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Salazar's family most playful & lovable white Labrador-"Sunshine" at Esteban's Breckenridge Park Memorial @ Richardson, Texas.


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4. D magazine article.  You can access their web site/article by pressing this link.

5. Some information about (girlfriend) Huong Q. Nguyen's family.


Last update:    Saturday, September 03, 2011

It was evident to all who were close to Esteban, that his life took on a dangerous turn on the days following his return to Dallas on Christmas Eve Day of 12/24/02.  His happy, confident and vibrant self became one of confusion and terror.  Esteban's latest closest associates, stemming from this time period to that of the day of his disappearance,  reasonably became our persons of interest as we were to later uncover his unusual activities the days prior.  These people's statements, unusual actions and behavior later helped support these suspicions.  Most knew Esteban was missing nevertheless not one volunteered to assist in his search and it included all the members or so called "brothers" of his Kung Fu Academy.  His "friend", Huong, knew about his problems as early as 12/29/02 when she visited the Salazar's home and when Esteban directed his father's early inquiries and question to her in the presence of his father but she chose to keep quiet.  At the very least some knew what had caused these remarkable changes in his character and why he was missing.  But no one would talk/tell the truth and chose to remain silent or deceive.   

Based on facts from circumstantial and physical evidence we have developed this page to share some of our personal views and opinions on the abduction and homicide investigation of our beloved Esteban.  This writing and "to date" reasonable conclusions follow confirmed information and reports that have been acquired and is not conjecture or any false misleading fabrications intended to bring a quick predetermined conclusion or to influence the readers as was done by law enforcement. 

This overview also gives a more complete glimpse as to the whole picture of what we were up against from the first day Esteban disappeared but even more important what Esteban was dealing with and was up against by himself after he made his unrecoverable decision.  There is no doubt that Esteban's problems with his perpetrators escalated when he decided against their wishes not to participate in their actives and to take his family Christmas trip to Aspen immediately at the end of the school term winter break.  In the past year he had tried to quit the Kung Fu Academy but was persuaded by his "Kung Fu brothers" to return.  Esteban eventually had followed his father's advise and began to disassociate himself from these people who had brought fear, unhappiness and had perpetuated such an immediate  negative change on him during his last days of his young life and limited and terminated his life and great potential future. 

Like some young people Esteban was fascinated by Oriental martial arts at a very young age and began to learn more about it and the culture.  His trust and respect for these people emanated and grew especially from his Sifu Philip and all these other immediate people around him who influenced him to participate helping the local Chinese/Vietnamese community and associate families; and ultimately his own in the process, so he thought.  As he became more conscious of what this "Family" group association theme was all about and leading to, Esteban began to slowly attempt to distance himself, but as he tried they had always been continuously persuasive for him to remain with them.  These many latest persuasions from his girlfriend and girlfriend's family were exhaustively and recorded on the day he disappeared.  On numerous times in the past he had attempted to severe his relationship himself with this Kung Fu School family.  Esteban did not fully understand the seriousness; that when he became a full fledge member he became obligated to them for a lifetime.  The only way out for him was death.  During his last days many unusual requests were being made from him which included obtaining motor vehicle license plates and firearms.

Initially, it all began innocently at an early age by his believing about being a special part of a social group.  He was made to believe that they offered him and his family the same complete protection and support in the future as they had done with their many other families and brothers.  But as he became more involved and new requests were being asked of him, Esteban soon realized that this false sense of protection was composed mostly from being manipulated and being harmed (himself or his family) by them if he disagreed or disobeyed commands or chose to severe ties.  He never received any monetary compensation for all his involvement just their calculated respect and a promise of future financial assistance and physical support when he or his family needed it.  At home, he would defer to spend or ask for money for himself as most teenagers usually did and was content with the few valuable material things he possessed and took great care of.  He had to be encouraged to receive money from his parents and buy himself new clothing.  Anytime Esteban had acquired new material possessions, very soon after these families were requesting them and resulted being given to these "brothers" or families as a show of his loyalty.

Following some of the evidence and the information which Esteban had shared with us on the previous week before his disappearance we became absolutely and unequivocally convinced that his abduction and murder were linked to his knowledge of his associates' illegal and prosperous organized crime business activities.  Our first request to the Garland Police/Captain Jody Lay-Director of Intelligence Unit and other Investigators was to look into the finances of all these individuals and their families associated with Esteban.  But this reasonable request instead solely brought an attack upon the Salazar family with an investigation and scrutiny of the family's income and finances; and their moral character.


USA Government policies and latest Chinese-Vietnamese migrations into the USA-

Following the end of the Vietnam war many Vietnamese and Chinese migrated to Canada and the USA.  The rich and educated departed before 1975 followed by waves of the poor and un-educated.  Some were smuggled in illegally by "snakeheads" and others found sponsors to secure their residence.  Their huge travel and living expenses for most became their own burden and organized crime groups saw an opportunity to profit and became involved in assisting and providing services for their relocations into the communities.  Illegal activities such as loan sharking - extortion of business people with money became accepted in the community as a way to bring prosperity to the all and help with the costs of migrations. 

Other mass Chinese migrations occurred following Chairman Mao Zedong's death in 1976 and Tiananmen Square in 1989 when immigration restrictions were lifted.  Chinese criminals in Hong Kong used this opportunity as a way to migrate to the West and set up business enterprises.  Later the Chinese government "one child policy" opened the doors starting in 1996 to mostly any Chinese wishing to enter the USA under President's Bush presidential order of asylum status protection.  This wave has been a great political and economic action for mainland China and a homeland security concern for the USA as many of their agents have established terror and criminal cells throughout the USA and the American continent.    

That huge immigration "boom" along with these organized crime families flourishing in our local area communities today parallel the Italians immigration and growth of the Italian Mafia and the Italian-American "La Cosa Nostra" in the 1920-30's that initially was ignored by law enforcement. 

The Chinese migrants early home base in the USA became San Francisco and before Hong Kong was surrendered on to the Republic of China in 1997, most Tongs/Triads who had once fled mainland China to Hong Kong were again with a clouded uncertain future.  The political climate with the West at the time helped them relocate to Canada and the USA.  The turn around of Chinatown in San Francisco can be attributed to the Tongs involvement there.  These groups are involved in any city were a large migration of Chinese is expected.  They blend-in their own organize crime activities into the development of the community by using proceeds from illegal businesses for creating an internal community economy by buying real assets as realty, such as shopping centers and housing, were many additional associates as small retailers can further help wash their dirty money, employ migrants and also engage in other illegal activities and also provided services to migrants such as housing, transportation and financing their business ventures through them-

These many migrants that are not educated and can not speak their new English language are very limited to finding employment.  In order to maintain themselves and their families they need immediate income and housing/food.  These needs are provided through these Tong/Community business relationships were employment and housing are readily available.  A sizeable amount of this assitance is through participation in other illegal enterprises such as: drug trafficking - credit card fraud - smuggling people and drugs - insurance fraud schemes - counterfeiting - money laundering - prostitution, etc..  Desperate people make the best recruits especially if they are intelligent or possess another useful gift.

It has been reported that the Chinese mainland government has been supporting the Triads and allowing them to use their homeland to illegally export and smuggle people, drug producing materials and drugs to the West.   Their strong presence in the USA has helped unite all the organize crime families and "gangs" into one - the violent fighting that was daily news in the West Coast stopped once the Chinese Triad hierarchy planted themselves here in the USA.

These planned migration has created local artificial economies that are fueled by illegal businesses and created a new business of laundering money which supports local  economies in some city in the USA.

Our investigations place many of these suspected families in engaging in the aforementioned.  Anyone with time can monitor some of these retail businesses and observe that the business traffic can not support itself to pay for such customary expenses as lease space-salaries-utilities-etc..  Most of these local shopping centers are controlled by groups such as the ENG family and a common denominator is that most all have massage parlors on site-that are fronts for prostitution/drug distribution.  Nail salons and restaurants are also present and are vehicles for money laundering and retailing illegal drugs to their ordinary patrons.


From our Research and Investigation -

  Esteban was introduced to these families through his association with the Chinese Martial Arts school when he was a freshman in high school in about July 2000.  During his time there on several occasions he decided to quit without giving us an explanation.  His "Kung Fu brothers" and us not knowing encouraged him to return.  The owner and SIFU of the school, Philip NG, we found out to be very well linked to Dallas "High Society" and the Oriental/Asian community.  This school has participate in many social benefit events to raise money, one was attended by his parents while Esteban was there as a participant for the Dallas Zoo.  Mr. NG also performed in other special events including welcoming Chinese government officials dignitaries visiting Dallas.  With all his notoriety it was very unusual that every time we inquired about Mr. NG in the Chinese community no one knew or talk much about him including the Dallas Morning News writer Esther Wu.   

 When Paul Le- and Huong Q. Nguyen began spreading rumors that Esteban was a Drug Lord and meeting with a drug supplier on the afternoon he disappeared, it was a ploy to take attention away of what really occurred.  These false rumors were quickly spread by other Oriental students and very soon mostly every local student was also on that same caravan.  Our reports indicate that Esteban was meeting his "Family" to what was going to be a farewell "jumping out" or being disciplined.  This event turned to be more than what he had expected.  These many phone calls to his home on 1/4/03 by the Nguyen family was to motivate him to appear at the meeting place.

Huong began at an early time to relate stories that later made absolutely no sense.  Included were that he was leaving to a far away place to where no one knew him and would see her again in 30 days-  This of course gave the reasonable impression to anyone who did not know him he was running away from home.

It became more suspicious after discovering that lone drug contact information on his assigned US History book, placed were it would easily seen and not be missed by the police or the Salazar family in their investigation.  It's clear someone wanted this known drug dealer to be the prime person of interest.  During this early period Huong began using the moniker DivineDestiny and her and family's behavior was reported to be very unusual then and thereafter.  She began a phenomenal transformation, as her appearance began to change and reportedly a motor vehicle registered to a plastic surgeon, Bao l. Phan was seen at their home regularly.  Her once chubby and plain/simple appearance was replaced by a more slim and glamorous look .  Unrecognizable that this is the same girl today in 2011. Their relationship was reported to be very limited from the start as Esteban told his father- she said I could date other girls!  Reported to be one sided relationship were he would limit to escort her to family events and there was no record that Esteban ever brought her to meet any of his friends or accompany him to their homes or school functions.

We suspected then and know today by confirmed police reports that law enforcement  have protected these individuals and families; and their illegal businesses. -  Some also work as informants for the police.  It was  discovered that these Asian families (parents & children) linked to Esteban were/are involved in illegal drug trafficking operation ("DTO") - loan sharking - gambling - prostitution - extortion - insurance fraud, etc.., their reported family businesses were/are used as fronts to launderer their illegal money.  Mostly all evade arrest or prison time by operating in a small scale (limiting the amount of drugs in their possession) and distancing themselves from harms way through others, like Esteban.  They employ others, specially underage and people in need, who later they betray when they are caught.   Because they limit the amounts in drug possession they need more numbers of people in their organization, so they recruit outside their own Asian population.  Most of the people who do the "dirty work" for them are Asians fresh of the boat "FOB" - Hispanics, Afro-Americans and some Anglo/Americans.  To blend in, their illegal business earnings are reported to the IRS income through their front businesses.  In one case reported to the police, their Mom and Pop operations were netting them a reported minimum $100,000 /yr.  Very few have been caught and records indicate when they were, most sentences were deferred.  Whenever they cooperate with the law as informants they only provide the "small fish" outside their network.  The most successful families keep a very low profile and not consume their illegal drugs.  Most keep a seemingly modest lifestyle and do not engage in anything that would attract attention.  Purchasing luxury automobiles and specially paying cash for their purchases.  But some of the red flags and common denominators they all seem to have are: large numbers of automobiles in the household, have/had many registered business names, their "front" business have seldom any customer traffic, have criminal associates listed as employees in their front business and own real estate investment properties (in their names or in the name of other individuals or companies), use rental cars or "cold plates" to distribute, etc... 

At one time, we have wondered if the Garland police were conducting their own separate investigation of local Asian organized crime or if they where more zealously involved in protecting it?  The scope of this drug trafficking problem we now suspect it to be huge as is the demand for these drugs locally and they keep increasing.  Most of the rising property theft in Garland and surrounding areas can be traced to the money sought to purchase these illegal drugs.  Property theft is recorded only because residents report it.  The police effort for pursuing illegal drug manufacture, distribution and sale mostly follows few complaints or random finds.  For this reason the scale of the reported drug problem in Garland is kept hidden.  But its problem is immense and continues growing; as this business employs many citizens and puts food on the table for their many households.

Given all the circumstantial and physical evidence available the Garland Police investigators' determination that Esteban committed suicide is simply outrageous.  The police failed to look beyond the obvious.  The motives which police had reported to support their final determination: child abuse (2003) and girlfriend problems (2006) are absolutely and beyond of ridiculous.  There has and was never been any factual information to collaborate any of these outrageous motives for their determined suicide.  The fact that Esteban was manipulated into it and caught in the middle of Asian/Oriental organized crime activities was completely ignored.  All who knew Esteban observed the dedication and devotion he had for his family whom he loved and knew that they loved him dearly.  Taking care of his family was always paramount.  The last hours of his life were filled by terror and anger as he realized the deception by his associates and consequences he faced. 

