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Last updated:Saturday, September 03, 2011


Facts Page: 


1. The Garland Police Alleged Crime Scene.

2. The Recovery Site.

3. The Garland Police Random Discovery.

4. Physical Evidence. 

5. Ballistics Evidence.

6. Examination of Remains.

7. Interview of Persons.

8. Unusual Events.

9. Other ignored Data of Non- suicide.

10. Events Before Abduction.

11. Events After Abduction.

12. Persons of Interest.

13. Connection to Mexican Cartel and Asian Drug Trafficking Operations

14. Unidentified Blocked Caller.


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The Garland Police's Alleged Crime Scene Location - Their Search &  Investigation:  (as reported by the Garland Police Department)

The Garland Police Search - (Accounts and reports clearly indicate the police search being very limited and selective to be only a recovery operation and for the sole purpose of finding Esteban's cadaver - it was never planned and considered to be that of a rescue operation as their own stories attempted to fabricate and portray).  By the time their late search began, rumors were rampant that Esteban's body had been discovered under a bridge with its throat slashed and his death was gang/drug related.  Numerous Chinese/Asian youths known to Esteban were spreading stories that he was a drug lord/ dealer.  The degree of some of these stories proved to be false.  After an exhausted investigation these rumors that Esteban was a drug dealer were confirmed to be false but people/families associated with him and other contact information discovered indicated a recorded history of organized crime - drug trafficking & money laundering activities which the police have suppressed and protected.

Three days belated and following the missing person's report the exclusive limited  police search began and it involved (they refused and advised against any volunteer assistance):

1. Aerial (helicopter) search by the Texas Department of Public Safety- hovered over the Salazar's home and around the open recovery area- this search failed to locate Esteban's body.

2.  Garland Police foot search (based and guided by using this most unusual Garland police dominant hand theory?) conducted by the Garland Police Department - This reported approach to this search by these police investigators was allegedly guided by the Garland police's early predetermined assumption that Esteban was suicidal when he departed his home.  One of the first facts they immediately wanted to learn and repeatedly inquired about was which was Esteban's dominant hand.  Special Note - All leading search professionals later contacted have never utilized or knew about this reported search approach method that was utilized by the Garland Police.  It was later reasonably suspected its purpose was to deliberately guide their police search in the opposite directions were all the credible sightings had been reported.   

Cadaver dogs (SORT) from Search One Rescue Team were selected and initially used weeks later.  From the first day, a bloodhound had been repeatedly reasonably requested by the Salazar family to help locate Esteban alive and SORT had one available at that time.  An interview with the SORT Director Mr. Paul Lake revealed that Captain Lay had misinformed the Salazar family, stating that a hound was not available; and police records later revealed that the hound search was not requested by Lay only until several weeks after the disappearance.

The wooded and creek areas previously searched by family, near Esteban's home, were also those first selected to be searched again by the Garland Police.  In addition, the only few reported "credible" sightings of Esteban had been reported in a complete opposite direction, on a Southerly direction from his home, and placed him away from all these initial police search areas; nevertheless these important reported facts were being completely ignored by the Garland Police for about two months as precious physical evidence, time and resources were being wasted.

Within days after the Garland police began their search, they reported that a female classmate of Esteban's had seen him walking not too far from where the remains were later discovered.  It was reported that as she drove by him both made eye contact and he smiled.  The identity of this alleged person was withheld and never been released.  Also a next door neighbor reported seeing Esteban walking in that same direction toward the Brand Road Apartments.  These most basic early facts were among others reported sightings ignored and all in that nearby area of the final recovery site.

 Nevertheless, for weeks the Garland police search still continue to be in the opposite direction and far away from all this major reported sighting location. 

The Salazar family was not able to confirm that some of these reported events ever occurred since record with the name of this witness was sealed.  From all the data that has been compiled to date, its reasonably suspected that at this early time of the police search, they already knew where Esteban's corpse was located and all was being done to maintain a distance and not to recover it in this early complete stage.

As precious time continued to pass by, instead of reasonably following on the few and more obvious leads/sightings, the Garland Police team leader- Lt. Thompson ignored and reported to the Salazar family that since Esteban was right handed the Police search would continue to be concentrated in a different and opposite direction from were all the known reported sightings and toward the North East or Esteban's right hand side starting at Brand Rd / Queenswood Lane. 

Notwithstanding, Esteban's partial scattered skeletal remains were reportedly randomly found by the lead police investigator and Lt. Thompson's lone search, two months later, in an open/wooded area (South and West from his home). Area was located in the complete opposite direction of their police searches and much further away from his home (but it was a mile from Lt. Thompson's home).  When the physical evidence was recovered by the police at this very late time, it was composed of very minimal scattered small bones with little or no trace soft tissue evidence that would not exhibit any superficial injuries.  At this stage all it included were only a few scattered bones and a skull as shown by the photos taken by the parents.

This police recovery site area was then and is now used mainly as a dump site (2003), and is located farther away from other more nearby wooded areas; and it was not familiar to Esteban.  There was no reported trail scent of Esteban leading to this recovery location from any of the dog handlers in the later searches.  The scent stopped at the entrance of a parking lot halfway on Brand Rd.

Known and more familiar to Esteban were many other nearby wooded and creek areas much closer to his home, all of which he was more acquainted with.  The Salazar family first searches were focused in these areas thinking he may had gone for jog; fallen and seriously hurt himself.  This was an area were Esteban would frequently walk/jog and play since early childhood. He would usually return home exhausted and covered with mud as he had done the previous week.

Psychology experts have cited that if this manner of death had been a suicide; a nearby familiar wooded area or his own home, which was available exclusively to Esteban for (4+) four hours that day, would have presented a more likeable and reasonable location and time frame for this to occur.  And not a day later as the police have assumed. 

3.  Cadaver Dog Recovery-search conducted during the first days eventually stopped and came within less than half mile of the recovery area and did not pick up any cadaver scent.

4.  Following their reported recovery on 3/1/03 Garland police questioned the nearby property owner, Kenneth Duane Creek (dob:5/10/56).  His dwelling is 70 yards from the recovery site area @ 1302 Apollo Rd.  He stated, two months later, hearing a very loud gun shot on the day following Esteban's reported disappearance.  But strangely he never voluntarily called and reported it to anyone.  When asked if it was possible for the sound to be a remnant firework from New Years day?  He replied absolutely not!  I am sure that was a .357 magnum gunshot I heard.  *In 2008 the Salazar family discovered that the ammo found with the recovered .357 pistol was not .357 as expected but that of a  .38 caliber.

Mr. Creek did not voluntarily reveal any of this information until after the discovery of Esteban's remains and questioned first by the Garland police; and later by the Salazar family.  By this time Esteban's body had been mostly consumed by wild life and only about 15% remained.  It was well known to neighbors that this man was a hunter and deliberately attracted wildlife into his land to hunt it - large pieces of meat were tied and hung to branches on the trees.  The coincidence that Esteban's main remains were situated beside a creek and in this ideal location for consumption by coyotes, wildcats and other wild life, that follow the scent of the bait and creek bed, ads to another unsolved mystery.

Some of Esteban's scattered skeletal remains were found inside Mr. Creek's property a few feet across the creek.  When Esteban's father spoke with him later, Creek stated not being employed and retiring early.  He quickly began relating many details of events from that memorable weekend, two months before.  Described, watching the birds fly away at the exact instance of the loud emanating and deafening gunshot sound; and immediately identifying its emerging site location.  He also stated having purchased some hunting gear on that same weekend and having proof of it with a purchase receipt.  He reported walking over and looking around the immediate area where the gunshot originated, but saw and found nothing.  This un-collaborated information from Mr. Creek came only after the recovery of Esteban's remains and when this individual was reportedly questioned by the Garland police; and later by the Salazar family.  Somewhat outrageous was that all this conjecture became *more and part of the evidence for the Garland police to close the case.  Mr. Creek was also the only person in the household of (4) four people to have reportedly witnessed the hearing of the gunshot that early morning.  

In the course of this unexpected long conversation, Creek stated that the principals at the Vietnamese Buddhist Temple (next door to his property) have been repeatedly asking him to sell his property; but that he will not sell!  This temple was reported to have once been attended by Esteban's girlfriend and family prior to his disappearance.  Later reports indicated they had stopped attending and were later seen at the nearby Vietnamese catholic church.

During 2003, Mr. Creek had two teenage sons that (had) attended Naaman Forest HS and his wife worked as a safety officer/crossing guard at Apollo/N. Garland Rds./Webb Middle school, very near where Esteban's remains were found.  Its bizarre that after knowing about Esteban's much publicized disappearance Creek delayed reporting this to the Garland Police and did not report until questioned two months later?  Records show that one of Mr. Creek's son's had a drug problem and in 2007 one of them was arrested by the Garland police on drug possession.  Members of an Oriental/Asian family with criminal records have been reportedly visiting the Apollo home on occasions. 

*To learn more and confirm this important police evidentiary information, all other nearby local residents and construction workers were questioned by the Salazar's investigators; and also procured were the Garland police incident records for this area.  They were reviewed for the periods during the time of Esteban's disappearance.  All reported no gunshot sound incidents and do not collaborate with this man's story.  This story is another part of the numerous un-collaborated primary evidence which the Garland police used to make their suicide determination. **Of Special Note- During the later volunteer search, Mr. Creek was very hostile and not too cooperative with the volunteer search group.  He warned the search volunteers/Texas Eqquasearch not to step inside his property boundaries since "he could not be responsible for someone being accidentally shot."

As important and ignored, psychology experts noted that a suicidal person would not wait this long a period (another day) of time to commit this desperate action upon themselves.

5.  Records show that a professional hound dog search (SORT) was requested late by the Garland Police on 1/18/03; and only after the persistent insistence of the Salazar family.  It found a very strong scent trail which lead the police, starting from Esteban's home (#1) to the entrance of a parking lot of an apartment complex-Brandon Walk (#2)- (about 3/4 of a mile away from Esteban's home).  According to the Garland police report obtained, the bloodhound dog handler - Mr. David Daniel stated he was 99.9% sure of a "hit".  It was then surmised at that point in time by the dog Handler and the Police Investigators at the scene that Esteban was picked up and transported out from this parking lot area.  But there was also a slight possibility that Esteban may had gone into one of the immediate nearby apartments that afternoon.  There was absolutely no reported scent trail leading from this location to the recovery area (#3) or anywhere else.  The handler attempted to pick up Esteban's scent in the outskirt perimeters of this apartment complex with no success.  With such an important new lead to follow, there was no procedural follow-up investigation by the Garland police on this very important factual discovery from their own selected Search/Rescue team organization.  This new lead follows and collaborates with the reported sighting from two weeks before by a next door neighbor who sighted Esteban walking toward this location.  But these investigators still chose to ignore it since it did not fit their suicide determination.  The Garland police stopped their foot search and investigation at the entrance of these apartments. 

Weeks later, its reported by neighbors that nearby Apollo Rd. is blocked by Garland police (four patrol cars) on the afternoon of 1/29/03 - they are in the field in the back/side of the Brandon Apartments.  But after repeated "Open Records" inquiries, there are no police records indicating about this witnessed event and what the purpose of their strong presence was there. 

Our speculation is that they found Esteban's remains in this area (#4) especially since they fail to inform us.  Was Esteban's body dumped here and later moved to location #3?  Some have gone as far to say that the a Garland police officer calculatedly shot Esteban in the head after his death to make it look as a suicide.  Specially since there was no trace of blood at the recovery site and  .38 caliber pistol is a favorite (detective special) carry or back-up weapon by investigators.  No one knows where the reportedly recovered .38 caliber rounds originated from since only .357 ammo had been solely purchased and used with the .357 pistol.  Raymond Do-(Esteban's former associate) later reported that friend Tai Nguyen's father hid a .38 revolver in their bathroom and maybe the ammo came from there.


By following the evidence; here, at the entrance of the Brandon Place Apartments(#2) is where Esteban was abducted.  He was transported out and held captive and then murdered somewhere else. His remains wer dumped in the recovery area.  How else did his body reach the recovery area (3#) without leaving a scent trail or a trace of blood?

By the roadway, in front of some other nearby apartments nearby from where Esteban's remains were collected these sneakers were found hanging from the power lines - it signifies a gang killing.  Then sneakers were in place for months until shortly after we alerted the police and city council.   Without hesitation or a response, the city immediately removed them.

When Esteban's remains were later recovered this important fact of physical evidence, the lost scent trail, along with other reported physical and circumstantial evidence no longer became of interest or of any use to the Garland Police; and went completely ignored and unreported to the media.  This important fact was kept a secret from all other law enforcement agencies including the Federal Bureau of Investigation and Dallas County Medical Examiner (DCME).  Instead, according to Open Records obtained in 2008- false and misleading information that Esteban was seen leaving his home with a weapon was reported to the DCME Field Agent R. George by Lt. "Keith Thompson of the Garland police.  Of course, this became their prime circumstantial evidence in their determination- the fact that there was evidence indicating abduction was never mentioned to the coroner.  The Salazar family was asked by the police not to disclose any of this information to the media during their investigation.

 Volunteers working with the Salazar family went door to door and interviewed residents at the apartment complex and later learned that not one was reportedly interviewed by the Garland police.  The police investigator only spoke briefly to the apartment assistant manager.  Documented data of all these interviews and responses by volunteers was sent to the Garland Police.

6.  There are no records in the Garland police files of other "not" reported foot searches by the Garland Police in this or any other case during the time- But it was learned from nearby residents that on the afternoon of 1/29/03 the Garland Police Department blocked off Apollo Rd (900-1300 Block) nearby were Esteban's remains were ultimately found.  At least four patrol cars were reported seen on site, as well as a canine unit.  Captain Jody Lay-head of the Intelligence Division who soon after became personally in-charged of Esteban's search and investigation has claimed that their police presence there was only to recover a fugitive who had escaped from one of their police patrol cars.  Strangely, after a Open Records request there is no reported record in Garland police files about this other strange reported occurrence.  Given also that at this time, a canine unit was this close (100 yards) to Esteban's reported remains site and there was no scent reported, it may also be indicative of the possibility that his remains were not there at that time or not properly reported by the police and later relocated.   In 2005 after the Open Records request, the Garland Police/Records Division and Captain Lay / Director of Intelligence reported by Email that there is no record of this police incident in their police files.  Additional requests to confirm this unauthorized/undocumented use of city resources were made to the Garland City Manager Mr. Bill Dollar, Chief of Police Bates, our District #8 Representative-Randy Dunning and Mayor Bob Day.  These complaints/requests of misused city resources went ignored.

Its reasonably suspected that the Gatland police presence there was related to Esteban's case.

Another reported unusual event and misuse of city resources was witnessed by citizens at another similar undocumented Garland police action taking place at 2447 Richview Ct., Garland, Texas on the weekend of 8/14/05.  It was a reportedly a weekend gathering of many Oriental/Asian people, more than thirty (30) motor vehicles were reported at this one home.  The home occupants are associated to Mr. Lae Phoxayvong (charged at one time with illegal organized crime activities) who was linked to Paul Le and Esteban by way of the cellphone call made on 12/30/02.  This group have associates who live in the apartment complex where Esteban's scent lead the search to.  Some individuals at this home are known to have criminal records also.  The police action reported by nearby residents involved a Department of Public Safety helicopter and numerous Garland police cars.  According to a request for information made, the Garland police also do not have any records of this incident.  Mr. Randy Dunning was asked again to look into this clandestine misuse of city resources.   Dunning chose to ignore looking into this serious matter.

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The Recovery-

The recovery site-  The area alongside the road leading from Esteban's home to this recovery site at the time of his disappearance was heavily wooded during January of 2003.  The reported recovery site was over a mile and a half away from Esteban's home and only about 3/4 of a mile where the bloodhound lost Esteban's scent at the entrance of the Brandon Rd. apartments (suspected abduction site).  This final recovery site about 70 yards Southerly from Apollo Rd. consists of open fields with roads and trails.  Its surrounded at one end by woods that go into the creek area.  This area was/is a trash dump site, a meeting place, dirt bike and trail to the creek, and a lover's lane.  There are three access roads into the reported recovery site.  The first two roads are very drivable.  The third access road may require the ground clearance of a truck.  The outlined roads (yellow and orange) on the satellite photo converge and the trail ends about 10 yards were Esteban's skull was found.  It is suspected this is and would be the most probable trail used to transport Esteban's body in.  Residents have reported a lot of daily activity of: people driving in and out at all hours of the day/night- kids riding their bikes and going to the creek fishing and walking through to go to school. All pass the trail were Esteban's remains were found.  No one reported sighting or scenting the remains.   No particular  attention to the in/out traffic is reportedly given by the residents. 

