-interest/cover-up.

Wednesday, November 24, 2004: Additional rumors are collected, by a third party, from the Dallas County Medical Examiners Office and the Garland Police Department whom have characterize Esteban's parents as child abusers and  Esteban's father as a "drug lord" and violent person. We now have more suspicion that these false accusations and fabrications are what the Garland Police Department calls reasons for Esteban to commit suicide and satisfy their outrageous final determination.  A complaint against the Investigators for defamation is sent by Esteban's Parents to the Chief of Police, Mitch Bates.  No acknowledgment or response is received.

Wednesday, November 03, 2004: Following an open records request, a letter dated 11/03/04 from the Garland City Attorney's Office is received stating that they have been informed by the Garland Police Department that there is no record of the requested missing firearm report filed by Esteban's father.

Thursday, October 07, 2004:  The Salazar family write to Chief Bates-Garland Police Department and Mayor Bob Day urging them for their support and requesting that the Police Department produce to the Salazar family the facts which were used to determine Esteban's manner of death as a "suicide" and labeling him as his own killer.  No acknowledgement or response is received.

Tuesday, October 05, 2004:  The Salazar family received official notice from the City of Garland/Garland Police Department of their denial to allow Mr. Salazar, the owner of the alleged pistol found at the recovery site to identify his reported personal property.  In 2006 a spokesman for the Garland police misinformed the media that Esteban's father was shown the personal items recovered.  

Per the advise of the Texas Attorney General, an official complaint is filed with the Dallas County District Attorney against the City of Garland/Police Department-Violation of Texas Open Records Act.  No action is taken.

Wednesday, September 29, 2004: We receive notice from the The City of Garland that they will challenge the Attorney General of Texas's ruling in Court and not provide the requested records.  This notice was followed after the requestor, Mr. Salazar, sent (9/27/04) a fax to the City Attorney informing that they had expired their deadline (9/23/04) to make the requested records available or to serve notice of their intention to file suit.

Monday, September 13, 2004:  The Office of the Texas Attorney General ruled against the Garland Police Department on the wrongful withholding of requested information.  Based on the statue, the attorney general expects that, within 10 calendar days of this ruling the governmental body will do one of the following three things: 1) release the public records  2)  notify the requestor of the exact day, time, and place that copies of the records will be provided or that records can be inspected; or 3)  notify the requestor of the governmental body's intent to challenge this ruling in court.

Friday, August 27, 2004:  A complaint is sent to the Dallas County Commissioners Court / Commissioner Mike Cantrell regarding the wrongful behavior by the Dallas County Chief Medical Examiner-Jeffrey Barnard, MD of ignoring the Salazar family's requests for information regarding Esteban's autopsy.  All records are all of the sudden sealed.

Saturday, July 24, 2004: Dallas News article reads " Hispanic family files Federal complaint after death ruled suicide."  This headline is inaccurate; complaint was filed by the Salazar family before they were informed of the Garland Police determination and their announcement to the media.   The Salazar family was never told of the Garland Police Department determination; only unofficially that the case was closed. The Salazar family learned that the Garland Police final determination on their investigation to be "suicide" from the news media.

Friday, July 23, 2004: We learned today from the Dallas County District Attorney's Office (Pat Batchelor-Asst. DA-Chief Public Integrity Division) that there is no penal offense in Texas for reckless endangerment and depraved indifference to human life to a person older than 14 years of age.  Esteban is 17 YO and does not fit the criteria in Texas. We are advised to file a civil complaint in this specific matter.

Friday, July 23, 2004:  A complaint is filed with the City of Garland regarding recent reported misconduct and wrongdoings by their Police Department.  No acknowledgement or response is received.

Wednesday, July 21, 2004:  Local TV networks NBC5i and T39/Telemundo aired a report this evening on Esteban's parents official complaints to the US Department of Justice and the Dallas District Attorney against the Garland Police Department.  The Garland Police Department make a public announcement; their late "press release"  states that their conclusion on Esteban's homicide investigation indicates "suicide".  They add that they have over 100 entries in their records to support this opinion.  The case was closed March 18, 2004.  The parents of Esteban were never officially notified on the final determination or how it was reached.  The investigative records on this closed case continue to be sealed to the Salazar family and the public.

Monday, July 12, 2004: A criminal complaint is filed by the parents of Esteban with the Dallas County District Attorney against the Garland Police Department/Lt. Keith Thompson  for reckless endangerment and depraved in difference of human life (Esteban Salazar).

Tuesday, June 22, 2004: We received notice today from the United States Department of Justice informing us they will begin to look into Esteban's case.  We learn that the City of Garland is already under US Department of Justice investigation and that they will add Esteban's complaint to their investigation in progress.

Friday, May 28, 2004: The Salazar family contacts, Jeffrey Bernard, MD, the Chief Medical Examiner-Dallas County requesting clarification and copy of this "new" autopsy report.  After receiving a copy of a letter from the Garland City Attorney to the Attorney General of Texas and reading "Early in 2004, The Medical Examiner ruled the death to be suicide, and the murder suicide investigation was closed".  The only report that the Salazar family received was on the examination dated April 2003.  At this time most of the evidence forensic sent for analysis to other laboratories by the police were not concluded. The Medical Examiner responded on October 2004 and clarified that there was only one autopsy/report in 2003 and the Garland Police must have made a typographical error in their letter.

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Thursday, May 20, 2004: The City of Garland Attorney continues to appeal to the Texas Attorney General to grant them power to except the investigative records/Texas Open Records Act from the Salazar family.  In it he includes some misleading statements and also this following supporting argument; " The status of this case is currently "closed", however, the murder investigation could resume in the future if additional evidence were to come to light.  The withheld information deals with the detection and investigation of an alleged offense, the possible murder of Esteban Salazar.  This investigation did not result in conviction or deferred adjudication."

Friday, April 30, 2004: We receive information from residents on Century Park Drive that Esteban was sighted, in front of their home that afternoon of his disappearance, in the company of three much shorter youths. The caller/informant described making eye contact with Esteban.  This lead has not been verified.

Monday, April 12, 2004: Records indicate Esteban's case was closed/cleared on this date.

Friday, April 2, 2004: A letter is sent to the United States Department of Justice regarding official wrongdoings in Esteban's case and a plea for federal authorities to investigate Esteban's abduction and murder..

Friday, April 2, 2004: We learned from a lead that there was a large group of male Asian looking young men escorting a tall white male, fitting Esteban's description, on that warm and sunny Saturday afternoon (at about 16:30) of 1/4/03.  They were traveling on foot across the street, from Webb Middle School side to the opposite (Verizon) side of the sidewalk and headed South on North Garland Rd.  The individuals wore their hair spiked and wore baggy pants.  The last people in the group were identified as heavy set individual holding his baggy pants up.  This lead is not verified.

Thursday, March 18, 2004:  Today we received notice from the Garland Police Department on the results of the DNA comparison tests done by Orchid Cellmark with the unidentified DNA found on the pistol and Esteban's father's DNA.  A letter to Esteban's father read; "you have been excluded as being the contributor to the DNA profile obtained from the revolver handle."  Strangely, Esteban's father's DNA or fingerprints are nowhere to be found on his pistol reasonably suggesting that the pistol was wiped down.

Tuesday, March 16, 2004:  An unexpected phone is received at 2:am from a former Naaman Forest HS student.  It is learned from the caller, that following Esteban's death his parents moved him out of Texas to New Mexico to attend school.  Additional information is shared with the Salazar family.  It includes knowledge of drug and weapons sales in Garland, TX.  Information is forwarded to the Garland police.  The caller is a schoolmate of Esteban's and also knows people that the Salazar family had been suspicious of. 

Saturday, March 13, 2004:  Salazar family is invited and attended the "Vigil of Hope" in Modesto, California sponsored by the Carole Sund/Carrington Foundation.  Participants, victims families and law enforcement from around the United States attended.  The most noted participants were Sharon Rocha, Lacie Peterson's mother and her husband Ron Grantski.