This 16 year old girlfriend who provided misleading information from the first day, follows weeks later with more of the same by reporting to the police that Esteban was sad when she last called him.  Phone records indicated this call which she reported to have been 20-30 minutes only lasted 2 seconds.  It is not another coincidence that these criminals found this young girl with a father who was allegedly disabled with a back injury and unable to work.  This was their way into Esteban's heart since he had personally witnessed most of his young life the pain and suffering his own father and family endured because of a very similar situation that was undoubtedly true.  Helping this girl and her family for Esteban at this time of need he thought to be appropriate and it was greatly reinforced by all his other new associates.  *There are no reports/medical history that this girl's father-Lam Duc Nguyen was ever subjected to any major back surgeries as Esteban's father.  Strangely on about 2009 Lam transfers residence information on his drivers license and auto registration to his son's small apartment in Dallas even though he continues to reside in Garland with his wife-  The ownership of the home was also transferred to the wife-Co Hong. Who else are they trying to deceive and why?


Overview- Parents seeking justice and the many obstructions.

Local and State Political Republican Party Wall-

Trying to collect information on this case or to report any wrongful and criminal activities to the Garland City officials, Dallas County officials and local Federal officials has been next to impossible for us or anyone else associated with us, including the media, or anyone wishing and wanting to know about any facts on this case.  A political wall from the ruling and controlling Republican Party faction that for many years has led Garland government was built against us and used following Esteban's disappearance by former Garland Mayor Bob Day and Councilman Randall Dunning to conceal Esteban's abduction and murder; and many other reported criminal activities.  This opposition became very difficult to overcome as it quickly spread into county and state governments controlled by these same republicans. 

Dallas County District Attorney, Bill Hill, a Republican and native of Garland, TX has assisted the City of Garland officials in having his office collaborate and look away from all the reported criminal activity and failures to uphold the law by Garland officials in this investigation.  Mounting records collected have indicated this. 

The Dallas County Chief Medical Examiner, Jeffrey Barnard MD, failed to respond to the crime/death scene, correct the documented published errors in their autopsy reports and follow-up on new submitted confirmed evidence which was forwarded to him.  Our many ignored follow-up letters were received by his office.  We learned in 2008 that false and erroneous information contained was never amended in their autopsy reports of Esteban.  Even the death certificate wrongly listed Esteban as of Mexican decent.  Instead another Republican, Dallas County Judge, Margaret Keliher responded in Barnard's behalf. 

At a higher law enforcement level, the former FBI Dallas Chief, Guadalupe Gonzalez, a Busch Republican administration appointee, failed and ignored our many official criminal complaints.  Based on the information he received from the Garland police, Gonzalez in a letter to Congressman Sam Johnson relates that Esteban's father is a liar and not to be trusted.  Agent Gonzalez was previously criticized for his lackluster performance in Phoenix, Arizona for stalling counter terrorist investigations that could have stopped some of the infamous Sept. 11 terrorist attacks.  Its well  rumored the Bush administration placed Gonzalez here in Dallas to finish his days of public service and to help protect his inner circle of local Republican friends.  For his efforts in the assist in the cover-up, Mr. Dunning was rewarded by his party cronies with a spot to run for Texas state representative district 112 Republican primary in 2008. His bid was lost after much of this information became local public knowledge.


The Garland Police ("GPD")-

This unfounded and un-collaborated notion by the Garland Police, starting from the first day, that Esteban's mysterious disappearance was a "runaway" case and days later that most probable he was a suicide victim was completely outrageous.  Specially when there was no one and absolutely no supporting factual evidence to base these preliminary scandalous and prejudicial determinations.  There was more reported criminally related evidence indicating that Esteban had been abducted and a victim of local organized crime.  Instead of following the evidence the police efforts frantically became to fabricate facts and manipulate them*. 

*Evidence which would collaborate with their "suicide" determination was fabricated and manipulated.  The motive for Esteban to kill himself was first reported being that he was physically abused at home by his father.  This most slanderous and false report not only closed the case but brought and motivated hate crimes against Esteban's father who they also labeled as being involved in illegal enterprises.  He began to receive anonymous hate phone calls - dead animals were placed in his property - his automobiles and residence were vandalized.  His daughter separated from the family and later became very ill.  Since it was also reasonably suspected the some members of the Garland police may have been involved on some of this additional unlawful activity- complaints were not filed with this agency - other prior complaints filed with the city - state and federal government were ignored.

An important fact that Esteban's scent trail was immediately identified by Search One Rescue Team's hound dog which brought the police Investigators scampering to the entrance of a nearby Apartment complex's entrance/parking indicated he met someone there.  Esteban's scent abruptly ended there suggesting he most likely got inside a motor vehicle and was transported out from this area. 

There was no reported scent trail found leading in or out of the alleged crime/death recovery scene.  Also, there was no blood presence at the same recovery area.  This indicated that Esteban's remains had to have been later transported and dumped there by someone.  This location was known to be a feeding site for large wildlife.  Week before the reported discovery neighbors reported two strange men going in and out of this area.  One driving a dirt bike the other one waited nearby in his pickup.  The owner of the property of the main crime scene, Mr. Creek, is reported by neighbors to be a known hunter who lures animals to the site.  This and being next to a creek increases the traffic of coyotes.  Was this location another coincidence or a convenient predetermined place for criminals to dispose of physical evidence?

Mounting events that occurred and followed can now be traced back showing a calculated plan from Garland police leadership to ignore the Salazar family's reasonable requests and ignore other leads to rescue Esteban.  They limited and misguided their own police recovery search and investigation team efforts.  They chose to only collect select and limited information and only physical evidence that would only support this Garland police predetermined "suicide" theory.  Records indicate the Dallas County Medical Examiners' office was excluded from accessing the recovery area-the police later reported that they were aware but never responded-why?  The Dallas County Medical Examiners have no records indicating the Garland police called them to the scene and collect evidence as per open records request in 2008 and instead the police sent a very young Garland police forensic technician with almost no experience to the crime scene.

Important relative information and evidence that was readily available was deliberately ignored and not collected by the Garland police.  It included but not limited to important physical evidence: the alleged recovered pistol-property of Esteban's father had been wiped down- there was no trace of Esteban's father DNA or fingerprints- Esteban's recovered clothing had no trace of gunpowder residue-there was no reported trace of blood found at the alleged crime scene-the missing shoe which was found by volunteers near a police grid search marker placed by the Garland police two weeks earlier and after Esteban's girlfriend was made aware that this search was specific to finding this missing evidence.  All circumstantial evidence reported to police on the first day of the investigation linking Chinese organized crime was ignored.  This includes the fact that Esteban was inquiring and searching for old vehicle licensed plates the week before he disappeared and days later the girlfriend's family's automobile is reported/documented to operate with license plates from a dismantled salvaged vehicle.  It was very obvious that Esteban had been manipulated by these people for a long while and he wanted stop and no continue being a part of this.

Important circumstantial evidence that indicated compounded the escalation of Esteban's problems were: 1. Girlfriend and family were very unhappy that Esteban went on this skiing trip to Aspen, Colorado with his family for Xmas - he did not invite and include the girlfriend and records indicated he did not even contacted /phone her while he was on vacation until after his return on 12/24/02- 2.  On the 25th., following his return, the girlfriend was brought to Esteban's home to exchange Xmas gifts by her older sister- Esteban refused to go over and pick her up-  very unusual?  But he drove her back.  3. Huong reported to third parties that Esteban severed their relationship on 2/25/02.  She also stated that on that day Esteban had told her, " I committed an unforgivable sin". For all those who knew Esteban, that was not his ordinary way to verbally communicate - those were the calculated words of someone else.   4.  The following day 2/26/02 he was scheduled to drive his father to an appointment and instead broke that engagement and was allegedly with this girl most of the day- this sudden change indicated Esteban was still being manipulated and controlled by her family.  5.  On the evening of 2/27/02 someone or some event brought terror and fear into Esteban- he had a terrified and worried demeanor the following day.  He was not sad as Huong later reported.  On that next evening, in his closed bedroom, he received a phone call from Huong- after the long conversation he came out from his bedroom with swollen and red eyes- evidence he was crying.  6.  The next day Huong visits our home.  She is appearing very cheerful and confident; goes upstairs uninvited to Esteban's father' office to greet him, meanwhile Esteban waits quietly at the bottom of the stairs.  Very unusual since it never occurred in the past.  This is the first time, that this once seemingly shy girl acts like another different person.  Later, in the presence of his father, Esteban challenges and tells Huong to disclose what has caused his unusual changes since it was not what the father had previously suspected- the girlfriend is taken by surprise and stunned becoming speechless as she bows her head down and away from any eye contact.  Evident she was had full knowledge and was not going to disclose this great secret that caused then great trouble for Esteban and ultimately his death.  On that same morning Esteban had asked his father some very unusual questions regarding illegal activities that later were to be later observed to be part of the Nguyen's family behavior.  Other unusual events follow and all social personal contact of Esteban with Huong stop on 12/31/02 until the day he disappeared 1/4/03.  7.  On 1/4/03 phone calls from Huong's father's cell phone are sent to Esteban- Some to Esateban's cell phone and others to the Salazar home land line.  From the time and location of these calls it was evident they knew when Esteban was home and when he was not.  He had refused their requests to participate and used an outlandish excuse not to go meet with these people on 1/4/03.  

Days after he disappeared, the girlfriend was fixated and wanted to know if Esteban had available the use of an automobile for that day/night of 1/4/03- Esteban had told these associates that he did not have use of a motor vehicle for that day.  But he did.  We suspect he was selected to drive in an illegal criminal undertaking.  Note-Days before he was asking his father if he disposed or had available metal license plates from motor vehicles he had purchased and sold.  When we later reported that he did, she became very still and quiet.  Later the older sister's motor vehicle is observed and reported to be operating illegally with metal license plates from a salvaged/dismantled vehicle of the same make and model as hers.  This is immediately reported to Lt. K. Thompson/Garland police and he repeatedly ignored it saying that "this car has never been seen parked at their home."  The sister immediately relocates back from an apartment in Carrollton, Texas to live with her parents, quits her new professional job, and changes cell phone number.  Note-Esteban had reported to his father about a young girl being forced to have sex with older men.  We suspect he was referring to one of these two girls.  The subject car is parked nightly in front of the home.

Following his disappearance and the fact that Esteban did not want to be with this girl it was very unusual behavior that this girl was very adamant to be in constant communication with the Salazar family and know everything about Esteban's search and investigation-  She would contact Esteban's home on a daily basis.  Greeting cards and gifts were sent to Esteban by Huong while he was missing.  This bizarre and unusual behavior continued until the skeletal remains were reportedly discovered and confirmed, then we did not hear from her-  Esteban's mother called her to find out if she was OK and update and inform her on the case.  Surprisingly she responded that she had no idea of the current disposition of the case- she blamed it on her TV not working- but these bad news that Esteban was deceased had also been flowing rampant in area schools and community.

The police investigators instead of following any or all these reported facts began manipulating statements from interviews by Esteban's father and events; ignored the truth and changed them.  New evidence and events were fabricated.  These reported facts and truth were deliberately ignored.  The Garland police rumored initially to the media (Dallas Morning News) that Esteban's suicide death came as result from "child abuse", but there was absolutely no credible and verifiable information to support this as reported to the News Media, the Public, the Dallas County Medical Examiner, the FBI and the Dallas County District Attorney.  Why would they fabricate such a horrible accusation specially when the Salazar family was already enduring great emotional pain?  Their motive was to divide and destroy the Salazar family so they would no longer be an opposition and challenge their investigation and false determinations and influence the investigation.  In 2006 the police, following their receipt of multitudes of affidavits from family and friends quickly dismissed this "abuse" fabrication and made it disappear from their case records.  A new motive and an alternative twist was developed and placed in this case by the Garland police.   As reported in a November 2006 interview with D magazine, Officer Joe Harn , spokesperson for the Garland police, stated that there is no record in their files of this alleged "child abuse" ever happening.  The new reported motive for Esteban's alleged suicide was now "girlfriend problems". 

Officer Joe Harn succeeded Lt. Martin as the spokesperson for the Garland police department following the investigation of this case.  Lt. Martin seemingly became inept for conveying the lies to the public and was quickly replaced.

Dr. Jill Urban, the Dallas County Medical Examiner ("DCME"), who made her determination of manner of death, based mainly on this very important and critical false circumstantial information from the police.  She reported about this and also other similar fabricated evidence received from the police.  Dallas County Medical Examiners records received in 2008 indicate that upon first contact with this agency Lt. Keith Thompson/Garland police provided other misleading information to their field agent Richard George.  He reported that Esteban *"left his residence with a weapon".  His parents were the only ones to witness Esteban leave his home on that day and no one witnessed or reported that reported misleading evidence.  Later on the investigation, this same individual continued to misinform the DCME on their reported time of scheduled search by five hours late.  This prevented the DCME from participating on this important collection of evidence and provided these GPD members full command to conduct their own limited collection and erasure of evidence.

