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A Parent's Worst Nightmare and a Tragedy for All.


If we could only turn back the hands of time and change the past................................

Following his father's advise Esteban took it upon himself to abruptly change his lifestyle and friends

starting on 12/31/02. This was Esteban's 2003 New Years resolution, at this young age death was never a

 thought and asking for help was never in his character....he was determined to end this pain and terror which

engulfed his life and brought danger onto his family ;

this is some of the painful guilt a father will endure for this sacrifice.


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About our Family-

Esteban father's family migrated from Costa Rica to the USA in 1962 because of political reasons.  His great-grandparents arrived here during the 1920's looking for prosperity during the economic depression and returned when starvation cost the life of one of the children.

For his father's family, their next two years were to be very difficult for all.  A promised appointment position in Washington was lost for more political reasons and they had no financial assistance or community support as it is most often the case today.  Eventually the family made their way to Massachusetts were they settled and it was there were Esteban's parents would meet.

Some years later they relocated South and settled last in Garland, Texas in 1980.  Location, very affordable housing, low incidence of reported violent crime and our looking ahead to be part of this community and its prosperity were important factors that seemed to be afforded at the time by the city of Garland, Texas.  Starting a family later, they decided to remain and make it a permanent home.  Choosing to keep their children in the same schools we decided to remain and settled last into our present home.  It was a huge project undertaking since the house had been abandoned and become an eye sore as a casualty of the 1980's economy.  It had been vacant for some time, vandalized and all living plantings had died. 

As years passed we came to learn more about our new city.  A melting pot of many different cultures, social economics groups, religious congregations and general differing mindsets.  Writer Mike Judge brings this lifestyle to many viewers' home in his comedy Fox TV show "King of the Hill". 

For us, arriving from a very small moderate and conservative New England town, Sturbridge, MA, it was a wake up call as to how other people around us lived.  Having previously resided in Latin America/Caribbean and in the North East our traditions were somewhat different and a sudden adjustment change was about to come for us to blend in.  As parents of young developing children we wanted to provide them with good surroundings, education, complete social participation and learning about other cultural groups; and not isolating them into a closed bias society.  Esteban was very popular, at an early age made numerous friends with some very nice kids which included some from very low income families who resided in the nearby rundown neighborhood areas of Garland where the magnate schools (Kimberlin Academy & Austin Academy) were located and some attended.  This unbiased social interaction was encouraged by his parents.  But it was observed to have been greatly discouraged by Esteban's other upper social class friends' families.  These new found friends and their differences later segregated Esteban and his family from these other people who often visited them.  Esteban witnessed the taunting and derogatory behavior that his minorities friends were subjected to, eventually he chose to be around mostly with the people who were respectful of others.

During our children early school years, we were always very satisfied with the quality of educators and the degree of quality education that our children were receiving at the school districts' magnet schools were they attended.  In time some of these educators became caring friends and part of our family.  We participated in most all of their daily school and extracurricular activities.  Through coaching both of their children's soccer and basketball teams they got to know more parents and kids.  This great parent participation gave our our kid's more safety at school and in their extracurricular time; and it was never an issue for concern during their early developing years. 

In 1989 Esteban's father was seriously injured which drastically changed his life and the future of his family.  While employed with Owens Illinois, Inc /Plastic Products Division, who at the time was the largest packaging products company in the world, he fell from a height of 16+ feet severely injuring himself.   Because of the severity of the injuries and foreseen astronomical future medical expenses the company's management pressured for his resignation and refused to pay medical expenses.  A long and never ending series of failed surgeries followed.  This event consumed most of the family's enthusiasm, energy and finances.  Watching this once very vibrant, athletic and strong father figure to be confined to bed and in severe pain most of the time greatly impacted Esteban.  At that young age, he quickly became his father's best friend and supporter.  The family' situation soon became known to some people and was used by them to lure and manipulate Esteban into their circle and for their criminal gains.

A few years later, concerns for children's safety outside school in Garland soon became an important issue when Esteban, at age 9, while visiting a nearby Asian/Korean friend encountered a much older Anglo-American teenager with a high power pellet gun who began shooting at them and later ran from the scene.  Esteban was injured and required a hospital visit to remove pellets.  We suspected this was a hate crime and the Asian boy was the prime target.  The shooting was reported but Garland police never solved this reported crime. 