From their placement, its suspected that Esteban's remains were delivered there days before the Garland police reported their sudden unexplained discovery by the investigator.

The following satellite photo describes the site-access ways; and the path of the scattered bones recovered/the other photos are looking out onto the road from the skull recovery/primary site-and access way to the primary site.



Looking out from location where Esteban's skull was found -primary site


Road going in from the alleyway (1st. phase).


Road coming down open area (2nd.phase)

Open Area-Road continues around & to the left(3rd. phase) photo taken from Apollo Rd.

Road turning right to the primary site


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The Discovery and Forensic Investigation-

The first find (femur bone) was discovered and reported by Lt. Thompson to have been found by chance, during a random walk on a Friday afternoon, nearby a residential service alley and at the entrance of a walking trail to the field/wooded area.  Note-Lt. Thompson's residence is less than a mile from this area. 

Medical Examiner records report the find to be 125 feet from the nearest home on 1200 Woodland Park, Garland, TX.  The cadaver's other main find location reported  by the police was about 500 feet into the woods from this find and where Esteban's skull and backpack was later reported to have been found.    

Garland Police Investigator-Thompson reported going to the site on 2/28/03 following on a previously ignored sighting/lead (report that a fellow female classmate saw Esteban walking on Apollo Rd. and he had waved at her-the identity of this individual was never disclosed) This Garland police reported lead came in during the first days of the disappearance and was completely ignored until then; to date this is un-collaborated and its record sealed.

Police reportedly found/recovered two bones and brought them back to their forensic expert to identify it.  The Garland Police forensic expert and then Medical Examiner reported that the femur bone was identified as "animal".  The bone reportedly was later sent to another Dallas Medical Examiner-Urban on Saturday 3/1/03, on that same day Esteban's parents had been scheduled in to be at the police headquarters to meet with the investigators.  At about 10:00 am the Medical Examiner-Jill Urban, MD  reportedly called the Garland Police to informed them that the bone found was identified to be "human".  Esteban's parents who had been summoned to appear a day earlier were at the Garland police headquarters when this reported phone call came in from the Dallas County Medical Examiner (DCME) and were made aware.  They were told that this missing persons case was now a homicide investigation.  Was it a coincidence or planned event for this events to occur simultaneously? 

 It is noted by police and medical examiners reports that no forensic investigators were summoned immediately and only appeared at the crime scene until about 16:30 or six (6)+ hours later on that day.  The Dallas County Medical Examiner field agent was not contacted and included.  Records indicated they waited until 16:00 to phone-call the DCME to report that themselves would start to collect evidence.  The DCME did not respond or did not receive the call or were told not to appear?  Whatever the reasons in a homicide investigation it was their responsibility to be first respondents to collect evidence. The remains were exclusively collected by the Garland police beginning at noon and consisted of only a few scattered partial bones and a skull and personal items; the body was completely dismembered and soft tissue was almost non-existent.  The personal items were never shared with the DCME.  Garland police transported the remains to the DCME.  This was done by Garland police out of the protocol established for this type of a death scene.

*Garland Police reported to the Salazar family that the first bone finding was as of result from an old lead/sighting generated the first week of the search by one of Esteban's classmates- this conflicts with the fact of this finding since it had been recently (2006) reported by a resident who claimed to have called it in.  There was also a conflicting report from neighbors that FBI personnel was seen at the scene early and departed.  For some unknown reason the Garland Police created a lot of misinformation -false reports, events and evidence.   This is another one of those that was passed on to Esteban's family.

Two weeks following the conclusion of the Garland police's recovery & search, a large group of volunteers from Texas Eqquasearch, a well known professional search team, found Esteban's missing/untied shoe in pristine condition about 40 feet from the first reported skeletal find and 500 feet from the other shoe that was reported to be in very poor condition (chewed-stained and weathered).  A Garland police grid-search mark ribbon was found tied to a branch within a mere few feet from this recovered shoe.  The GPD refused to assist altogether in this search including documenting and recording the finds of this search.  The police leadership instructed the search team to place any find in a box and drop it off at the police headquarters.  An audio recording of Lt. "Keith" Thompson relating to this unusual event was sent to Council person-Dunning. It indicated at that point that the police had already closed the case and made their determination.

The Medical Examiner-Jill Urban, MD reported receiving some limited skeletal remains  provided by the Garland police enclosed in paper bags that had no (Global Positioning Satellite)  "GPS" positioning information; some of the bags were unlabeled as to their contents. This consisted all of the physical evidence the Dallas County Medical Examiner was provided and allowed to examine to make a determination of manner of death.


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Physical Evidence: (collection was very selected and limited; and done only by the Garland Police-  the Dallas County Medical Examiner's Office was excluded)

An un-redacted police report by Detective Myers, which was inadvertently sent to the Salazar family, indicates that the Dallas County Medical Examiners Office did not participate at all in the collection of evidence at  the reported crime scene.  This important investigation was strictly handled only by the designated Garland police team who was the young and inexperienced forensic investigator Stephanie McCall #5817-

The selected evidence search group included: Captain J. L. Lay, Lt. K. Thompson and detectives: M J Myers#177, J S Martin#162, C M Shoemaker#76, M A Mendoza#213, S V Tooke#215, D P Colasanto#122, R A McLean#282, I C Hale#193, W H Brown#199 and B T Younger#87.  Note: This group consisted of all loyal veterans not one of newer members were included.

Per police records/reported physical evidence collected by the police included: one sock - two t-shirts - one back pack - one Nike tennis shoe - one shirt - running pants - boxer shorts.  Missing were one sock and one shoe.  The missing shoe was found later by Texas EquuaSearch a couple of feet from a police search grid marker two weeks later. Note- Esteban's shoes were not Nike tennis shoes as erroneously reported by police but a New Balance brand running shoes-family was not allowed to identify personal items.

Collected evidence was reported to have been sent by the Garland Police to many different forensic laboratories throughout Texas and Florida for examinations and was not handled solely by the Southwestern Institute of Forensic Sciences in Dallas, Texas/Dallas County Medical Examiner.  Reason stated by the Garland Police's Captain Lay was that this laboratory was very inadequate (but this lab is used by most law enforcement agencies in the area).  More reasonably the intention was to keep as much information from reaching the Medical Examiner.

Records indicated that the final determination in the manner of death was made, on June 2003, by the Medical Examiner before most of the forensic results and analysis of the other physical evidence from the other laboratories were completed.  The basis of the Medical Examiner's manner of death determination was based on the circumstantial evidence provided by the Garland Police and it was not based on scientific evidence.  Their own field agents were excluded from collecting evidence in this case.  This is the reported accounting from the Medical Examiner-Dr. Jill Urban to Esteban's father in a letter received in August of 2005.  The Medical Examiner was so overwhelmed and wrongfully influenced by this Garland police report that no initial forensic anthropology examination was conducted as would be the protocol in this type of a homicide case.  This situation was completely out of procedure for a medical examiner.  A forensic examination was later conducted but only after the Salazar family approached another forensic anthropologist-Dr. Gill King to investigate and perform this examination following the human remains being released to the family on 3/5/03.  According to the following letter by Dr. Gil-King, the physical evidence of the remains were compromised by Dr. Urban for an anthropology examination.

Affidavit of Fact regarding the registered pistol owned by the Salazar family.


Physical Evidence that should have been present at the recovery scene and was not were very good reasons for a new and more complete investigation by the Garland Police; and for the request of more experienced professional assistance to collect evidence.

1.  A registered pistol reported to be from the Salazar home was reportedly found at the recovery area.  To date, the Salazar family have never been allowed to identify their own pistol by the Garland police.  A.  The reported recovered pistol was property of Esteban's father and was found to be absent of any fingerprints.  Including that of his (visible or latent) own fingerprints and DNA.  It was evident from this police report that this pistol had been wiped down.  B.  An unidentified DNA was reported found by Cell Mark Orchid on the pistol by Detective Myers/Garland Police Department.  Esteban's one sample of DNA was reported found on the pistol grip area only.  This is a most common and very suitable area for criminals to plant DNA on a pistol.  Fingerprint evidence from a dead body are very hard to plant since it lacks perspiration and oils when deceased. 

The police reported that the examination was performed by Orchid Cellmark, a leading provider of DNA testing.  A year later in a letter dated 9/24/04 the Dallas County Chief Medical Examiner/Dr. Jeffrey Barnard challenged this scientific result by by stating "we consulted a DNA expert regarding the reported finding and we do not agree with the conclusion".  This new conclusion by Dr. Barnard was reached without an examination of the DNA, and he has neglected to name this mystery "DNA expert".  This statement came only after a complaint was filed against his office for negligence and tampering with evidence.  C. There were no ammunition rounds for this pistol at the Salazar home; this was reported to the Garland police when the missing firearm was reported days after the missing persons report.  Nevertheless, they went to the extreme to fabricate evidence around this pistol.  A pistol without rounds is useless for its main intended purpose.  The Investigators initially reported having recovered an odd number of .357 rounds  and implied to be "special/custom" reloads type which the Salazar family had no access to and are said to be harder to trace.  No latent fingerprints or DNA were reported to be present on any of these rounds.  Later reports obtained from the DCME in 2008 indicated these reported rounds to be different; not .357 but .38 caliber special rounds.  This pistol was used twice at the range and never used .38 rounds.  Where did these rounds come from- Esteban was a minor and could not purchase them.  The police never investigated for the origin of this ammunition.  Why?  Captain Jody Lay also misinformed the DC Medical Examiner that Esteban was 18 years old and an adult by Texas Law which had a significant outcome on its case handling.  Its suspected that someone with firearm knowledge planted the .38 rounds or fabricated this report.  A .357 magnum round would have blown off Esteban's skull and did not match the exit g/s wound.  C. The pistol was purchased new and used by Esteban and his father at the target range twice.  Handled last at home by Esteban's father when it was cleaned and stored.  The pistol was stored in its original case and reported last seen at the Salazar's home three months prior to Esteban's disappearance when the house was being renovated.  D.  Esteban was never seen or reported leaving his home with a pistol as it was grossly misreported by the Garland Police to the DC Medical Examiner, other agencies and the Dallas-FBI.  Esteban's parents were the only people to witness Esteban leave his home and they never reported seeing him leaving home with a pistol.  This is another one of the many fabrications of primary evidence used by the Garland police.  Many critical and vital information reported by the Salazar family was later found to have been manipulated and twisted by the Garland police in its recording and later reported to be the complete opposite and was made part of the Garland Police investigative record. Other reports relating to criminal links were ignored.  False information was provided by the Garland police to the Dallas County District Attorney, Texas Rangers, Dallas-FBI and other law enforcement agencies.  These and other highly influential fabricated falsehoods became sealed and buried into Esteban's investigative records.  E.  The Salazar home was empty and left unlocked for Esteban's return during 4+hours that afternoon and evening while his parents were at the movies and restaurant.  F. The girlfriend stated she knew about the pistol and where it was stored.  Days later, for unknown reasons she stated that she had asked around and spoken to people at Esteban's Kung Fu Academy and that told her that they knew about this pistol.  G. Given the unusual activities on the previous week, there is a very strong suspicion that the reported missing pistol was out of the Salazar home before Esteban disappeared.  H.  No one in the household saw or reported Esteban leaving his home carrying anything; including this alleged reported pistol.  Nevertheless, two different Medical Examiner's autopsy report stated "he left his house with a revolver".

2. The other important Physical Evidence recovered or missing ignored.  A)  Missing - There was no reported presence of blood at the recovery area as per the police Investigators verbal reports.  The recorded presence of large size of the exit wound (about 2"-size of a lemon) in the skull would have produced a large size pool amount of blood.  The cool/warm weather during the days and cold nights of the week of Esteban's disappearance should have had a very significant impact in preserving and collecting blood stains and blow-back material from the gunshot (leafs, brush, grass, soil, etc.) and also facilitated for their collection of insects.  But insects were also reported not to have been collected by the Garland police.  Blood should have been present if the gunshot wound occurred at this site where the police reported that Esteban allegedly shot himself; or was Esteban's skull shot there after his death to make this appear to be a "suicide'?  The Garland Police Forensic Investigator-Stephanie M. McCall (DOB:5/23/81) #5817 and #608 and V. Standley #616 collected very limited physical evidence.  Records indicate they were dispatched to the crime scene on 3/1/02 and not until @ 3:45PM.  The crime scene was left unprotected by the police for over 24 hrs.  B)  Esteban's clothing was reported recovered near the skull- included his underwear - one sock - two t-shirt - shirt - jogging pants - backpack and but only one (1) very damaged and chewed/soiled shoe.  None of his clothing were reported to have any gunpowder residue.  C) Esteban's missing/untied shoe was found two weeks after the Garland police recovery search of his remains. It was found in pristine condition by search volunteers directed by Texas EquuaSearch .  It was located 20 yards from the residential service alley to Woodland Park Dr. and about 200 yards from where the skull and pistol/other shoe were reported found by the police.  It appeared to have been placed there.  This was an area were the Garland Police had previously searched days before.  A police search grid marker was found tied to a branch only a few feet away.  D) Esteban's skeletal remains were discovered scattered in a direction toward the residential area and away from the wooded area as you would have not expected for wild animals to have behaved if carrying the bones for keeping.  Owners of the few domestic animals in the residential areas stated keeping their dogs confined in their yard unless they are escorted and walked into the field.  Additionally, per the Osteological examination report received from the Medical Examiner-Dr. Tony Falsetti, "the remains did not show any evidence of domestic animal (dog) chewing but only that of a coyote."  Coyote are very timid animals and would only carry remains for the purpose of hiding their food (bones) into the woods.  Not toward nearby homes as was the case here.  These facts likely suggest that Esteban remains were not moved there by a wild animal, dog or other domestic animal but calculatedly placed at the recovery area later by a human after all of the soft tissue/physical evidence from Esteban's body was consumed.  Its suspected that this same party returned Esteban's missing shoe into the area days following the police foot search when they realized the other shoe had fallen off and left behind either inside the motor vehicle or at the residence where he was held and it was being searched for.

One of the residents of this immediate area, his house facing the field/wooded recovery area, reported seeing a car and a motorcycle with two suspicious male adults the week prior to the reported police discovery of the remains.  The motorcycle would go into the woods and return to the driver of the car.  This activity repeated and continued for a hours.  This information was reported to the Garland Police.  There is no record they ever followed-up and investigated.  E) With very limited physical evidence (bones) the determination of manner of death was made using false and unreliable circumstantial evidence fabricated and provided by the Garland Police to the Medical Examiner.  Some of this unreliable information which was knowingly passed on to the Dallas County Medical Examiner in 2003 was reported in 2006 by the police not to be in their case file. 

The Garland Police and the Dallas County Medical Examiner have been provided with documented/certified witness affidavits/evidence which completely challenges and disproves the primary evidence used to make the determination and close Esteban's homicide investigation.  F) The Salazar family examined, photographed and catalogued Esteban's remains.  These photographs were initially offered/available to the family for a small monetary fee along with the autopsy report from the Dallas County Medical Examiner but later on, the Medical Examiner's Office refused to release any of these photos and they are now sealed.  G)  No spent bullet was reportedly recovered/found.  H)  No bone fragments related to the gunshot wound were reportedly found in/near the recovery area.  I)  No gunpowder residue was reportedly found on the soil near or the skull.  J)  No "suicide note" from Esteban was ever reported found.

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The Ballistics Evidence: (as reported by Garland Police Department & Medical Examiner).

