Welcome-Bienvenidos to Esteban's web site; dedicated to seeking truth and justice.  All facts contained herein are nothing but the truth.  Our records and documentation support this publication.  These records are available to all principals wishing to learn more about this case. The city of Garland and Police have sealed all their investigation case records (#2003R00499) of Esteban's homicide affirmed by them later to be unequivocally a "suicide" case."  These records have been closed and sealed to all; including his parents for the purpose to cover-up criminal and civil wrongdoings on their behalf.  We invite anyone who may have conflicting stories from our postings to submit them here for review and amend.  Please send a notarized copy of your supporting information.

 A list of persons of interest, their associates and finances has been continued to be  compiled and will be published to the public.

Law enforcement can put and end to drug trafficking by surveillance, identifying and closure of all these local businesses used as "fronts" and stop the drug proceeds from being sent and reaching their bogus international "real estate investors" were the money is reinvested by Chinese drug traffickers and new shipments are sent to the USA and Canada.


News & Updates

Nina, Esteban's sister, has been missing!!!!

Her automobile and personals were found in Austin, TX on November 2009 - family or friends have not heard from her-  If you know anything relating her welfare or whereabouts please contact her family.


In March 2010 the Dallas Morning News reported about a cover-up by Garland police leadership involving their "star" investigator. Detective Morrow, who was accused by fellow veteran officers of lying and fabricating reports to earn arrests and convictions; and close cases.  District Judge ruled against officer Morrow nonetheless he remained in the employ of the city.


Through many different resources we have confirmed that the unknown "BLOCKED" phone call Esteban received, which the Garland Police had no intention to timely uncover belong to two older women who are former business associates and may have been working with Israeli intelligence who were following terrorist groups/organized crime since before 9/11 and hacking law enforcement data files. The phone system and software gained access, rerouted calls and kept the originator unknown.  Garland police had reported that these calls were random and unrelated.  Public records indicate different.  Another calculated lie!!  Fox News ran a news report on some of these people in 2001 following "9/11" tragedy @ 3575 North Beltine Rd., Irving, TX address. 

More about these individuals found in the facts page - McCarty and Patterson phone Esteban on the day he disappeared from two different lines.


Garland Police deny the Vidocq Society - to participate in the investigation of Esteban's case.  This Society is a non-profit organization made up of law enforcement individuals with great forensic expertise for solving cold cases.


2008 Dallas County Appraisal District Records report - Asian business and residential ownerships & population migration soars into the Garland area- latest nearby residential development at Charleston Commons 2 on Brand Rd. indicate more than 92% of the principals are Asian and 45% ownership by out of state Asian investors- this latest Asian immigration and investment trend is common across the area.  We reasonably suspect that city officials for some time formed a special agreement with Oriental/Asian business leaders not to interfere in their cultural and criminal affairs (i.e. money laundering - gambling-prostitution - illegal drugs - extortion & protection - loan sharking-etc..) unless it becomes a serious criminal detriment to the whole community as they have become the backbone of the local economy.


3/19/08-Dallas County District Attorney sent Open Records information revealing more false police information the Salazar family received from the Garland police-including but not limited to primary evidence: # and  type ammo recovered.  This reported ammo type was never purchased by the Salazar family.

Ammo was reported to be of different caliber than that of the weapon recovered and lot less powerful than that previously reported.


The Dallas County Medical Examiner was aware of this homicide  investigation a day before they were called in - Why did they not respond to the crime scene?  Their non-response was under investigation-

*Garland police exclusively collected all the physical evidence-the Dallas County Medical Examiner's office was excluded from it. The physical evidence expected to have been present at the reported crime scene, and on the recovered items from this alleged self inflicted head gunshot wound "suicide" were all reported by the police to be absent.   Not even a trace of blood was reported found.


Information release (2006-42) by the Garland police is the latest and most recent fabrication of additional lies published to mislead.  This can be read in the "the conspiracy page", remarks to these lies follows.


D magazine - November 2006 issue "Man Undone" gives a brief insight of some of the events before and after Esteban's demise.  This article has brought us additional information and views which we will post in "Our Views" page.   A lot more information not covered in this magazine article is posted in this web site.  Please take the time to read and know more about the Salazar family's plight.  We thank D magazine in their courage for covering the story and giving all parties involved an opportunity to comment on the case.  Following this article GPD issued a "new" information release 2006-42 which completely conflicts with previous statements, audio tapes, Emails, news articles and letters including the GPD's prior  comments on this case.


In 2005, a well known Arkansas Psychic Detective, Ms. Carol Pate, featured on Court TV-"Psychic Detectives", with many years of experience in assisting law enforcement joined us to help solve Esteban's murder.  Some of the revelations reported: the torture and murder were personal. Some are published in the "Leads and Sightings" page.


Dallas Morning News Newspaper article dated 3/9/01-Tim Wyatt-"American tragedy" involving a gang (ABZ) Asian Boyz shooting at the Decibel Club in Dallas, TX during Xmas of 1999.  One of the visitors that night was a young Asian lad, Thieu Nguyen aka "B", who was shot/paralyzed; He was an unprecedented swim guest at Esteban's home in the summer of 2002.  "B" was brought over by Esteban's girlfriend older sister, Thu Q. Nguyen.  ABZ is linked to a major nail salon supply store (Pro Spa).  More in the Facts page

New information about this gang continues to be received by former affiliates.


We thank all who have continued to demonstrate their love for Esteban and their  support and assistance to our family in the pursuit of justice and closure.   

Please share this web site with all your friends and family.  Together we/all can all make our world a safer and better place to live.


Beth, Nina, Esteban & Bill Salaza