As our family's life and needs here began to change drastically we began to seek a new and different safer environment elsewhere.   The cascade of migrants both legal and illegal were targeting cities like Garland to use as their base.  The city once thought to have been a gem in the rough for prosperity had become a haven for criminals.  As real estate values have continued to depreciate and legal business failing Oriental investors are buying here in great numbers.

In late 2002 we purchased investment property and began making plans to start a real estate sales and development business; and later relocate permanently to Costa Rica.  We were all very excited about this planned move and our future.

Violent crime and gangs were never publicized or reported to be a serious problem in the city of Garland and we never knowingly encountered it until 2003 after we became one of their victims. 

According to publications and reports, researchers (1997) from the Criminal Justice Center at Sam Houston State University, Garland had over 100 reported gangs in its city.  Known to most residents of this area were the published facts that the local police force had a long history and stigma for being racist, racial profiling and being physically abusive to its non-Anglo citizens. 

Rumors about how ineffective their criminal investigations unit were prevalent around the Garland community and among their own patrol officers; some had once commented to us with such dry humor as " If you want to "get away with a murder" just drag the body into the Garland city line".  We never expected to personally encounter  crime or the Garland Police as we had always made it a very important issue to keep our family distant from bad dangerous situations and always being aware of our surroundings. 

With our children's growing up and inevitable advancement into public high school a whole new environment and issues were waiting for them and us. 

In 2003, reports of very disruptive and criminal activities were found to be rampant at Esteban's high school - Naaman Forest.  This high school at the time was the newest in the school district and located less than a mile from our home.  A large number of the students attending came from the city's more affluent nearby Firewheel neighborhoods. 

Juvenile students known to be involved in criminal activities were using the school as a place of business and for other recreational criminal activities.  Reported everyday were drug related incidents, bullying and fighting.  Drug use and demand here was high by its students creating a surging market there for organized drug traffickers to use juveniles to reach this market of kids.  Garland police incident report records later obtained indicated the Garland police were called in regularly.  School officials @ Garland Independent Schools District have for many years kept the severity of these criminal problems hidden from the district's citizens and student's parents.  Most of these individuals have been identified and in some cases certified as criminals/gang members by the school district and the local police.  Unfortunately, their identities and criminal backgrounds are protected since they are juveniles under the age of (17) seventeen. 

Need for affiliations to groups or gangs become a huge necessity since younger and independent students coming in to school alone and become victimized by older students and larger groups, including the athletes.  These young merging gang members soon become pawns for older criminals in organized crime organizations to manipulate and use.


Who was Esteban and who where his new and last associates?

In 2003, Mr. Steve Baker - Principal at Naaman Forest HS described Esteban simply as "a very nice polite young man who took care of his family".

As a young boy Esteban attracted many new friends with his easy going mannerism and courtesy.  Everyone wanted to be Esteban's friend specially the many young girls who had met him.  These young girls would later boast to their parents that Esteban was their new boyfriend.  He was always clueless and unassuming of their special attention and welcomed it with no objection.  This continued through his adolescence.  

As years passed, he continue to welcome new friends but he discriminately began to associate only with a few select whom he was comfortable with.  He became turned off by loud pretentious people who looked for attention at the expense of others bullying and making fun of his new Chinese/Asian friends.  These new friends of choice showed to be quiet, polite, humble and simple people. 

During his last ten years Esteban watched and waited as many of his friends participate in all sport and outdoor activities with their fathers' while he spent lots of his personal time visiting his at the many different hospitals where he was recuperating from recurring major surgeries.  His relationship with his father became more informal and like they were the best of friends.  Esteban began to take great responsibility at an early age and helped his family.

In 2000, Esteban joined a martial arts academy (Shaolin Kung Fu) located on Floyd Rd in Richardson, TX.  This group, an ethnic mixture of mostly adult males, was very dedicated to the advancement of Chinese/Asian community and propagate their culture in the Dallas metro area.  At a younger age Esteban had previously been involved in other style martial arts (Taekwondo) in Garland, TX were his participation was to classroom and strictly into learning the sport and competing.  Chinese/Oriental students at his high school discovered more about Esteban through his martial arts school participation which stimulated many more new friendships.  Their notorious community participation brought Esteban a new identity and greater sense of self confidence.