Actual Photo Copy          Designated area of most suicides   

Sketch tracing of Esteban's skull illustrating gun shot entry wound from a photo taken by his parents.  The distance from the area above the temple were most suicides are located is distant by about 4-5 inches from the actual site.  According to the Examiner the gun slipped (flinched) this distance before Esteban pulled the trigger.  This very far distance is very unlikely.


a) There was no recorded evidence of flash / powder burns from the gunshot on the skull / metal tracings from the bullet.  b)  There was no blood/human matter on the pistol ("back spatter"); indicating the most probable the gun shot wound was not placed at contact with the skull but fired from a distance 3" or more away from the head.  The greater the caliber the greater the spatter.  c)  Entrance wound (.625" diameter) in the skull was behind/above away from the temple area and according to our interview with the Medical Examiner can not be traced to the recovered pistol.  An exit wound was reported and measured to be 1.75" in diameter.  The location (toward back of head) of the gunshot wound indicates a very small probability (exhibit#1) that this could be a suicide but more likely indicates an even greater possibility that this was: 1. an execution style murder or made to look like one or 2. *he was forced to play "Russian Roulette" to severe from the gang to evade harm to his family. More than one bullet was reported in the pistol.* lead received.  d)  The reported entrance gunshot wound is 75% larger than the caliber/nominal size bullet of the recovered pistol FIREARMS TUTORIAL.  This large entry wound is consistent with the use of: a larger caliber bullet - bullet distorted before impact by: passing through another material surface or by the use of a silencer.  From the reported collected evidence, we suspect that Esteban was already deceased when the gunshot wound was inflicted onto his skull to make it appear a suicide.  The only ones at this point in the investigation who would benefit from this "suicide" scenario was the Garland police investigators, their leadership and the killers.



Exhibits follow:

exhibit #1
Suicidal Firearms Deaths
Site Handgun(%) Rifle(%) Shotgun(%)
Right temple 50.0 22.9 9.3
Left temple 5.8 3.3 3.7
Mouth 14.5 24.3 31.7
Forehead 5.9 15.7 8.1
Under chin 2.4 9.1 10.6
Back of head 3.6 3.8 1.2
Chest 13.2 15.7 19.9
Abdomen 1.4 1.9 5.6
Other 3.2 3.3 9.9

(College of American Pathologists)

Other than the obvious gunshot wound to the head already mentioned there are many other unaccountable possibilities of committing this type of gunshot wound not mentioned.

Esteban's physical autopsy was limited to the head gunshot wound since there was very limited physical evidence (no soft tissue) and insects were not collected/recovered.  Without soft tissue remaining on his body to examine, any other possible evident soft tissue trauma went undetected.  No accurate time of death was established since examination (entomology) was not conducted.  But more strangely insects were never attempted to be collected by the Garland police forensic team and a forensic anthropologist was not timely used until after the remains were processed and the family arranged for one.

There are other more reasonable possibilities that Esteban was murdered, suffocated, at a residential location since a loud gunshot sound would have attracted noticeable attention.

1) Other than an entry and exit wound, none of the physical evidence expected to be found from a reported self inflicted high power gun head shot wound was reported present.  We suspect Esteban was shot following his death to mislead and make it appear as a "suicide" or an "execution" and not the type of hate/vindictive/retribution crime that it really was.  In 2008 it was discovered by an independent investigation that other  different caliber type rounds were reported recovered and not the .357 the police reported to the family.  Instead, .38 special rounds were reportedly found, the same type most detectives use as their back-up pistols.  Since there were no reported finger prints, we reasonably suspect the alleged recovered pistol was wiped down.  Esteban's reported DNA on the pistol could have been easily planted/transferred to the grip and no fingerprints were present because it was not possible to plant/transfer them with the absence of perspiration and human oils of the deceased victim.  No blood was reported present at the crime scene since Esteban was murdered at another location.  There were multiple flesh wounds inflicted to his body (traditional execution in Asian gangs/1000 slashes)  and his death was attributed to asphyxia.  There are many other countless methods of murder (i.e.-suffocation-strangulation-knife wounds-etc.) which would not be identifiable by this general autopsy method conducted since there was no soft tissue present and a few skeletal remains.  Additionally, the medical examiner was not looking for any other evidence or trauma as it was already established for them by the Garland police that Esteban's death was a "suicide".  They did not respond to the crime scene and the limited evidence provided to them was transported by the same Garland police to their facility.  This does not follow protocol.


The manner of death from firearms injuries can be classified as homicide, suicide, accident, or undetermined. There is no single characteristic appearance of a gunshot wound that defines the manner of death. Such a determination requires analysis of multiple pieces of evidence, including the scene investigation, the examination of the body, ballistics evidence, analysis for gunshot residue, and interviews of persons involved with the decedent and the scene of death.
          College of American Pathologists

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The Medical Examiner and the Examination of the Body (only  about 15% of the body was recovered): (information as reported by the Dallas County Medical Examiners Office-Jill Urban, MD/pathologist).

In order for a pathologist to render an opinion regarding cause of death, there must be proof to a reasonable degree of medical certainty.

Dr. Gary L. Sisler / Tarrant County pathologist & Deputy Medical Examiner.


a) Toxicology Report indicated no presence of drugs or alcohol in Esteban's remains. 

b)  As per the autopsy report, an entry gunshot wound to the head was reported in Esteban's skull- "3 1/2" below the top of the skull" and behind his ear -towards the back of his head-and not in the temple area.  Exit wound was reported "1 inch below the top of the skull".

c)  The Medical Examiner/Pathologist-Urban reported she could not establish: 1. Esteban's time of death  2. Place of death or confirm if his death occurred at the reported recovery site  3.  Range of fire.  4.  If the gunshot wound was inflicted while Esteban was alive or when he was deceased  5.  Which/what type of weapon inflicted the gunshot wound  6.  The caliber of the bullet that inflicted the gunshot wound  7.  The type of bullet that inflicted the gunshot wound  8.  If other parts/organs of his body were subject to a fatal injury / asphyxia  10. The undisputed cause of Esteban's death using only the physical evidence collected/examined.  11. No reported gun powder residue on Esteban's body.  12. No reported fingerprints on the alleged recovered firearm. Lacking all this vital information, remarkably Dr. Urban was able to make a definite undisputed determination of suicide.  Her swift medical exam and determination was based solely on a very obvious gun shot wound to his head- police statements that Esteban had a fight with his father and was seen leaving his home with a firearm.  All the other medical evidence which should have been at the death scene but missing was never considered.  She later stated not being informed of it.


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Interviews of persons known to the decedent: (none of his close family members or friends believed Esteban committed suicide when interviewed in 2003)

Girlfriend-Huong Q. Nguyen:  Huong is the youngest (DOB: 8/7/86) in her family.  Her reports and statements to police and Salazar family were very inconsistent and misleading. She reported to third parties that Esteban severed their courtship on 12/25/02.  This just is not so because on the next day Esteban reported they went to the movies and on 12/29/02 she visited the Salazar home.  The only known confirmed fact is that Esteban severed the courtship not until or about 12/31/02 - New Years eve day.  He wrote a letter to her which he never delivered/since he personally told her during on of her many phone calls.  Esteban did not go out with her again.   *Noted was that she reportedly was not with him on the evening of 12/27/02 when Esteban began to look nervous, frightened and confused.  He was in the company of other youths with organized crime affiliations.  This fact points the motive to be anything else but "girlfriend problems" as the police reported it in 2006 or "child abuse" as reported earlier in 2003.  From these statements its suspected that Esteban severed his relationship not with Huong as a friend but with this family on 12/25/02 - its suspected that his mandated involvement provided financial support to this family.

Of importance of solving this mystery are the times in which many phone calls on 1/4/03 were placed into the Salazar home by her family's phones.  It shows a pattern that all calls were made only when they knew that Esteban or his parents were at home.  This indicates they had full knowledge as to when Esteban was at home and disappeared from his home and implicate them in his abduction.  Phone records also follow Huong's unusual demeanor on that day.  She adamantly has reported to have talked with Esteban before he left his home on 1/4/03 for a duration of about twenty-thirty minutes.  But phone records indicate Esteban answered this phone call and hung up immediately (duration of call was 2 seconds).  She reported that during this conversation Esteban appeared to be sad.  This statement had great initial deception and gave serious cause to make her an immediate person of interest in this case.  Why else would anyone provide this misrepresentation to the police?  And later when asked if she thought Esteban killed himself she replied- Absolutely NOT!!  She was caught in a huge lie not thinking that her last phone call would be ever investigated by anyone.

There is reported evidence to indicate that this girl became enraged and infuriated that Esteban stopped seeing her and severed all ties with her, associates and family.  Esteban reported to his father that before they began to date, Huong said to him that she did not mind if he dated other girls.  But reading her many letters to Esteban displays another story; she repeatedly expresses not being as physically attractive as Esteban (most people first impression), great possessiveness and jealousy.  Another initial motive for these people to kill Esteban. 

It was reasonably obvious for most to see that this family was living beyond their income means-  Mother proving the sole family income as a nail technician.  Some of their expenses included:  1.  Two children away in college residing in off campus apartments-  2. Children with personal cars  3. Children with personal cell phones  4.  Huong's private guitar lessons  5.  Cable and Internet service 6. Security alarm service  7. Expensive lap dog  8. Etc..  The family had listed all their children of driving age at other residential address while they were high risk insurance premium.  This is practice used by many SE Asian group homes to deceive the insurance companies and save themselves thousands of dollars yearly.  The cost of this widely fraudulent practice is passed on to other consumers.

If Esteban had knowledge of were their unreported supplemental income, which he certainly did, that this family was engaged in criminal organized crime activities he became a serious liability for them and needed to be dealt with.  The additional fact that Esteban began to associate himself with another rival family with organized crime ties also brings more reasons for their motive.  With all these genuine motives present the Garland police in 2006 amended the motive of "suicide" from "child abuse" to "girlfriend problems ".

1. Days following the disappearance Huong stated to the police that Esteban had told her on Christmas Day 2002: note: these were not the words that anyone who knew Esteban would anticipate hearing from him.

a. "he had committed a great unforgivable sin" . 

b.  "he was not returning to school because he did not need an education" 

c. "he was leaving for a while to a place far away where he was unknown but that they would see each other in 30 days." 

d. "he was leaving to a peaceful far away place where no one would know him."

 According to Huong and time of these statements, this information was known to her on 12/29/02 when Esteban's father had asked her if she knew what was troubling Esteban.  She had remained silent to this question.  On the previous night following Esteban answering her phone-call, he came out of his bedroom with teary eyes.  This deception is also evident and supported by the statements published on Esteban's Xanga web site on 1/2/03. 

She chose not to disclose any of Esteban's problems at that time of need and waited until after after he was murdered to report it.  Not the best friend anyone could ask for or but maybe their worst enemy? 

2. Furthermore, she also reported on many occasions to different people that Esteban did not seemed distraught or calling for help when she spoke to him last on 1/4/03? 

3. Reported she had asked Esteban to go with her on the night of 1/4/03 to listen a Vietnamese female singer.  This is after:

a- he had severed their relationship and also wrote her a letter on 1/1/03 to that effect.

b- he did not answer her phone calls.

c- Esteban had displayed no interest in going with her and family to this alleged scheduled event.

d- by his choice, Esteban had no previous personal contact with her during the previous four days before his disappearance.

4. later on she stated to different individuals that she thought Esteban was being blackmailed.  This and more statements are audiotape in numerous of her phone conversations starting from her first call to the Salazar home.  Her reported statement about Esteban's last words to her do not collaborate with the facts. 

 5. Reported that she talked to Esteban on the afternoon before he disappeared.  And he sounded sad.  But all phone records clearly dispute and refute this.  According to phone records, last phone calls originating from her or family's phones were screened by Esteban and not answered/last call lasted 2 seconds. 

6.  Poem dated 12/31/02 written to Esteban indicated she was not pleased that he went skiing and did not stay with her during school winter break.  She also wrote "My love for you can't be deny-wondering were you are".  This was her warning to Esteban he could not deny her love and his company.   Esteban responded with a sarcastic poem to her about her betrayal in which he politely indicated breaking off his relationship with her and wishing her luck.  Although the poem was written on 1/1/03, he never personally delivered it to her.  He chose to tell her himself when she had called him, this immediately infuriated her and begun the wheels to turn against him.  There were reports that shortly after she became very angry and distraught-cried every day after he severed their relationship.  But tears from her were never heard or observed in public following Esteban's reported disappearance and death.

7.  Following the date (12/31/02) of this poem Esteban never contacted or visited socially with Huong again.  Nevertheless, Huong relentlessly continued calling Esteban at his home. 

8.  She had told Esteban that if he severed their relationship she would have to participate in sexual activities with older men.  Esteban confused had related this story to his father to find if it could be possible.  Another character was being used in her place.  This was another leading sign that went ignored by his father during that earlier period.  It was thought to have be nonsense from an enamored and sociopath girl to merely attract Esteban's favors and sympathy.

9.  She was reported never crying and later when questioned she replied her reason to be, " I did not want to further sadden the Salazar family".  Instead she chose to write and sent Esteban cards, letters and gifts when most people suspected he was already deceased???

10.  Huong stopped her routine calls to the Salazar home after reports that confirmed Esteban as being deceased were public.  She gave no good reason for stop calling the Salazar home but stated that she did not know of his body being found because her TV has not working.

11.  Following Esteban's disappearance it was discovered that her sister's (THU aka Alayna) Acura car license plates were replaced with the ones from another similar vehicle that was junked.  This is referred as a "cold plate" and is done so the owner's identity is not compromised in the commission of a crime.  What is very unusual about this "cold plate" case is that they went to the extreme to match the plates with that of a similar make and model vehicle-only difference was the color; and were used for months after reported to the police.  Most "cold plate" are used for one event and then discarded- they are not particular as to the vehicle or were the plates originated from.  Extreme care was followed here.

Classmate-Justin R. Walters.  Following Esteban's disappearance and reported death Justin called the Salazar's home at 3:00 AM in May 2003.  He was very distraught and scared.  He was willing to tell us about he believed had happened to Esteban based on a similar horrific experience of his with these people.  Included were Paul Le and the affiliate drug dealers he visited frequently at the North Gate apartments. Justin called two more times but was very reluctant to offer information fearing for his mother and younger siblings safety.  He was relocated to New Mexico shortly after Esteban's disappearance to reside with his grandparents.  He was very definite to conclude that Esteban did not commit suicide but was murdered by Oriental/Asian organized crime he many time had visited.  *His terrified recorded phone call conversations will be published at a later time.

Friend-Raymond Dean Do.  Raymond was the first Oriental/Asian student Esteban befriended at Naaman Forrest HS.  His parents were divorced and he was dealing with lots of problems including lots of lack of self esteem and discrimination.  He resided at the time @ 2325 Red River, Garland, TX 75044.  There he lived with his mother and sister Julie Christine Do (dob: 10/15/82).  Public records indicated that Julie was arrested for shoplifting @ Foleys/Plano, TX on 4/8/01.  Esteban helped Ray with school work and invited him to his home often.  Ray was very conscious of his appearance and family situation which he repeatedly talked about.  Ray later relocated to reside with his father in Lewisville, TX where he finished high school. 

On the weekend of the disappearance, Esteban had told his father that he was meeting Raymond who he had not seen for a while but was in contact with through the internet.  At Esteban's memorial service Raymond stood out, he wore a white suit while others simply wore black pants and shirt.  Reports were out that Raymond was not particularly fond of Anglos from his chat rooms sessions.  Following Esteban's death and completing high school Raymond reportedly moved to California (Riverside area) and attended college to major in physics and engineering.  There is no indication he graduated.  In 2007 he got his real estate license and is sponsored by his father.  Records indicate that he resided in 2009 one of his father's many houses in Frisco, TX with his sister Julie Christie (DOB: 10/15/82) who operates a nail salon and Frankey "Pang" Dumrongsri* (dob:1/30/86) who attended high school in Garland, TX; and also resided in California with Raymond.  Ray's father, Thames Dean Do (DOB: 10/26/50), once operated a nail salon; he has profited and invested in real estate under the name of United Homeland and owns multi-million dollar properties.  One is nearby were Esteban's remains were recovered.  His real estate office in 2009 is shared with an insurance agent and less than 1/2 mile from the postal store in Irving, Texas whose owner, McCarthy, originated the infamous "blocked phone call" to Esteban.

* Pang was listed under an alias in the yearbook and member of the Naaman Forest HS "Lumberjacks".