Wednesday, February 17, 2004:  Having reached an agreement with the Garland Police Department for protecting Esteban's father's privacy rights/personal information; a DNA sample was provided.  Father learns that no investigative work has been done by the police on the case since April 2003.  He is told that the Investigators did not find any criminal elements surrounding Esteban's associates - this is contrary as what the Salazar's investigation had been finding.  The worst of a possible cover-up is now suspected and feared.

Wednesday, January 21, 2004: Esteban's father is asked by the Garland Police Department / Detective Myers to donate a DNA sample for their data base.  The release offered by GPD does not provide protection for privacy rights.  Esteban's father requests that his DNA sample be used specifically for only this test and destroyed.  The police are complacent to accommodate the request.  We are told that the pistol found near Esteban's remains continues to undergo testing and there is also some unidentifiable DNA other than Esteban's present.

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Monday, November 10, 2003: A letter from City of Garland Assistant City Attorney Mark G. Mann is sent to the Salazar family.  It states: "I personally made contact with the officers who are conducting the investigation.  I was again informed that the investigation is not closed and that certain matters remain pending".

Monday, June 23, 2003: This date represents the last contact the family had with the Garland Police Department regarding a family's inquiry.  Captain Jody Lay indicated that the investigation was still ongoing.  He wrote to the family, " when we are finished with the investigation, we will meet with you and your wife to inform you of our findings."  The Salazar family's own private investigation into Esteban's kidnapping and murder continues.

Saturday, June 21, 2003: The toxicology report on Esteban's remains indicate negative presence for drugs, cannabinoid and alcohol.

Thursday, June 18, 2003: The final autopsy report is completed by Dr. Jill Urban.  A final manner of death determination of "suicide" is made.  But records indicate the case remains open almost another year until April 4, 2004 until all the lab work is completed.

Friday, May 30, 2003:  We are contacted by Dr. Jill Urban/Dallas Co. Medical Examiner informing us that all of Esteban's remains are in order and ready to be picked-up following their return from the C.A. Pound Laboratory in Florida.  She also notes and informs us that she has now retained a piece of Esteban's femur bone for DNA purposes.

Thursday, May 29, 2003:  There is brief news of an aggravated kidnapping in Garland, TX involving a 4 YO Asian girl who was taken away from her father, William Chen, at gunpoint.  We are surprised to hear that no general Amber alert was sounded.  Weeks before this incident we had received a phone call with a lead from a student where the caller was afraid for her young sister's safety.  Expressing his fear he provided only limited information.  Perpetrators were later arrested but no prosecution ever took place and Garland police have sealed these records also.  The statue of limitations now bar any prosecution nevertheless the Texas Attorney General has witheld these records from the public by the "law enforcement exception."

Wednesday, May 7, 2003: Records indicate that the Garland police at this date filed an order to access the phone records of in and out going calls from telephone line (972) 530-0429 which included the "blocked call" telephone.  Esteban answered this call and departed his home minutes later.  We reasonably suspect this call may be responsible for his disappearance.  WE can not understand why the police misinformed us in this records gathering and waited four months.

Tuesday, April 8, 2003:  Against the Salazar family's wishes and instructions, Esteban's remains are withheld and sent to the C.A. Pound Laboratory at the University of Florida.  These remains had been released to the family earlier.

Monday, April 7, 2003:  The Salazar family contacts the Dallas Medical Examiner's Office and the Garland Police Department to inform them of Dr. Gill-King's involvement and transferring Esteban's remains to his facility.  Later that afternoon the Dallas Medical Examiners Office informs the Salazar family that they are sending Esteban's remains to their own forensic anthropologist consultant, Dr. Falsetti, at the University of Florida.  The remains had been already been released to the Salazar family on 3/5/03.

Sunday, April 6, 2003:  Dr. Gill-King responds to the Salazar family and agrees to perform the anthropology forensic examination at his facility (UNT) in Denton, TX .  He awaits for the remains to arrive.

Friday, April 4, 2003:  After the remains are released to the family, The Salazar Family contacts Dr. Harrell Gill-King/Forensic Anthropologist at the University of North Texas-Denton to assist them conclude the examination on Esteban's remains since no Forensic Anthropology examination was performed by the Dallas Co. Medical Examiners Office.  Dr. Harrell-King is a well known and only one of two licensed forensic anthropologist in the state of Texas.

Thursday, April 3, 2003:  The Dallas Medical Examiners Office calls Restland Cemetery to request them to retrieve Esteban's remains to their facility for cremation.  Restland did not acknowledge since they were under instructions from the Salazar family to wait for their own  instructions before any cremation is performed.  It is noted at this time that no DNA sample of Esteban was ever collected by the Dallas County Medical Examiner for file / any future investigation.  A sample was collected later following the anthropology examination by Dr. Falsetti a month later.

Thursday, March 20, 2003: Mayor Dr. Bob Day responds to our complaint and states "

Mr. and Mrs. Salazar,

I want to take this opportunity to express for the Garland community our prayers in the loss of your son.  Although I have not meet you or your son, I feel some special sense of connection because both of my boys play tennis at Canyon Creek Country Club.

 I can assure you that the City of Garland will do everything possible to investigate this tragedy and bring the guilty to justice.

 In service,

 Bob Day Mayor 

This was the only response received from Mayor Day and the City of Garland to the many complaints sent.  All other that followed went ignored.

Tuesday, March 18, 2003:  Detective Bill Brown asks Esteban's father to come to the GPD station for a brief meeting.  The father requests that his brother-in law be permitted to seat in.  The request is denied and this brief meeting lasts four hours.  The course of this meeting was to convince Esteban's father that Esteban had killed himself.  Detective Brown did not have any evidence in this regard to present his case; instead Detective Bill Brown asks Esteban's father as to why the GPD should treat Esteban's death as a homicide.  The father provides GPD a six page fact -sheet.

While at the station, Esteban's father requests a copy of the organizational chart of the Garland Police Department, as the one that was seen posted in the lobby.  They are denied and the chart is quickly taken down from the reception area wall. 

The Salazar family complains and expresses their displeasure to City of Garland Mayor Bob Day, and City Manager Jeff Muzzy concerning the police misconduct, dishonesty and the lackluster work done by the Garland Police Department's Investigators assigned to Esteban's case.  Complaints were ignored, no investigation was ever conducted.

Sunday, March 16, 2003:  The search was continued this afternoon by some of the family and volunteers from Texas EquuSearch during which time, several areas were excavated.  Again, our thanks to all those who helped this afternoon specially Dr. James Lake.

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Saturday, March 15, 2003:  Today, over 100 volunteers participated in the search at the suspected crime scene area.  It was conducted by Texas EquuSearch and directed by Tim Miller.  The search was not supported or assisted by the Garland Police Department.  The family extends its heartfelt thanks to everyone who so graciously participated and showed that they cared.  The search found Esteban's missing shoe at a remote area far away from his other shoe and near a residential service alley; which we believe is an an important piece of physical evidence.  Without police presence Texas EquuSearch plotted GPS points and photographed the evidence/surroundings for the Garland Police, who were directed by their leadership not to be in attendance.

Esteban's father writes a complaint to Captain Lay expressing his displeasure that the Garland Police was not involved in some way in this second search.  At this point in time it became quite evident that the GPD had no intention of looking any further into Esteban's case.

Friday, March 14, 2003:  Friends and family gathered together this afternoon at a memorial service to celebrate Esteban's young life and to mourn his passing.  The crime scene search led by EquuSearch is scheduled to kick off at 8:30 Saturday morning.  

Wednesday, March 12, 2003:  The family continues to prepare for Esteban's memorial service this Friday.  Relatives and friends from out of town begin arriving tomorrow.  Since we were told by the GPD that they would not have an officer present, our private investigator is scheduled to be there to monitor/document the guests.