In 2001 Esteban became employed part time at the Canyon Creek Country Club in Richardson, TX.  He worked in the Tennis shop after school, owned/operated by friends of the Salazar family.  While working there, he met an employee and much older Chinese/Asian youth who attended college at nearby University of Texas in Dallas.  It was learned later in 2003 that this person had been stealing merchandise ($20,000+) from the shop throughout the term of his employment.  An investigative search on him later discovered he was affiliated with an Asian gang and had a criminal record.  In late 2001 Esteban quit this job at the shop.  He reported the reason to be that the activities at the Martial Arts Academy were consuming too much of his time as was his school work.  Esteban continued keeping busy and earning money by working part time for his father.  Having a driver's license and a car increased his time of being away from home as friends would call.

Esteban soon became associated with new Chinese/Asian students and their adult families.  The first young student was Raymond Dean Do (DOB: 10/18/85)- his parents (Thames D. & Christie J.) once operated a Nail Shop-CA Nails and later divorced.  Through Raymond, Esteban began to meet more of his new Asian/Oriental friends.  Records later showed that Ray's older sister Christie was arrested for theft in Plano. TX.. 

Some of these new people we later learned had criminal records/gang associations.  One of them was fellow student, Paul Le.  He was introduced to Esteban in late 2000 at Naaman Forest HS.  The following year he transferred back to nearby North Garland HS.  (note-juveniles 17 and younger are protected from having their criminal records reported to the public)

A great number of other Chinese/Asian youth became very friendly with Esteban following his membership into this select Chinese martial arts school's Lion Dance group that performed for the local Asian/Oriental community especially during the Chinese New Years and benefit programs.  Unknown to us at the time, many of these juveniles who portrayed themselves in an exemplary manner were involved in crime as were their families.

After he was accepted into this "family" group; in 2001 Esteban gave this new associate, Paul Le, a brand new computer system that he had recently purchased with money from his part time job at Canyon Creek Country Club just a few months earlier for $1500.00.  It was later reported by Le that this computer was for their family's

new hair salon salon business Friends Hair and Nail @ Greenville Ave. in Richardson, TX.  We suspect this along with other gifts may have been an offering as part of his induction (a show of loyalty and humility) into this family group.  Years later, we discovered they were not as poor as they advertised and had already owned a salon on Main St, Garland, TX. and were not in any need of financial assistance.  After Esteban parents learned about this event, the Le family were contacted and later disgruntled offered to pay for it- Esteban later received only $300 as a partial payment from the mother who visited his home and met with Esteban's mother.  Paul was present to translate.

It was later learned that Esteban also assisted other Chinese/Asian youths financially and with their academics (school work and testing) when they asked for help.  Raymond Do reportedly was one of them.  They would sit next to Esteban and cheat off his exam papers.

Until Christmas 2002, Esteban had not associated with Paul Le for quite a while and suddenly during school Winter break of 2002 Le contacted him and began spending a lot of time with Esteban on the days prior to his mysterious disappearance.  Esteban began to use his cell phone again which he stopped using nine months before.  Le has a long documented list of associates with criminal records and an older brother Long Le.  His mother, Binh, works full time and operates a salon while his father, Minh, works sometimes and lives mostly a retirement lifestyle.  In 2003 Garland Police Gang Unit officer reportedly identified his Garland home @ Emerson to have been under surveillance for the prior years.  Its suspected than an unreported business is generating the main income for this family since the hair salon clientele is small.

Through our investigation we learned that an older youth, "AJ", who lived nearby and which Esteban gave a ride to and from school daily was a reported major drug dealer at the high school.   It was reported that in 2001 he had a confrontation at the school with a disgruntled adult customer who reportedly had threatened to shoot him.  Records obtained indicated that Garland police and Captain Lay were involved in investigating this incident.  AJ had reported to Esteban having once ties with Asian gang members (Sam Nguyen) related to one of Esteban's other Asian friends.  His girlfriend at the time was Asian.

In 2002, Esteban's parents were planning changes for the family's future and relocate to Costa Rica.  In late 2002 they purchased land and began plans to invest in real estate.  The family was opening a real estate firm to construct vacation and retirement homes.   Esteban was very excited about the idea of living in Costa Rica and also attending college in the USA.

A few months earlier, on April 2002 Esteban was introduced to an Asian girl - Huong Q. Nguyen by his Kung Fu brother, Peter KWang.  Peter is a childhood friend of all these other listed Chinese/Asian people which Esteban later became associated with.  During this period Esteban's father was in Costa Rica; they were both supposed to have made the trip together but at the last minute Esteban changed his plans and chose to remain behind. 