Friend-Tai Nguyen :  Tai was the youngest in his family.  Tai and Esteban enjoyed working on computers and both shared and exchanged software and hardware.  Esteban visited his home on the late morning of 1/4/03.  Its suspected Esteban went to his home asking for help.  Tai has stated that Esteban only came by to pick-up some money ($10.00) he was owed and watched cartoons for a short time while there.  This is completely out of character for Esteban - money had not too much importance for him.  He was the last person outside Esteban's parents reported to have seen Esteban hours before his kidnapping.  Esteban's visit was unannounced or planned- he did not phone before going over.  According to Tai, Esteban's behavior was normal this day.  He reported Esteban did not appear to be troubled when he left his home.  This conflicts with Huong's story to the police that he was sad.  Some of Tai's and Esteban's friends (Raymond) have stated that they believe Esteban's visit there was for other reasons.  Raymond Do reported by Email that Esteban was at Tai's home on the night he disappeared and that Tai's father kept a .38 revolver hidden in their bathroom.  Was there to severe his association with this group and activities.  Tai's has referred to Esteban on his MySpace page as his "my only best white friend I ever had."  In 2008 Tai removed his blog from MySpace.  It was reported that in 2010 he relocated to Pennsylvania.


Associate-Peter Kwang- Peter was Esteban's Kung Fu fellow student and associate instructor.  He attended high school with Huong and his girlfriend Kang at Berkner HS.  He stated on numerous occasions that this girlfriend relationship (Esteban/Huong) was very one sided.  That Esteban had no romantic feelings for Huong but that she was madly in love with him.  Following Esteban's murder his parents relocated to Califirnia.  Peter stayed behind and resided at different locations while he finished high school.

Associate-"AJ " Jackie Aaron Anderson Jr.:  AJ and Esteban enjoyed DJing and mixing music.  Reported having not seen Esteban since the last day of school before winter break 2002.  Esteban would bring AJ to and from school daily.  In 2003, he stated that there as no way Esteban committed suicide; that he was very upbeat and frequently talked about attending the Coast Guard Academy.  It was reported by AJ's family that Esteban went by his house on Christmas Day looking for AJ and instead spoke to his grandmother, Ramona.  But AJ had reported (2005) to Esteban's father that Esteban came by on Christmas day to look at his presents?   Nevertheless, AJ reported that he never contacted Esteban again.  AJ also had reported that students at his school where holding him responsible for Esteban's death.  He had unconsciously stated "It was my fault" and that "this was not supposed to happen to Esteban".  Public records received in 2004 indicated that AJ had been charged with a drug related felony (F-0225042) and filing a false report by the Garland police in January 2002.  Some reports received indicated that AJ was a Confidential Informant for the police and he blamed Esteban for something he did resulting on his murder.

His former girlfriend during 2002/03 was Siya Siv (dob: 5/19/84) who is linked to Jimmy Bui (dob:4/6/85) and Paul Le- Mr. Bui has reported gang affiliation-

Esteban's father-Bill:  He reported that Esteban behavior was cheerful and normal all morning of 1/4/03 until after he answered a phone call and departed/returned from the nearby drug store; this trip came following a phone call received from his girlfriend's father cell phone.  Its suspected he met someone there as he left many clues for us all to monitor the video camera nearby were he parked.

Esteban was always upbeat and looking forward to an early graduation from high school, taking some time off and then attending college the next fall.  In 2002/2003, Esteban had been very enthusiastic with his new school year & teachers.  He had become a good reader something which he did not have interest in before.  He also became very dedicated and was making huge progress on his new hobby after martial arts -weight training after he stopped training in martial arts months before.

Family and Teachers Esteban was involved with all his family's activities and at school was deemed and reported to be an exemplary student by his teachers.  He reportedly was very well liked by his peers and teachers; and seen as a role model.

Esteban's Dentist:  Esteban had an appointment with his Dentist on 1/3/03.  The Dentist described Esteban as being very upbeat and happy about his recent trip to Colorado and already talking about and looking forward to next year's return trip. 

Thieu Phuoc Nguyen- DOB 6/8/1982:  This young man became an unprecedented swimming guest at Esteban's home in the summer of 2002.  He was brought by Esteban's girlfriend's older sister, Thu.  He was partially paralyzed.  Esteban stated to his parent's having no knowledge about this young man's tragedy.  Later on, through the Salazar family investigation it was learned that this individual was involved in a Dallas gang shooting where he received the aforementioned permanent injury; another individual was murdered during this shooting incident.  At that time, Thieu was a Junior-at Poteet High School in Mesquite and was hanging out at a favorite Asian gang night club (Decibel Club) location on that memorable night in 1999.  On that Christmas holiday week night a reported gang feud / fight (CB-Chino Boys-ABZ-Azian boys-KB Korean boys) erupted and a shooting followed. 

*Thieu falsely reported to Texas Department of Public Safety for his license application at the time his home address on his driver's license to be @ 1618 Sara Ln.,  Richardson, TX-when it was actually in Mesquite, TX. at 304 El Rio, Mesquite, TX 75150 - He also mislead others by: 1. stating to the Dallas Morning News reporter that he did not have a driver' license at all and "was looking forward to getting one" - according to these records this was false since he already had one; and 2. that he was the only Vietnamese student at his high school.  School records indicate this also to be false.  These false deceptive stories were a ploy to deceive and get sympathy from the Oriental/Asian Community, the Court and the newspaper/readers following the murder trial.

Some time later Esteban's father spoke to Thieu about Esteban; his comments were: 1. Our Buddhist religion tells us not to be angry and to forgive those who hurt us. 2. That Esteban was a very nice person and he thought he was murdered because some Oriental/Asian people were jealous of his wealth and dating an Oriental (hate crime).  3. He stated not being related to Esteban's girlfriend's family but only being friends.  4. Reported that girlfriend/Huong was very distraught and cried after Esteban had broken off with her.

Esteban's father contacted Mr. Chi Phuoc Nguyen, Thieu's  father, to speak with him.  Mr. Nguyen did not want to talk.  An older live in guest, Mr. Paul To has resided with them (2003-2006).  Mr. To is associated with Paul Le's brother Long Le and many others including the Maydelle-Garland, TX connection   Tuyet Van Nguyen dob:8/30/84-Erin Jong Hong dob:1/17/86.  This Nguyen family is in the nail salon business and operate California Nails in Plano, TX.

Of Note: It was reported by AJ Anderson, the young man who rode to school with Esteban, that he was present at the Decibel Club/Dallas on the night of the shooting.  He was in the company of an older Vietnamese male youth, Sam Nguyen - who is a cousin of Tai.  

Below is an excerpt of the Dallas Morning News by Tim Wyatt- news article.  One of the many gangs present at the shooting was reported to be the ABZ-Asian boyz-  The ABZ has a link to the Dallas metroplex largest Asian beauty products supplier and nail shops and Esteban's associates.  Police also reported they are one of the main drug distributors in this area.  Most youth gangs have no names but are affiliated to a major national gang such as the ABZ and conduct criminal activities for profit in their behalf.  Involved in drug trafficking, auto theft, money laundering, gambling, insurance fraud, home invasions, prostitution, extortion, etc..

This Nguyen family attempted to disassociate themselves from this gang and to look for sympathy form the media and its readers by providing a very sad story.  Their misleading statements have been collaborated to be lies by material evidence later collected.

Esteban's friends and schoolmates (at their request some youths' identities and information were withheld):  Everyone that contacted the Salazar family stated that there was no indication of abnormal type behavior by Esteban associated with his predetermined suicide.  His attitude was always upbeat and caring.  Had no attendance or disciplinary problems.  Maintained good appetite, exercised and health/grooming habits.  He was eagerly looking forward to an early graduation and going away to college. 

Although false rumors about Esteban being a drug dealer were being spread by a group* of Asians youths whose parents were all in the nail business it was confirmed that he was not involved in selling drugs.  But was reported to be in the company of young drug traffickers and gang members he met through his martial arts and high school.  One common denominator amongst these people was their extreme hate toward White/Anglo individuals.

*this group and their parents nail businesses will be published.

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Unusual events occurring the previous week (this along with some other unusual events have been ignored by the Garland Police):  It was reported that on 12/25/02 Esteban severed his relationship with his girlfriend.  This was disclosed to us over a year later by a third party (psychologist-Lynne Hobby) who spoke with girlfriend-Huong.  Nevertheless, she continued calling Esteban on a daily basis. 

Phone records indicate that, beginning on Friday-December 27, 2002 Esteban began to use his cell phone after not using it since May 10, 2002 when he began to date Huong- the new girlfriend introduced by his Kung Fu brother-Peter Wang.  Very unusual for a teenager to stop the use of a free cell phone unless he was instructed not to by someone he highly respected/feared. 

On 12/27/02 Esteban was out with different friends most of the day and night (Tai Nguyen and Paul Le respectively)  On 12/28/02 Esteban remained in bed (his room) for most of the day.  There was no alcohol or drugs involved.  He displayed a never before seen nervous and terrified look in his face as if he had been threatened/feared for his life.  Its suspected he went to Paul Le for help and later met with his problem her- the girlfriend reportedly was not with them.  This day and the occurrences are key to Esteban's disappearance.  His father checked for the firearms and could not locate a pistol which he thought to have later stored it in the attic.  Its suspected the pistol disappeared on that night.  Police reported that on the day Esteban disappeared Paul Le had gone from his home for the weekend and was with his extended family in Dallas, TX.  Paul lied to the police about the car Esteban was driving them in that night (he told them it was a truck when it was a 4dr Camry)- another boy,Tuai, that was with them confirmed this-  The next day Esteban's sister picked up that car which she had dropped off on the 25th. to have the tires changed.

On 12/30/02 Esteban reported spending the night at Paul's home.  This was unexpected and first time he had stayed out for the whole night unannounced.  Records indicate that calls on this cell phone on 12/30/02 have been linked to individuals labeled by law enforcement as organized crime and drug dealers (This information became available through the family's investigation after Esteban disappeared).  The phone numbers are listed below with its subscriber.  These call were suspected made by Paul Le-there is overwhelming documentation of Paul Le's association with individuals with criminal records. On his return home on the next morning Esteban's respectful character had changed- he offered no explanation as to his whereabouts and why he did not phone to merely alert his family he was not coming home that night- this was new and most unusual behavior!!  He also reported speaking to Huong late that night.

date       time          tel.#            location       duration    subscriber

12/30/02   7:45PM   (972) 494-6816  1113 Maydelle-Garland  20sec.     Trung Nguyen

12/30/02   7:46PM   (972) 675-3693   2867 N.Shiloh-Garland  10 sec.    Kyung Hong

12/30/02   11:52PM  (972) 276-6143   200 S. Jupiter-Garland  20 sec.     Ninh Nguyen

12/31/02   12:01AM  (469) 682-5080   3212 Lariat-Garland    VMail     Lae Phoxayvong

Information regarding the subscribers listed above-

1113 Maydelle, Garland, TX- this residence is a boarding house for many transients- reports have been sent to the Garland Police of motor vehicles at this address: stolen and others not confirmed with illegal license plates.  Some of the occupants included: Van Thanh Nguyen-Elizabeth Q. Nguyen-Thuy Dung Nguyen (dob 8/7/86)-Vanna Truong-Vanha T Truong--  Some time later they  relocated to Lakeway Dr., Garland, TX and Houston.

Kyung Hong, relocated to Paris, TX- following Esteban's murder.  Her daughter Erin Hong is seen in the company of documented criminals and resided in Garland apartment on 2004. Lived on Shiloh/Beltline Rd and later Jupiter/Buckingham Rd.

200 S. Jupiter, Garland, TX- this is a run-down tenement (registered to Ninh Nguyen) that was occupied by an Asian individual known to the Garland Police as a drug dealer.  They later relocated to # 329 @ 3730 Buckingham, Garland, TX.

Lae Phoxayvong, public records indicate he was arrested for organized crime activities including dangerous drugs and gambling.  He owns the Mekong Market-Buckingham Rd., Garland, TX along with numerous residential properties. His son Tony was Paul Le's contact.

Other physical evidence and contact information discovered linking to Mexican cartel organize crime & drug trafficking-

Esteban's GISD/Naaman Forest HS issued US History book had printed hand written contact information (phone#s) of a reported Mexican family cartel member that someone other than Esteban had written on the front page; copy can viewed in the "leads page"-This Elizondo family is linked to the Mexican Mafia - the family has extensive criminal background for drug trafficking and have done federal prison time.  This photo below is a South Dallas location they own and use as a "front" - the gates are mostly always closed/chained locked and guarded with dogs.  A phone call will get you inside.  On certain days a special banner for food / price is placed outside - no food is sold here. It is believed this indicates when they have drugs available and price.  An older brother, Ceaser A Espinoza, with no known criminal record, resided not too far from Garland, TX at 4224 Dumont, Mesquite, TX and relocated to 200 w. 15th. # 107 Oklahoma City, Oklahoma in 2003 - he returned/resides (2006) now at 4309 Shady Lane, Rowlett and the property in South Dallas @ 3375 Illinois was transferred to his name in 2010 under the name of a shell company -

DMV record show that a Mr. Stephen E Holt registered a home made trailer to 4309 Shady Lane in 2009- one individual resided nearby at Lynn Ct. whose home was foreclosed in 2010

We had once suspected that this information was planted by one of his Asian associates to make the police believe this was the person that Paul and Huong had reported Esteban was meeting on that day he disappeared - the alleged drug supplier he owed money.  Police have not reportedly investigated this lead. which is a person of interest.


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Other Data indicating manner of Esteban's death other than "suicide":

Psychological-Suicide Warning Signs.  The following is a questionnaire identifying individuals at risk for suicide (National Mental Health Institute) Conclusion: Esteban did not meet this "suicide" profile.  This is another piece of vital information that was shared with the Garland police and ignored.

exhibit #2

Warning signs of Suicide – Adolescent (Esteban David Salazar - Hispanic male- 17 years old)

Information was provided by teachers, friends and family.


                                                                                                                                     Yes       No      Undetermined

Observable Signs of Suicide Risk.


Classroom Behavior-

Marked decline in school performance and levels achieved.                                                               X

Skipping classes and opting out of school activities.                                                                          X

Poor concentration, sleepiness, inattentiveness.                                                                                X

Unusually disruptive or rebellious behavior.                                                                                       X

Death or suicide themes dominate written, artistic or creative work.                                                     X

Inability to tolerate praise or rewards.                                                                                                X


Interpersonal Behavior-

Giving away prized possessions.                                                                                                          X

Sudden changes in relationships, for example, exhibiting disruptive behavior.                                   X^!

Withdrawing from friends and social involvements.                                                                               X


Other Behavioral Signs-

Apathy about dress and appearance.                                                                                                      X

Sudden change in weight.                                                                                                                     X

Running away from home.                                                                                                                    X

Risk taking and careless behavior.                                                                                                          X

Accident proneness.                                                                                                                              X

Sudden and striking personality changes and changes in mood.                                                         X^

Overt signs of mental illness.                                                                                                                 X

Loss of sense of humor or sudden compulsive joking.                                                                                 X

Sleeping pattern changes.                                                                                                                       X

Development of extreme dependency.                                                                                                       X

Sudden happiness after a prolonged period of depression.                                                                           X

Impulsive tendencies.                                                                                                                              X

Depressive tendencies.                                                                                                                            X

Unrealistic expectations held of self.                                                                                                          X


Episodic Stressful Precipitants.


Verbal Expression of Suicidal Intent or Depression-

Direct statements, for example/’I wish I were dead’, ‘I am going to end it all’.                                                   X

Indirect statements, such as, ‘No one cares if I live or die’, ‘Does it hurt to die?’                                                X


School and Society-

In trouble with school authorities or police.                                                                                                   X

Loss or disappointment in school.                                                                                                                X 

Change of school or home address.                                                                                                               X

Strong demands from adults for show of strength, competence and effectiveness.                                               X


Interpersonal and Physical Problems.

Loss of a person through death or divorce.                                                                                                      X

Recent suicide of a friend or relative.                                                                                                             X

Breaking up with boyfriend or girlfriend.                                                                                       X**                           

Exposure to violence, incest or rape.                                                                                                                       X***

Abusing drugs or alcohol.                                                                                                                              X

Feared pregnancy.                                                                                                                                        X

Refusal by significant others= to provide anticipated help, support or love                                                           X

Major family dysfunction.                                                                                                                               X


*Stayed in his room most of the day on 12/28/03.