*This was part of the misleading primary circumstantial evidence the Garland police submitted to the ME-Jill Urban, MD to steer and make her "suicide" determination. 

These same horrendous "child abuse" accusations from members of the Garland police were being discovered to have been reported and rumored early to the media and public. Strangely, all friends, neighbors and family members were never questioned about this horrific accusation by any of the Garland police.  Since the police, in 2006, stated there was never any record of abuse at the Salazar home, then whatever police reports indicated this in 2003 can now be undoubtedly reported to be calculated fabricated falsehoods with absolutely no supporting evidence and part of their cover-up conspiracy.  But this false information is included and became part of Esteban's autopsy report.

Other later discovered (ME reports) police fabrications of evidence included: Esteban's father reported to the police that he thought Esteban killed himself - Esteban had a fight with his father on the day he disappeared and then departed from the house - he was seen leaving his home with a pistol - etc..  Is deliberate fabrication and tampering of evidence obstruction of justice and more by these police investigators?  Police records that are sealed will confirm this to be so.  How can trust and confidence be placed on law enforcement when their brazen actions so clearly demonstrate lack of integrity, morality and honesty? 

More credible reports and physical evidence accounting for other reasons of Esteban's mysterious disappearance suspecting of his abduction, captivity and murder were provided from "day one" of this investigation but have all been ignored by the Garland police.  Following a letter sent to Officer Harn -GPD Information regarding confirmation on his statements to D magazine a response letter was received on 1/3/06 not from the Garland police but from Councilman Randall Dunning.  An unofficial copy of an "information release" to D magazine by the Garland Police was provided by Dunning. 

The 2006 news release by the police excluded "child abuse by his parents" motive and now claim to be "the girlfriend problems" as being the motive for Esteban committing suicide.  There are absolutely no records or any evidence that this was the cause of death unless they are discretely referring to her and her family's involvement in Esteban's abduction and murder. 

This was suspected from the first day from observing her unusual behavior the previous week, her repeated false and conflicting statements and the sudden changes in her family's demeanor including that of her older sister, THU (aka Alayna) who immediately quit her professional real estate/finance job and moved back to parent's home-changing cell phone numbers, calculated switch of vehicle license plates in their 1996 Acura from TX F23FPK to TX WKS79Z- the former plates were traced to a similar dismantled/salvaged 1996 Acura model similar to hers used for parts at a Ft. Worth junk yard. - enrolls in Cosmetology school - opens Cocos Nail salon at Miller/Plano Rds. were the mother is her sole employee  Why would anyone go through all these proceedings just because someone is reported missing for a few days??  It is suspected their automobile was being used for illegal purposes and maybe to transport Esteban on the day he disappeared. This motor vehicle operated illegally for months after while the Garland police knowingly did nothing. The original current valid plates were later re-placed on the motor vehicle and life was back to normal for these people.


Early stages of our own investigation-

The Salazar investigation into Esteban's murder looked into all possible situations which could have caused Esteban's death. This initially also included the possibilities of an accident in the nearby creek area which he always frequented.  The police theory of suicide was looked and investigated first in order to move on.  After we collected all the physical and circumstantial evidence information (i.e., letters, web sites, phone records, family and friends commentary, reported physical evidence gathered by the police, events the days prior, etc.).  There was  absolutely no evidence or any reasonable conclusion that Esteban was suicidal and committed suicide!!  There was absolutely no reasonable motive for this "suicide" and the very cold weather at night and reported gunshot almost a day later do not fit this scenario that the police created.  But we did find a overzealous effort by the police to limit their investigation and make it appear as such.  The next step was to look at all family members and all their close associates who had contact with Esteban.  We suddenly began to discover that Esteban was associated with local individuals/families involved in organized crime activities.

At this point, the search for Esteban's murderer began.  Finding out backgrounds about friends and associates of Esteban followed.  Since most of them were underage any criminal record of theirs was protected by law.  Eventually as they grew older and continued the same lifestyle some got caught and have records.  In this latter group we began to find a very large number of criminal elements surrounding Esteban and reasons for someone having him killed.  After many years of investigation and research the following is our picture of the events leading to Esteban's murder:

Esteban's father became suspicious and later aware that Esteban was associated with a large group ("gang") mostly composed of Asians youth whose activities he had kept very secretive about until the week prior to his disappearance.  These youth gangs, seen at first as social groups, have no distinguishing names/identities but through older leaders are aligned with a well known Chinese/Asian organized crime family national/international.  These relationships began during his first year in high school after he had joined a Chinese Kung Fu Academy in 2000.  This was contemporary with Esteban's father undergoing two heart surgeries which we suspect is how he was lured into this situation and so called "family".  We suspect Esteban unknowingly became part of this group basically for camaraderie and protection; and to offer his own family the financial support from these people if whenever needed.  This exclusive Kung Fu school was very involved with the local Chinese Asian community and its business leaders.  Within them was a select group of people mostly self employed.  Our meetings prior to the disappearance with Mr. Philip NG, aka Sifu, were always by first being greeted with, "Esteban is a good boy" and is very intelligent".  Signs about the start of this new association and introduction came in the form of Esteban giving up his: former Anglo-American childhood friends - school extracurricular activities - material possessions for/to these people in a show of his loyalty and humbleness.  His offerings included a brand new computer system (cost him about $1500) which he had purchased with his own money from the p/t job at Canyon Creek Country Club.  Other items which he gave up included: new computer memory board ($300) and other accessories ($500)- clothes - backpacks - CDs- etc. and most probable the missing pistol.  Following expert reports about Chinese Asian gangs its not unusual for non-Asians to be sponsored into a gang through a Asian girlfriend.  In order for an individual older than 17 years of age to have full membership this would be a requirement.

The week prior to his disappearance Esteban seemed very unhappy/terrified particularly about an event that occurred on the night of 12/27/02 while in the company of some Chinese Asian youths he had not seen in a while.  These groups of individuals (including some females) are reportedly aligned with adults who engage in organized criminal activities as per public records.  On the next day, Esteban's usual cool, confident and happy demeanor was taken over by a fearful scared & terrorized look.  In the days that followed his father suggested to him that if this company that he had been keeping made him feel this awful maybe he need to make a change.  There is hard evidence that Esteban severed the relationships with these people prior to his death and in order to leave he would have had to follow some gang ritual- (material offering such as a pistol-a physical beating).  We suspect the phone calls he received and his visits on 1/4/03 were all related to this.  A lot of information was uncovered in blogs, internet postings.  They easily connected all these people who once acted as if they did not know each other.  In one blog a suspected Chinese group member, Jien Cheng DOB 9/21/84 who attended Berkner HS wrote about Esteban "loser" Esteban D. Salazar RIP.  These are some of the weapons he boasts to posses on line- @ MySpace  He later enlisted in the army.


Following the evidence-

We always suspected the arranged girlfriend-Huong Quynh Nguyen of having full knowledge but were not sure about her extent in participation.  Esteban's mother at one time was under the early impression she was being forced to be an unwilling participant. 

There is very good reason to believe she immediately fell in love with him and had a fatal attraction, something unexpected by her family/associates.  On the week before his disappearance she told Esteban that because of him leaving she was going to be forced to have sex with older men.  We believe there is enough material evidence indicating her primary relationship and interest in Esteban was more than romantic.  It was business.  This family was reported to be in dire financial situation and the father had a reported back injury that prevented him to work and was reportedly seen gambling.  Esteban was very sympathetic with all this scenario since his own father experienced health problems years before.  This was their connection. 

The girl professed and frequently spoke about her Buddhism and beliefs.  After Esteban became absent from her earthly life all this philosophy and religion immediately disappeared.  What later appeared to replace was a very immoral and material young person who preoccupied herself in her self image and obtaining material possessions.  The girl who talked about her desire to study architecture all of the sudden changed her mind to study psychology.  Was this to self psycho analyse her behavior or a legal defense of insanity?

It's a very usual Asian gang mode of operation that any new member (specially outside their culture) be monitored by a "trusting" person who is planted.  Huong was that person.  We suspect she already knew or Esteban told her all about the occurrences on 12/27/02 and 12/28/02.  She called Esteban that last night and before the closure of this phone conversation Esteban began crying.  He told her he wanted to get out.  She tried to persuade him repeatedly not to severe it/reported this to her associates.  The consequences to follow  were harm to his family and himself.  That was their ultimate connection in this relationship, one she repeatedly talked about.  Soon after, her older sister, Thu Q. Nguyen-a college graduate, terminated her professional job with a real estate/finance company and moved back home to monitor Esteban's girlfriend to ensure she would not break down and give up detrimental information about organize crime activities and Esteban's murder to the police.  In 2007 she changed her name to Alayna Nguyen.  Her mother Co Hong transferred the ownership of their home from her husband, Duc Lam, to her name.  He changes his residence in his Texas drivers license.  All of the children's priorities following graduation was to purchase a new import sports car.  Records indicate that Alayna provided this to them by executing loans when she was not working.

This is not the first time this scenario has played out and it will not be the last as Asian organized crime will continue to influence our children and come into any of our homes and lives.  The fact that Esteban did not use drugs or alcohol and had no extra spending money suggests that whatever extracurricular enterprise he was involved included other people who managed the money received.  These individuals responsible for Esteban's abduction and murder first began to plant rumors about Esteban around the area.  The girlfriend reported that a mutual friend, Paul Le, stated he was a drug lord and hiding from a drug dealer - the girlfriend later stated that Esteban told her he was not returning to school because he did not need an education -later the girlfriend began to spread rumors that Esteban killed himself-saying that when she talked to him last he was sad.  We now know that all that information was false and misleading.

If he was involved with these criminals - was he a robin hood type and giving his money to the needy??  This was the basis for the formation of the Triads in the Ming dynasty in China - but when the Communist took over China they fled to Hong Kong where they flourished for profit under British rule until it became once again Chinese and Communist dominated.  This social change cause their relocation to the West- USA and Canada were business has exploded and continues to be profitable.

By following some of the evidence we can concluded that Huong and her family were fully aware and participated in Esteban's abduction in some form or other- Phone records and statements given for the day he disappeared (1/4/03) indicate this.  Huong and her family only called the Salazar home when they knew Esteban or someone would be home.  They never attempted calling Esteban's cell phone.  No phone calls were made at any time after Esteban departed or until his parents returned from the movies that night-  Records indicate that this horrific ordeal had been carefully planned the week before.

No phone calls followed for Esteban because Huong and her family knew where he was- the only phone call that followed that evening was shortly after Esteban's parents walked into their home- another coincidence? No - they were at the home and were aware that they were out because Esteban had told them earlier-

This basic information and more has been out there for the Garland police- it gives the motive and opportunity in which these people acted.  Instead they chose to fabricate evidence and close the case.

From the information that has been gathered we reasonably believe that Esteban's murder was premeditated and great efforts were later made to conceal it.  The search and investigation was being monitored daily by the perpetrators.  Always a step ahead of the investigation.  When Esteban's remains were found this interest immediately stopped.


Fabrications of evidence and rumors-

Initial unfounded rumors about Esteban being a drug dealer were surfacing everywhere.  But why were they being fabricated and by whom??  Fist ones were by Oriental/Asian students at the local high schools and Huong who stated she heard Esteban was a drug lord and meeting his drug dealer he owed money.  These rumors were spreading rampantly by kids as well as adults (parents).  It could only be suspected then, that its reason was to derail any investigation into Esteban's murder and tarnish Esteban and his family's good character.  Some of these outrageous stories heard included one from a former Garland police officer that Esteban was selling drugs at age (13) thirteen during his Garland youth soccer games and that he had been previously arrested by the Garland Police. Absolutely pure nonsense and no record of it; but whom and what reason was behind it?  This surely criminalized Esteban's good character.  It is a known fact that Esteban's father went with Esteban to every soccer practice and game and nothing of the such was ever observed happening.  There are absolutely no police records to support this and Esteban's parents would have been the first to know if it was true?  The Salazar family's first private investigator, Duncan & Associates, brought those same similar news and when the Salazar family began to interview the sources to verify the information not none of these sources knew of Esteban or anything about this outrageous story.  Other similar outrageous rumors were present at Esteban's high school and now additionally rumors involved Esteban's father being a member of the Mexican Mafia.   We suspect these rumors along with other false information was planted into the public's mind by the Garland police to keep away any support from the community and news media to the Salazar family.  The Garland police never attempted to inform the public and media that these allegations were false.


More information-

From the first day of Esteban's disappearance it was feared that something terribly wrong had happened to Esteban related to people that he knew and the very unusual activities during the previous week prior to this disappearance.  During the first week of his disappearance the new information gathered by the Salazar family indicated that his disappearance was related to the company which he kept.  Esteban's cool and confident manner changed drastically during the days before his disappearance.  It was new and that of a completely very frightened person never seen before by his family.