On his return, Esteban reported to his father that on his first date Huong asked him to "be her boyfriend".  He added but "she told me it was OK if I dated other girls.  This courtship arrangement seemed very sudden and odd to his father, specially since Esteban is very particular of his selections and enjoyed his independence.  Many times before, he had kindly rejected other more attractive and outgoing/enthusiastic young girls who had approached him. 

  The following week Huong takes Esteban to have airbrushed photos at a glamour photo shop.  Many small gifts, cards/letters and phone calls followed.  In no time, Esteban's time was very  compromised and began to appear overwhelmed with all this 24/7 attention.  He was on call 24/7 at the disposability  of this family driving and picking up the mother at work at times.  We suspect this initial planned arrangement was for this girl to be a sponsor / planted to monitor Esteban's behavior and loyalty to the group.  In the course of this relationship the girl became very obsessed with Esteban.  It was reported that after Esteban severed his relationship with her she became very distraught - crying and then angry.  Her family was very disturbed by these events.  This arrangement to monitor is not unusual when bringing in new members into an Chinese/Asian organized family crime syndicate.  It has been rumored by his peers that this girl blackmailed Esteban into not breaking up with her by telling her family and brothers that he had disrespected her or she would disclose his activities.  Anything further than a kiss was something Esteban had avoided with this girl.  This girl's early presence of character with innocence, respect and shyness changed to being one of very sexually driven/socially active and disrespectful following Esteban's confirmed death.  Reported boyfriends were many and race now was not the problem she once talked about.  She had told Esteban's parents that she would only date young Anglo men- Her new choices now included African/American, Mexicans and Asians.  The 10:00PM curfew disappeared; reportedly she came and went as she pleased-inviting herself alone to some all men gatherings.

Esteban's mother for a some time had thought Huong was a victim and was being manipulated to keep silence by her family and associates.  His father had thought differently because of this girl's unusual behavior/actions and the events just days before Esteban's disappearance.  He had patiently waited until after she was interviewed by the police and he had more evidence to confront her.  She nor any member of her family was ever subjected to a polygraph examination by the Garland police.  During the police interview she was deliberately informed by the investigator that the Salazar family suspected her of knowing about Esteban's disappearance.  Her calm manner changed as she became furious and immediately severed her "great friendship" with the Salazar family.

This planned social relationship also served for accounting of Esteban's time while he may have been participating (past, present or future) on other unrelated and unknown activities.  The recorded incidents prior and after Esteban's disappearance show how unusual this girl acted before and after Esteban's kidnapping.  It is suspected that some of the time Esteban was expected to be socializing with Huong, he may have actually been an accomplice in some criminal enterprise.  This gives reason for Esteban not to have used his cell phone for almost a year after meeting this girl.  He stopped using it completely when he began dating this girl, in about April 2002, since by its use his location and contacts could have been easily tracked and recorded later.  Phone records of her older sister, Thu Q. aka Alayna (2007), indicate that she was very busy calling during the time just prior to Esteban's disappearance and her phone was off the remainder of the day and night.  She did not call or respond to the many calls that came in on her cell phone on that day-specially from her sister Huong who called many times.

In these precarious times when our government foreign policies are motivating more families into migrating to the USA away from their violent environments, were crime is a way of survival,  more of these young people (juveniles) are being used by organized crime to recruit and conduct their criminal activities in the USA.  Their deceit needs to be uncovered.  In the past, through their networking they can easily obtain licensures and identifications through third parties posing as them on examinations.  Many of the lower class non- English speaking migrants never operate a motor vehicle but acquired drivers licenses IDS through these means. In Texas written examinations for Vietnamese for cosmetology were eventually translated into their own language.

Any and all available information regarding their known criminal backgrounds should never be covered-up and protected by the Courts and city officials.  It should be available for all those parents who choose to act and can take timely corrective action in the best interests of their children's and community's welfare.  The City of Garland and its school district "GISD" should empower corrective change and not enable such criminals to continue in their bad ways and facilitate to the criminal contamination and loss of our youth.  Children need to be in a safe learning environment and kept away from such criminal behavior and bad disruptive influences during their most challenging, confusing and developing years. 