Tuesday, March 11, 2003:  In an attempt to establish knowledge of the facts regarding Esteban's partial remains, Esteban's father and uncle visit the Dallas County Medical Examiner to confirm their findings to date.  They speak with the Dr. Jill Urban-Medical Examiner and are told that she is unable to determine the "manner of death".  She further states that if a determination can not be made by her, that she would have to rely on the Garland Police Department information she has or will be provided with.  The family is informed that a forensic anthropology study was never ordered/considered and conducted by the Dallas County ME.  Despite earlier reports, 70% or more of his skeletal remains and other personal belongings are yet to be found.  We believe that only less than 20% of his body will be recovered and are disheartened by the small amount of physical evidence recovered.  Plans for Saturday's Volunteer search are going forward.  High school students distribute reward flyers at several area shopping centers.

Sunday, March 9, 2003:  Volunteers are needed to assist Texas EquuSearch who will be conducting a thorough search of the entire crime scene area.  It is scheduled for Saturday March 15 at 8:30am.  The Garland police finally has allowed them to participate only after the partial remains were located.

Saturday, March 8, 2003:  Family and volunteers gathered this morning near the reported crime scene and canvassed all the homes and apartments in the surrounding neighborhood searching for leads or clues that might assist the police in solving the case.  It was reported and documented from all the nearby recovery area neighbors visited that the Garland Police did not interview any of them.  The family met late this afternoon with Texas Equusearch to plan a thorough foot search of the crime scene area.  The search is postponed until the following week until we receive proper protocol from the Garland Police Department on how to collect and deliver evidence.  We are informed later that they will not assist.  The Search Committee was told by Lt. Keith Thompson/GPD to simply put all findings in a box and call a squad car to retrieve them.  This seemed completely out of procedure but the directive was followed.  When the call was made, three patrol car and a forensic unit responded to collect the one shoe.

Thursday, March 6, 2003:  The family has scheduled a memorial service for Esteban on Friday March 14, 2003  at 4:00pm at the Restland Cemetery in Dallas.  

Wednesday, March 5, 2003:  This afternoon, the family was informed by the Garland Police that the remains found last Friday have been positively identified as Esteban David Salazar.  Dr. Urban/DCME and the Garland police advised the Salazar family to recover Esteban's remains for burial.  We are told that the Garland Police are continuing to treat the case as a homicide. GPD spokesperson Lt. Martin stated that "any unexplained death is categorized as a homicide until the medical examiner determines otherwise."

Tuesday, March 4, 2003:   The family has been gathered together for three days waiting for news.  However, we learned late this afternoon that the Dallas County forensic dental expert, Dr. Williams, was out with the flu and no work had been done. 

Monday, March 3, 2003:  The Garland Police met with the Salazar family this afternoon.  We are told that they have completed searching the area and have recovered additional remains as well as articles of clothing.  Everything collected is being forwarded to various different laboratories throughout Texas for forensic analysis.  We are puzzled as to why the evidence is not being sent to the Southwest Institute of Forensic Sciences along with Esteban's remains.  Captain Lay responded that the GPD does not utilize them because they are not reliable.  After some confusion by the GPD, Esteban's dental records were unsuccessfully re-transmitted from Austin to Dallas for comparison.  The GPD subsequently had them "over-nighted" to the Dallas lab and we expect to have an answer back tomorrow. There are no findings nor has an identification been made.  It was reported by local residents that the crime scene was left unprotected over the weekend by the police while they would searched further.

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Saturday, March 1, 2003 The Garland Police Department informed the family on Saturday March 1, about the skeletal human remains (reported as hip bone) found by Lt. Thompson yesterday near a residential service alley off  N. Garland and Apollo Roads in Garland.  They were identified as animal remains by their forensic team and the Dallas Co. ME's office-field agent Richard George, they were later submitted to the Medical Examiner-Jill Urban, MD who certified that they were not animal but human remains.  While at the police station for a scheduled meeting with the new assigned investigating officer, Detective Bill Brown, Esteban's parents were told that they just received a phone call and upon further examination by an anthropologist found that the remains were human.  The Police Department had not been able to identify these human remains at this time.  Detective Brown stated to Esteban's father that he was asked to look at Esteban's case in a different manner since it was leading nowhere and that he found a lot of mistakes in the investigation by the previous investigators.  We are told very ceremonially by the Garland Police that they will follow all the trail evidence to where it leads and only make their final conclusions from it and that they would fully represent Esteban's interests in this case.

A new search team, other than Search One who was previously used and found Esteban's scent trail, is called in to assist (Mark9 Search and Rescue).  The Garland police also reported that the Dallas Medical Examiners' Office was notified of the discovery of skeletal remains but the Field Agents failed to respond (info in 2007).  Therefore all evidence was collected by the Garland Police and the "rookie" forensic investigator.  Basic reporting of evidence was later found to be inaccurate (i.e.- Esteban's age - personal property listed) and the evidence recovered very limited.

Later that evening, after recovering most remains, the family met with Captain Lay at their home following the GPD search for evidence at the crime scene.  In the course of learning about the police investigation, when the Salazar family asked about any blood trace being present at the recovery area they were told that was negative and none was found.  Asking for an explanation on this important missing physical evidence  Captain Lay responded that there was no blood because " Well you know what the Bible reads, "Dust to Dust-Ashes to Ashes ".  No scientific explanation was given.  Esteban's father requests to identify all the personal items and the pistol that were reported recovered by the police.  He is denied.  To date no one in the family has been allowed to view the recovered personal items.

Friday, February 28, 2003:  Volunteers in the San Francisco bay area distribute flyers and contact the San Francisco PD for assistance.

Thursday, February 27, 2003:  On Thursday afternoon Esteban's father completed a polygraph examination conducted at the Mesquite Police Department.  This was followed by several hours of interrogation.  When asked three different times did you cause the disappearance of your son? The response was no and it indicated no deception.  The police later alleged that Esteban was abused by his father which lead to his disappearance and suicide.

Monday, February 24, 2003:  On Monday morning, the Las Cruces, NM Police Department took a missing person report from the Salazar family and issued a BOLO (be on the lookout) alert for Esteban.  The BOLO and accompanying flyer were issued to all law enforcement agencies in the state of New Mexico.  Flyers were also posted at the Greyhound bus station.

Saturday, February 22, 2003:  Press releases are again distributed to the media. Volunteers will pass out cards again tonight at Keystone Park. Plan for alerting police departments and distribution of flyers in New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada and California is devised. 

Friday, February 21, 2003:   Press releases are distributed. Additional interviews with Private Detectives continue. Volunteers handout cards to folks going to the movies at Keystone Park from 6:30 to 8:00 PM. 

Thursday, February 20, 2003:  We follow Laura Recovery Center's advice about using business cards with Esteban's picture and reward information. One is designed and taken to printers. A plan to distribute them at local high schools events and where teenagers congregate was devised.  A story about the candlelight vigil runs in the Garland and Mesquite Morning News. We obtain permission from Lowe's at Keystone Park to hand out the cards. Esteban's parents arrive at the Mesquite Police Station for scheduled polygraph exams.  Polygraph is administered to Esteban's mother only and rescheduled (a second time) Esteban's father.

We received information from the New Iberia-PD- Sgt. Kohen regarding a telephone# (318) 560-3456 which was called from Esteban's cell phone on 12/17/01-  The voice mail identifies the subscriber as "SL" in ghetto talk..  The phone belongs to a Jeffrey Stotts whose mother lives a few blocks from Esteban's home in Queenswood Lane, Garland, TX.  He attends college in Louisiana. The police suspect the possibility of this individual being involved in transporting drugs and will contact Garland police.