^Appeared nervous and scared on 12/28/03.

**Letters and phone records indicate that Esteban was severing contact and relationship with his girlfriend/associates.

***Family believes that Esteban witnessed a violent episode on 12/27/03 which change his demeanor.


                                                                                                                                Yes            No     Undetermined


Chronic Stressful Life Situations.


Home Life-                                                                                                                                       X   

Chronic depression or mental illness in parents.                                                                                  X

Incest or child abuse.                                                                                                                         X

Severe parental conflict.                                                                                                                      X

Family involvement with drugs or alcohol abuse.                                                                                     X

Poor communication with parents.                                                                                                        X

Pressure for high achievements to gain parental approval or acceptance.                                                    X

Exposure to suicide, suicidal behavior or violent death of family member or friend.                                      X 


Interpersonal Relations-

Involvement in physical violence.                                                                                                                              X*

Inability to relate well with peers.                                                                                                            X

Sexual promiscuity.                                                                                                                                  X

Inability to enjoy or appreciate friendships or to express affection openly.                                                      X

Mood swings and occasional outbursts.                                                                                                      X

Feelings of worthlessness, being a burden or having let parents or others down.                                             X

Feelings of guilt, failure, or having no control over their life.                                                                          X


*Family suspects of a violent incident on 12/27/03, which changed Esteban’s demeanor and cost him his life.


(Affidavit of Fact against allegations of abuse.)  There was never any abuse of any type at the Salazar home- this is completely contrary to what the Garland Police has reported.  Numerous similar affidavits have been provided from other close family members, neighbors, Esteban's friends and their families and family friends which absolutely support that there was never any type of abuse witnessed or reported to them.  The reports presented by the Garland Police to the Medical Examiner / Media that Esteban was abused and gave reason for him to take his life are outrageous and with absolutely no proof.  In November 2006 the spokesperson for the Garland police stated to the Media that there were no records in their files indicating that Esteban was abused.

More Circumstantial evidence ignored by the Garland police - By following Esteban's character.

If this was a suicide, it would have occurred a lot sooner than that reported (18 hrs. after) and there were more reasonable ways for it to be committed than with the use of an alleged .357 pistol with no available ammunition.  The fact that ammo of a different type .38 was reportedly found should have raised serious questions immediately.  More  methods were readily available:  1.  A loaded folding shotgun with lots of ammunition kept in the closet.  2.  Large supply of prescription pain medication (narcotics-father's).

Placement of the gunshot head wound ( back of the head) does not correlate with Esteban's organized/proficient methodology.  His intellect, organization and neatness would have directed him for the most accurate and efficient way of doing this.  Placing the gunshot into the mouth or the temple area.  This recorded gunshot placement leaves room for great error, pain & suffering and possible leaving someone in vegetable state if survived. 

Waiting another day following his disappearance to kill himself and leaving no "suicide note".  This absolutely does not follow a suicidal person's behavior.  More important there was no motive for Esteban to take his own life.


to be continued.........................


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Events /Cast of Characters:

(These are some of the facts relating to people who we know that had immediate and last contact with Esteban prior to his disappearance.  Some facts posted may be unrelated to his murder.  We will continue to add other facts as they become known and available to us.  Some facts and photos are not included at this time as to not embarrass certain families.  Please contact us if you have a correction or an addition which you would like us to add to this report.)


  Esteban attended GISD magnate schools (Kimberlin Academy and Austin Academy) before enrolling at Naaman Forest High School for the 2001 school year.  At these schools he was an Honors student.  He had compiled a diverse group of friends from different ethnic and social backgrounds which he met while attending these schools.  In all the years at Naaman Forest High School Esteban maintained a near perfect attendance record (1 absence) along with his outstanding grades.  He was a very happy, loyal, responsible, courteous and trustworthy person.  His teachers noted him as being an exemplary student.  He was awarded an academics varsity jacket.


Shaolin Hung Gar Kung Fu Academyat 427 S Floyd, Richardson, TX  75080. 

Esteban enrolled at the Shaolin Hung Gar Kung Fu Academy in the summer of 2000.  During this time, his father had undergone two open heart surgeries that summer and battled a serious post surgery heart infection. 

Esteban was quick to enjoy and respect the teachings of his Sifu (instructor), Philip NG aka NG NGAI FOON.   Sifu.jpg (23481 bytes)  He had sworn not to disclose any of the martial arts teachings even to his own father.  Reportedly his Kung Fu Brother Peter was teaching martial arts at a church.  A lot of unusual and inconsistent behavior at this school including that the members did not spar with each other and you could only learn from the next higher up student.

Esteban would rarely discuss to his family and only share when asked; he had shown numerous concern about Mr. NG' welfare including: employment status and health (he is a very heavy smoker); he was told his job at TI was in jeopardy.   

Mr. NG is reportedly very well connected and respected by a great part of the Asian business community in Dallas.  He originated from Hong Kong and has lived previously in the Boston/Alabama area for years prior to relocating to Texas.  He began to teach martial arts   (symbol of the two triangles; one is home in ASIA itself and other home outside ASIA) in Boston in the 70's.  In 2003, Mr. Ng's English language skills were/are still very limited- communicating with him has been difficult.  Mr. Ng was employed at Texas Instruments "TI" in 2003.

The school adult membership at the time was compromised of mostly all self employed individuals including: Mahmood Raza Khan, MD internal medicine - Trailwood Dr., Plano, TX -  Noel "Phil" Hillis, Bergen Ln., Farmers Branch, TX  A/C repairs - Henry R Marquez - martial arts instructor - Lewis Trl., Grand Prairie, TX -  Errol C Lockhart - insurance agent - La Rue Ln., Dallas,TX. - none of these people called the Salazar family to offer or assist when Esteban was reported missing.

Esteban had reported of the many times that his select Kung Fu/exhibition group routinely went out to dine at many different local Oriental/Asian restaurants were they where treated royally and the food was always free / "on the house."  Their lobby at the former Richardson martial arts school was adorned with award plaques from law enforcement agencies (i.e. FBI).   In the New Year of 2001 and 2002 Esteban participated in the preparations and celebrations for the Chinese New Year's Lion Dance.  Esteban did not participate in any of the preparations for the 2003 New Year??  Was it related to his severance??

In 2004 this academy moved from their lease space on Floyd Rd. in Richardson to 601 Easy St., Garland, TX.  in the "Golden Triangle" area.  Mr. Ng purchased this large warehouse location .   An eight foot cyclone fencing and gate were immediately constructed but no signs/marquee were placed to identify its new occupants until June 2007.  Public records indicate that in 1997 two assumed names were filed with Dallas County by Mr. NG.  In 2004 three more different assumed names were filed with Dallas County by Philip NG.  Including: North Texas Chinese Cultural Center, Soundwave 88 and Chinese Cultural Center.  This martial arts academy changed its name and now lists itself as the " Chinese Cultural Center". In 2002 he also owned land in North Texas were groups would have picnics.  Texas DMV records indicate that in 2007 Mr. NG has registered in Texas five motor vehicles which includes three commercial vans- purchased for cash two new motor vehicles for himself and his wife.  He has no known children.  Peter Wang had later characterized to Esteban's father that his Sifu - Philip NG was a "very wealthy and important man in the Dallas Oriental/Asian community.  He and the school participated in Dallas Social events for fund raising such as the Dallas Zoo.

This martial arts school was very different from all the others as they did not compete with each other or participate with other academies in tournaments.  It was composed with youth from low social-economic class.  The adult classes in which Esteban participated were segregated from the rest.  Some of the young people he met at the Kung Fu Academy included: "Peter" aka Kwang Hsin Wang DOB 12/25/85  (2002) PWang.jpg (30083 bytes) (2007) photos and Jim Ma MaJim.jpg (31114 bytes) both juniors (class 2004) who attend Berkner High School in Richardson and Jesus "Alex" Alejandro Pedroza , a HS senior at a Dallas HS (2004) who lived nearby apartment complex off Spring Valley Rd during 2003. 

Recent Notes: Peter reportedly was licensed as a boxing corner person- been linked to a Mr. Roger Yuan, an insurance agent and reported wealthy business man- in the past since his Junior year in high school he had many different reported addresses as residence.

This academy was more involved with promoting their presence in the Asian business community and helping one another as a family and brotherhood.  Most of the adults that engaged in the Lion Dance team were self employed.  Esteban and a few other young men became part and composed this team which included others not from their school. These Lion Dance members at the Academy referred one another as "Kung Fu Brothers".  It included a few select number of Asian and Hispanic teens and other multi ethnic adults students.

Through this cultural medium Esteban learned about Chinese culture and martial arts.  He began to meet and associate himself more and more with Asian people and disassociate from his old childhood Anglo-American friends. 

During his interim of attending this academy, on several occasions, Esteban dropped out only to be persuade back by his "Kung Fu brothers" Peter Kwang and Alex Pedroza.  At about March 2001, at a Chinese martial arts festivity in Dallas, TX Peter introduced Esteban to a Vietnamese girl, Huong Q. Nguyen. 

 Peter had become Sifu's premier student/instructor at the Academy (he had a previous reported gang background).  Following the events from Esteban's murder Peter's parents relocated from Garland to Davis, California were reportedly he is with a church.

Alex and his family who resided in a nearby section 8 apartment complex moved to a new home in Frisco, TX on September 2003.

   Strangely to most, Philip NG nor any of the academy family/brothers membership volunteered to assist in the search for Esteban.  This was very strange and unexpected; and contradicted to all their advertised published teachings.  On their web site- www.hungfist.com - School Objectives page reads "The structural aspect of the school is based on the "Family Style". With each applicant, there will be an additional member to the family. By working together, this school will give everyone a better understanding of living in harmony through the sharing and caring for each other's well being. Thus, relationships developed, will undoubtedly last a life time.

Following Esteban's enrollment at the Kung Fu Academy and during this first school year at Naaman Forest High School he began to meet a great number of new Asian youth and simultaneously disassociated with his old childhood non-Asian friends except those who also had Asian friends.   Even more Asian youths became familiar with Esteban while playing this interactive web game where the players killed each other.  His username became v3ilsid3.

Esteban had begun his school year at Naaman Forest HS in the fall semester of 2000.

There he met Raymond Do .  Raymond reported that he came from divorced parents.  Records indicate that on 1991 his parents had registered a nail business with Dallas County (CA Nails).  In the fall of 2001 Ray moved to Lewisville to live with his father.  Records show his father, Thames Do, registered "United Homeland Mortgage" a  business in 2003- also registered were United Homeland Realty (2002) and United Homeland Agency (2005).  Reports were received that although they claim this business -  they do not respond to client' inquiries and other nearby tenants reported no  evidence of daily walk in business or anyone on site.  They are located in the "Golden Triangle" are at 9716 Skillman, Dallas, TX until 2009.  They relocated to rundown shopping center and shared an office address with an insurance agent in Irving, TX within walking distance of the postal store and apartments used by some reported Islamic extremists.  In 2008, records indicate they own many real estate holding (at least $3Million worth)- residential and commercial under many different names.  Latest was a shopping center strip across the Winter Park soccer field @ 3845 Garland Rd- Garland, TX.

In the 2002 school year Esteban met Paul Le boy5.jpg (56010 bytes) a sophomore(class2004). He reportedly came from a large family with older brothers.  Paul had transferred from North Garland High School.  He lived a couple of blocks from that school.  He had told the Salazar family about how his family was struggling to make financial ends meet and portrayed himself as having very low self-esteem saying that he was short, fat, dumb and not good looking.  He stated that his Uncle's family who were wealthy was ashamed of his own family.  Esteban reported that his Uncle had fired Paul from a job he had at their nail shop as a receptionist. 

Paul always complimented Esteban on all the material things he had.  Paul later persuaded Esteban to give/(sell ?) to his parents a new computer system and accessories, which Esteban had recently purchased for $1500.00 a few months earlier, for their new family nail/hair salon business.  Esteban gave this family his new computer system; no money was exchanged or a repayment note produced.  But only when Esteban was asked by his parents about the whereabouts of his computer he responded then that he sold it for $500.00 but had never received payment.  A year later and only at Esteban's parents insistence these people came by and only paid Esteban $300.00.  The mother, Binh, who operates the hair salon came by to make a partial payment of what was owed.  She was accompanied by Paul who acted as her language translator.  We suspect that this "gift" was part of his initiation into this youth  group associated with organized crime.  Similar gifts from Esteban were also recorded to other individuals in this same group.

Esteban's new girlfriend, Huong Q. Nguyen would later report that Paul Le would call her very lewd names in Vietnamese in Esteban's presence.  To all that knew him, Esteban would have not tolerated this kind of behavior specially if she reported it and was the nice girl she portrayed to have been.

Some time later, the Salazar family learned that the Le family had purchased an investment home on Oleander Ln., Wylie, TX. in addition to owning the Hair/Nail Shop-'Friends" @ 850 S. Greenville Ave., Richardson, TX.  Both parents work but spend a lot of time outside the shop, another employee works while they are out.  Their principal home (2003) at 2409 Emerson, Garland-TX underwent a complete backyard cement pour following Esteban's disappearance and was later leased.  This seemingly long work task was done solely by the father and we suspect another ploy to confuse the investigators or is there something buried there?.  The family's business is in the Muslim section of town and its suspected they have business ties with some of them.

The Le family has purchased numerous other investment houses in Dallas and Collin County.

On the weekend that Esteban disappeared Paul was reportedly not at home but in Dallas with other family.


Esteban was introduced to Tai Nguyen NgTa.jpg (15973 bytes) (freshman class2005) by Raymond. Tai -is attending North Garland HS; he is the youngest in his household of older brothers.  Kanga aka Julia Au-Yeung reported that Tai enjoyed to shoplift and smoke weed.  He reportedly relocated to Pennsylvania in 2010.

Reportedly, his older bothers operate computers out of their home 24/7.  An associate of theirs reported in 2003 they ran an internet business.  The police asked the Salazar family if they thought the internet business was internet / credit card fraud.  His mother owns a buffet restaurant-Chopstixs-150 S. Denton Tap, Coppell, TX.  No information of the father's employment was available.

Tai N. introduced Tom Im who attends Naaman Forest HS (class 2005) to Esteban.  Tom's family reportedly own (2002) a donut shop - Paris Donuts in Richardson, TX.  His facebook page in 2010 reports his liking motorcycles and guns.

We also later learned that Peter and Paul "hanged out" together along with another known Asian boy, Thoai, in earlier years.  This Asian boy was in the company of Esteban and Paul the week prior to his disappearance.  It was reported that Raymond Do was also part of this boyhood group.

Peter Wang, described as a very "street smart" kid, has told the Salazar family that he has not been in the company of Paul since 2001 and knows nothing about him or his family.  His Sifu had told the Salazar family that Peter was an ongoing project of his-had been in a gang previously and he was now changing his life under his tutorage.  He described Peter as not too academically smart but fully committed to learning martial arts.  His parents said to be missionaries moved to California following Esteban's death; Peter remained here in Texas. 

  Esteban met more Asian people through boys Paul Le, Raymond Do and Tai Nguyen.  During Christmas 2001 Esteban is in the company of Paul.  His cell phone has numerous calls to subscribers/people we did not know but after investigating we suspect some or all the calls were made by Paul using Esteban's cell phone, since he reportedly does not have/use one.  Most of these calls are to adult phone subscribers.  Later on it was learned that some of these people are in the drug trade which they operate from their residences and other are just consumers.

  A common denominator among all these families is that they are self employed /own cash generated businesses (i.e., nail shops, restaurants, real estate services, service industry, etc..) and dislike Anglo people. 

Tracing back phone call logs from Esteban's cell phone beginning in November 2001we found out the following:  1. During Winter 2001 school break calls are to an older boy in their neighborhood.  The older boy#7-Jeffrey Stotts- boy7.jpg (122336 bytes) a graduate (2001) from Naaman Forest HS and member of the "Lumberjacks" , attending college in Louisiana, denied knowing or receiving any calls from Esteban's cell phone at his home phone and on his cell phone.  Boy#7 and his mother told the Police that this cell phone corresponding to the recorded phone number was lost and they have no knowledge about any of those calls. Le's family and associates do business in Louisiana and its suspected this man was a "mule" for the family. 