Through the guestbook comments- many people have raised the theory that because Esteban was non-Asian and his girlfriend was lower class Vietnamese that perhaps his death was a hate crime - or maybe an act of obsession/revenge against him by Huong since he did not show any romantic interest on her and her relationship with Esteban was seen and reported as one-sided by all who knew them until he severed it. 

This family reportedly came to North America through Canada and eased their way into the USA.  Some mentioned that maybe the girlfriend was associated with a gang or had sponsored Esteban into a gang since he was non-Oriental/Asian or she was planted to monitor his behavior.  Her much older sister, Thu, had a personal nickname for Esteban, "Bon Bon" and had also displayed romantic inclination toward him.  At the time when Esteban was introduced to this girlfriend, her family was experiencing financial problems.  Her parents were non-professional manual workers and descended from a lower class in Vietnam.  This made their adjustment here in the USA also difficult.  Her mother was the only income producing individual (manicurist) in the household.  Both older siblings-brother and sister were attending college away from home, living in off-campus apartments and the father was not working.  He was reported to be disabled and ill requiring medical care.  Reports that he was a heavy smoker and gambler were also appearing.  From the outgoing expenses, we reasonably suspect their cost of living was being subsidized with some unreported income.  The mother, Co Hong Nguyen, worked at Best Nails on Skillman, Dallas, TX.  The shop was reported owned/operated by a Ken Thi Tran but this individual was never seen- but she is also reportedly owned another salon in Mesquite and listed as the owner of a residence at 1608 Mayflower, Richardson, TX-  The shop closed on June 2008- the operator of the shop, Binh Linh Tang who resides at that Mayflower address, has continued close ties with Co Hong Nguyen.  He is seen with her very frequently.  The shop at Skillman closed and Binh opened a solo operation in Dallas were he rents a booth.

Other considerations-  In addition, it was reported from some of Esteban's Asian friends that both the girlfriend's father and brother had strongly disapproved of this courtship and made it known to Esteban.  The sister, Alayna, kept a very secretive and discreet social relationships (i.e. driving to meet different men at public places and leaving soon after in their vehicle as compared to having them come to her home), Huong reported she had a very bad experience with an Anglo/American boyfriend who stalked her and had to be discouraged by a brother. Some guestbook comments  stated that she previously disposed of a boyfriend.  Khang aka Ryan in 2010. Ryan's live in girlfriend Lisa H Luu (DOB 4/24/83) was arrested in Frisco, TX for theft on 10/11/09

Esteban related some of this behavior to his parents earlier in this relationship but it was never considered for them to be a serious matter.  Instead of becoming alarmed, Esteban's parents encouraged that Esteban worked at improving his social relationship with this family.  Esteban's parents made every effort to ensure Huong was comfortable and would often invite her to dine out with them.  It was very obvious she was uncomfortable at the attention Esteban always got from other young women and was always making sure he knew about the visual disparity between the two of them. This was supported more by some of the letters she wrote him.

Esteban had mentioned that the girlfriend's father, who did not work and has lived in the USA since about 1987, would be rude and always sit in front of the TV and never acknowledge his presence during the time of his visits into their home.  The girlfriend has repeatedly stated that her father never learned the English language?  In early 2003, the Salazar's private Investigator reported that the father had no problem relating to them in English by stating "never again call my home and not bother their children".  It was noted that neither the brother or father came to Esteban's memorial service. 

The girlfriend had reported to Esteban's family that she disliked Asian men and would only date non-Asian men.  Strangely, shortly after Esteban's remains were discovered and identified she was reported to be dating an older Asian man, Khang Duy Lam.  His family were guests at the Nguyen home often.  They lived in a run down apartment dwelling in East Plano.  The young man relationship with Huong was brief and eventually received funds to attend pharmacy school in Massachusetts. 

During the investigation, the girlfriend stated to some investigative reporters that Esteban had severed their courtship on Christmas Day 2002, but "that was not unusual since he had also done the same in the past."  This subject was never disclosed to Esteban's parents by the girlfriend or Esteban and certainly never witnessed to have occurred.

Reports of gang activity at the girlfriend's home was later reported by a young male Hispanic gang member who had a fight with an Oriental/Asian female at that location.  WE suspect it was the older sister.  This new girlfriend/Huong was introduced to him at a martial arts exhibition @ City Place-Dallas, TX in April 2002, by Esteban's so called "Kung Fu brother", Peter Kwang who dated his girlfriend's best friend (Kanga).

Was something that initially appeared as a social group of friends supporting each other may have all of the sudden become bigger than it was supposed to be... for Esteban? A few days after Esteban became associated with this girl he ceased completely to use this cell phone and returned it to his parents.  Was this directed so his whereabouts could not be traced??

  Is no doubt that Esteban knew a lot of whatever activities these people were involved in.  At the young age of (17) seventeen and that also being a time for such gang initiations into this type of criminal activity; was this the beginning or was it Esteban wanting to get out of this derelict criminal scene and the company he was keeping?  Or was he being set-up by his own "friends" to take the fall on some serious offense that had occurred? 

Esteban was introduced to this girlfriend at a martial arts exhibition by Peter Kwang and his girlfriend Chan Kang Au-Duong aka Julia / Julie Au-Yeung (2009).  Several times Esteban had stopped attending the Hung Fist Shoaling Kung Fu school only to be persuaded back by Peter Kwang and his Sifu.  During the summer of 2002 Kang began attending the martial arts school, Esteban had dropped out.  There is much evidence that this girl was also very romantically interested on Esteban and he had refused her many advances.  She is also one to have many short term romantic relations-considered once to be unusual for Oriental/Asian ladies?

During the first week (April 2002) of Esteban's courtship with girlfriend-Huong Q. Nguyen it was noted that he stopped using his cell phone completely.  Esteban's father was in Costa Rica.  Very strange behavior for a typical teenager??  His neck was noted to be covered with bruising.  This was later treated by his parents as being from passionate adolescent sexual behavior from this Asian girl.  In 2006 it was learned about an Asian gang initiation marking called "coining", where a coin is rubbed in to leave a mark.  Cigarette burns were reported discovered in his upper forearm before (he never smoked) by his Aunt. 

Could something other have occurred since this girlfriend appeared to be so innocent?  Some cigarettes burns were reported seen on Esteban's forearm in 2000, by other family members, which he kept covered by wearing long sleeve shirts.  His father during that period underwent two (2) open heart surgeries and treated for an surgery related heart infection and was clueless about anything which could had been happening at the time.


Esteban's last days-

From his appearance and behavior it was evident Esteban was being deceitfully manipulated by these people leading to the day of his final decision to severe his relationship.  It is suspected something very out of the norm and probally violent occurred.   A conflict, a threat or crime was involved/witnessed by Esteban days prior to his disappearance.  Their is no report that the girlfriend was present but there is very good reason to believe she was fully aware of what had transpired from her long telephone call to Esteban on the evening of 12/28/02 and her demeanor during her visit to Esteban's home the next day on 12/29/02.  Esteban's father was witness to both. 

Following that phone call to Esteban, he showed signs that he had been crying.  Watery red eyes and swollen eyelids.  The next day in front of his father, Esteban challenged Huong to explain what was going on that was troubling him so much.  Taken by utter surprise she became speechless and bowed her head down to avoid eye contact remaining silent. 

A report/lead received indicated that Esteban might have witnessed some horrible crime on 12/27/02 which would be consistent with part of his full time indoctrination into this criminal group or jumping out-.  Other reports indicated that he had confronted a gang member and got himself and family in serious trouble.

Identifying his phone records indicate about some of this and is supported by an article  written on his web site/blog two days before he disappeared.  His vibrant, happy, cool, confident and calm demeanor drastically changed following the night of 12/27/02. 

General Information-

The Dallas metro area has enjoyed an explosion of immigration (legal and illegal) of Oriental/Asians since 2000.  A very large number (legal & illegal) have come to migrate and reside in Garland, Richardson, Plano and N.E. Dallas.  With this large immigration base, Asian business men and organized crime have profited and set their presence here.  It is not uncommon for this occurrence and expected.  Its has been part of their culture and exists in all large Asian communities.  The Tongs, a criminal hierarchy of leaders are an institution and known to Asian business and approve and participate jointly in projects.  Some of these criminals prey on their own people.  Businesses are originated, organized and used as fronts to launder lots of money which is later re-invested in the same community- bringing about a false economic development within.  An economy within an economy.  It has been part of Asian culture for hundreds of years.  In New York City the FBI reported that 80% of retail businesses in China town were controlled by Asian criminal enterprises (TRIADS).  This large control is the same for other such large United States cities/areas as the West Coast, Chicago, Houston, Boston, etc..  Triads are reported to be the number one organized criminal element in Canada.  With their large networking in Canada, Mexico and the USA they present a great homeland security problem for the United States.  US immigration laws facilitate Chinese nationals to gain US citizenships.  We suspect that lots of smuggled illegal drugs (heroin-cocaine-ecstasy-etc..) and people are coming into the USA/Texas region from Hong Kong via postal services-cargo shipments as well as through Mexican border.  A quick glance into local real estate holdings will find that Oriental/Asian syndicates have purchased very large amounts of commercial properties in this area.  Your local retail shopping strips are now Oriental/Asian owned.  Most are under a trust and hire property management companies to operate them.

The climate for crime is very advantageous.  According to statistics, about 20% of the Asian population gambles- in comparison 1.5% of US citizens that do so.  Majority of it is illegal.  Most Asian crime victims and families do not report crimes or individuals missing, including that of their loved ones.  Families are preyed upon by their own people.  Asian family's own complacency and fear facilitates them for becoming victims.  Some of the Vietnamese families of Esteban's acquaintances were not alarmed at all that he was reported missing.  They told his parents that it was normal for kids Esteban's age to leave home unannounced and be gone for a period of time. 

Most of these Vietnamese families that Esteban was associated with were from the lower class in Vietnamese and Oriental/Asian society.  While in their homeland most were accustomed to political and police corruption.  Being dishonest and engaging in crime was a way of life and survival for many.  This same behavior was carried by them into the United States were they have continued to practice it. 

The Asian community is very well knit and acts as one; and any individual act of crime by any member is carried into the whole Asian community who accepts it as collective guilt.   Dealing with these cultural indifferences have created difficulties for getting people to talk and finding the truth becomes very hard following a crime.  The Media does not report as many of their crimes anticipating it will offend their community.


Our investigation continues until the whole truth is discovered and public is made aware; and Justice prevails.

The Salazar's lengthy investigation has gained new knowledge of some of the following (all of this information was passed on to the Garland police-no action in their part was ever reported)

Leads of group nearby sightings (1/4/03) were Esteban large frame stood out were reported by local residents.  Neighbors of  suspect's homes were apprehensive and suspicious for some time that there was gang/drug activity but were afraid to report it.  Sales of drugs and weapons have been reported by some of Esteban's associates.  Numerous motor vehicles reported may be stolen; many have been reported operating with illegal licenses/cancelled plates and were and in some cases continue being a common daily site.  An unusual large number of different motor vehicles and people visit these individuals' homes.  In addition it has been discovered that clusters of people who had reported once to socialize independently know each other very well, although they made great efforts to deceive and conceal it.  It has been observed that there are a lot of many younger teenagers who visit these homes as well as adults in their 20' and 30's.  We believe that these youths and others are already or may eventually be at great risk, as Esteban was.  *Parents need to be informed by law enforcement when they have knowledge that their underage child is in the company of a criminal regardless of their age.  Juvenile criminal's records have been kept sealed to protect them.  Organized crime makes use of this.  Also many of this immigrants that come into the USA have criminal records and seedy pasts.  Their backgrounds should not be concealed.

With all these discovered reported facts and material collected from media information it is amazing that the Salazar family was told in 2003 and repeatedly there after by the Garland Police that there was no serious gang activity in the city of Garland and that they found no criminal links to Esteban.  Organize crime is a subject most police fear to divulge.

With the alarming growth of gangs/social groups & violence many of today's lone youth are forced into banding together in a gang/group for mutual protection and avoid discrimination and isolation.  note: Most Asian youth gangs do not have a name but associate with Gangs that do.  Gang signs and colors are mostly absent.  They are identified mostly by their membership/networking.  For most youth, this has become a necessity at most of the city's public schools.  As time passes, this social banding later develops into gang associated criminal activities as part of their continued membership requirements. 

In 2005 the City of Garland began plans for the purchase of a police helicopter to pursue gang members and criminals.  Court records indicate that as early as 1992 there were intelligence officers dedicated to Asian gangs in Garland, Texas.  Reports from the US Department of Justice (10/03)- National Drug Intelligence Center "Other retail methamphetamine distributors are present in Texas, but their activities vary depending on location. The Garland Police Department reports that the Asian Pride and Little Saigon Hoodlums street gangs distribute methamphetamine at the retail level in its jurisdiction".