Wednesday, February 19, 2003:  Parents are asked to go to the police station to view videotapes of a possible sighting.  Unfortunately, it is not Esteban. They are also both scheduled once again to take polygraphs. Thanks to friends in the Houston area, we learned that flyer distribution began on Monday at the Hong Kong Mall and Bellaire Blvd. In addition a segment is broadcasted at a school and a video disc is made to distribute to other schools. Contact with the local media is started as well. 

Tuesday, February 18, 2003:  Today for the first time we feel exhausted. We are also discouraged because we heard once more that the Garland Police have not ruled Esteban out as a runaway!  But we have continue to have faith when we heard that they announced to the media that they "would not leave any stone unturned" and that the investigation was continuing  perhaps in the direction of abduction. We find out from a reporter that approximately 150 people attended the vigil last night and we were told that all the local TV stations except WFAA carried the story on their newscasts. We were disappointed that few teenagers attended the vigil and that the one and only newspaper in town did not run a story in today's paper. We discuss and plan our next steps for the search.  

Monday February 17, 2003 :  On his return from New Iberia-Louisiana, Esteban's father stops in Houston and connects with a long time friend in the area who has offered to organize volunteers to distribute flyers and contact the local school districts in the area. Flyers are distributed on I-45 from Houston to Dallas .  Press releases are faxed and emailed by us to media regarding the vigil. We setting up for the evening vigil.  Calls come in from friends telling us that they werenít able to make the candlelight vigil but that they would be praying with us at 7:30PM.  As we start the set up, we wonder how many people will join us for the vigil. Late afternoon as we are finishing, we get calls from 2 local TV stations that both have a 9 PM newscast scheduled and asking if they could come out early to do an interview.  We are happy because we have been told that one shot in the evening news is the equivalent of 20,000 flyers distributed!  At 7:15 we are overwhelmed once more by the number of people who have gathered to support the family in our search for Esteban.  The vigil started on time at 7:30.  As a result of the camera lights, we had no idea as to the number of people who had gathered.  Family members were so overwhelmed when the candles were lit to see so many flickering lights in front of them. Our thanks and deepest gratitude to our friend Susan Petty for her inspiring words of prayer.  To Captain Lay we thank for his words of reassurance that the Garland Police Department are looking into every lead that comes into them and for his support of the vigil and willingness to answer questions. Our heartfelt thanks to all of you who attended and to all of you who joined us in prayer but werenít able to be at the vigil.  Esteban and you are the reason we are able to keep on and face each long day and night with a purpose!

Sunday February 16, 2003 :  Father traveled to New Iberia, Louisiana to follow up on a phone records lead. The New Iberia Police Department was very prompt and courteous in assisting him. They immediately copied flyers and had their patrol officers distribute them at business locations throughout the city, a statewide BOLO (Be on the look out alert) was issued immediately and they also contacted the local media.  Channel 10 (CBS) did an interview with Esteban's father which aired that same evening.  Shortly after the report a tip on a sighting was called into the New Iberia Police Department, they are in the process of investigating it.  They made contact with the Louisiana cell# found in Esteban's log to find a recording answer with "ghetto talk".  The # belongs to a college student who lives nearby to Esteban's home who the Police Investigator described as "from a good family".  Our heartfelt thanks to the New Iberia Police Department especially to Sgt. Koen and Lt. Fournet for their professionalism and kindness. Family gathered for dinner and discussed plans for the coming week.  

Friday, February 14, 2003 :  Our hearts continue saddened with the thoughts of Estebanís safety, more so today on Valentineís Day.  Invitations and flyers continue to be distributed. Garland Police Department notifies us that they will be available to answer question at the vigil. We work on establishing the program for the vigil as well as looking into its logistical needs and permits.  We distribute press release informing about the vigil and it goes out to all the media via fax and email.

Thursday, February 13, 2003 :  Invitations are taken to Kinkoís to be copied; we are touched and grateful to them as they offered to donate their services to us!  Flyers and invitations begin to be distributed. We also thank the Garland Police Department as they also notify us that they will attend the vigil. Our thanks also go to the Garland Fire Department for issuing us a permit for the candlelight vigil.   Our family continues to be overwhelmed by the light of kindness from the community guiding us on this dark hour!  We petition for the Garland Police Department to send out a press release about the vigil. 

Wednesday, February 12, 2003 :  Additional flyers with reward are printed.  Calls are made to missing persons organizations for vigil advice. We contact the Garland Police Department, Naaman High School , Berkner High School, GISD and North Garland High School to inform then about the vigil. Invitations to the vigil are made.  

An unidentified call is received from Louisiana (504) 568-9810 @ 4:55 PM into our secondary landline.

Tuesday, February 11, 2003:  Preparations and contact list for the invitations to the prayer vigil has begun. New flyer continues to be distributed. Father distributes photos and flyers to the areas where Esteban was reported seen and talks to people as he canvasses the areas. Flyers are distributed to all the area apartments.

Monday, February 10, 2003:  Contacts with the area high schools regarding the distribution of new flyers is started. We are advised to do a prayer vigil. We start planning and organizing a candlelight prayer vigil. We are encouraged that the reward is working because a tip comes in after several weeks without leads. 

Sunday, February 9, 2003 :  Additional press releases are distributed with the hope to inform the public of the reward. Family congregates for Sunday dinner to review the past week and to plan for the upcoming week.  

Saturday, February 8, 2003 :  We are informed that Fox 4 News and the Spanish speaking station KUVN 23-Univision covered the reward information leading to Estebanís safe return on their evening newscast. The Dallas Morning News runs a small piece on the Briefs column of the Metropolitan section as well. In addition we learn that the area Vietnamese newspapers and the Thrifty Nickel ran Estebanís ďmissing personĒ flyer.

Friday, February 7, 2003: The family is overwhelmed and grateful for the Carole Sund/Carrington Memorial Reward Foundationís assistance and agrees to have them manage any additional money raised designated for Estebanís reward fund to go directly to them. We receive via fax a media release that the Garland Police Department distributed announcing the addition of the reward to their investigation into Estebanís disappearance.

Thursday, February 6, 2003 :  The Carole Sund/Carrington Foundation informs the family they have sponsored a $5,000 reward for information leading to Esteban's safe return and that the police department would call a press conference to announce the reward.  Family continues to communicate with Estebanís acquaintances and friends to learn about any new information that may have surfaced.  Caring people continue to call to volunteer and offer their support.   We are advised again by GPD to limit the amount of the reward to $5000.00.

Wednesday, February 5, 2003 :  A Texas Ranger Shing along with a Garland Police Department's Lt. Thompson  visited us at our home. The Texas Ranger who we first contacted  reassured us that the Garland Police Department has done and is doing everything needed in their investigation of Estebanís disappearance.  Unexpectedly, Esteban's father is immediately asked to come with them and participate in a polygraph exam at the Mesquite PD.  While in route he is interrogated.  He is told by the officers that his neighbors are suspicious of him being in the "mafia".  They add: that they feel Esteban could had a hormone imbalance,  etc.. and that he left to Mexico and changed his identity.   Father's comments regarding these theories is that their are completely preposterous specially since they do not know Esteban's character and persona; and the Salazar family or Esteban have no family or friends in Mexico and he does not speak Spanish. 

We receive a call from 48 Hours Investigates asking us to reschedule our meeting for the following week.

Tuesday, February 4, 2003 :  Today marks one month since Estebanís disappearance and absence from home.  His whereabouts still continues to be a mystery to the GPD and more so to us.  The GPD reports waiting for leads to investigate.  Our hopes and anticipation for finding Esteban and his safe return home are being diminished; but we are also hopeful because we feel that additional search resources are going to be added to the investigation. We are told by the police that a Texas Ranger and the lead detective, Matt Myers, would call on the family for a visit tomorrow.

Monday, February 3, 2003 :  We are contacted by CBS Ė 48 Hours Investigates and we are told that they will be here on Thursday to interview the parents concerning Estebanís disappearance.  We later learned that the Garland police leaked out rumors about child abuse and suicide which discouraged CBS to continue with this project.