On January 2002 Esteban stops working part/time at Canyon Creek Country Club.  He explains to his parents that he needs more time for his academics and Kung Fu activities/New Year festivities-Lion Dance.  Later it was learned, that an older Asian male who  was employed there and attended University of Texas @ Dallas was allegedly responsible for the theft of more than $20,000 of merchandise during his employment term.  He was linked to an Asian gang.

Esteban's association with Paul temporarily stops around March 2002.  Paul- a junior then transferred back to North Garland HS for the fall semester of 2002.  During the beginning of the 2003 school year Esteban gives rides to school to two students who live nearby.  Tom Im and AJ Anderson.  It was learned in 2004 that one of them, an Anglo youth-named "AJ" Anderson-class of 2003, was selling drugs at Naaman Forest HS.  At one instance he was taken away by the Garland Police Department on a school incident.  The incident was kept quiet by the school and police officials.  No mention of this was ever made to the Salazar family by the police or Captain Lay-Intelligence Unit who investigated both cases.  Strangely it was not the Narcotics division who headed this investigation.  Esteban had told his parent's that AJ was trying to change his life (gang lifestyle) and was living with his grandparents.  Esteban and AJ had allegedly the same interests in DJing.

During the fall semester of 2002 Esteban and his father were discussing an array of things including girls, cars, college, his bright future and the many challenges facing young people these days among them drugs and alcohol use.  Esteban mentions to his father about numerous students, some from very good families (including boys#9 and #10) at Naaman Forest HS that have drug dependencies/problems and about the huge availability of drugs at his school.  Some of these referred students were the first ones to come to Esteban's home when news of his disappearance were announced.  Esteban also shared with his father fact that he does not use drugs although he has been at parties were they are readily available and sampled.  This aforementioned fact has been confirmed by many friends and students.  There was never any evidence or reliable reports that Esteban was selling or using drugs but somehow associated with people who were.

Around March-April 2002 Esteban is introduced to Huong Q. Nguyen ((DOB 8/7/86)- a junior(class 2004) HNguyen.jpg (123510 bytes) - honor student, who attends Berkner HS) by his "Kung Fu Brother", Peter KWang. Some days later for some strange and unprecedented reason Esteban  completely ceases using his cell phone.  He returns it to his mother. 

Reports following Esteban's murder indicated that this girl began a physical transformation and a vehicle owned by plastic surgeon, Dr. Phan, was repeatedly seen visiting at their home in 2005-

Its learned that Huong is best friends with Chan Kang An-Duong aka "Julia" Au-Yeung (DOB 9/11/85) a junior (class2004) KangA.jpg (29839 bytes), who also attends Berkner HS and is Peter's current girlfriend in 2003.  Following Esteban's memorial service she stopped dating Peter.  Later Kang began dating numerous Asian males with criminal records.  In 2006 it was reported she was dating an older Asian man ten years her senior.  Her name was reportedly changed in 2008 to Julia Au-Yeung.  Other close friends are Rupal Dayalal Bhimani (dob 8/8/86) a medical student and Eileen M Salazar a student nurse (dob 8/7/85) both former students of Berkner.  Eillen reportedly dated an Oriental gang member who worked at the nail supply store on Jupiter Rd. known to be linked to ABZ gang-

Note-It has been brought to the attention that both of these girls birth dates coincide with Al-Qeda infamous attacks on America- 8/7 of 1998 the attack on the USA embassy in Kenya and 9/11 of 2001-the attack in the USA.- many of these Oriental kids at the time had great anti-American sentiment because they did not fit in the USA society.  At this early time in 2002, organized crime groups were reported to be aligning with terrorist groups.

 Huong tells the Salazar family that Esteban is the first boy she has ever dated and that her parents are not happy with her dating at her early age and are very strict about her curfew - 10 PM.  She is the youngest of three children.  Huong becomes Esteban's first formal girlfriend H&E.jpg (31337 bytes).  Initial views, Esteban's parents are delighted that he had met what appears to be a very moral, pleasant, intelligent and polite friend.  Close friends of Esteban's and of the girlfriend later told the Salazar family that the relationship was a very one sided one; that the girlfriend was obsessed with him and that Esteban was not that interested in her romantically but only liked her as a friend.  To maintain the friendship he played along.  Reportedly, on their first date she asked Esteban to be her boyfriend-the next week she brings him to a photo glamour shop and has a photo album of themselves published.  This is followed by her giving and sending Esteban gifts and many letters/cards.  It was obvious Esteban was overwhelmed by this constant attention, his disinterest on her seemingly grew more and more.  But, she constantly related to Esteban the intimate problems she was having in her life and with her family.  This feeling of sorrow, loyalty and need kept this relationship together.  Esteban had absolutely never expressed romantic feelings for Huong.  He also drove the mother to and from work on occasions.

It was observed during one weekend when Esteban changed vehicles 2001 Honda Civic (blue Coupe) to a 2001 Nissan Frontier (red Pickup) that after talking on the phone to Huong he walked over to her house instead of driving the truck.  Its a hot summer 5.5 mile trek across town.  Esteban's parents believed this strange act had to do with Huong disliking pickups.  Her older sister, Thu, drove Esteban back to his home later that night.

A few months later into the relationship, Esteban's parents observed that Huong's best friend Kang is frequently calling their home and Esteban is avoiding answering her calls.  They also later find Kang's photos in his bedroom trash can.  It has also been observed that when Peter and Kang are seen together they never appeared to be happy or show any affection for one another.  Before the fall of 2002 Esteban stops attending to the Kung Fu Academy after Kang joins.  The romantic relationship between Peter and Kang ended a few months after Esteban's skeletal remains were found.

In July 2002 Esteban stops attending classes at the Kung Fu Academy.    His Sifu, Philip NG, at the Kung Fu Academy had commented earlier to Esteban's parents that the girlfriend Huong is "no good/bad" for Esteban.   This comment later surfaces again when Esteban's father talks to Sifu, Philip NG, after Esteban's mysterious disappearance.  But Sifu avoids explaining the subject and never goes into any detail on this matter.

On September 2002 Esteban invited his parents to the Kung Fu Academy's picnic (August Harvest Moon celebration) which he attended with Huong and Peter & Kanga KFApicnic.jpg (271522 bytes) .  The picnic was at a remote area in North Texas reportedly owned by his Sifu (there are no property records indicating ownership in his name).  The land was cleared by the members of the academy prior to the picnic.  When Esteban's parents arrived at the land site they found Kanga alone, in the parking area, striking Esteban's car's hood with a wooden stick.

On 12/20/02 Esteban completes his final school term exam.  Because of his A average he was exempted from the others.   He hurriedly returns home to pack for his trip to Aspen, CO.  His parents drive him to the airport for his scheduled 3:00PM flight departure. 

While at Colorado, his cousins reported that Esteban was enjoying a great time with his family and friends.  Esteban is continually encouraged by his cousins to telephone Huong.  But he does not want to call her.  He returns to Dallas on the evening of 12/24/02. 

Esteban spent Christmas Day at home with his immediate family.  Huong was driven over to Esteban's house by her older sister, Thu, for Christmas dinner and later brought home by Esteban's mother.  This was unusual.  It was learned (2004) from a psychologist, that the girlfriend reported that Esteban severed their courtship on this day.  This is another mystery and it conflicts with many other of her statements. 

The rest that follows does not make any sense because of previous testimonies from Huong that is full of inconsistencies. 

 In the morning of 12/26/02 Esteban goes to the Gym with his father to weight train.  He is scheduled to pick-up his father at the NTB garage where Esteban's new tires are being mounted.  Later he phones his father to inform that he and Huong are planning to go to the movies to watch "Lord of the Rings" that afternoon.  According to later statements, they had broken off as reported by Huong?  He will not be able to go retrieve his father-this sudden change was motivated by Huong.

The girlfriend following the disappearance stated that Esteban had committed a "great unforgivable sin" on Christmas Day.  The Salazar family could not understand how, since he was home most of the day except when he brought Huong back to her house and visited AJ's home. 

      During the days that before and following Christmas a lot of unusual conversation and questions ensued between Esteban and his father. Before his Winter break Esteban had mentioned to his father that he had a school friend who was addicted to drugs and owed someone a lot of money.  He was trying to help him.  The young man reportedly came from a broken marriage. 

Following Christmas some unusual conversation topics included Esteban asking his father: 1. What was done with the old license plates of the motor vehicles purchased to re-sell in his motor vehicle business.  It has been observed during the course of the investigation that numerous individuals visiting Huong's home are using illegal cancelled licensed plates to operate motor vehicles, including Huong's sister, Thu.  He told his father a friend had asked him about it.  2.  At one instance while driving with his father he addressed at some young Asian males which he knew driving by with a late model sports car, as "wanna be gangsters"  3. At a convenience store he suggests to his father how about robbing it?  He looked for his father's response.  4.  He asks his father to buy him an older Asian sedan/motor vehicle in place of the newer model vehicle he is presently driving.  5. He asks " Do older men have sex with young girls? "   After his father discusses this subject further he learns the girl in reference is Huong.  Esteban had been told that she was going to be forced to have sex with older men?  Did her family owe money/favor to someone?  At the time, all these bizarre topics of conversations and questions appeared to have been innocent and foolish talk by Esteban to his father.  His father now believes Esteban was trying to start some discussion by relating to him something about events that were happening or about to happen in his life.  These unusual statements and strange behavior mentioned were immediately reported to the Garland police but ignored.  Also included were the messages received from students implicating Esteban in a Asian organized drug ring.

On 12/27/02 at 2:30PM Esteban goes to the mall with Tai to exchange Christmas gifts.  He returns with a new stocking hat and a wallet.  Following dinner, at 7:30 PM he leaves to pick-up Paul Le.  At this time, Esteban asks to use his cell phone.  A series of phone calls begin to be recorded and received on this phone (Esteban had stopped using his phone after meeting Huong on about April 2002).  Esteban returns home around midnight.  It appears that he resumed the relationship with Paul Le, since a small piece of paper with Paul's home telephone# is later found crumbled in Esteban's bedroom trash can.  *This is where all of Esteban's motives for his disappearance began and the girlfriend was reportedly not with them.  

On 12/28/02 Esteban stayed in his room most of the day.   Since this was very unusual behavior, his father checked on him and asked if he had a romantic problem with Huong.  Inadvertently, his father's first thought was that perhaps Huong may be pregnant, so that question was asked.  Esteban shook his head and nervously chuckled replying that he was only tired and just needed some rest.  He then called to his father - still nervously chuckling and said "hey Dad I am still a Virgin".  The father felt foolish and helplessly concerned.  Still no real answers, Esteban remained with a nervous, scared and troubled look.  Later his father suggested to Esteban to get out from the house for a walk and get some fresh air.  

His father's next suspicions was that he had been involved in something terrible enough that he would not divulge to him.  Did he hurt someone?  His father began to check for his guns- he found the shotgun but the pistol kept under the sink was not there.  He casually began to look elsewhere since renovating work had been done in the bathroom before asking Esteban if he knew.

He affirmed to Esteban that whatever his problem is, it can all be worked out for the best with his help and that he could always count on his unconditional love and support.  Later that afternoon Esteban told his father that he took some of his advise and went out for a walk along the creek and felt lots better.  Esteban had returned home after this walk in the creek with very muddy clothes and shoes.  He finally looked relived but continued not to share his secret with his father.

That evening girlfriend Huong called and they talked for a while on the land-line phone.  Esteban was in his bedroom and closed the door.  Following the conversation Esteban emerged out from his bedroom and appeared to have been crying.  His eyes were teary red and swollen.  When asked later about this specific phone call incident, Huong told the parents that Esteban was fine during their complete conversation period on that evening.  It was evident that his demeanor had changed again following this event.

On 12/29/02 Esteban and his father exercise at the nearby health club.  His father notices that he is still very nervous/uneasy and his mind elsewhere.  His father talks to Esteban about his continuing unusual demeanor.  He advises Esteban that if this company which he is keeping is causing him to feel this lousy, then maybe he needs to make an immediate change.  Esteban then, out of the blue, tells his father that Paul is his friend.  That afternoon Huong comes to the Salazar home.  Un-precedent she goes upstairs alone to Esteban's father office to greet him.  This was very unusual behavior by her, she always acted shy and quiet before Esteban's parents.  Meanwhile, Esteban waited at the bottom of the stairs.  Later with his father present, Esteban mentions to Huong that his father thought she was pregnant as being the reason for his unusual behavior.  He then asked her to tell him what troubled him.  Huong became aware that Esteban's father began suspecting something.  Esteban's father looked at Huong waiting for a response, but instead of responding she immediately looked away and put her head down remaining silent and unresponsive.  That evening Esteban and Huong dine at home with Esteban's parents and later watch a movie at home (by his frightened demeanor, its suspected that Esteban was being threatened, manipulated or blackmailed by someone he feared.

On the evening of 12/30/02, Esteban tells his parents he is going out with Paul and leaves his home around 7:30PM.  He returns the next morning around 8:30AM.  He had taken an overnight kit.  He looks very tired and sleeps the rest of the morning.  This was the first time that Esteban did not inform his parents about staying out all night.  Esteban tells his parents later that he stayed at Paul's home.  Log records show that several calls were made from Esteban's cell phone that evening to unknown and some known undesirable people (organized crime and drug dealers).  Paul stated to the police that Esteban, another Asian boy and himself were at a Vietnamese restaurant-Saigon Kitchen for four (4) hours (it is reported that the restaurant closes at 10 PM-they remained there for 2+ hours after closing?) and later played video at his home the remainder of evening and morning.  

Esteban stated that: 1. on the evening of 12/31/02 he reported going to Breckenridge Park with Huong (the park closes at sunset).  2. he later went to Huong's home and returned back to his home around midnight New Years Eve. There are no reports or any record that Esteban ever saw Huong socially again. 

  A love letter/poem LetterDec31.jpg (292116 bytes) from Huong titled " 9 Months" was found in Esteban's room.  It was dated December 31 - 12:31AM.  Other similar letters and cards from Huong were discovered.   None had a time- There is no evidence this letter was received by Esteban and was later placed in his bedroom.  In severing this relationship, an undated short somewhat contemptuous poem/letter from Esteban was found under his desk top keyboard.  In it he sweet talks before he definitely breaks up with her.  It ends stating "wishing the best for you, I hope you have fun at whatever you do."  Emphasizing her role on him in this group.

New Years Day of 2003 Esteban stayed home, helped prepare food to bring over to a family party that evening.  Esteban participated in the festivities; exchanged Christmas presents with his family.

On Thursday, 1/2/03 he was home most of the day.  In the afternoon he drove to his dentist's appointment.  The dentist told his parents that Esteban was very enthusiastic and cheerful.  They had talked about his trip to Colorado and snowboarding and his plans to return next year.  

Later, on his return home Esteban stops at Best Buy/Plano.  Among his purchases are a couple of DVD movies-Austin Powers comedy.  That evening he called his father and volunteered to grill some food for supper.  The same evening at about 11:41PM a web page Xanga site is launched.  The police identified it as Esteban's.  It stated: "Today I was told: hey if U love a person, U gotta love the whole package, I'll still like U even if U were bad."  First day my page is up!!  YAY  In addition it is written "For fun I like to hang out with my girlfriend and listen to music.  Hopefully I'll start reading books soon, too.  It is reasonably believed from this posting that Esteban discovered the bad side of Huong and later did not want anything to do with her and her associates?  Strange, the access password in this Xanga account is "Esteban"- this simplicity was not his norm when assigning passwords unless for someone else  to access it.

On 1/3/03 Esteban and his father go out for dinner.  When they returned home later that evening Esteban watched the Austin Powers comedy movie he had purchased the previous night.  That evening the girlfriend Huong?- launches her Xanga web site named "Divine Destiny".  She writes-Interests: "having fun with my buddies and hanging out with my sweetie." That was all ever posted.