A local merchant, near where Esteban's remains recovery site, who has had run ins with Asian gangs reported in 2004 that the Garland Police knew of at least (24) twenty four major gangs in the city and of these (14) fourteen are Asian.  This information was very conservative since a report from the researchers at the Criminal Justice Center at Sam Houston State University stated "The San Antonio Police Department reported the largest number of gangs (797) with six other agencies, including those in El Paso, Garland, Arlington, Euless, Fort Worth and Houston, each reporting over 100 gangs.  The police officers added that other ethnic and Anglo gangs fear the Asian gangs for their violence.  These Asian gangs are very well organized and disciplined and their leadership on most groups reach organized crime headed by adults.  Most have a code of discipline which includes for them to be "good students" and not attract attention.  Those who do not follow their rules are severely reprimanded.  These people operate mostly from residential properties and commit their crimes outside their own city's boundaries.  Some groups ("hasty gangs") assemble a few times a year to commit crimes.  Most occur during New Year holidays.  Their crimes are for profit.  Garland is their sanctuary and base for operations.  Some of the national gangs reported to be present in Garland include: ABZ/Asian Boys-TRG/Tiny Rascals Gang-UB/United Bamboo-WC/Wah Ching-KB/Korean Boyz-AP/Asian Pride-BTK/Born to Kill-LSG/Little Saigon Gang-VBZ/Vietnamese Boyz- AA/Azian Assassins- CA/Crazy Azians, etc.. 

ABZ Asian Boyzs gang has ties with Esteban's girlfriend's sister- Alayna aka Thu.  She brought in 2002 to the Salazar home a youth who was shot & paralyzed @ a gang shooting were the ABZ was a principal participant.  ABZ presence has been public @ Pro Spa Inc. @ Walnut in Garland - more ties and meetings where recorded with Alayna and members of this company/group.  More on the ABZ can be seen at YouTube - Asian Boyz GanG.  ABZ and WC/VBZ have been lifelong enemies but the local Tong has controlled their violence at the great appreciation by the police.

Neighborhood Asian gangs associated with these well-known national gangs are many; some mentioned here by friends of Paul Le are the NGB/North Gate Boys.  They mostly resided at the North Gate Apartments and in that area.  Most have no identification name/colors/symbols.  Interesting enough, in Irving, TX where the Saigon Mall is located you will also find a North gate area.  Some of Esteban's associates businesses are located nearby.

This NGB was founded by mostly a group of FOBs (fresh of the boat) Asian individuals residing in the North Gate area apartments, which includes part of Garland. Dallas and Richardson near Plano and Walnut Roads.  These (Section 8) apartments are owned by associates of Esteban's Kung Fu SIFU Philip NG- Gloria Eng./TK Eng & Associates.  It was reported that Paul Le was associated with these people as well as AJ Anderson, Phoxayvong, some Naaman Forest students and others.

Garland police have a silent code of not interfering in their business and community as long as they keep control and violence off the streets.

NOTE: If you observe a lot of traffic coming in and out to your neighborhood's homes and they are not operating a known legal home based business you can bet they are running an illegal  criminal operation.  Inadvertently, we have come across business which include: sale and distribution of drugs, prostitution, pirate software, auto theft, tax evasion, credit card fraud, money laundering, prostitution, etc.. 

If what you see does not look right its because it is not.  Report it to law enforcement and form a neighborhood crime watch. Document all of your observations (i.e.. photo).  Protect your family and home.  Your other option is to move.

Since monitoring some of these residential locations and reporting it to parents; groups have moved out and others have ceased their traffic of large number of people.  Parents of young people visiting these establishments were contacted and most took corrective action.  Calls from caring parents giving their thanks were received.  Calls from irate kids were also received.

Most of these criminal groups we investigated live and meet in the Garland, Dallas and Richardson areas ("Golden Triangle") but commit their criminal activities elsewhere. WE suspect there are ties to a national Oriental/Asian drug syndicate - these drugs are being moved by the use of mail services such as FedEx-DHL-UPS and even the US Postal Service-to facilitate their delivery and receiving private mail boxes are being used-  The blocked phone call that was received at our home on the day Esteban disappeared came from an Anglo individual who owned a postal service in Irving, TX -  Since then they declared bankruptcy and abandoned that postal mail business.


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People we suspect of having knowledge of Esteban's manner of death and why.

(Views will be gradually added as more general information becomes available and confirmed-we are open to hear other explanations)-


The Girlfriend (Huong Quynh Nguyen) / DoB: 8/7/86.


Her Home- at 4002 Burning Tree, Garland, TX


Front-                                                                 Rear-      


Her friends-


Girlfriends                  Lisa Luu & Julia Au-Yeung      Julia & Huong

Rupal D Bhimani-Lisa Luu *- Huong N-Julia

*Lisa Luu arrested by Frisco PD in 2009 for theft.



Esteban w/ friend Huong and her family @ Berkner HS, Richardson, TX-National Honor Society-2002


Esteban w/friend Huong @ home (November 2002) - She is upset that Esteban is not paying attention to her.


Huong w/friend Bobby W.  @ Night Club/Deep Elum, Dallas TX- her 19th birthday (August 2005)



This boyfriend Khang Duy Lam (DOB 1/15/84) - 332 E. Polk Richardson, TX 75081 in 2003 - 3500 Hillridge, Plano, TX  Not seen since 2004. Pharmacy Intern license issued 5/18/09




Letters: These are some of the last correspondence from Huong to Esteban.  The progression indicates how possessive and infatuated she was becoming of him.  The Valentines letter was very unusual since Esteban had broken-up with her on 12/25/02 and he was still missing and most people suspected he was already dead.  A week after Esteban's parents received this letter and gifts, his partial skeletal remains were reportedly discovered.

October 2002-


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December 31, 2002 -


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First View: 

On the week preceding Esteban's disappearance it was very obvious that whatever problems Esteban was facing, the girlfriend was well aware of them and was using them to manipulate Esteban.  It was stated by this girlfriend that Esteban severed their relationship on 12/25/02.  She has also stated to numerous people that Esteban committed a great "unforgivable sin" on this day. *In gang language this would mean death.  Her older sister, Thu, drove her to Esteban's home for Christmas dinner that night.  That was  very out of the norm and unusual that Esteban did not pick her up himself and then bring her to his home. The language stated by the girlfriend is not consistent with that of Esteban's - we reasonably suspect it's someone elses but this is the message they were publishing to others-

The start of their relationship and what followed was very odd.  Esteban suddenly stopped using his cell phone- why?  We suspect this was done so no one could trace his whereabouts.  A number of other unusual rituals began which we associate with the distribution of illegal drugs.  These will link the girl's family to criminal activities.

Esteban spent most of the day (12/28/02) in his bedroom and on that night, immediately following a phone conversation with the girlfriend, it was noticed by both of his parents that his eyes were watery, red and with swollen eyelids.  This reasonably indicated that he had been crying.  When questioned later about this episode, the girlfriend-Huong went to state that Esteban was fine during this whole period while they conversed.  Esteban had been out on the previous night (12/27/02) with his old acquaintance Paul Le and another Asian individual.  We suspect the missing pistol was in their possession that night or maybe as early as 12/25/02.  This was the first reported physical contact between Esteban and Paul in about one year.  On the day in which he disappeared he was also scheduled to meet with Raymond Do.  WE suspect he was asking to get out and for help -the girlfriend Huong was reported not to be with them but somehow involved in this scenario which does not fit the "girlfriend problems" listed by the police as a motive for his suicide.

On 12/29/02 it became very apparent that something was very wrong and Esteban wanted to divulge it to his father.  His loyalty did not permit him.  Girlfriend-Huong came to the house to visit on that afternoon.  Suddenly and out of the blue, while everyone was together, Esteban in the presence of his father and girlfriend brought up the issue of this problem which kept him in his bedroom most of the previous day.  Esteban asked girlfriend-Huong if she knew what his father thought was troubling him, expecting a response.  Esteban's father anxiously looked and waited to hear a response and reaction from the girlfriend.  Esteban challenged her to disclose.  Her cheerful happy demeanor drastically changed as she became wordless and only casually smiled while looking down and away from Esteban father's eyes.  Esteban waited and continue to look at her, as expecting her to respond.  But she never did-remaining silent.  This incident later provided background to go along with all the misinformation and deceptions provided by the ex-girlfriend.  The police has never performed a polygraph examination on her or any member of her family.


Girlfriend, Huong Q. -Father, Duc Lam and Older Brother, Khang A., with Esteban at a restaurant (April 2002) shortly after they met.  Esteban's displays a very uncomfortable and anxious look with these people.


Second View (phone records):

On the day, Saturday (1/4/03), Esteban disappeared he received six (6) phone calls from the girlfriend and father's cell phones.  This would certainly qualify them as suspects in the police investigation.  But never did.

At 9:27 am Esteban receives a phone call, on his cell phone, from the girlfriend's father cell phone (469)767-1950.  The duration of the call is 80 seconds.  Shortly after the call, Esteban showers and dresses and leaves his home to go to the nearby Ekerds drugstore at Beltline and N. Garland Roads.  He returns about thirty minutes later with a can of shaving cream.  We later learned he did not need it since he already had some and also uses his electric shaver.  We reasonably suspected Esteban met someone during this interim period and only used this errand and announce it as an excuse to leave and cover-up the motive for which he was leaving.  On his return Esteban seems very confused and showed a piece of old paper, a note notifying not to park here (for compact cars only), he reported finding this on his windshield (police failed to view the available security video tapes of Esteban there that AM).  This parking spot area was on the west side of the building where premises security cameras were present.  Along with this information Esteban had the time of day of his visit stamped on the recovered sales receipt.  We suspect this was one of many leads which Esteban was leaving for us.

Phone records indicate that at 12:42 pm the girlfriend's cell phone receives a call from her father's cell phone. 

At 12:46 pm, Esteban on his home land line receives a call from the girlfriend's cell phone (214)682-3028.  The girlfriend adamantly reported that they talked for twenty-thirty minutes.  She reported to the police that Esteban sounded sad.  The Salazar's Verizon phone records indicate that the call only lasted 2 seconds.  This may indicate the following: that Esteban answered the call before his parents and hung-up or girlfriend cell call dropped or simply hung up.  Esteban had caller ID on his phone line so he knew who the caller was.  This brings the following questions as to: why the girlfriend miss-stated the above facts and why Esteban did not want his parents to pick up the call.  Did she or someone else make that call??  Was that call simply a signal for Esteban to act on??  Huong later stated that Esteban returned her phone call and that was when they talked for 20 minutes.  There are no land-line phone record of this occurring in the file provided by the Garland Police Department. This brings in the issue of deceit by the girlfriend to mislead the police;  we reasonably suspect a lot of the information that she passed on shares the same credibility and was used to confuse the Garland police.  She was never given a polygraph examination.  She told the Salazar family and Garland police that when she talked to Esteban last he sounded very sad.  Little did we know then that this call lasted only two seconds.

 At 1:51 PM a call is made to Esteban's cell phone from the girlfriend father's cell phone.  The call is registered in Esteban's and Huong father's cell phone records.  Strangely, no one in the girlfriend's family acknowledges making this call although this is a matter recorded on the phone records.  Whoever made this phone-call knew Esteban was not answering the home line or was leaving/had left and was not at home, otherwise they would have called him on the home line.  It is then reasonable to assume the following; the last one who spoke with or called Esteban was the girlfriend/family member or associate who was/passed this information to this unidentified caller.  The call did not go through and the caller did not leave a message.  Minutes later another phone-call, Esteban's answers the "blocked phone call" on the first ring @ 1:58 PM-  His parents are in the kitchen.  The duration of the call is 38 seconds.  Records indicate the Garland police did not issue an order to obtain information on the blocked call until four months later.  A few minutes later Esteban leaves his home. The family was told by the police that this phone call was a fax blast-the family discovers in 2006 that this was not a fax; receiving notification of that fact from that company's legal counsel.  In 2007 an anonymous caller identifies the subscriber to that fax line.  It's a Coppell, TX couple who had recently filed for bankruptcy.  They owned a mail service in Irving, TX. near little Saigon mall.  When contacted by the family their first response was - Do we need to call the police or an attorney?  They immediately asked the Coppell police for protection from the Salazar family.

The girlfriend-Huong reported that on this Saturday, 1/4/03,  Esteban had told her that they would see each other in (30) thirty days and that he was not returning to school.  There is no record of a long standing phone conversation between them on that day.  When was this said?  Why would she call back looking for him at 7:24PM ?

Huong reported her reason for phoning Esteban @ 7:24 PM that evening was to invite him to go listen to a female Vietnamese singer with her family.  This timely call came in just after Esteban's parents arrived to their home @ 7:20PM.  Esteban had commented earlier to his father that he had no interest in going out with Huong to this alleged event.  It was later reported by Huong that Esteban made up an excuse to her that he did not have a car to drive.  At this time Esteban had five cars to choose from to drive.  Days after his disappearance, the girlfriend asked Esteban's father if Esteban had a car to use on that evening.  We suspect that if Esteban was still alive then and this information sealed his death/execution.  Esteban's father related the above mentioned to Huong, informed her that Esteban did not want to go with her.  This information was not pleasantly received by her.