Sunday, February 2, 2003 :  Family gathered for Sunday dinner and later discussed past week events and future planning strategies for finding Esteban.

Saturday, February 1, 2003 :  Family, friends and volunteers distributed flyers at the American Airline Center prior to the Maverick's home game.  Naaman Forest HS Student Council members distributed Estebanís flyers at Walmart.

Friday, January 31, 2003 :  A new web site for Esteban is launched: http://www.4esteban.comMore flyers are printed for this weekend for distribution.

Thursday, January 30, 2003 :  We post an announcement in the Vietnamese Newspaper reaching out to the Vietnamese community for their help in finding Esteban.   We receive permission to distribute flyers at the Dallas Mavericks home game (2/1/03 ).

Wednesday, January 29, 2003 :  We receive information this afternoon, from a neighbor that the Garland Police Department is doing a foot search in the wooded area on Apollo and Woodland Park near where Esteban was believed to have disappeared.  The road is blocked.  To our relief we learn from GPD/Capatain Lay that they were reportedly searching for a recent escaped fugitive.  Fugitive escaped from a patrol car.  Of Note: Esteban's remains were later found in a wooded area across this road a month later.  After multiple Open Records requests, Garland PD has reported that there was no incident report on this alleged reported fugitive search.

Tuesday, January 28, 2003 :  Today Esteban was registered with the Polly Klaas Foundation.  To date, Esteban is listed missing endangered with the following search organizations: National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (1-800-The Lost/John Walsh Foundation), Laura Recovery Foundation, Texas EquuSearch and CrimeWeb.net.

Monday, January 27, 2003 :  Family contacts the FBI field office since they suspect that Esteban is being held somewhere,  it is inquired then if the Garland Police Department has requested their assistance.  They have not. The FBI stated that they will not get involved in the search unless asked by the local police.  The Garland police do not want the FBI involved.

Sunday, January 26, 2003 : Flyers are distributed in McKinney and Allen areas.  The Dallas Stars have offered to distribute Esteban flyers at their sport facilities throughout the Metroplex and Euless . 

Saturday, January 25, 2003 :  Esteban is scheduled to take his SAT1 exams at Richardson HS @ 8:15 AM .  Garland Police are there, as one of the police officer's daughter is also taking that exam.  He does not show.  More flyers are distributed throughout the area malls and movie theaters.  About 14,000 flyers have been distributed.

Friday, January 24, 2003 :  An additional 5,000 flyers are printed for distribution this weekend by our volunteers.  Esteban receives a letter from Naaman Forest High School informing him of his eligibility for an academic letter jacket.  We learn that the Garland Police Department declines the assistance of the Texas Rangers.

Thursday, January 23, 2003 :  Parents meet with the Garland Police Department to clarify unanswered questions and update on the investigation.  We are told the Police are pursuing multiple courses of action.  Flyers are distributed in Mesquite ISD and Texas AM Commerce.  Volunteers are organized for flyer distribution at Stonebriar, North Park and Parks of Arlington Malls.

Wednesday, January 22, 2003 :  Family obtains updated press release from the Garland Police Department and copy of initial missing person report.  We contact Texas Rangers and Federal Bureau of Investigation to request assistance.  We are told that only GPD can request.  An attorney is contacted to advise on the extent of privileged investigative information being withheld, misinformation and conflicting stories offered by the Garland police to the Salazar family.  Family continues investigating and searching for Esteban.  Flyers are distributed to the Fort Worth ISD and we obtain permission to the same with Grand Prairie ISD.

Tuesday, January 21, 2003 :  Mother goes to the Police station. Web site work continues and distribution focused to outlying areas: Fort Worth, Arlington and Grand Prairie Press release is sent to all media.

Monday, January 20, 2003 :  Following weeks of frustration and lackluster police motivation, the family sends letter to GPD/Chief Wilson expressing their displeasure with the Garland Police Department and requesting that a sense of urgency and seriousness is given to the search for Esteban.  Flyer is changed to add the web site and distribution is focused to Valley View Mall.  Salazar Family becomes more dishearten when they are ignored and do not hear back from Garland Police about questions and document sent to them.

Sunday, January 19, 2003 :  Flyer distribution focused on area churches. Work continues on Estebanís web site. Draft to the Garland Chief of Police is worked on requesting that the Garland Police request assistance from other law enforcement agencies.  As well as assist us in finding funds for a reward posting. Our requests are never considered.

Saturday, January 18, 2003 : Garland Police brought in Search 1 Rescue Team; a dog search company to do a second dog search for Esteban. Search 1 brought a blood-hound (trail) to Estebanís house to retrieve the scent of Esteban in order to track the route that he took after he disappeared from his home.  After the bloodhound search it is determined that Esteban scent ended at the driveway entrance to the Brandon Place apartments. The dog handler and the police are 99% confident of the trail marked by the bloodhound.  An early determination is made that Esteban was picked up at this location.   It is later reported that the Police did not interview residents of the Brandon Place apartment complex.

KDAF-TV WB33 ask for an interview Members of the Student Council at Naaman Forest High School in Garland  and friends pass out missing person flyers around the Garland/Richardson/Plano area in hopes that they will lead to information as to the whereabouts of Esteban Salazar.  They were at the following area movie theater locations: North Star in Garland (Beltline Rd. & Garland Rd.); Loweís Keystone in Richardson (North Central Expwy); and Cinemark Legacy in Plano .  KXAS-TV 5 NBC, WFAA-TV 8 ABC, KDAF-TV WB33, and Univision air a story about Estebanís disappearance.

Friday, January 17, 2003 :  Flyers continue to be distributed house to house in the outlying area of Estebanís neighborhood. Work on web site is started. Press release sent out to all media. NCMEC calls and asks the family if we still want to have Esteban in the ADVCO flyers which will come out in March and in the high priority list; family agrees. Press release sent to all media.  A sighting comes in from a local hair salon, it is reported to GPD who ask the father to investigate it.   We are told that the GPD is not able to look into the few incoming leads because of lack of manpower.

Thursday, January 16, 2003 :  Flyers continue to be distributed in area businesses and new flyers are taken to Naaman Forest High School .  Student Council members at Naaman Forest High School volunteer to pass out flyers on Saturday, January 18 at area movie theaters. The Garland Police informs the family that a murdered body of a Hispanic male is found in Rowlett. KXTX-TV Ch 39- Telemundo airs a story on Estebanís disappearance with a lead in of the discovered body.  It turned out that the body found was that of an Asian woman.  Press release sent out to all media.

Wednesday, January 15, 2003 :  Flyers from the family continue to be distributed at UTD.  A brief story about Esteban appears in Obituary page of the Metropolitan Section of The Dallas Morning News. Press release is drafted and is faxed to the media.  KDGE-Radio 102.1 does a live interview with Estebanís mother.  The Police advises the family to keep the reward amount to a minimum to prevent a large precipitation of unwanted phone calls-they claim not having the manpower to handle them.

Tuesday, January 14, 2003 :  Flyers continue to be distributed to the area community colleges. Press release is put out by the family about the reclassification of Estebanís case from runaway to missing and endangered. WFAA-TV airs a story only in the 5 oíclock time slot.  Estebanís picture is posted on the NCMECís site.  The family contacts TX Equu Search. They have volunteered the use of their search dogs and personnel.  The police adamantly state to us that they do not want their assistance.  Captain Lay is very derogatory about the Director Tim Miller and that his outfit is not trained properly and will jeopardize the rescue and recovery of Esteban.  Tip comes in that Esteban is seen at a location Ĺ mile from his home.  Information is passed on to the Garland Police.  Police investigate and it is not Esteban. We learn that both; the Lead Detective Myers and his Supervisor, Lt. Thompson have children attending the same High School as Esteban.  Lt. Thompson  resides a few blocks from Esteban's home.  We hope to learn more about what is happening at this school since a lot of allegations about severe problem with drugs and gangs are surfacing.