On the morning, 1/4/03, Esteban had breakfast at about 8:30 AM.  He later prepared his father some breakfast.  Esteban then continued with his usual weekend chores; picking-up his room and doing his laundry.  At around 9:27 AM he received a cell phone call from who it is thought to be Huong; but from her father's cell phone.  This call lasts for about a minute (80 sec.).  Huong had stated not making that phone call?  At about 10:30 AM he goes to nearby Eckerds drugstore @ Beltline and N. Garland Rd.; Esteban returns with a can of shaving cream.  On his return he talks to his father.  He appears very troubled.  Esteban shows his father a note that he reported someone had placed on his car's windshield reading "parking for compacts only" and asks what he thought about it.  He was driving a small Mazda Protege (compact) at the time.  It was noted that this designated parking area is located on the side of the building where a meeting would bring less attention to and is in the direct view of a security camera.  Not knowing the intent, Esteban's father responds that it was probably some innocent prank.  Did Esteban offered a most important lead as to whom he met or was planning to kill him?

Esteban tells his father he is supposed to meet Huong and her family that night; but out of the blue repeatedly says to his father that he does not have a car to drive.  This was a very unexpected and strange statement since Esteban has five cars to choose from on that day.  We believe Esteban used this as an excuse not to participate on some event that was planned for that afternoon/night.  Girlfriend said they were going to a concert.  Days after Esteban's disappearance the girlfriend, Huong, asks and wanted to know if Esteban had a car to drive that night.  If he was alive then, this information would have most certainly sentence him to death.

Looking back, his father felt that Esteban was holding back something he wanted to tell him.  At around 11:35AM Esteban tells his father he is leaving to go to Tai's home.  He returns at around 12:30 PM.  Tai told the Salazar family that Esteban came by to collect $10.00 he was owed and stayed a while watching cartoons there.  Tai stated that Esteban acted normal while at his home.

On his return home, Esteban goes out by the pool and lays out to sunbathe.  He is only wearing a pair of kaki shorts.  He closes his eyes and appears to be in deep thought until his father, from about 60 feet away, shouts to get his attention.  He is startled, he gets up and whispers what appears to be a profanity and then hurriedly walks into the house.  Esteban's father is puzzled at his behavior; he remained outside finishing pruning the hedges.

Log records show that Huong's cell phone receives calls from her father's cell phone at 12:34 PM and 12:42 PM.

  At about 12:46 PM Esteban receives, on the home line, another phone call from Huong's  personal cell phone. The call was reported by Huong to have lasted about twenty minutes.  Records show the duration to be only two seconds. Huong when questioned later by a third party reported that the reason the records do not indicate the phone call is because Esteban called her back on the home land line.  This is not recorded on the home land-line phone records provided by Verizon-Garland Police and also on her family's phone records.  Why would she lie??  Following this call we heard a loud bang in his room, which we later found it to be a low kick to the wall by his door.  Esteban then went into the bathroom, ran the water and brushed his teeth and combed his hair before leaving. 

 Esteban changes clothing; from wearing his shorts and a T-shirt/sandals to a designer warm-up pants / dress T-shirt and running shoes and socks.  A call is made from Huong father's cell phone to Huong personal cell phone at 1:20 PM.  A call is made to Esteban cell's phone from Huong father's cell phone at 1:52 PM.  The call is not answered by Esteban.  Huong has told the Salazar family that her father was not home during day and returned at about 6:00 PM.  No one in Huong's family has admitted responsibility for placing these cell phone-calls or having that cell-phone (Dad's) at the time of the calls.  


The Unidentified Caller-

Sara and Donald McCarty / Linda Patterson -Later on 1/4/03, at 1:58 PM a "blocked" call comes in the Salazar home land line.  Through persistence and some unexpected help, years later its discovered that this "blocked" call originated from (972) 745-0662 which according to statements from Garland police and Captain Lay it was a telemarketer fax blast from eFax.com that targeted the Salazar home line, but it was something other as found out later.  This phone call lasted 38 seconds.  That police alleged fax blast would have been the first of its type recorded into the Salazar home.  By their own investigation the Salazar family learned in  2006 about some facts of this unregistered calling phone number and that it originated from 189 Glendale, Coppell-TX, and was disconnected in 2003.  Note: In 2002 they also used at least these other #s: 972-745-6732 fax - 972-393-6951 main - 972-740-4416 cell of Sara McCarty.  Coppell police records indicate that on 7/31/03 a hang-up phone call to the Plano police department originated from this same residence and on call back were able to identify the caller.  This or others originated calls were reported being not blocked and were different from the alleged one Esteban received.  In 2006 we confirmed from eFax.com corporate office that this call never originated from their company.  In 2007, the line subscriber, McCartys (Donald Eugene & Sarah Jean), reported that their business was solely to gather personal information from other personal computers, and not send faxes as the police had reported.  It was operated with software/computer system someone provided to them.  They were being paid for the use of their phone line.  When the Salazar family spoke with them they were very apprehensive that their clandestine operation had been uncovered, they decline to name who had hired them; but they wanted to know who snitched them out and how we found them.  Through this system a caller's original number could not be traced, it would use the system as the intermediary.  They stated receiving a check in the mail every month for a service they knew nothing about.  More investigation discovered that they had owned a private postal mail service (Mail Boxes Etc) @ 3575 N. Beltline Rd., (near Little Saigon mall) Irving, TX. and had filed earlier for bankruptcy (10/01), following the "9/11" terrorist events.  The business was sold in 2002 and operated under new owners (Russell family) but same management (Linda Patterson*).  This link is to be of great interest, since a cell phone registered to this person called Esteban's cell phone six hours later on the night he disappeared.  The Garland police reported these calls to have been random and did not follow-up their investigation. 

The McCartys contacted the Coppell police to mandate the Salazar family not to contact them again. They had asked if they needed an attorney.  Drug traffickers are known to use the postal services to distribute their goods and this had become one venue to look into.  **  But in our investigation it was discovered that in 2001 this postal location and Box #316 was being used by "Israeli spies" who were first said to be monitoring or aiding the terrorists of 9/11and monitoring the DEA's anti drug operations.  A newscast from Fox news reporter Carl Cameron following "9/11" terrorist attack brought to light this connection between the McCartys and these Israeli spies- county records show that the month after the 9/11 attacks the McCartys filed for bankruptcy but kept a clandestine operation of gathering data out of their home in Coppell.  Most of the information on the Internet which Fox news had posted on the Israeli spies intelligence information from the DEA and other law enforcement was taken down.  We have no opinion at this time if these people were supporting the "9/11" terrorists as many blogs have reported on the net.

From Esteban's angry reaction to this call, we reasonably suspect this caller precipitated him to leave his home and face his destiny.  A few minutes after this phone call @ 1:58 PM Esteban is heard kicking the wall in his bedroom and leaves his home.  Esteban is never seen alive again by his parents and family.  Following the block call the Garland police/Captain Lay reported to the Salazar that they will not be able to trace the "block" call because Verizon is unable.  Nevertheless, we contact Verizon corporate and asks then to help us.  A month later in May 2003 we learned from Verizon that the information we immediately  needed is readily available but was never officially requested by the police.  The Salazar family in 2006 discovered & later confirmed in 2007 from Mark Mann-City Attorney that the Garland police did not order that phone information until May 2003 or four (4) months later.  With help from a volunteer in 2007 within 24 hrs. we had all the information we sought so desperately years before to rescue Esteban alive.

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Events following Esteban's Disappearance:

That afternoon, not knowing of the memorable events that were to follow, Esteban's parents go out to the movies and dinner.  After the movie, "Catch me if you can", they phoned Esteban at home to ask him to join them for dinner.  But there is no answer.  When they return home at 7:20PM they find that Esteban is still not at home and check his cell phone (he left behind) and voice mail.  They notice that his car is at home and suspect he went out with someone.  A few minutes later, at 7:24PM a hang up call is received from Huong father's cell phone to the Salazar's home.  A second call from the same cell phone follows at 7:25PM, it is Huong speaking.  She converses with Esteban's mother and asks if Esteban was home.  Then she tells Esteban's mother that she was calling to inquire if Esteban was home and if he wanted to accompany her and family (mother   and older sister) to a performance of a female Vietnamese singer.  Esteban's mother replied that he was not home and asked if she had any idea of where Esteban might be, Huong replied "no".  It is noted that no attempts were made by Huong or her family to reach Esteban on his cell phone after 9:27 AM on this same day and only called the Salazar home minutes after Esteban's parents arrived at their home.  It is suspected they were nearby the Salazar home when they arrived and they knew were Esteban was.  Log records show that Huong begins frantically calling her sister's cell phone from her cell phone at 9:58PM, 10:01PM, 10:09PM, 11:22PM........ Also someone using the father's cell phone is trying to reach her at this same times.  The sister was not with them and had turned off her phone - where was she?  She had told the police they were all together.  And who is using the father's cell phone when Huong is with her mother.

Other unusual events and discoveries follow; at 8:20 PM an unexpected call from (469) 831-4347 is received by Esteban's cell phone from a unknown subscriber in Grand Prairie, TX- The duration of the call is 27 seconds.  The Garland police identified and reported the subscriber to this phone as a "nice lady", Linda T. aka/ Linda M. Patterson DOB 3/31/51- @ 909 Hampshire, who had re-married and worked for the US post office-mail and became disabled.  When the Salazar family contacted her, she reported having misdialed the phone.  Phone records don't show any other similar phones been called out.  Our early investigation later discovered that the divorced lady has three older sons listed living at home- James Benjamin Finkenbinder DOB 7/15/73 - Jack Ryan Finkenbinder DOB 7/3/1974 and Joshua Samuel Finkenbinder DOB 11/22/1980 during that time.  Also another adult male, Jerry Underwood-DOB 10/22/68 and husband Robert Patterson are listed as a residents.  Grand Prairie police have reported numerous incidents at that address which they have sealed the records to.  On 7/8/09 it was learned that a Linda Patterson managed Mail Boxes Etc who is owned by the same person - Sarah McCarty- who originated the blocked call that prompted Esteban to leave his home.  Information on both of these phone calls were covered up by the Garland police and other law enforcement for many years. 

The next day - Sunday(1/5/03), after Esteban did not return home his mother looks in his bedroom and finds the photographs of Huong turned face down and a small 1"glass ornamental figurine of a dog that Esteban received as a gift from Huong on its side. This information along with the fact that personal items were left behind was related to the police when the missing endangered person report was filed.

Esteban's father goes to Paul's home in the morning and returns later on the afternoon to look for Esteban.  In the morning when he knocks on the door there are no human sounds or reply; although there appears to be no one home there is an electronic audio sound emanating from within.  Checking the surroundings, an abandoned/wrecked car with out of state plates-Mississippi is found near this home on that morning.

Paul's Parents come home in the late afternoon.  They are encountered then by Esteban's mother.  She is told that Paul has been at his uncle's home all weekend.  The father, Minh, then reassures not to worry and adds that his boys have also disappeared from home at some time or other but they always come back safely.  Esteban's mother tells Mr. Le that Esteban is responsible and respectful to his family and unlike his boys.

On 1/6/03, suspecting that Esteban is in great danger his parents continue their desperate search to locate and send him away to safety out of the country.  They maintain Esteban's personal belongings and passport in a suitcase inside his father's car at all times. 

His father looks for him day and night.  Travels to Houston and Louisiana following leads.  In route he visits all truck stops-shopping centers and distributes flyers.  Esteban's Aunt Ginny in route to the West Coast stops at different police stations and distributes flyers.  It is discovered at these locations from local police that no interstate BOLO was put out by the Garland Police .

The week following Esteban's disappearance schoolmates visit the Salazar's home.

Huong begins calling the Salazar's home on a daily basis to inquire about Esteban and the status of the investigation.  Not until, 1/8/03, she stated to the Salazar family and the police that Esteban had told her they would see each other in thirty days and was leaving to a far away land where no one would know him; she also mentioned that he said to her "he had committed a great sin" on 12/25/02 and that he was not returning back to school.  .   

Huong told the Salazar family and the police that she knew Esteban had access to a pistol and where it was kept.  According to Huong, on about 1/15/03 she and Paul Le communicate via Instant Messenger.  Huong stated that during this communication Paul Le told her that "Esteban was a Drug Lord, got into trouble and had to run away into hiding".  This rumor began circulating in all the area high schools.  Also it was rumored before Esteban was reportedly found and that his body was under a bridge with his throat slashed. There was a bridge about 70 yards from the main recovery site.  When Paul was told that the missing gun from the home was kept unloaded and Esteban had no ammo, it was reported by Huong "he became very upset and went off line".  Huong had mentioned earlier to Esteban's father that Paul was verbally disrespectful to her in Vietnamese language, in Esteban's presence.  She reported meeting Paul for the first time in 2002 at his home.  The Salazar family had been told by Peter Kwang Wang that Paul and his family have a bad reputation for dishonesty in the Asian community.

One of Esteban's schoolmates reported that Paul, a Junior attending North Garland HS, is seen frequently visiting Naaman Forest HS during lunch break periods.  According to "AJ" Anderson, Paul was telling everyone at school that the Garland Police Department was harassing him over Esteban's disappearance.  It has also been observed that Paul does not keep a regular school schedule as he does not leave his home and fails to attend class during school days.

Esteban's father visits Tai Nguyen at his home days following the disappearance.  Tai stated that he had no knowledge about Esteban's whereabouts or activities.  He then asks Esteban's father," do you think there is a dark side to Esteban?".  Tai reported last seeing Esteban on the afternoon of 1/4/03 but another associate, Ray Do, reported that Esteban was at his home during that night.

At a visit at the Salazar home; Peter W. / Kang A. and Huong N. discussed with the Esteban's parents about the many possibilities of Esteban's disappearance.  Some of the following was mentioned: Huong tells them she does not " date Asian boys" because of their small size, immaturity and appearance.  A few months following the discovery of Esteban's remains she was seen with a new boyfriend and he is Asian. 

On an afternoon at the Salazar home, the subjects of jealousy, hate and retribution came up and were discussed.  Then later Huong asked" Do you think he was being blackmailed? "  Peter stated that it would be impossible for anyone to abduct Esteban in a car since he is so tall and won't fit inside a trunk.  This topic surfaced after we learned from the Garland Police that the hound dog's scent stopped at the entrance to the Brandon Place apartments and it was then determined that Esteban's trail ended there and most probable he was picked-up in this area.  It was further discussed if he had left voluntarily or against his will.  

On the week prior to Valentines Day Huong brought to the Salazar home gifts (a figurine and a small size T-shirt) for Esteban.  Also included was a poem and a card.  This following poem

gives a feel of her obsessive behavior toward him. Of note, Huong reported that Esteban broke off their relationship on 12/25/02 and refused to go out with her on 1/4/03.  Their is no evidence that he saw her again socially after the 2003 New Year .

Through the period of Esteban's disappearance it is observed that Huong and Kang never shed any tears.  They preserve a stoic and non expressional appearance.  Huong's older sister, shows emotion once in the presence of Huong and her mother when Esteban's mother goes to their home to deliver flyers.

On 2/28/03 Esteban's remains EstebansTag1.jpg (526490 bytes) are discovered.  It is noted that the age listed on the tag by the Dallas County Medical Examiner is wrong (18YO)-  Esteban is 17 years old.  The certificate of death also wrongly lists Esteban as being of Mexican decent.  These are one of many basic mistakes committed by this county agency.

After a search of this wooded/field area by Garland police and two weeks later by volunteers remainder of his skeletal remains and personal belongings are found scattered in an area (200 yards by 30 yards).  This property's location is nearby a Buddhist Temple where Huong and her mother, Co Hong Nguyen, reportedly had attended during that time.  Some residents have reported that the FBI was at the scene before the Garland police. This has yet to be confirmed by the FBI.

On 3/5/03 Esteban's remains are positively identified by the Medical Examiner.  News about Esteban's official death are published and aired by the local media.   After a few days of not hearing from Huong, Esteban's mother calls her home and informs her that Esteban is deceased.  The remains reportedly found were identified as his.  Huong says she was not aware of the news because their home cable service was disabled for weeks.  She cries over the phone.  Huong had previously been calling the Salazar home on a daily and timely basis.  She stopped calling when Esteban's remains were found.   Esteban's Memorial Service is attended by: Huong with her older sister and mother.  Huong's father and brother do not attend (father does not work).   Peter Wang and Kang, Alex Jesus Pedroza and a few other members of the martial arts academy were in attendance. 