In 2005 gangs and their criminal activity finally become an announced priority for the City of Garland to combat.  This action has not happened by its own police initiative or intervention but with demanding action and pressure from its own citizens.


To the Salazar family, the events following Esteban's abduction and murder were greatly compounded and have been nothing less than a very terrible and never ending nightmare.  A child's death it's undoubtedly every parent's worst nightmare becoming a sudden unexplained reality to linger forever. 

We can not believe that Esteban has passed on and in such a sudden violent and tragic manner.  Following all the deceit, dishonesty and ineptness by these local law enforcement people, our immediate relationship with the Garland police became far from cordial at first contact.  Their reported recovery of the skull brought these investigators to play with our emotions and add more misery by their seemingly calculated heartless actions and statements such as: "we want you to know we handled your son's remains with respect" - "we know how you feel-  and know you will not agree with our determination and the records are sealed -this was followed by smirks.  Their agenda was to calculatedly destroy our family by separating and turning one against the other with their false accusations.  Esteban's sister was told her younger brother had been a victim of child abuse; and his mother told that his father was reportedly seen entertaining women at their home. 

The early precipitated loss of this police department's integrity meant our loss of confidence and hope into finding Esteban alive. 

Without the police's support a lot of the needed media coverage and assistance was suddenly lost.  News shows such as America's Most Wanted and 48 hrs were cancelled.  The local media were in no position then to challenge the city of Garland.  To add to this lonesome journey, the ironic invasion of Iraq began to fill most American homes with more important news broadcasts time.  Esteban's story would never reach the public.

Nevertheless, for all of us, departing from this city without closure would be to disrespect our beloved Esteban and to also ignore and disrespect our civil rights/freedom.  It now becomes our responsibility and necessity to find truth and justice.  We will continue to sacrifice ourselves at whatever the costs to reach an honest and supported closure.

  Today, our days seem to grow longer, breathless, empty and meaningless.  But giving us a breath for life, hope and strength is Esteban's continued strong spiritual presence* manifesting itself around us every day.  At one time there was always that hopeful illusion that Esteban like usual would be walking into our home with his cheerful presence and brighten up every one's day.  But now we sadly have to realize that he has departed from this life and will no longer be heard, seen and felt* by any one of us.

*Numerous phenomenal events have occurred following Esteban's death; some follow  events surrounding injustice: 

Hurricane Katrina touched down on Esteban's birthday August 29th (2005)

A devastating twister also touched down in New Iberia, LA on January, 4th (2007) the day Esteban disappeared- This is a city which Esteban's father traveled to following a phone tip. 

A Garland man who was wrongly imprisoned to 50 years sentence by the Garland police was released January 4th. (2007).  January 4th. 2003 was the day of Esteban's disappearance. 

August 8, 2008- A lucky day in the Chinese culture and Opening of the 2008 Olympic games-  A chartered bus with Vietnamese passengers board on 8/7/07 (Esteban's Vietnamese girlfriend's birthday) in route to a "religious gathering".  The bus crashes in McKinney, TX and many are hurt and killed.  It was reported that identification was challenging since most did not speak English and lacked identification. 

On 10/21/07 Esteban's former home in Garland burns down- the owner died in the fire.  Fire at home at 2411 Libra in Garland burns and the owner dies - this was the home Esteban grew up in and later was one of the family's ental investments.

Chinese New Year 2011- the year of the Rabbit - one of the worst winter freezes in recent history hits the Dallas area-


Other incidents express his continued presence, guidance and support.

Valentines Day 2008 - while shopping and checking out to pay all power in this one check out line went out.  After many repeated failed attempts and apologies by the manager we were directed to a new cashier - on our return home we found an unprecedented gift ( comedy movie CD) with our groceries free. 

Following 2003- Esteban's father favorite sports teams- Red Sox - Patriots and Celtics begin their winning seasons.

We continue to experience and look at some more of these unusual events as an added remainder & incentive to continue going forward and follow Esteban's guidance in our quest for justice.  These and many other unexplained phenomenal and extraordinary personal events have occurred and continue to occur -  Different house lights flashing and flickering at moments when our attention is needed - computer surfing the web on its own to specific sites with information associated with his death-cursor moving on its own- etc..