Monday, January 13, 2003 :  Flyers continue to be distributed to GISD, RISD.  A request for reclassification is sent to Chief Wilson of the Garland Police Department.  Family contacts the NCMEC reprioritizing Estebanís case. The Carol Sund-Carrington Foundation is contacted about rewards.  Captain Lay takes over the investigation and along with Detective Myers meet with the Salazar family.  They tell them that because Esteban is 17 years old they canít classify him as missing and endangered.  We point out to them that the NCMEC considers anyone under 18 a minor.  The family provides them the code needed to be typed in to re-classify. By the end of this day Estebanís family is finally notified that the Garland Police has listed Esteban as "missing and endangered".

On that afternoon, at about 15:33, the Garland Police Investigators phone (972) 205-2067 Esteban's sister and ask her if she is alone.  They are in front of her apartment.  A few minutes later they knock at her door and speak to her about her brother Esteban being there.  They ask if they can come in and search her apartment.  They reportedly look for Esteban in her closet and under her bathroom sink.  Then they proceed to question her.  Beginning with  a leading question " we have proof that Esteban was being abused at home" where you abused at home? She replied, No, never- They asked - Do you think that your brother was being abused? the reply was NO; they continue and ask how can you be sure when you have not lived there for quite a while.  At this point Esteban's sister became very agitated and confused.  She refused to answer any other questions.  The Investigators continued talking and asking more questions; leaving shortly after.  This was the only time Esteban's sister was interviewed by the Garland police.  Records indicate that the police later characterized her as a "strange" person.  Following this malicious encounter with the police, the mental problems she was experiencing drastically escalated.  On this date, Detective Myers writes on his report "it is unknown if the son (Esteban) has the gun in his possession".  Nevertheless, his supervisors ignored this and begin to announce that he was seen departing from his home with a pistol.

Sunday, January 12, 2003 :  New flyers are printed with the new email address.  Flyers continue to be distributed to area churches and theaters. Family drafts a request for reclassification on Estebanís disappearance. Another tip comes in; father goes to Kaufman, TX to interview the caller. In route, he speaks with a City of Dallas police officer, he is told that he was not aware of Esteban's disappearance and that a BOLO had not been issued by GPD.  Family contacts the Dallas Morning News, Team Hope.

Saturday, January 11, 2003 :   Flyer distribution continues in the Garland area community centers, recreation centers, homeless shelters, Super Target and area theaters. A Tip comes in to family  of a possible sighting at a Wal-Mart.; in the pm another tip comes in from a Vietnamese speaking person. Parents take down a phone number and look and find a translator to return the call.  The Garland Police Department reports that it does not have a Vietnamese translator.  The family go out to look for a Vietnamese translator and find one at a store.  The call is placed and the description does not appear to fit Esteban.  Email address for tips is set up.  Later it is discovered that the Garland police has at least one Vietnamese speaking police officer.

Friday, January 10, 2003 :  Father goes to high school to look in Estebanís locker and classrooms for clues. Report card comes out Ė Esteban receives straight As. Garland Police reportedly do a dog search using cadaver dogs up to the area of the Brand Rd. apartments with no success.  Immediate area school districts are notified and asked to post flyers at all high schools. Flyers continue to be distributed in Town East Mall and surrounding businesses. Family outreaches to national and state organizations of missing persons.  It is learned that Esteban had been listed by the Garland Police as a runaway in the NCIC database and that a (BOLO) Be On The Lookout alert was not issued in Estebanís disappearance. The family also learns that Esteban is still considered a runaway by the Garland Police.  We are told (Captain Lay) that because of his age the intake system can not input this classification. Additionally, the Garland police report that the "blocked call" search is going to take some time since a lot of legal red tape has to be met. The Salazar family is very displeased and start to contact principals.  In 2007 it is discovered that the police did not order the phone caller search until May 6, 2003 or four months later.  WE also learn that that the pretexts by Capt. Lay on changing Esteban's listing was misinformation.

Thursday, January 9, 2003 :  A volunteer coordinator recruits friends to help  family distribute flyers. Flyers are distributed and posted at the Galleria and Collin Creek Malls.  Several paid announcement is placed in the local Vietnamese newspaper offering a reward.  Estebanís disappearance is also aired on the early morning KXAS newscast.  To their surprise, Salazar Family learns that the Garland Police listed Esteban as a "runaway" and not as "missing and endangered" as was reported.  Telemundo and Univision ask for interviews and they are granted time, story airs in the late afternoon and evening news. Family learns via the Telemundo report that the Garland Police also provided and leaked out the information about a gun missing from the home.  GPD had previously asked the family not to make any mention of the missing handgun to the media or anyone else.

The Salazar family receives a call from Officer Hatfield (14:00) from the Garland Police Gang Unit-After talking to neighbors on Emerson Dr., Garland, TX.   Several of them reported that they had been in contact with the Garland Police regarding suspected gang activity at the home where Esteban had recently visited.  Our call went to to the Gang Unit to confirm this.  Officer Hatfield confirmed what the neighbors at our suspect's home had previously stated to us,  linking this family to suspected criminal activities.  Hatfield stated that the home has been under surveillance for (1 1/2) a year and a half.  After this information was later passed to Detective Myers, the lead Investigator; he stated to the family that he had contacted Officer Hatfield regarding our report and that he was informed by same that he never contacted the Salazar family and shared this reported information.  When the Salazar family asked Myers if he wanted to listen to the recording of the conversation with Officer Hatfield, Investigator Myers walked away. 

Esteban's father is told by one of the followers of the Buddhist Temple (Arapaho/Apollo) that the monk had told them that Esteban would return home ten days after his disappearance.  They pray for him.  Family's hopes for a safe return are high.

Wednesday, January 8, 2003 :  Flyer distribution is stepped up with target areas of Estebanís neighborhood and the latest places he was known to have visited. Garland Police do a foot search of the creek area.  They concentrate on the North East area of Brand Rd., since they believe that because he is right handed he will probably have headed in that direction since they feel he is distressed.  That area had already been searched by volunteers on 1/5/03.  They ignore to follow-up on a sighting reported by a neighbor in which he was walking South Westerly.  Family puts out first press release to the media. Estebanís disappearance is aired on KXAS / CH5-NBC at 10 pm. Family reads: When Your Child is Missing: A family Survival Guide.  Police interviews the girlfriend and she tells the Detective that Esteban told her that ďthey would see each other within a month, that he had committed a great sin and that he was not returning to school."  She later recanted this same story to the Salazar family.

Tuesday, January 7, 2003 :   Parents go to Naaman Forest High School .  They search his locker and talk to Esteban's teachers and the new School Resource Officer Wickersham.  Officer Wickersham had previously been in the Garland Police-gang unit.  We learned from him that there was a huge gang problem at the high school.  That most Asian gang members kept a very low profile which made their identification very hard.  He referred us to contact an Officer Hatfield-Garland gang unit.   We only hear very good comments about Esteban from his teachers, his peers and the school principal.  AS we expected, Esteban does not show up at school. We request student attendance roll but are denied.  The Garland Police, including lead Detective Matt Myers, arrive later that day to interview the family and start their search and investigation. All information and the Salazar home is made readily available to the police.  The police do not search his bedroom for clues.  Esteban's telephone identifying the "blocked call" is shown to the police.  Family is told an immediate search of the unidentified caller will be ordered.  Family contact and requests the assistance of the Federal Bureau of Investigation.  Through a family friend who supervises the wife of a Texas Rangers trooper they are able to make contact with Sgt. Shing./Texas Rangers.  An aerial search is done of the area and is negative.  This is the start of the search.  Flyer distribution is started.  Volunteers are available to help with the foot search but the Garland Police Department decline any outside assistance.  Classmates of Esteban from Naaman Forest HS begin to appear at Esteban's home, they look very concerned that he is missing and want to help.    A next-door neighbor reported sighting Esteban walking South/Westerly on Brand Rd that afternoon.   A classmate also reported/GPD sighting Esteban on Apollo Rd., South of his home.  Despite these only and most reliable leads the Garland police begin and continue their search in the opposite direction of where Esteban was last reported seen. 