Third View:

Girlfriend or whomever had the father's cell phone did not call Esteban again until that later that evening.  Calls were made by the girlfriend/family member/other using her father's cell phone at 19:24 pm and 19:25 pm to Esteban's home land line. 

The 19:24 pm show up on the phone records, but the call did not go through.  Note: During 2003 and prior, the local area network around the Salazar's home drops cell phone transmissions.  The call was made four (4) minutes after Esteban's parents returned home.  Coincidence for the timing for this call?  Where were the girlfriend's father, sister and brother during that day?  Huong reported her father was out all day and returned after 6:00PM.  Without his cell phone all day?  Why did the girlfriend not call for Esteban before?  The last recorded call with a conversation from this family was a 9:27 AM.  Two other calls from Huong/her family came in @ 12:26 PM and 1:51 PM and were screened and not answered by Esteban.  Why wait to call again six hours later?  Where they waiting nearby the Salazar home for Esteban's parents to return to make this call??  The phone company records with the antenna tower locations for this call may identify the origination of this call's location.

The Girlfriend stated to the Police and the Salazar family days later, following Esteban's disappearance, that Esteban told her that they would see each other in "thirty days".  Nevertheless, she had stated that she called at 19:29 that evening to ask Esteban to go to a concert?  Phone records show that she called Esteban many other times and he did not answer the calls.  Were these other late calls to Esteban's parents to establish an alibi that she did not know Esteban's whereabouts then?  Did she already know Esteban's whereabouts'?  Records indicate that following that call she did not call Esteban (either at home or his cell-phone) again that evening but instead repeatedly called her older sister, Thu Q. aka Alayna (469)951-0223, at least four times.  Her sister was very busy, records show she did not use her phone-very unusual for her.  She or someone in her family talked to Esteban's cell phone only once that day and it was at 9:27 AM. and met with him later on. 


Chan Kang Au-Duong and Peter Kwang- A very thin Alayna -Esteban (squatting) and Huong Q. Nguyen

Fourth View:

Girlfriend-Huong stated that her father was gone from the home all day until 18:00.  If he had possession of his cell phone all day, then she and other members of her family only had access to use his cell -phone until after his return.  The calls made at 9:27 and at 13:51 from the father's cell-phone were from the father or whomever had possession of that phone that day.  All these phone calls were made to Esteban's cell-phone.  Esteban left the home following the 9:27am call; did he go meet with someone then that morning?  This caller remains unidentified and may be one of the murderers. 

Fifth View:

By all accounts, Girlfriend was the last known person to have spoken or called Esteban prior to his disappearance.  She stated to the Salazar family in her letter " Esteban and I had a great connection, and we cared about each other tremendously".  Given all the accounts mentioned did she really have a "great connection" and be so absolutely unperceiving as to what was happening to Esteban and not help him?  Why did she not assist and alert Esteban's parents about his apparent serious problems if she indeed cared for him so tremendously?  This problem was very apparent on the week prior to Esteban's disappearance.  According to own her statement, on 12/25/02 Esteban told her he had committed an "unforgivable sin".  Huong knew about the great close relationship Esteban had with his father and that he would help him out from whatever problem he got himself into.  Why not get help for Esteban now?  Some of this information was not revealed by her to him until days, months and year after.  Some other was learned through third parties. 

Was it not very unusual behavior being exhibited by Esteban to her when she reported that he was not returning to school and see her in  30 days?  Did Esteban's problems involve the girlfriend, the girlfriend's family or her associates?  Huong later asked Esteban's father if he thought Esteban was being blackmailed?  The fact that she chose not to help Esteban gives suspicion that she chose to protect someone she care for more.  A family member/associate?

Sixth View:

Esteban did not visit or call (according to phone records) the girlfriend-Huong following New Year Eve.  The girlfriend on the other hand continue to call him on a daily basis.  Their mutual Asian friends have said that the relationship was very one sided.  Esteban was initially fascinated with the attention (gifts, letter, poems) he received from this girlfriend at the beginning of their courtship but became very overwhelmed with her constant need for his attention.  She became very relaxed at Esteban's home; in some cases inviting herself to his bedroom and closing/locking the door.  Esteban's parents eventually asked that the door be left open.  Not for Esteban's welfare but out of respect for her family.  Esteban told his father that Huong has expressed willingness and wanting to have sexual relations with him, his father talked to Esteban and advised on the pro and cons of such relationship.  Esteban chose not to. 

In the days prior to Esteban's disappearance, the girlfriend began to come visit upstairs alone into Esteban's father's office to greet him.  Esteban waited downstairs.  This behavior was new and seen as very unusual.  Now its suspected as being a way to manipulate him.

It is suspected, based on all the facts in hand, that Esteban's severing this relationship caused great dislike to the girlfriend and her family/associates.  A letter from the girlfriend to Esteban received on 12/31/02 demonstrates her great obsession for him.  Other previous letters show her dissatisfaction that Esteban does not take her to school dances.  From all reports, this so called girlfriend relationship was kept by Esteban to be private.  His best friends never met her and he did not showcase her as most guys would have.

Seventh View:  Following Esteban disappearance, the girlfriend-Huong stated to the family that Esteban told her he did not have a car to drive that day.  The girlfriend was adamant about finding out if Esteban had transportation on that day.  Did Esteban give her that excuse because he did not want any part of whatever he was supposed to do with/for Huong during that day or evening?

Eight View:  The first week of their courtship, the girlfriend brought Esteban to a PhotoShop to have both their pictures taken.  It is said a picture tells a story.  People who have seen their photos comment that the two of them visually did not make a compatible looking couple.  At this young age beauty is usually the foremost attraction.  Not only was there a great differences in their stature, physical and facial attractiveness but they also lacked in having mutual interests.  Huong did not enjoy to participate in any outdoors or physical activities and sports as he did.  Esteban never introduced her to any of his friends or brought her to parties and dances.  When Esteban told his father that he began courting Huong he added " she told me I could date other girls also".

Esteban was very particular on whom he dated.  His parents came across many letters from other aggressive girls wanting his companionship.  Very attractive young ladies where always flirting with him for his attention.  His father referred to him as his "babe magnet".  In lieu of all this female attention Esteban chose to date a not so physically attractive young woman.  Was the introduction to Huong a coincidental meeting that led to the courtship or an arrangement by his associates/Kung Fu brother or his girlfriend- a gateway into this exclusive group/family?  Was this relationship pre-arranged and did Esteban have to make the best of it until accepted?  Did the girlfriend sponsored Esteban into a selective group? 


Initial meeting / April 2002-Esteban & Huong (airbrushed photo).


Huong Nguyen 2002 Berkner HS yearbook photo.


Ninth View:  Following Esteban's disappearance the girlfriend called or came by the Salazar's home on a daily basis.  She would advise us as to where look for him and also had a first hand as to were this investigation was going.  These and all phone calls coming into the Salazar home were audiotape and give a more complete picture.  Following the news of the discovery of Esteban's remains these calls/visits stopped.  After the remains were reported discovered and not hearing from Huong, two days later, Esteban's mother called her to notify her about these bad news of Esteban and that he had been located.  Huong responded to knowing nothing about it.  She claimed that her TV/cable service was out of order.  The identification of the dismembered skeletal remains had been widely publicized and news of it were running in all the area schools.  Moments later into the phone conversation it was reported she apparently broke down and cried.  This was the first time that Huong manifested any type of emotion to the Salazar family.

 Huong had reported chatting on line (E-messenger) with Esteban's acquaintance Paul Le.  She had been using Esteban's identity on line- she had his passwords.  This is someone whom Huong reportedly despised.  In this reported chat she stated that Paul conveyed to her that Esteban was a "Drug Lord and that his supplier was after him because he owed money."  For this reason Esteban disappeared and gone into hiding.  Huong reported that later during this chat, as soon as she indicated to Paul that she learned Esteban father's pistol had no bullets he exclaimed an angry obscenity and immediately went off line.

Tenth View:  On 1/2/03 a web/blog site called "V3ilsid3's World of Wonders"  is reported launched by Esteban and it is written here: "Today I was told; hey, if u love a person, u gotta love the whole package, I'll still like u even if u were bad."  We suspect Esteban was motivated to write something about this girl after she and her family were embarrassed by Esteban's breaking off.

On 1/3/03 another web/blog sites is launched on the same Xanga web/under the name of "Divine Destiny" blog site;   .  The site reportedly belongs to Esteban's girlfriend-Huong.   It identifies her being from Canada, this is were the family immigrate into the USA.  This site was blank and now closed.

This is another one of many leads/indications left by Esteban to all of us that his girlfriend Huong had knowledge of whatever bad situation he was in.  Although this is an early indication that whatever bad thing was going on before the disappearance, the girlfriend was well aware of and she repeatedly and completely was indicating continual denial of any knowledge to all, including the police.  But, who is the "bad person" being referred to here.  Was it Esteban or the girlfriend?  Was she telling Esteban that he should continue to like her because she would if she were him.  The answer has future paramount importance since this could be the reason why Esteban broke off their relationship and any other relationship connected to Huong and her associates that lead to his murder.  We suspect that Esteban learned that she was monitoring his behavior and passing it on to the gang leadership other suspicions were that because Esteban did not want any part of her she fabricated some "unforgivable sin" which her associates/family took seriously enough to kill him.  In a letter to her Esteban notes how well he treated her only to be put in this dangerous position.


These are gifts the girlfriend brought to the Salazar family for Esteban on Valentines Day 2003.  It included: A card - a 4-page letter - A T-shirt (s) - A paper weight with the inscription "LOVE". 


Eleventh View:  It has been reported to us from second parties, some close to Huong, that they were told by the Esteban's girlfriend that she thought someone was "blackmailing" Esteban.  Threatening an individual with deadly force and blackmailing may have a similar definition and results as it deals within the circle of these suspects.

Twelve View:  Esteban's parents never met the other members of the Nguyen family until after Esteban's disappearance.  The picture that Esteban had presented to them was that of a very modest and humble family struggling to fulfill the American dream.  Years later we discovered they are not what they presented themselves as.  These uneducated and poor English speaking parents had been enjoying all the fruits and more that our social government programs could offer.  All their children enjoyed free college education and housing. They learned how to avoid from paying taxes - auto insurance for their children and collect financial assistance income - etc..  The family's old ties and the oldest daughter's new connections here link them to associates involved in organized crime.

 1) The father was said to have been disabled in the Vietnam War but records show that his alleged disability was not reported until 2001.  There is no records he was employed.  2) Dallas County Appraisal District Records show that the family purchased their home in 1997 for less than $74,000 and shortly after contracted ADT security- a leading security company to monitor their home.  There are no police incident records showing any crimes reported at that home prior to the installation indicating the need for protection.  Why this costly security service in such a small modest home with no need for it?  Unless they had something of value to protect- Other associated families also used home security which included metal doors and windows with reinforced bars.  Police incident (2005 request) records show several calls generated by their alarm system to ADT in which Garland police responded.  Last one on 1/25/03.  3) In 2004 their appraised property value as per DCDA was reduced by 24%.  From $123,900 to $94,160.  This was the only home in this neighborhood area with such a drastic market value adjustment.  Open records indicate that deceitful/fraudulent information was used to achieve this.  Comparable sales from different homes as far as six miles away and sold through foreclosures was used.  4) In 2000, Thu Q. Nguyen filed a complaint with the Garland police reporting that someone at 3429 O'Henry, Garland TX had changed her mailing address and home telephone number.  People at this location have ties with the family of Tai Nguyen; many have serious criminal records.  5) In 2003 the father, Duc Lam, transfer title of his 1996 Toyota Camry to his wife, Co Hong, who does not drive. 6) In 2004 the father changes the license plates on this car.  In 2005 this car is totaled/salvaged by the insurance company.  Shortly after the father purchases for cash a low mileage/loaded 2002 Toyota Solara for a reported sale price of $3500.00 from Tom's Auto Brokers (Thong Van Nguyen-owner) in Arlington, TX.  The suggested NADA retail price for this motor vehicle at the time of sale in 2005 is $16725.00.  By under reporting this sale the motor vehicle dealer did not file the mandatory IRS forms 8300 and 4789, used to discourage money laundering for cash sales over $10,000.  In 2007 he gets a loan using the clear title of this car with City Bank. 7) In 11/04 a motor vehicle driven by Eric Flores Ramos from Grand Prairie, TX is seen waiting for someone to arrive at the Nguyen home @ 1:00am.  Mr. Ramos has a criminal record.  8) This motor vehicle photographed at 4002 Burning Tree, Garland, TX and driven by an Asian female visited the Nguyen home in May 2006.  The Texas license plates shown in this vehicle are not in the state of Texas motor vehicle licensing records.  The driver is a TX licensed operator of a nail salon who had previously visited their home very frequently in 2003.  We suspect criminal activity by this individual (more of their associates and their activities will be posted). In 2007 the title of the home @ BurningTree is transferred to the wife, Co Hong as the sole owner- in 2009 the husband, Duc Lam, changes his address in his driver license to coincide with his son's in Dallas-  but he still resides with his wife- in 2010 a 2006 Infinity driven by Alayna / titled in Co Hong's name is reported salvaged and replaced with a newer Cadillac.