In our sadness and grief, we continue asking ourselves, how could this colossal madness have occurred to our beloved Esteban and specially right in front of us?  There was never any apparent signs that Esteban was ever in any mortal danger.  Why did Esteban keep silent and not ask for our immediate help?  How could something like this may have been prevented?  These are a few of the many haunting questions which we will repeatedly be thinking and asking ourselves for the rest of this most challenging lifetime. 

As parents, among many responsibilities, it is our undivided obligation to our children for providing them a safe living environment, teach them survival skills, keep them away from danger; and to protect and watch over them at all times.  Our unconditional love and support to them is never enough today.  To know completely about who our children's friends and their friend's families are is most imperative.  Do not be fooled by their very good mannerisms and sad stories.  These cunning people are great at deception and into luring you into whatever calculated purpose they might later have in store for their victims.  Some of these individuals completely duped us.  We never had the opportunity to know much about them and meet some of their families because of their cultural or social differences and reported limited language skills or maybe it was simply because they did not want us to meet them using these cultural indifferences as shields.  Its obvious that most of these immigrants have suffered in this cultural adjustment and many have deep rooted hatred and jealousy for Americans.  Their material economic gain is their way to express and identify themselves.

The many unfounded, unverifiable and un-collaborated rumors, after the disappearance, that Esteban was selling drugs severed many long time friendships of Esteban and those of his family.  Friends and their families we expected to visit during and after this tragedy never came by our home again and their children were told to keep away from us.  "They did not want to be associated with alleged criminals.  Why were these outrageous rumors characterizing our family as criminals being created and by whom?  A Captain Bob Barber / Garland police (retired 2007) was directing some concerned citizens and reporters that instead of investigating the Garland police wrongdoings they should be looking at the Salazar's family's finances and source of income.  Citing that our family's businesses were used as "fronts."  This tape audio recording containing these statements by Capt. Barber are published.

Some very good things have come out of this terrible tragedy in that we have discovered the character of our real friends and new found friendships were created with people of great substance who have unconditionally cared and supported us.  Even students whom we did not know have contacted us offering their sympathies, support and assistance in helping us find information of who is responsible for Esteban's death.  Esteban touched a lot of good people with his unpretentious caring, sincerity, concern and good mannerisms.

The family's struggle for seeking urgent police assistance, to later be kept informed on the investigation and to learn truthful facts about Esteban's death from the Garland Police has been devastating for all of us.  Our initial pleas for immediate help went ignored and it became a preview of the longstanding pain and suffering which we were going to maliciously inflicted on our family. 

The police's wrongful behavior toward the Salazar family was very condescending and intimidating; specially toward Esteban's mother.  At times they would smirk between themselves as they withheld information and gave out misinformation to all Salazar family members.

Most of the first hand information of facts we supplied to the Garland police went ignored or became misconstrued and twisted by them to be something else which was never stated.  It became part of the record that is now sealed.  The "blocked phone call" Esteban answered before he disappeared the police ignored to immediately search for the caller's identity.  Records indicated they waited four (4) months to begin this investigation.  When we asked for general information on the case we were misinformed and told lies or not told anything at all. 

Originally, a complete false scenario which victimized Esteban's sister and father was fabricated to close the "homicide case" and we were forced to accept it.  Our good standing character was criminalized.  All efforts were made by the police to divide and impair our family.  Esteban's mother and sister were intimidated and told purported lies about Esteban's father.  photo by Elizabeth Lavin/D magazine-November 2006 article "Man Undone".  The consequences, Esteban's sister and mother have suffered serious physical an mental health problems resulting form this malfeasance.  Esteban's homicide case was closed with secrets and lies -  This added injury to anguish and it becomes the second worst nightmare for a grieving parent.


A great emotional loss and an end of the Salazar family tree-

Who was Esteban and what was he like??  Esteban was a very modest, sincere, thoughtful, happy, enthusiastic, caring, affectionate and special young man who enjoyed to spend time and bring joy to his family.  Esteban earned our admiration and respect at an early age; he could be trusted and was always very dependable, respectful, organized and responsible.  Esteban always had respect for others and for himself.  He was very self sufficient and worked part time at Canyon Creek Country Club and later for his father.  Additional and other income was awarded to him by his parents for his extraordinary school work.  He chose not to stay out late at night and always kept us informed of his whereabouts.  A curfew for him never seemed to be necessary as he was always home before midnight.  He took pride in his academics and was very comfortable and specially enthusiastic about his new teachers and curriculums in his Junior (2003) year at Naaman Forest High School.  A great new love for literature was developed and he was becoming less engaging in interactive video games he would play with his friends.  He dedicated the major part of his pass time into learning Kung Fu/martial arts and being part of the yearly traditional Chinese New Year celebrations and "Lion Dance" performances.