The Salazar family is advised not to state anything to the media about the missing pistol.  Its discovered later that someone in the police inadvertently discloses this information to one of the Spanish TV stations' reporter.

Monday, January 6, 2003 :  Flyers are made. Family continues searching the creek area and surrounding parks for Esteban.  Parents are not contacted by the Garland Police Department, their calls arenít returned. The second attic in the home is searched for the pistol.  Their is fear that the missing pistol may have been used in a gang related activity on the previous week while in the company of these gangsters.  Parents and Aunt go to the police station in the afternoon and are told that the detective assigned to Esteban's case is off for the day. They ask to speak to whomever is in-charged.  Father explains to Lieutenant Keith Thompson (supervisor) that he feels Esteban is in great danger.    He indicated to Lt. Thompson that he believes there is gang involvement or a possible hate crime (Esteban is dating a Vietnamese/Chinese girl whose father and older brother reportedly dislikes him) and more important a registered firearm is discovered to be missing after an intensive search for it.  Lt. Thompson asks for the serial number of the firearm and other general information to file a missing firearm report.  Esteban had been manipulated into providing these people with whatever was asked of him before including: computer system - computer parts - video games - clothing - money - license plates - etc.. so it is very possible this missing pistol was the latest offering.  He later reassures of Esteban's safety by saying that runaways come back and that 49% percent of those kids return to school without going home first, even if they have run away from home.  The unidentified "block" telephone call received by Esteban is again reported to the police.   Father and Aunt repeatedly expressed to Lt. Thompson that they are absolutely sure that Esteban is not a runaway and is in danger!  Nevertheless, we are repeatedly told that there are no gang problems in the city of Garland.  Parents continue to search for Esteban and go to the Naaman Forest High School to notify Mr. Baker, the Principal, and leave flyers in case he does show up for school.  The Garland Police do not respond until late on the next day.

Sunday, January 5, 2003 :   It's a very cold morning.  The temperature had dropped to 40* since Esteban departed from his house the day before.  Esteban did not take his overnight bag and wore light clothing so we reasonably suspect he spent the night somewhere warm.  His father begins searching for Esteban beginning with the last known location were he had been out and spend the night on that previous week @ 2409 Emerson-Garland, TX.  While there he discovers a suspicious motor vehicle on the same block that appears to be abandoned about three feet from the curbing, a white 1989 Camry with registration Mississippi SCD321.  He later learns that the MV was reported in a hit/run accident with another MV driven by a woman who lives about 3 miles from this home.  No information is found linking this MV to Esteban's disappearance.

-Parents continue their searches and wait the necessary 24 hours to officially report Esteban missing to the police.  The first phone call is placed to the Garland Police Department and after 45 minutes on hold the decision is made to personally go to the Police station. At the station another prolonged wait follows; his Mother reports Esteban missing under unusual circumstances, nevertheless she told to wait and that a detective would be assigned to the case and that someone would call no later than the following morning.  No one calls or shows up.  With the urgency to find Esteban, and without the Garland Police assistance, the family begins to look for him immediately.  Mother callas and talks with girlfriend-Huong that evening and is told then that Esteban appeared sad when she talked to him that afternoon.   Phone records indicated Esteban did not talk to her.  Other phone calls were made by the girlfriend on 1/4/03 ( (6) six) and this is never mentioned until now.  Strangely, this was never mentioned before when she called the house the previous night.  Upon hearing that statement father searches for his guns.  An unloaded pistol is missing out of its box.  But a shotgun with ammunition remains.  The pistol was last seen in its original box three months earlier and was only used for target shooting by Esteban and his father twice.  It was relocated and hidden in the attic when the master bedroom was being painted by contractors.  A handwritten 1/1/03 poem to his girlfriend is found under Estebanís computer keyboard.  It contains a sarcastic betrayal tone message.  Going through the caller ID for the previous day a "blocked call" is discovered at the time Esteban departed from his home.  Not finding the pistol presented a very serious situation-  after evaluating some of the unusual events from the previous week and unusual statement from the girlfriend we fear that if Esteban may have had the pistol in his possession prior for protection and may have or will harm someone.  Locating him ASAP is imperative.  The girlfriend begins to call the home on a daily basis to inquire on the search and investigation until the day when Esteban's remains are reported discovered.

It was later reported that Esteban severed the courtship with this girlfriend on Christmas Day.  The photographs of the girlfriend are found turned around 180* / away and a glass dog figurine gift from her was laying on its side.  Family search for Esteban in the nearby woods and creek area and are later assisted by the Richardson Police Department at Breckenridge Park that evening.  Those were areas that Esteban enjoyed to run around.  We are now extremely concerned for Esteban's safety.

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Saturday, January 4, 2003 :  On Saturday January 4 at 2:00pm @ about 14:00- Esteban Salazar, a straight-A junior student at Naaman Forest high school, disappeared from his home in Garland, Texas after answering a "blocked telephone call".  Esteban answered this call on the first ring, parents were in the kitchen.  He left most of his personal belongings behind: wallet, ID, money, car, contact lenses kit, jacket, etc.  No one in his family has reportedly seen or heard from him since.  There is no note left behind.

Some other earlier events of of Esteban's recorded that day include: One hour following the cell phone call (duration 80 seconds), suspected to be his girlfriend or a family member, some unusual events follow: Esteban leaves the house and goes to the nearby drugstore - Temperature is in the high 70's; he is wearing his sandals/shorts and a T-shirt.  He tells parents he is going there to purchase shaving cream.  A receipt for this sale was found which confirmed the date/time, clerk's name and item purchased.  Esteban had stopped using shaving cream because it irritated his skin.  On his return he shows his father a note (written on a Community Credit Union note pad) he said someone placed on his car windshield which read " for compact cars only".  Esteban was driving a compact car and is puzzled.  His father at the time does not make any sense of it.  Furthermore, we later find that Esteban had shaving cream.  But more important, he has and uses an electric shaver most of the time.  Father later discovers- 1. this phone call originated from the girlfriend's father cell phone- Girlfriend later reported in a recorded call that she never called Esteban at this time. 2.  Esteban made sure to park near a security camera in an parking area designated for compact cars only.  After this visit there was a sudden change of cheerfulness and energy in Esteban early that morning to troublesome and worried.  We suspect he met with one of his murderers/conspirators at this location.

Sometime later he tells his father that he does not have car to drive to go out that night.  His father is very baffled because Esteban has a choice of five cars available for him at to drive. Shortly afterwards he drives to Tai Nguyen's nearby home on Knighthood Ln, Garland.  Parents are told that while there he collected $10.00 that was owed to him and watched cartoons (for 30min.) before returning home.  He is reported by Tai to be have been acting normal there.  On his return home, a few minutes later he comes out by the pool wearing his shorts/sandals and lays down to sun bathe.  Thirty minutes later his father, who is outside the fence trimming the hedges, remarks loud from afar to Esteban that "is nice day to sunbathe".  Esteban is startled and maybe awaken, gets up and whispers something to himself which his father believed to have been a profanity.  Esteban immediately gets up and goes inside the house where he had lunch. Shortly after Esteban's mother arrives home.  Esteban's father finishes trimming and showers and has lunch with his wife.  Meanwhile, Esteban is in his bedroom.  His parents hear him go into the bathroom, run the sink water, inserts his contact lenses and brushes his teeth.  He returns to his bedroom.  His father goes by his bedroom and asks him if he wants to go to the movies with them that afternoon.  Esteban declines.  The phone rings and Esteban answers it.  Seconds later a loud thud on the wall is heard, a few minutes pass and Esteban is seen walking hurriedly pass the entry hallway toward the pool area.  He had changed his eyeglasses and put on his contacts and also changed clothes.  He is now wearing long work out pants, a T-shirt and running shoes.  Phone records indicate that before he departed, the girlfriend/father cell phones had called him on his home and cell phone and he did not answer. A "blocked call" is also on record @ 1:58PM.  On about 3:00PM parents leave to the movies ("Catch me if you Can") and later dine out.  They arrive home about 7:20 PM.  Shortly after on this evening @ 7:24 PM the girlfriend called Esteban twice at home- She spoke to Esteban's mother who informed her that Esteban was not home and asked the girlfriend if she knew his whereabouts.  The family had no idea of his whereabouts.  She stated she did not know and was just calling to again invite him to attend a concert.  The outside air temperature had dropped to low 50's and expected to be in the 30's by morning.