Thirteenth View: Given that Huong's statements do not collaborate with the documented information including phone records it is reasonable to suspect deception by this individual.  Since her accounts do not collaborate with any of the statements she alleged that Esteban had told her we can presume these were fabrications by a sixteen (16) year kid old that completely dumfounded the investigators of the Garland Police Department.

Fourteenth View:  Following Esteban's disappearance leads and rumors were coming in.  This information was shared with the police.  Since the police failed to act on most leads, we took immediate interest on some and others we followed up as time and resources became more available.  Leads being received from members of the Asian community were indicating that: 1. The Esteban's girlfriend was a bad person  2.  That the girlfriend was seen in the company of bad individuals at seedy establishments  3.  That something similar to Esteban's plight had occurred to one of the girlfriends' family boyfriends. 

These above mentioned point of views are enough reason for any reasonable person to raise a "red flag" suspecting honesty from this individual and her family.  The police used limited and un-collaborated information to only focus on the Salazar family.  New facts about her family and her friends are very conflicting.  After her interview with the Police, her last and only contact with the Salazar family included, " I can not comprehend why you would suspect me".  This ended the Salazar family's relationship with Huong.  In the course of the search and investigation that followed she was never seen shedding a tear.  It was reported in 2004 by Detective Myers, that some time later Huong contacted the Garland Police to complain/report that she was being followed by the Salazar family.  At the time the surveillance was focused in other individuals and not on her or her family.  In 2006 she accused (D magazine-NOV 2006) the Salazar family of vandalizing the "mother's beauty salon" even though no police complaint report was filed.  Of note- The mother is not the salon owner-her older sister, Thu, is the owner, the mother is merely a nail technician and the sole employee who works most of the time.  On January 2008 the Salon was closed - reason was given to customers to be renovations although none were done.

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Other people of interest and their criminal associations- These associations have been reported to the Garland Police and new information will be continually added and updated to this web site as time permits-  Garland Police reported to the Salazar family that there was no link between Esteban and criminals.  The following information below disproves their unequivocal assertion to the Salazar family and public. 

  Esteban began to disassociate himself from his childhood and early school friends after he enrolled in the Kung Fu Academy-@ 749 S. Floyd, Richardson, TX.  These new acquaintances were mostly Asian youths and other individuals who associated themselves with them.  These people came from families were parents worked in their own businesses or eventually preparing to own a business.  Their kids did not work.  Most had older siblings.  Esteban was perceived by these kids as being very intelligent and coming from a very wealthy family.  They knew that his father was a licensed Texas Real Estate and a Used Motor Vehicle sales Broker.  Esteban's spending money had come from part time jobs, bonus money received for his good school grades and allowance money for helping in and around the household.  He earned and saved; and was very frugal and spent money wisely only on items he really liked and needed.  The very good nature of giving by Esteban was exploited by some of these people who saw him as rich and selfish.  Some of these young people known to Esteban included: (it was learned later that most have juvenile criminal records which are protected from the public's access by Texas law.)

Paul Le-3400 Oleander, Wylie, Texas - DOB 6/6/1985 * who is reportedly associated with the following individuals with known criminals records.  Some records are available at Dallas County Records.  After a long period of no-contact with Esteban, they get together.   They spend two (2) reported different nights during the week prior to his disappearance.  Following the first night Esteban's demeanor is completely changed, he shows a very frightened look and remains in his bedroom during the day.  According to Esteban's girlfriend, Paul later began rumors about Esteban being a "Drug Lord" and going into hiding.  Most of his present associates (including females) are known to carry firearms. He has an older brother Long Dinh Le (DOB 1/8/78) records show him to have registered multiple companies (ie-Netbear LLC - Thinklabs, Inc.-LL & Associate) w/ home and PO Box addresses.


Jimmy Bui-DOB 4/6/1985 - Potomac- Garland, TX

Quoc Francis Nguyen-DOB 6/27/1985 - 2138 Courtland, Carrollton, TX

Nilam B. Patel - DOB 8/1/1961- Seagoville, TX

Nguyen, Ninh Thi Thuy - DOB 10/10/1979 - Garland, TX

Flowers, Jose Castro - DOB 12/10/1982 - Foxwood, Wylie, TX

Fetter, Wesley A. - DOB 3/21/1983 - Georgetown, TX

Nguyen, Sam An - DOB 7/11/1981 - Knighthood, Garland, TX

Rodriguez, Andrew Scott- DOB 9/22/1982 - Goliad, Garland, TX

Nguyen, Trung Thanh - DOB 10/8/1982 - Maydelle, Garland, TX

Phoxayvong, Lae - DOB 6/5/1955 - Lariat, Garland, TX

Phoxayvong, Tony - DOB 7/20/1987 - Lariat, Garland, TX

Phoxayvong, King - DOB 4/25/1960 - Lariat, Garland, TX

Hoang, Nguyen Nhu Quoc - DOB 4/3/1985 - Richwood, Garland, TX


Chan Kang Au-Duong aka "Julie" - Justice, Garland, Texas - DOB 9/11/1985 - This young woman in 2002 dated one of Esteban's Kung Fu "brothers" Peter (Kwang Hsin) Wang DOB 12/26/1985 and she is *Huong Q. Nguyen's best friend in 2003 (*Esteban's former girlfriend).  Huong met Esteban thru her at a martial arts demonstration.  Following Esteban's memorial service she ended her courtship with Peter KWang and began associating with these following individuals:

Quach, Richard    - DOB 2/5/1986 - 3907 Kingford, Dallas, Texas - Major graffiti / vandalism- his exploits were published on a blog - no reported criminal record to date-

Carrasco, Jose Andres - DOB 8/3/1983 - 10314 Red Elm, Dallas, Texas - criminal record-

Chau, Hoang Joseph - DOB 7/11/1980 - 1835 Chaplin, Arlington, Texas - criminal record (possession cs.1gm pg2 F-0072028)

In 2006 she began to date a Chinese man 10 years older than her.

In her Xanga blog Kang wrote:   FUNNY "If you love somebody, set him free
> if he comes back, he's yours, if he doesn't he never was.
> If you love somebody, Set him free
> Don't worry, he will come back.

> If you love somebody, Set him free...
> If he doesn't come back, hunt him down and shoot him.

> If you love somebody set yourself free
> If he asks you why say you don't give a damn.


Girlfriend-Huong Q. Nguyen wrote in a letter dated 3/21/03 and stated very emphatically in this letter to the Salazar family that "I have no friends that are in any sort of gangs" and "my friends and I do not waste our time performing ridiculous tasks to entertain us".


Tai Minh Nguyen-DOB 3/30/87-Garland, Texas

It was reported that this young man saw Esteban on the day he disappeared.  In his Xanga blog/web site named "Negatory Action" he describes himself as "I am not the ordinary 17 year old Vietnamese high school student you would think I would be".

Tai is the youngest of the family which included three older brothers.  Their father, Tuong Kim Nguyen (dob: 9/4/52) has a reported criminal record.  Visitors to their home included individuals with criminal records (to be published).  During 2003 their former home at 2338 Knighthood, Garland, TX was a very busy location with visitors until older brother, Trong Duc Nguyen (dob 12/1/78), relocated.  Trong drove then a late model Lexus IS 300.  He was reported to be at his home most of the time.  His employment was unknown but in a police complaint he claimed it to be at their mother's restaurant.  The family relocated in June 2006 to a more upscale Garland residential location @ 7406 Cactus.  The family has a restaurant in Coppell, TX which is located 1.5 miles from where the phone subscriber's residence of the blocked call that Esteban received on 1/4/03.  Tai introduced Esteban to Binh Chi Luu (DOB 8/21/86) 3010 Andrea Ln, Garland, TX- who attended Naaman Forest HS; records show that on 7/15/10 he was charged with failing to ID a fugitive and on 4/9/09 charged with Poss of Marij.

Ray Do was a frequent visitor to this home; in his correspondence to the Salazar family Mr. Do is critical of Tai's lifestyle and friends but his best friend parents & brot are drug traffickers.

Thu Quynh Nguyen (dob:1/23/81).  Older sister of Esteban's girlfriend. Thu like her other younger siblings has enjoyed an education life style paid by assistance grants and scholarships.  She is very intelligent and street smart; has demonstrated to be the leader in their household.  She is associated with Thieu Phuoc Nguyen (dob:6/8/82) 5900 Mulvane, Plano, TX who was paralyzed at a reported gang (ABZ) shooting in 1999 in Dallas, TX.  At 5900 Mulvane lives a Paul Phuong To (dob:2/18/72) who has a criminal record and previously resided at 2605 Gayle, Garland, TX.  / 1123 Terrace Mills, Murphy, TX - At this Gayle location resides Thong Quac To (dob:6/1/79) engaged organize crime / Poss of CS PG3/evading arrest /Poss of dangerous drug  and Phi Van To (dob:10/20/76) both who have criminal records.  In 2000 Thu filed a complaint with the police against a resident at 3429 O Henry, Garland, TX for paying off her credit card.  Residents at this locations include: Giang Hoang Nguyen (dob:10/31/76), Khai Hoang Nguyen (dob:8/7/71)  credit card abuse  and Phong Hoang Nguyen (dob:4/3/77) fail ID fugitive / theft by check all who have criminal records.  These individuals are associated with the Tai Nguyen family who resided then at 2338 Knighthood, Garland, TX. 

Thu and her family attended Esteban's memorial service with a Darlene Tram-Pham Nguyen (formerly of 3002 OHenry, Garland, TX/presently @ 1109 Fairhaven, Garland, TX); individual at her residence is linked to the group residing/visiting at 3005 Potomac, Garland, TX who have criminal records and are associated with Paul Le.  Some short time later, she and her mother are reported to have stopped attending the Buddhist temple and are seen at the Vietnamese-catholic church on Apollo Rd., Garland, TX.

In 2007 some unusual events occurred, she changed her name to Alayna.  The father, Duc Lam, refinances his automobile which he paid cash in 2004.  On October 2007, the ownership of the home was transferred to the mother Co Hong - it was previously enjoying a disability tax exemption for the father -

She and her siblings first agendas following completion of their education was to purchase new luxury/sport automobiles.  In 2008, she delegate all the manual work at her nail Salon-Coco's Nail & Spa to her mother.

Jackie Aaron ("AJ") Anderson (dob:6/18/84) His family reported that they suspected Esteban was a victim of "mistaken identity".  AJ had reported that "this was not supposed to happen to Esteban."  AJ has had an illness which has kept him from working, he stated that in high school he sold drugs.  Neighbors reported a large number of motor vehicles coming and going at 310 Kingsbridge, TX.  Suspected as a business being run by AJ.  He lives with his grandparents - Jack and Ramona Anderson.  A month following Esteban's disappearance AJ purchases an automobile for cash $4500.  The police reported that his cell phone had been cancelled then for non-payment ($700).  

Philip NG- "Sifu"-  Philip (DOB 2/22/55) 1405 Chicota Dr., Plano, TX was the owner of the Shaolin / Hung Fist Kung Fu Academy (www.hungfist.com) located at a lease location on Floyd Rd. until 2004.  In 2004 the school relocated to Garland at 601 Easy St., Garland, TX  Public records indicate there was a business name change to "the Chinese Cultural Center".  The property was purchased by Philip.  Also registered in 2007 are three commercial vans.

During the time Esteban attended the academy noted were plaques on the lobby walls issued to Philip from the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Drug Enforcement Administration for community services.  In 2002 he purchased some acreage North East of McKinney where on that summer a large "family" picnic was conducted.  Esteban invited his parents and he attended with girlfriend Huong and Peter/Kang.  Philip's wife, Laurinda Waiching HO-NG (DOB 1/19/58) attended and sat alone with her two large Doberman pinchers through-out the day.  Did not socialize with anyone.

In 2007 Esther Wu (DOB 7/24/52) 18720 Redstone, Dallas, TX wrote a column in the Dallas Morning News about Asian culture and is an avid proponent for its advancement.  Records indicate that she was party to a discrimination lawsuit against a previous employer.  She wrote an article about Mr. NG.  When she was contacted to inquire about Mr. NG's profession and employment she responded not knowing anything about his background.  In 2008 she is reportedly employed by Crow Collection of Asian Art as Director of Community Relations/Marketing.

At the time when Esteban began courting girlfriend/Huong, Philip mentioned to Esteban's mother in one occasion that "she was no good for Esteban".  Whatever that really meant at the time it was never investigated since there were no reasons to suspect anything other than just being a personal opinion. 

Following Esteban's disappearance his father went to the Academy to speak with Philip.  When asked if he knew or heard anything about Esteban he answered to go talk to the girlfriend- she knows.  Out of the blue, he mentioned he had a brother who was with the Drug Enforcement Agency.  He was asked to talk with him to assist.  As time passed and not hearing from Philip, he was contacted again.  He said he did not know where his DEA brother was and could not help.  He was asked if he could put the Salazar family in contact with Asian business leaders in Dallas.  He responded that he did not know any.