  Esteban always searched for ways into bringing happiness to his Family and Friends in every way possible.  He was sensitive and caring and would go out of his way to help his family and others as soon as he sensed need.  He would always put himself last to take care of.  When he saw that you were "feeling down" he would do his very best to "cheer you up".  He was always willing to help anyone in any way possible.  "No" never became part of his vocabulary.  He avoided and never solicited attention.   Beknownst, he stood out from the crowd with his big smile, wittiness, good looks, tall stature and intelligence.  He was very charming and funny.  Esteban found excitement experiencing and learning new things.  He was a very good listener and role model; his compassion, tolerance, patience and humbleness taught us all to become better people.

  Some of the leisure activities Esteban enjoyed included: weight training, mountain biking, martial arts, mixing and listening to music, DJ-ing, sketching, skiing and snowboarding in Colorado, surfing, hiking and whitewater rafting in Costa Rica, building computers, traveling and eating "good and healthy" food.  His Aunt Ginny's cooking was his favorite; he always looked forward for her invitation to dinner.

 Esteban was on schedule to  early graduation from high school; planned on taking some time off and then attending college.  He maintained an academic honors student level, transcending from his younger years while attending the city's magnate schools and recorded an all A's average during his last semester of high school at Naaman Forest High School. 

At one time Esteban was looking into a career in the Military like that of his grandfather and great-grandfather whom he greatly admired.  His great-grandfather- Col. LD Gladding was one of the most decorated officers in the US Army during WWII serving as a battalion Commander for the 26th Infantry Division.  His medals which included: Distinguished Service Cross, Soldiers Medal, French Croix de Guerre, Silver and Bronze Stars, Purple Hearts, etc.. were proudly displayed over his desk at home.

Esteban realized he could also serve his country by helping people in distress.  His aspirations eventually became to be an acoustics engineer after serving a tour of duty with the US Coast Guard.  Esteban had chosen various colleges as his favorites to apply and attend; among them were: The United States Coast Guard Academy in Groton, Connecticut, Southern Methodist University in Dallas, TX , University of California in Los Angeles, CA and Austin College in Sherman, TX. 

He was prepared and looking forward to taking the college board examinations just days before his disappearance.  Records indicated that the day before his disappearance he spent some time reviewing.

During his last Christmas vacation of 2002 he enjoyed very much his time spent in Colorado with his cousins and friends.  He snowboarded daily until exhaustion.  In his idle time he read.  On his return, he talked about his trip and looked forward to spending another Christmas with his family in Colorado.

Esteban became an enigma to most of his peers, he had a Hispanic last name but no one could figure out his true ethnicity because he did not fit the appearance of the stereotype Hispanic/Mexican person.  Esteban's mother is Anglo-American/English/American Indian and his father Latin/European/Anglo American.  Most locals thought that since he had a Hispanic last name he was just another Mexican person.  And so did the Garland Police as they speculated early in their investigation that he had changed his identity and gone across the border to Mexico.  This would have certainly amazed and surprised Esteban since he did not speak Spanish or had any family members or friends residing in Mexico.


More unprecedented pain and suffering comes to the family.

Esteban's grandfather "Pop Pop" death-

Following Esteban's official death announcement Esteban's grandfather health suddenly deteriorated.  In late 2003 he died.  A one time police homicide detective in Florida, he became very dissatisfied and embarrassed at the way his law enforcement colleagues in Garland, TX  handled Esteban's abduction and homicide case and mistreated the family.

Esteban's beloved dog "Sunshine"-

Days following Esteban's disappearance, the family's white Labrador retriever "Sunshine" found herself very uneasy and very frequently visited inside Esteban's empty bedroom.  This was very unusual behavior for Sunshine to go alone into Esteban's bedroom.   One particular day, Sunshine a very active and animated dog, laid at the foot of Esteban's bed and would not stand up.  After unsuccessfully trying to help her get up, the family rushed and carried her to the Veterinarian.  The Veterinarian could not find anything physically wrong with her.  We suspect this was the time Esteban was murdered.  Sunshine eventually became ill and died in 2005.