Friday, January 3, 2003:  Esteban goes to Best Buy/Plano and purchases DVDs that afternoon. That evening he goes out to dine with his father at a Vietnamese Restaurant.  Later, that same evening Esteban watches one of his new videos "Austin Power's Goldmember".  It is noted that a web site named "Divine Destiny" is launched with Esteban's girlfriend's (Huong Q. Nguyen) personal information.  Alibi??  It reads" Interests: Having fun with my buddies and hanging out with my sweetie."  No other information is ever published.

Thursday, January 2, 2003:  Esteban goes to his dentist appointment, he is reported to be very upbeat and relates the great times he had snowboarding in Colorado.  A web site is launched with Esteban's personal information.  The web site says" Hobbies: For fun I like to hang out with my girlfriend and listen to music.  Hopefully I'll start reading books soon, too."  Log entry reads " Today I was told: hey, if u love a person, u gotta love the whole package, I'll still like u even if u were bad." An expert who examined understood this to be the g/f telling Esteban that if she were in his shoes he would like her still even though he found her to be evil.

Wednesday, January 1, 2003:  Esteban spends most of the day at home; later that evening he and his family go to his Aunt and Uncle's home to celebrate New Year/dinner and exchange Christmas presents.  He begins to write (draft) a poem to girlfriend- Huong to end the courtship.  Draft letter was found in his bedroom trash can/finish copy was found under his keyboard and never delivered.  We suspected he terminated the relationship by phone, during one of her many calls,  since he never delivered the poem to her.  Reports received by letters indicated that Esteban may have had another girlfriend attending North Garland high school.

Tuesday, December 31, 2002:  Esteban comes home at about 7:30am. He sleeps most of the morning.   That afternoon Esteban' father suggests to him that if the company that he keeps is making him feel this lousy there needs to be a change.  Later that evening Esteban tells his parents he is going to visit his girlfriend.  He returned home around midnight.  A letter/poem from the girlfriend , Huong Nguyen, dated on this day was later found.  It includes words from a very obsessed person - its posted on the web site.

Monday, December 30, 2002: Esteban and his father go to the Golds Gym and later go out to lunch.  During this interim together and conversation there are many puzzling questions: Esteban asks his father if young girls have sex with older men. After more inquisition into this by his father he discovers that the girlfriend had told Esteban that if he severed she would be forced to have sex with older men.   He then asks his father about the disposition of the cancelled metal license plates from used vehicles sold.  Later he jokingly teases his father about robbing a convenience store.  His father is confused and they further discuss this strange & unusual behavior never before expressed.  After lunch they go shopping - he was given money for Xmas.  That evening after supper he packs an overnight bag and goes to visit his Asian acquaintance Paul Le and spends the night.  He failed to informed his parents.  Reportedly, another youth named Thoai joins them.  Cell phone records for that evening indicate phone-calls to at least one individual subscriber identified by the Garland Police as an Asian drug dealer and another, a family with a record for organized crime activities.

Sunday, December 29, 2002:   That afternoon he brings his girlfriend over to his house.  She acts very odd; immediately goes alone upstairs to talk to Esteban's father while Esteban waits for her downstairs.  First time she does this and is not that shy girl anymore.  Few minutes after, Esteban brings up the subject of his recent unusual behavior to Huong-he tells her that his father wants to know about it.  The father asks the girlfriend about her knowledge of Esteban's strange behavior, she drops her head and remained silent and unresponsive.  His loyalty kept him from divulging the problems he was into.

Saturday, December 28, 2002: Esteban spends most of the day in his bedroom laying down.  He looks tired, nervous and worried.  He has a terrified look about him never before seen.  Later that afternoon following his father's advise he goes out for a walk and returns with muddy shoes.  His demeanor is once again relaxed and happy until after he receives a phone call from his girlfriend.  That evening after talking to the girlfriend he re-appears from his bedroom with red, teary and swollen eyes.  Its evident that he was crying - he is very quiet.  Girlfriend later reported that he was fine during this phone conversation.

Friday, December 27, 2002: Esteban asks his parents for his cell phone and permission to re-use it again. *He had stopped using it after he began dating his girlfriend in April 2002.  That afternoon he goes to the mall with an Asian acquaintance Tai Nguyen to exchange his father's Christmas gift (larger size).  When he returns wearing a new stocking cap.  That evening he goes out with another Asian acquaintance Paul Le driving the Tundra truck.  He returns home after midnight.

Thursday, December 26, 2002: Esteban and his father work out at Gold's Gym in the AM.  That day Esteban begins to inquires to his father what he does with the old metal license plates from the used vehicles he purchases/sells.  Later on that afternoon, Esteban was scheduled to pick-up his father at the garage where he is replacing the tires for his new Camry.  When his father calls him, he tells his father he is instead going to the movies with his girlfriend and will not be able to.  This is very unusual behavior.  Esteban returns home early that evening.

Wednesday, December 25, 2002: Esteban celebrates Christmas at home.  The family exchanges gifts and has a late brunch.  That evening his girlfriend is brought over to Esteban's house by her older sister, Thu, for Christmas dinner.  Esteban later brings her home.  It was later reported by the girlfriend to a third party that Esteban severed their courtship on that day.

Tuesday, December 24, 2002:  Esteban returns late in the evening from his trip to Colorado.  He is exhausted.  Shares with his parents the good times that he enjoyed with his cousins.  His cousins reported that he did not phone the girlfriend even as they repeatedly tried to encourage it.

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His disappearance is baffling to all that know Esteban, for the following reasons:

  • Esteban is a straight A student-has been a honor student throughout his school years.
  • Previously attended magnate schools.
  • Has a near perfect attendance record through all his school years.
  • No behavioral problems at home or at school.
  • No traffic violations or motor vehicle accidents.
  • No history of alcohol or drug use.
  • Very courteous and polite.
  • Helpful and self-sufficient.
  • Caring and loving person.
  • Esteban is a teenager who enjoys spending time with his family.
  • Would always kept his parents informed as to where he was going and doing.
  • No "suicide" note was left behind.


On the day of his disappearance (1/4/03), Esteban was going about his normal day, nothing was unusual that morning:

  • Prepared breakfast for himself and his Father.
  • Doing his laundry.  
  • Began cleaning his bedroom.
  • Received and answered a call from his girlfriend father's cell phone.
  • Went to nearby Eckerd drugstore to purchase some toiletries. Returned home.
  • Went to a nearby friendís house and watched cartoons; this friend stated that he was normal.
  • Received call and talked briefly on the phone with his girlfriend.
  • Laid out sunning by the pool.
  • Ate lunch.
  • Received a very brief call (2sec) to his cell phone from girlfriend father's cell phone.
  • Chose not to go to the movies with his parents that afternoon.
  • Goes into the restroom - brushes his teeth.
  • Receives another phone call, shortly after parents see Esteban go out the rear door that leads to the pool area. He is never seen alive again by his parents.  The call was later identified to have been "blocked".