Tom IM, Tai Nhuyen, Raymond Do, and AJ Anderson attended.  Paul Le was never in contact with the Salazar family following Esteban's disappearance and he is not in attendance.  During the middle of the memorial service it was reported that Huong received a cell phone call which she answered and spoke with the caller.

Private Investigator interviews Huong's father, Duc Lam Nguyen.  The interview is short; it is reported that the father was adamant about not wanting the Private Investigator Duncan talking to his daughters and hung up the phone. 

Private Investigator interviews Tom Im; he says that he heard from another Oriental boy at NFHS that Huong's brother did not like Esteban dating his sister.  Another one of Esteban's fdriends reported seeing Huong's brother with "thugs" and gang members at a pool hall.

At the Salazar family's request Huong is later interviewed by Detective Myers / Garland Police Department regarding specific facts and their observations.  Huong then contacts the Salazar family to tell them she will be interviewed by Detective Myers on 3/20/03.  The police relate to Huong the underlying reasons for the interview .  She is then shown by the Garland police the confidential correspondence that the Salazar family had sent them on the matter and told her that the Salazars specifically requested this interview.  It included questions as: 1. Did Esteban ever phone her other than to return her phone calls during the last month? 2. Did Esteban ever mention he wanted to date other girls and/or end their relationship? 3. Did she see Esteban following 12/31/02? 4. What and when prompted Esteban to tell her he had access to his father's gun? Was it to show her he could protect himself? And from whom? 5. Did you have or know who had possession of her father's cell phone at about 1:51PM on 1/4/03 or placed that call? 6. Did you ever tell Esteban that Paul was disrespectful and vulgar to you in Vietnamese language in front of him? And if you did, what was his response? 7. Do you or your family know Paul and Tai and their families?  8.  Is/was anyone in your family associated in a gang?  9. Does your father speak English?

Shortly after, on 3/21/03, a very angry Huong writes a letter to the Salazar family expressing her displeasure towards them.  She stated " Esteban and I had a great connection, and we cared about each other tremendously".   She added " I can not comprehend why you would suspect me".  This was the last contact by Huong and her family with the Salazar family.  She never responded to explain about the inaccurate information she had provided or why Esteban wrote what he discovered about her in his Blog.

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Persons of Interest and links.

According to each one of these families suspected to be involved, all reported not to know one each other.  Their connections were uncovered through the notorious Eng family.



Philip NG-

Mr. Ng knows the Eng family very well - his space at Floyd Rd. were his school was based was controlled by the Eng family. 


Paul Le and Tai Nguyen-associates and families.

In 2003 Paul and Tai stated to the police and to the Salazar family that they and their families do not share any social relationships.  It has been observed/documented that Paul and member/s of Tai's family know each other and have visited with each other and spend weekends together. 

In 2004, Tai's motor vehicle was reported parked at Le's family Emerson address for weeks.  Most unusual.  In addition other relatives of Tai, who reside on their same street @ Knighthood, are also seen at Paul's home.  In 2003, Tai's home was shared with three older siblings and the parents.  This home @ Knighthood, Garland was also a place for gathering of lots of people until late on 2003 when his brother moved out.  The family relocated in June 2006 to 7406 Cactus, Garland, TX.

Paul's mother's second home in Wylie @ 3400 Oleander was occupied by older family members and new acquaintances who temporarily board.  There is also additional traffic of people who visit, come and go and stay. In 2007 and '08 the family purchases various new real estate holdings in Dallas, Garland and Plano.

His older brother Long Le (dob:1/8/78) reportedly has registered numerous companies: LL & Associates in 2001- Think Labs, INC in 2004 - NETBEAR LLC in 2007 - is connected to Thu Nguyen and the Eng family.

During 2005-'07 Paul Le has been reported operating illegally a MV with cancelled plates (TX G97LXH) for the past two+ years - Informed law enforcement have allowed this illegal motor vehicle operation to occur as they did with Thu Nguyen in 2003 - this below is a 2008 DMV report on the vehicle:  

LIC 820CVZ FEB/2009 OLD # 820CVZ FEB/2008 EWT  2200 GWT   2200
 TITLE 05744238461103356 ISSUED 05/03/2005 ODOMETER 50666 REG DT 04/16/2008
 VIN: JTDBT1232Y0018945                        BODY VIN:                      
 PLATE AGE:  3  LAST ACTIVITY 04/17/2008 REPL   OFC: 043

Photo taken 4/21/08 @ 3400 Oleander                Photo taken 1/11/06 @ 3005 Potomac


Huong Quynh Nguyen's Family.

Older sister-THU.  It was reported by Huong that her older sister, Thu Quynh Nguyen, DOB 1/23/81 graduated from the University of North Texas- as a Cum Laude with a degree in real estate-finance.  Esteban reported being invited to her graduation party in the Spring of 2002 were he DJ the party at a Condo complex on Royal Lane, Dallas, TX.  About the time following Esteban's disappearance in January 2003 these following very unusual events occurred; and it was observed about Thu:  1.  She terminates her professional employment at a real estate/finance company.  2.  She relocated home from her apartment in Carrollton, TX 75007 @ 34440 E. Rosemeade Pkwy #14107 to reside with her parents in Garland, TX.  3.  In 2003, her address is listed in the driver's license in Denton where she attended college until 2002.  4.  She changes cell phone number.  5.  Her father begins changing the titles of his automobiles; a 1996 Acura sedan, ownership transferred to Thu, and the other motor vehicle, a 1996 Camry, to his wife Co Hong on 2/19/03.  The mother has a driver's license but does not drive in 2003.  6. Thu's 1996 Acura 32T operated illegally with cancelled license plates ThuAcura.jpg (573754 bytes)  (photo taken at the Beauty School she attended-@ Beltline/Brand, Garland, TX) formerly assigned to a salvaged parts/dismantled vehicle of the same model-type and year from about January 2003 until November 2003.  It was traced to a used parts shop in Ft. Worth, TX who reported it to have been white.  Later the original tags (4 yrs. old)   (photo taken at Thu's Cocos Salon in Dallas, TX)  were replaced back onto this same vehicle.  This illegal violation of law was reported numerous times to Lt. Thompson/Garland police and went ignored.  He would report having the house watched and never locating this car.  This car was parked in the front of their home every night after she relocated.  Also noted, a number of other motor vehicles visiting their home are also observed operating with illegal license plates and reported. 7. In May 2003 she buys/registers a new 2003 Acura which is driven by her younger brother, Khang, a reported graduate of the University of North Texas.  At this time she is not working and is attending school.  8. All the cell phones (4) in the household are registered in her name.  9.  She enrolls at a Cosmetology school and worked at a Nail Salon P/T temporarily. Later she opens a nail salon.  10. Updates her driver license in September 2003 address to her parents-Burning Tree-Garland, TX residence.  11.  She is reported spending the night at a residence @ 1221 Wedgecrest, Garland TX owned by an older Asian male- Nhan Thaanh. Tran- DOB 6/1/1953- the next week the father, Duc Lam, is reported seen visiting at this location. The same night a hysterical young Asian woman is escorted into the residence by two Asian males.  This home at Wedgecrest was previously owned by the investment owner, Con Hoang Le- DOB 9/19/1972, of 1113 Maydelle, Garland, TX were there is a link to Esteban's cell phone and to the residents of 1725 Trowbridge, Garland, TX  a suspected gang location in 2003.  Front door was of reinforced metal with multiple locks.  The group at Trowbridge later moved out because of the surveillance-

Girlfriend-Huong Quynh Nguyen & Khang An " Ryan" Nguyen (older brother).

Huong is the youngest sibling at this household.  Acting as she knew nothing and giving a major false statement she provided at the start of the search - that she spoke with Esteban on that afternoon and he sounded "sad" made her a person of interest immediately.  Before the phone records were available some credibility was given to this most important statement.  After we received the phone records it was discovered that she had lied!!  The records indicate that this phone call only lasted two (2) seconds.  Enough time to pick up the phone and hang up.  Esteban did not want the phone to keep ringing and for his parents to pick up.  When she was asked about how all this could be possible she answered adamantly that she spoke to Esteban for more than thirty minutes.  Obviously she wanted to influence the police not estimating she would get caught lying.  In addition it was noted that she or her family stopped calling the Salazar household after Esteban departed.  They only call immediately after Esteban's parents returned to their home.  No calls were made to his cell phone after their initial one that morning (80 seconds).  This call prompted Esteban to leave his home shortly after.  Its obvious that they knew Esteban's whereabouts and they instructed and manipulated him as before not to use his cell phone as its location could be traced and to follow their instructions.  The Garland police allowed all this and many other deceptions to go unchallenged - she or any member of her family underwent polygraph examination.

She reported that her older brother, Khang-DOB 6/24/82, attends (2004) the University of North Texas.  Strangely, after his college graduation he also enlists in Cosmetology School and gets an operator's license.  In 2008 he receives a real estate sales license but is non-active/no fingerprints.  It is observed that in 2000 he listed his home address for his driver's license as that of his mother's former employer's (nail shop-Best Nails on Skillman, Dallas, TX) residence at Mayflower, Richardson, TX which is located a short distance away from their home in the same school district in Richardson, TX.  He has never resided at that reported residential address. 

Note: Huong also listed her home address-TX driver's license in 2003 at the same as her brother's on Mayflower. She also never resided at that address.  In 2004 after this was reported she changed her listed address to Austin, TX.  Other young Orientals have used her home address at Burning Tree as their own.   We suspect this is done to deceive and financial gain as many of their associate families do the same.

Following Esteban's disappearance Huong began to date this Asian boy (Khang Duy Lam aka Ken - dob 1/15/84) for about six months.  During their brief romance a young Asian woman was photographed partially naked opening the home's front door for Ken.  She was also seen with this other young man who resided at the Brand Rd. Apartments

At this 4002 Burning Tree, Garland, TX address in 2003 an individual, Minh Ngoc P.- DOB 1/9/85 who does not reside at this location listed his TX driver's license address here-

Some visitors at this location include:

Melinda Kim Ly (DoB:6/12/85)-records indicate on 3/6/03 she was charged with theft.

Nhi Thi Nguyen (DoB: 5/5/1959) 

Joseph Tam (DoB: 7/19/86)

Joe S. Chang (DoB: 12/16/73)


Other-In 2005 the older sister, Thu Q. Nguyen, opened a nail salon, Coco's Salon and Spa, in Dallas, TX. @ 10720 Miller, S-228  She was seen frequently at an Asian beauty supply business which has links to the ABZ gang.  Dallas county and state of Texas records list Thu as the owner and operator of the shop.  In 2007 she changed her name to Alayna. Police records for 2000 indicate that Thu complained that a boyfriend linked to an Asian gang who resided at 3429 O'Henry, Garland, TX was paying her bills.

The new Salon brought with them the salon clientele from where the mother used to work.  Her mother, Co Hong, now works for the daughter.  Their former salon (Best Nails-Skillman, Dallas) employer (Binh L. T.DOB 5/10/55), has been seen at Coco's very frequently.   In 2008 they closed the Best Nails salon.  He relocated as a sole employee/operator.  Strangely, his wife Ken Tran who was reported as co owner of their home at Mayflower, Richardson, TX and owner and operator of Best Nails @ Skillman, Dallas, TX has never seen.

In a interview with D magazine Huong had misreported that the salon wss owned by her mother.  Texas Licensure Commission records had no listing for the mother as the operator/owner of the business but just as a nail tech and an investigation was conducted by the commission.  Alayna's partial presence at the shop declined in 2008 and stopped in July- her mother wss seen alone most of the time-her former employer /male friend Binh L. Tang visits her often.


Raymond Dean Do (dob 10/18/85) and family.

Raymond was the first Asian youth that Esteban associated with at Naaman Forest HS.  He was reportedly having a hard time fitting in school and came from recent divorced parents - his mother worked as a tech in the Nail Shop business.  Esteban felt bad for him and opened his home to him.  He gave Raymond clothing and other personal items.  Would assist him in school work and Raymond later reported he would cheat on math exams off Esteban's paper.

At the early time, he lived in a low income residential area in Garland (Apollo/Shiloh area) and later moved to Lewisville, TX to reside with his father, Thames.  He is reported to be very close and resides (2009) with Frankie Pang Dumrongsri (dob 1/30/86) in Frisco in a house purchased for them by his father, Thames Do.  Mr. Dumrongsri's family was charged with manufacture and distribution of drugs in Garland, TX in 2004, 2007 and 2009.  Included were his father Boonchiai Dumrongsri, mother Sofia Liao (dob: 6/19/57) was also reportedly charged with operating a gambling establishment and younger brother Jeremy (DOB:8/30/89) for possession of drugs and stolen firearm/bullet proof vest.  They are also linked to Paul Le and family.

Below are their Dallas County criminal records-none served any jail time.

Sofia Liao- in 2004 she operated out of three locations in the "Golden Triangle" area.  She was arrested for drug charges on: 2/19/04, 7/8/04 and 11/17/04 at XO Cafe -13340 Audelia, 9205 Skillman and 11020 Audelia (illegal gambling w/eight liners) respectively.

Police records indicated she was also be an informant for the Police-
County of Dallas Seal  

  NAME  ENTERED  LIAO  SOPHIA                                                NAME  TYPE  DF
 01   LIAO SOPHIA    AF  061956  BM047164390  X  ENGA ORGA C  
 02   LIAO SOPHIA    AF  061956  BV047328001  M  KEEPING GAM  
 03   LIAO SOPHIA    WF  061956  MA0473280  MH  KEEP GAMB PLAC  PGBC
 04   LIAO SOPHIA    AF  061957  BM047423701  9  POSS CS INT  
 05   LIAO SOPHIA    AF  061957  BM047423801  9  POSS CS INT  
 06   LIAO SOPHIA    AF  061957  BZ047195001  F  POSS CS INT  
 07   LIAO SOPHIA    WF  061957  F-0474237  FH  DEL CS 4G  NFOG
 08   LIAO SOPHIA    WF  061957  MA0473351  MH  KEEP GAMB PLAC  PGBC
 09   LIAO SOPHIA    WF  061957  BV047335101  M  KEEP GAMP/P  
 10   LIAO SOPHIA    WF  061957  BZ047195002  F  POSS CS INT  
 11   LIAO SOPHIA    WF  061957  F-0471950  FH  POSS CS INT DE NFOG  
 12   LIAO SOPHIA    WF  061957  F-0474238  FH  POSS CS INT DE  NFOG

Boonchai Dumrongsri
County of Dallas Seal  

  NAME  ENTERED  DUMRONGSRI  B                                              NAME  TYPE  DF
 01   DUMRONGSRI BOONCHAI    IM  010665  BZ072337601  F  MAN DEL CS  
 02   DUMRONGSRI BOONCHAI    WM  010665  F-0723376  FH  POSS CS INT DE  NAOG

Jeremy Dumrongsri
County of Dallas Seal  

  NAME  ENTERED  DUMRONGSRI  JEREMY                                    NAME  TYPE  DF
 01   DUMRONGSRI JEREMY    AM  083089  BZ072337799  F  POSS CS PG  
 02   DUMRONGSRI JEREMY    WM  083089  F-0723377  FH  POSS CS METH  NAOG

Jeremy was arrested for the same drug charges in 2009-

In addition Jeremy was found with a stolen firearm from a Plano police officer, other firearms and bullet proof vest.  Below is one of the Garland police reports-


This is a model family at 3913 Wheelwright, Garland, TX in this sophisticated multi family organized drug trafficking organization.  Most do not get arrested and reap the benefits of crime.

Raymond and friends have reported to dislike Anglos greatly in their chat rooms and blogs sessions.  Recent records in 2008 indicate his father has done very well financially recently even though his business, www.UnitedHomeland.com, is most of the time closed and services are not being offered.  Raymond received his real estate license in 2007 but has not been seen at the office.


More associates/unusual activities / photos will be published.

Sorry if you were not included?  Let us know and we'll post your photo and firearms.  The following are a few of the many photos collected in the past years from this group as they display their gangs signs - weapons and activities.  More special photos and blogs are saved and will be published for a future special day.








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