His sister "Nina"-

Esteban's older sister Nina already devastated with his younger brother's abduction/murder became a victim for calculated infliction of pain and suffering by the Garland police investigators who reported to her about their false findings of "child abuse" of her brother by their father.  The police later used her name to fabricate more primary evidence with statements which she never made.  These police investigators repeatedly continued reporting to her that her brother, Esteban, had been abused by their father.  Already suffering from debilitating mental health, they created more great confusion and hate toward her father. 

In 2003 she separated from her family and moved to Houston, Texas.  After learning that her statements had been misconstrued by the police and that Esteban's homicide case closed using false information Nina suffered a complete nervous breakdown while living alone.  In her desperation she turned to alcohol and drugs.

Affidavits to correct these wrongdoings were sent to the police and ignored.  They were also sent to other law enforcement agencies ( FBI, Dallas County Distinct Attorney, US Department of Justice and the DC Medical Examiner) who the Garland police had previously misinformed and lied to.  Some of the fabrications have been posted on this web site.  In early 2005 Nina was hospitalized with severe depression, paranoia, psychosis and anxiety.  Nina continued receiving very aggressive mental health care.  Her prognosis is unknown at this moment.  In 2009 she disappeared hiding and afraid for her safety was reportedly using an alias.

It was learned in 2007 that prior to Esteban's disappearance that Nina had changed jobs and relocated on the afternoon of Esteban's disappearance.  Nina relocated to a new apartment - she had stated that Esteban had warned her of being in immediate danger. 

In November 2006 following an interview with D Magazine, Garland police spokesperson Joe Harn stated that there was nothing in their case files which pointed to any child abuse in the Salazar home.   This is contrary to what they had reported earlier (2003) to the Medical Examiner and rumored to the Media as their primary circumstantial evidence.  Once again, in 2006 new motives for Esteban's "suicide" death began to be fabricated by the Garland police.

Esteban's mother-  Two weeks prior to Xmas 2007 Esteban's mother suffered a stroke.  The City of Garland has continued their wrongful behavior, abuse of official powers and violation of civil rights against the Salazar family affecting the family's well-being.  All complaints against the police Investigators that were sent have been ignored.  Esteban's mother health has continued to deteriorate as she works to find closure and tend to care and worry for her daughter.

Through the early part of our investigation, unknown individuals were contacting the Salazar family representing themselves to be connected to different local cities - national educational foundations - educational groups - all wishing to use Esteban's name in developing unique educational schools.  We suspect some of these individuals were politically connected to the leadership of the city of Garland who were trying to derail our investigation and interests.



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A Parent's plead:


Dear Huong,

Your many letters to Esteban have repeatedly expressed your deep profound love for him.  Included were also those you wrote to him after he disappeared.  Do the right thing for Esteban, yourself and our family.  Follow your heart and conscience.  Esteban is tormented seeing the undue suffering being caused to his parents and family while they continue to look for closure.  We realize that you may carry a heavy burden, but divulging the truth of what happened to Esteban will help free your conscience and bring Esteban's soul some peace. 

Today, our journey of life is very short and limited here on this Earth but will be limitless in our eternal future life.  Show Esteban your true love.  He will forgive and welcome you in the future.  We will always be here for you should you need our help and support.

No Reply was received.


Dear Huong,

We always suspected that something related to the company Esteban was keeping troubled him lots during the week preceding his disappearance.  We did not know the seriousness of the matter as you obviously had indicated to the media.  Fact: Esteban would not share the whole truth with his father and evidently cried as he spoke with you about it on the night of 12/28/02.  Later he brought up the same subject before you and his father on the afternoon of 12/29/02 clearly indicated to us then that you were involved or at the very least had knowledge and were aware.  It was clear and evident this problem was not something about a normal girl and boy relationship!  All the records and your statements given by you to the police are matter of public record never collaborated.  After Esteban disappeared on 1/4/03 we waited for your help or at least hear the truth.  It never came.  Just more play acting and deception.  We have given you all this time to come forward with the truth.  Your interest for closely following this case was more for your own protection?  The pain you have caused our family has been immense.  Why?  Are you protecting yourself or a loved one?  We would certainly not expect to hear from you if you were involved in his murder.

No Reply was received.


Beth and Bill Salazar


To date all our pleas have been ignored by the girlfriend.


powered by love





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