Strange to all was that this Academy which represents itself to be a family structure and brotherhood never offered or came forward to assist in searching for Esteban.  The academy's Lion Dance group briefly attended the memorial service as a group but did not visit the family's home.  Garland police never spoke with any of its members.

Philip is well known in the the Dallas Asian business community and performs through the area during the New Years Asian celebrations. He comes from Hong Kong a place where he travels to often.  His protégé, Peter Kwang described him as a very powerful and rich man.  He is well known to Dallas News writer Esther Wu who did not want to share anything about his background.

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D magazine article - November 2006 - " Man Undone".

  From the interviews conducted by the D magazine staff with principals in this article we have detected some inconsistencies, false statements provided and incomplete information.  This we must address so the reader has a complete rendering of the story.  The supporting information is or will be contained in this web site.  We thank the D magazine staff for helping uncover more information on the cover-up and give all an opportunity to report their story.

December 28, 2002-  When Esteban finally came out from his room his eyes were red, teary and eyelids swollen.  That was noticed by both Beth and Bill (Esteban's parents); Esteban had just got off the phone with g/f Huong as his parents went to check on him.  Huong was asked later about this particular phone call and she insisted that Esteban was fine during the entire phone-call.  The next day at home, Esteban in front of his Dad and Huong brought this matter up that had been troubling him.  Huong was completely taken by surprised by this and immediately put her head down and looked away.  Given Esteban's demeanor and frightened facial appearance that prior night, his parents reasonably suspected that he had been crying for some time while talking to Huong.

Private Investigator - Desirick Duncan-  This Investigator work was terminated because not only he went on a "fishing expedition" of his own and was failing to follow with our requested priorities but also was using his father (an unlicensed investigator) from Biloxi, MISS to supposedly investigate in Texas.  He lived and was operating from his Mississippi home interviewing people over the phone.  The Salazars had expected and where under the impression these interviews to have been in-person.  A complaint was filed with the Commission and a reprimand against the company- Desirick and Associates was issued a reprimand.  A lot of useful time and resources were wasted.

The Dallas County Medical Examiner/Jill Urban, MD- Esteban's remains were released to the Salazar family by the Medical Examiner before Dr. Gill King/forensic anthropologist was contacted.  The work by the Medical Examiner was reported to be completed on 3/11/03 and the family was asked to retrieve Esteban's remains ASAP.  When the Dallas County Medical Examiners Office found out that Dr. King was hired by the family to examine Esteban's skeletal remains they immediately took back the remains and sent them to Florida.  This was done against the Salazar family's adamant wishes.   Dr. Falsetti wrote on his report that this examination was done at the request of the Salazar family.  Not so!!  Another expert was waiting for these remains.  This is fully documented.

Dr. Urban attempts to paint a confusing picture of the obvious entry wound into Esteban's skull.  This entry wound is simply and exactly as it shows in the posted diagram, a duplicate trace from a photo taken of Esteban's skull taken by his father.  It is shown on the "Facts Page".  Although much importance is placed on this gunshot wound, we believe Esteban was shot after he was murdered and his death occurred at another location where a gunshot and blood trace would have attracted a lot less attention.  No additional physical evidence that should have been present at the recovery site to indicate the self inflicted gunshot wound was reported found; only the reported damaged skull and pistol.  An exit wound the size of a lemon would have produced a pool of blood along with a large mass of splatter organic matter.  But the police reported absolutely no presence of blood/organic splatter at this location.

Garland Police Spokesperson Officer Joe Harn.  1) Officer Harn is recorded refuting the fact that the police refused and did not show Esteban's father the alleged recovered pistol and Esteban's personal possessions recovered.  The police ignored all the multiple requests for this identification and at no time did they show these items to any member of the Salazar family. 2) Harn stated that the Garland police have no records that Esteban's father "abused his kids".  This statement is absolutely proof of some of their own fabrications and cover-up; and that false information was passed on by the Garland police to Dr. Jill Urban/Dallas County Medical Examiner and it was the reported primary circumstantial evidence used to determine Esteban's death to be a "suicide" and close this case.  A recorded audio-tape in the "Conspiracy Page" from a Captain Bob Barber also mentions this "abuse-overbearing father" and news reporters questioned the Salazar family on the same subject.  These lies adds to the other numerous falsehoods that this police department have fabricated and planted as evidence in this case. A new information release (2006-42) was issued by the Garland police.  This new release is full of new fabrications ("girlfriend problems"), strangely the abuse claim is said not be included.  This raises another question regarding record evidence tampering.

Dallas County Chief Medical Examiner/Jeffrey Barnard, MD.  About a year following the Garland Police report that an unidentified DNA was found on the alleged recovered revolver from a test conducted by Orchid Cellmark, a leading provider of DNA testing.  Dr. Barnard argues against the results.  He stated in a letter dated 9/24/04 that his own expert disputed the results.  This was done without an examination of the pistol or DNA.  Dr. Barnard was requested and failed to provide a copy of this supposed unknown expert's findings or his identity.

Thu Q. Nguyen-Esteban's girlfriend sister.  The article fails to include another immediate unusual change/event: that after Esteban's disappearance she was recorded operating a motor vehicle registered to the family using Texas license plates that were from a cancelled/salvaged automobile (Acura) of the same make and model as hers but it was not her own. The automobile was parked in the evenings at the curbside in front of their home for about a year.  This was repeatedly reported to the Garland police/Lt. Thompson and no action was ever taken.  She continued to unlawfully drive this motor vehicle for another six (6) months before she replaced these plates with the originals.  The Acura had current registration so we reasonably suspect that the motor vehicle was being used in an activity that did not want to be identified.

Esteban's former girlfriend - Huong Q. Nguyen.  From the time following Esteban's funeral service many changes have been apparent by this young woman.  The once very quiet, reserved and respectful person drastically changed.  Boyfriends were multiple.  Lifestyle very different.  The Asian culture always demands respect for elders.  This was always portrayed at our home; it was always hello Mr. & Mrs. Salazar.  This very simple form of respect changed to become a first name basis with addressing Esteban's parents by Bill & Beth.  Her comment in this article, placing herself next to Esteban's parents in feeling for his loss is absolutely ludicrous, maybe some day she will learn the meaning of love.  Esteban liked her, listened to her and had compassion for her troubles; but he never loved her.  But this was Esteban's character and mannerism with all people.  But he always loved his family first. 

Comments and actions which she claimed Esteban made to her do not collaborate such as: 1. Breaking up with her on 12/25/02- This does not collaborate with the facts since they spent Christmas day and the following day together; and went to the movies. 2. That on 12/25/02 Esteban told her "he had committed an unforgivable sin".  Esteban's demeanor was fine until after the night of 12/27/02.  This was not the type of language which Esteban would have used.  3. That Esteban told her was not returning to school- Esteban was preparing/reviewing to take his college entrance exams the next week.  Records indicated that he had checked the Examination web site on the night of 1/3/03 for last minute information.  4. That he would see her in a month.  There is no indication that this was said by the actions that followed.  Huong called Esteban repeatedly after all this was supposedly said.

Coco's Nail Salon & Spa - Investigation by the Texas Licensure.  Contrary to the article, Dallas County and Texas State records (2005/2006) indicate that the operator/owner of this salon is the daughter, Thu Q. Nguyen and not the mother Co Hong Nguyen as it was posted.  According to the Texas licensure commission the mother has a license to only perform manicure work for her daughter.  The shop consists of only of the mother and the daughter.  In 2008. the daughter delegated all the manual work to the mother.

The revelations on this article that the salon was vandalized was news to the Salazar family/everyone else and specially when the alleged incidents reported to D magazine coincide with the time of this licensing issue.  No one from any law enforcement ever contacted any member of the Salazar family regarding this reported crime.  The only known reported complaint was in 2004 before the salon was opened.  Huong reported to the Garland police investigator-Myers she was being followed.  If we were suspects this should have been the course of a complaint and police investigation.  Was any of this reported to the police or the landlord? There is no record.  We suspect this reported vandalism was stated to discredit our family for this article. 

A lady, Cynthia Taylor from Dallas, TX contacted the Salazar family by phone regarding the Commission's investigation.  She was a customer at the Salon and was dubbed by Huong as her "American Mom".  This person was never reportedly seen at the Nguyen home but was merely a customer.  On the taped phone call, she reported that Huong's mother owned the salon and was the operator.  Adding that she kept her daughters chaste and proper and had to work very hard since her husband was "lazy and did nothing."  Apparently somebody else was also deceived.


Notice of unusual things.  The large size ABZ writing was at a location in Little Saigon/Walnut&Jupiter-Garland, TX @ the front parking area of a major nail products distributor. Pro Nails/Pro Spa, Inc, on his truck.  A reported marketing director employee .   The cargo truck was purchased from Tran V. Hoang-Westminster, California on about 7/20/06.  This truck was hardly used, mostly parked and served as a marquee for organized crime.  After many complaints to the city of Garland, the advertised ABZ 12/26, the truck was spray painted to cover the gang writings.  

More on this gang ABZ is here YouTube - Asian Boyz GanG  We suspect that more than distributing nail products goes on here.  A second very large warehouse location was on Jupiter/Miller was operated by these same individuals until January 2007 it relocated to Garland on Merritt.  Thu Q. Nguyen and her father, Duc Lam Nguyen, are associated with these people.  Multiple meetings were recorded.  Also included were some prominent Asian businessmen. 

Esteban's father has eluded going to Esteban's memorial at Breckenridge Park, Richardson, TX to commemorate Esteban's birthday until this year when his sister Ginny, who visits every year on his birthday notified him that she had found an unusually large ball of rice on the bench. 

Background Checks-  Anyone unfamiliar individual coming in contact with our family we identify.  This is done cautiously for our protection and also to protect the information we have gathered.  In the past volunteers and our family have received death threats-dead animals placed in pour property and automobiles vandalized.  Some death threats came from an individual in the Nguyen family to a volunteer.  Cars with unregistered license plates have been following us.  We also have had people for unknown reasons digging into our investigative information under false pretenses.  Caution and alertness became paramount for our family.

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Our Conclusions up to this point.

Esteban maintained his loyalty and silence to this brotherhood.  This has made our investigation very challenging, but following the arrogant and careless behavior by some of these individuals information began to flow. 

Esteban's "brothers" kept as far from being associated with him.  The popular RIP web sites and blogs that follow the death of an associate became absent on the internet following Esteban's death.

With all the mentioned and published information is not surprising to anyone, except the Garland police, that Esteban's death was not a "suicide" victim.  He did not kill himself.  His love for life was only surpassed by the love for his family.  He knew that he was a very important integral part of keeping our family happy and together.  Suicide would have never been a thought or an option for him.  This, he knew would have devastated all of us the people who really cared and loved him.

The secretiveness of his activities with this group were kept hidden until the week before his disappearance.  His father had suspected of his somewhat partial involvement of this group/gang involvement but had no idea of its seriousness.  This gradually became revealed to him by some relevant hints that Esteban kept "throwing out" at him.  Still the seriousness of this involvement was not fully considered until after the disappearance.

Esteban's final decision to severe the relationships with these individuals began on the week 12/27/02; he had also stopped attending the Kung Fu Academy about September of 2002.  During these periods of his life he was assessing the options and consequences.  No doubt his girlfriend knew of all this and tried to influence him.  The new reports of his death by" mistaken identity" & "dark side" by his associates may implicate that his being an outsider and person non-grata in this group may have set-up Esteban to be a target.

We suspect Esteban contacted Paul Le for help in getting out of this huge problem he was into with the Nguyen family.  But Le's loyalty laid somewhere else.

Trusting his instincts and confidence to keep face, the final decision to keep his father and family  out of all this and not directly ask for his immediate help was made.  He followed the advise of his father to severe and change his life, and along the way Esteban gave him numerous hints about the activities he had been part of or witnessed.  No more fear or intimidation; on the morning of 1/4/03 Esteban was ready to change his life.

The complete severity and consequences of what was ahead of him was totally unknown-  Out of embarrassment and disgrace he never asked his father or family for their help.  But he was confident he would return home that day and be safe with his family.  His confidence began to diminish as the minutes past and this meeting time began to approach.  Once committed there was no turning back.  He put his life in the hands of people he did not really know or now trusted.  

Esteban let his heart guide him with his decision making.  That would eventually prove to be fatal.

Loosing face became more important than losing his life.  Esteban looked forward to a new beginning and following along with his planned bright future.  His father would be very proud of him.  The heavy burden he was carrying would finally be relieved.  finally, he would be be his own person.  

In recorded audio interview of Captain Bob Barber/Garland police he stated that Esteban's father actions to continue investigating his son's death are motivated by feelings of guilt since he was responsible for Esteban's death by his abusive and overbearing behavior on him. 

Finding their child's murderer and resolving this obvious police cover-up is enough motivation for any loving parent to act in this similar fashion.



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